May 4 2012 7:11pm

This Is the End: In Plain Sight Series Finale Reaction Post

In Plain Sight’s Mary and Marshall in Season 5, episode 8, If last week’s penultimate episode of In Plain Sight, “Sacrificial Lam,” was jam-packed, tonight’s series finale, “All’s Well That Ends,” promises to be even more so. It will also (one assumes) answer the question once and for all: Is there more to Mary/Marshall than friendship, or is romance/romantic love just not in the cards after 5 seasons as partners and BFFs?

This here is a finale reaction post. Therefore: Danger, Will Robinson! ***SPOILERS & SPECULATION AHOY!*** Do not read the comments unless you want to be thoroughly spoiled. You have been warned.

I’ll be watching the finale live (or close to it) if anyone wants to join me now or over the course of the next few days to discuss the ending (good? bad? ugly? we’ll see!) and to say good-bye to Mary McCormack’s Mary Shannon, Fred Weller’s Marshall Man, and the rest of the awesome IPS cast (*sniff*). LET’S MOURN TOGETHER, SHALL WE?

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I am...surprisingly okay with the ending. Mostly because in my head the episode ended with "...and then they had sex."

Seriously, though, it wasn't exactly what I wanted because I do think Mary and Marshall are perfect for each other, but their friendship is what's most important so as long as that's still on, I'm good. (See, I can be reasonable!)

Best part of the episode for me was when Marshall's voice broke when he said "...If you call, I will always come." Gah, Frederick Weller BROKE MY HEART with that. So good.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
Seeing lots and lots of upset and disappointment, which I completely understand. Mary IS pretty much back at square one, and that really sucks. I don't like Marshall/Abigail or Mary/Kenny either.

I guess I just...didn't see that as a real ending? After being devastated by a finale in which half my favorite pairing literally ~disappeared off the face of the Earth~, I'm OK with this. Things can always change in the future once Mary's had time to finally get her shit together now that she's started resolving her issues with her father.
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna
I was kind of relieved that they didn't force some romantic Mary-Marshall hea. I can see Mary working things out in the future and I still don't like the Marshall-Abigail pairing, but the core friendship was acknowledged. That will have to be enough for me.
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@bungluna -- Yeah, rushing a romantic relationship probably wouldn't have been entirely satisfying either. I'm glad they finally put into words how much their friendship means. That was nice.
Rachel Hyland
5. RachelHyland
LOVED THIS ENDING! Mary and Marshall are such opposites in so many ways; they are the perfect example of a platonic friendship between the sexes, which romantic fiction -- and television -- so often suggest can't actually exist, but those of us who have close male friends know can. Meanwhile, Josh Hopkins's Kenny (name notwithstanding) was way too great of a character to be a mere sideline fling, and I think Abigail really gets Marshall -- this was evident right from the beginning, when he was going on about geology and Mary was, as ever, telling him to shut up but Abigail adored that he was full of esoteric facts.

I will say, however, that it was pretty unfair of Abigail to be so upset by Marshall's support of his best-friend when her father had just died. She probably wouldn't have been so pissed if said best-friend had been a guy. Still, unfair: yes. Unrealistic: no.

All in all -- exactly the ending I didn't know I wanted, but was delighted to recieve. I think my panic equalled Mary's when Marshall said "I love you", and was so glad when the awkward moment passed and he clarified it wasn't in that way. That scene on the balcony -- gorgeous!
Clare 2e
6. clare2e
I wasn't avidly following this one, but have been following people who were. (make sense?) A little bit of letdown seems the common thread in their reactions, though I haven't heard anyone say that the super HEA would have been believable for Mary/Marshall. Like they wanted it, but weren't sure they would have been able to buy it even if they got it.
Karen Haas
7. KarenH
It wasn't the ending I wanted either. I held out hopes that Mary & Marshall would FINALLY get together. But it just wasn't in the cards. I think Marshall was attracted to Abigail because she was so very different from Mary. After spending the day with slightly hyper Mary, he needed the calming effects of Abby. But I so wanted to see a Mary/Marshall get together!

While the ending wrapped up some stuff: i.e. the potential closing of the Witsec office, Stan's & Marshall's still left Mary and Brandy at loose ends with Brandy's pregnancy and the new-found money from their dad. What are they going to do with that? Set up funds for their children? Probably. Build a couple of wings on the house? Can you imagine a house with Mary, Brandy, Jinx and 2 babies in it? I'm running for cover right now! LOL
8. CCRead
I never did see Mary and Marshall as a "romantic" couple but they were a couple in everyother sense. It was hard to see Marshall with Abigail but it would have been unreasonable to have him exist with out a true physical love interest in his life. Mary with Kenny is the same story.

It seemed that Motherhood brought to the forefront Mary's mothering instincts, something that in hind sight seems to have been going on through the whole series. As a child she tried to mother both Jinx and Brandy when their Father left and continued to the end of the series. She immedately accepted pregnant Brandy back. Her being able to accept the fact that Marshall needed space for his relationship to work signals that maybe Mary has grown-up to the point that she can accept that step back as not someone else (her Father and her Mother) deserting her. I doubt that she could have been so understanding earlier in the series.

And at the very end of the show, seeing Stan holding Nora, I wondered how much he was a more stable Father figure in Mary's life.

Mary, at the end, was at a much happier and balanced place in her life than she was at the beginning of the series.
9. Annasing2
Such a great balcony scene with shades of Romeo and Juliet..reverse ilsa and Rick..and even a little of Quasimodo and the count..but the writers did not even give m and m their own Paris to remember..m and m are parts of one whole persona.think mr and mrs north..Kate and Petruchio..bones and booth..hope lives on..perhaps a sequel or a special bring back..we or at least this humble viewer want to see m and m safe in each other's arms...chop chop!
10. Kim1959
Just watched this series on Netflix and Amazon. Loved it but I did feel the final season was rushed. It was contrived. I think Abigail was a terrible pick for Marshall, and who would know better than his best friend, Mary? She told him what he wanted to hear. I still like to think that since it did not end with the actual wedding, that Marshall comes to his senses, as does Mary and they are together somewhere. If not, the PTSD sufferer was a much better choice for Mary than some random single dad at the park. And seriously, Squish gets knocked up? Really? Yuck. Great show, lousy ending.
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