May 3 2012 9:50am

When Do You Order Your Books?

It’s no secret that romance novel fans can be a bit...fanatical when it comes to their favorite authors’ upcoming releases. So the question today is, when do you order the book? Is it as soon as it’s listed at your favorite online store? When it is close enough to the release day that you’re anxious about getting it, but not so close that you can relax knowing you’ll get it soon? The day it’s released in bookstores?

When do you order your books?

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liz fenwick
1. liz fenwick
Depends on my cash flow...
liz fenwick
2. ms bookjunkie
I pre-order whenever Book Depo has coupon codes. I pre-order even when Book Depo doesn't have coupon codes. (The price goes up after release.)

There's currently a code that works until May 14th…
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
I order when I just can't stand the thought that I won't have the book as soon as it comes out (even though I likely won't read for months). For example, I have Brent Weeks's next book pre-ordered, which comes out in September, even though i know I won't be late on it, but I need to know I'm gonna get it.
While with other books I hold out until the last possible moment to get the best book rush I can when pre-ordering.
Shayera Tangri
4. Shayera
Megan, I want to hug you. 'Cause I have September books on order already as well. I have a tendency to stock up on gift cards at booksellers. And something in my brain starts itching and makes me pre-order. I think the longest I've ever pre-ordered anything was six months.
Brie Clementine
5. Brie.Clem
Since I only read ebooks what I do is whishlist them once they become available for preorder on Amazon, so I don't forget, and then on release day I download them. If it's a book I really want, I stay up until midnight to get it. Before getting my Kindle I usually preordered them a week in advance to make sure I would get them on release day, but only when they were books from auto-buy authors.
6. Miss_D
It depends. If it's one of my favorite authors and/or part of a series, I'll likely pre-order ahead of time or put the release date on my calendar. I use to shop for paperback books more casually when Borders was around thanks to its weekly 30-50% off coupons but now that I don't have that option, I've slacked.

With my Kindle, it's more arbitrary but I've definitely been using it more in the past 8 months since I got I my multicultural romance kick.
Barbara Bauschka
7. njoireading
I have a system for pre-ordering: I have a calendar which has a month-at-a-glance and then a weekly appointment part. In the monthly calendar I keep track of release dates and my reviews go into the weekly section. I usually add reviews on the weekend to specific sites, like Goodreads, etc. Once I have those finished I go through the releases for the next several weeks. I check various websites for the best pricing and then pre-order with the lowest price for those I really want to read right away. I usually have about 4-6 pre-orders per month; the rest of my purchases are throughout the month as money allows.
Melanie Thomas
8. missmelthomas
There isn't a bookstore in my town and I am a very impatient person so I don't like waiting for delivery. Most of the books I buy aren't something they'll stock at Wal-Mart so I buy a lot of ebooks. Sometimes you can get books at a discount if you preorder so I preorder those. I used to preorder everything on my Nook before they did an update and complicated everything. Now I keep a guide of release dates and wait til release day to purchase and download.
Amber McMichael
9. buriedbybooks
My local bookstore is an indie. A very anti-romance indie. So I buy all of my books from Amazon. Some are ebooks, some are print. Most books I buy aren't preorders. Very few authors are on my auto-buy list anymore. Those that are get preordered as soon as I see a listing on the site. The rest are ordered after I see a trusted reviewer give the thumbs up.
liz fenwick
10. MelM
Usually after the first reviews of the book start hitting the blogs. I'd happily pre-order some books as soon as the pre-orders open, but can't. This is due to the fact that the publishers make a big splash about pre-orders when they open them for paper books but have a double-secret don't tell anyone when we'll let them pre-order e-books policy. So I forget about the book until it's brought to my attention again by the reviews. Sorry authors, but I won't be adding to your first week numbers until the publishers stop punishing me for wanting e-books.
liz fenwick
11. DMH
Always pre-order when from an author will always read. Have pre-ordered a book not out until November.
liz fenwick
12. Terree L
There are about 10 authors that I follow faithfully. As soon as I see it come available I order it for my nook. The furthest one out right now is October 31st. I like to do it this way, then they just "appear" like a wonderful present :)
13. Rose In RoseBear
Depends on the book. In Death, Black Dagger Brotherhood, and Mercy Thompson/Alpha & Omega I will pre-order from my local indie bookseller --- they give good discounts, and they cheerfully hold books for me until payday, though I show up at the store a half-hour before they open to get my faves.

Grace Burrowes' books I pre-order and get at 11:30pm Monday night on my Kindle.

Other stuff has to wait, sometimes until I can get 'em from my indie dude at half-price before he sends them back to the publisher, or until I can get them used.

Does anyone else here wait to buy used books?
liz fenwick
14. J-me
pre-orders on BookDepo, when I do an order cause I can sneak more books in cause I dont get them all at once and they trickle in gradually.. As soon as I can see them on bookdepo, its so much cheaper. :)
liz fenwick
15. kreads4fun
I have about 40 auto buy authors that I track on my calendar. 60% romance, 40% mystery and Diana Gabaldon. I head out to the closest Barnes and Noble on Tuesday afternoons (almost always release day). If I go in the morning, they frequenly haven't stocked the new paperbacks yet. I'm always sending the booksellers into the stock room for my new releases, since it is a 30 minutes drive for me and I hate to waste the trip. If they don't get the new release, I go home and order it online. I hate to order new releases ahead of time, since they rarely arrive on release day. Once in a while, my local warehouse club will stock books the day before release, so I grab them there.
Megan Frampton
16. MFrampton
@Rose in RoseBear: I wait to buy used sometimes. My TBR pile is so huge, and if it's not a 'gotta have it RIGHT NOW' author, I'll wait.

@kreads4fun You are so organized! 40 auto-buy authors, too! Wow.
liz fenwick
17. rdsangel127117
I never Pre-Order. I'm just not comfortable with it. Besides, their only going to mail it out when it's released. You're not going to get it that same day of the release, so I don't see that it matters. The only way to get it the same day is go to the bookstore and get it.

Sometimes, I wait to buy used as well, except for my auto-buy authors. I always buy those first and the Gotta Have Them Right Now books too. Then there are books that I'm not quite sure about. I'll wait for recommendations and then decide to buy on them.
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