May 11 2012 10:35am

The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 22: Changes and Fake-Outs

Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert in The DepartedPreviously on The Vampire Diaries: Damon and Elena got all steamy, the Salvatore men made a “we both love her” pact, Alaric went all super vampire slayer and the Mystic Falls Scooby gang desiccated Klaus. Also, lots of bloodline talk sometimes involving Elena. Almost always involving the Originals.

In short: No one died and there wasn’t much making out, but it can’t be long. This is The Vampire Diaries we’re talking about.

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And, now for the spoiler-filled recap of the Season 3 finale, “The Departed”



  • We’ve had Stefan flashbacks, Damon flashbacks, Klaus flashbacks, Katherine flashbacks, Anna flashbacks, but tonight we opened with an Elena flashback. She was peppy. And not only is Jenna alive, but Elena’s parents are alive, too. We’ve never seen this bubbly Elena.
  • Miranda and Grayson Gilbert in The Vampire DiariesAs soon as we see the flash of her with her mom, we cut to Elena waking up in a hospital bed. Elena is in the hospital from the concussion she suffered falling last episode. Which forces me to ask: Have none of the kids in Mystic Falls taken a basic first aid and health class? It seems like it would be important with how often they get injured. And a nice group of them were doing tequila shots with Elena – after a head injury and serious blood loss – at the end of last week’s episode. I get that teenagers can make dumb choices, but I’m not impressed.
  • I love Caroline going into mom-mode with Elena, after bringing her back home.
  • I don’t typically feel bad for Matt, but he’s over at Elena’s taking care of her. She wakes up from another flashback dream to tell him that she shouldn’t have strung him along when they were dating sophomore year. Then before he can process that – and so quickly it makes her apology sound, well, not like an apology – she says she’s doing the same thing to Damon and Stefan and announces she has to pick one. I know the girl’s recovering from a head injury, but that feels more self-involved than usual for her. Also, kind of a lame way to push her into making a Team Salvatore choice.
  • Stefan and Elena in TVD Season 3 episode 22Stefan chooses to return to keep an eye on Elena, while Damon continues heading to the Atlantic to dispose of Klaus. Damon always gets stuck cleaning up. Another reason why I like him.
  • The return of Elijah! I missed him (and I don’t think I’m the only one). He wants Klaus back and, of course, the super stake Evil!Alaric has at his side.
  • Evil!Alaric gets some alone time with Jeremy in an attempt to get him to side on Team Kill All Vampires. It’s such a tempting offer for Jeremy that he talks it over with Matt. They want to protect Elena, but know better than to really turn over the others.
  • Tyler and Caroline’s moms hand over money and new IDs for the two after telling them Evil!Alaric has revealed them to the council. They want these two on the run, and all I can picture is a vampire/werewolf version of Bonnie & Clyde.
  • Matt Davis as Alaric in The DepartedWhile everyone thinks they have one over on Evil!Alaric, they don’t. I may not like seeing Damon get his neck snapped, but I rather enjoy everyone battling a smart villain this episode. Amidst his search for Klaus’ body, Rebekkah shows up and Evil!Alaric busts out that fancy stake, ready to strike. He stakes Klaus – guess he didn’t lead the Salvatore line – and Damon tells Rebekkah to run.
  • Klaus is dead for real or so we think. (Sorry, Klaus/Caroline ’shippers.) This means another Salvatore brother pow-wow to determine if they’re going to die.
  • Matt drugged Elena. I know she’s been whining about other dudes and whatnot, but you just don’t drug your friends. Dick.
  • Elena Gilbert in TVD 3.22If you regularly read my recaps, you know this part is coming: SERIOUSLY, ELENA? YOU’RE A DUMBASS. She knows both brothers may have just an hour to live. She can go back home to Stefan or Matt can drive her to see Damon. She chooses to go back home, but call Damon. She goes for safety guy, and leaves Damon alone when it’s possible he’s going to die. Elena is officially on my shit list. With a stamp and everything.
  • Bonnie switched Klaus out of his body and into Tyler’s. That’s why the Salvatores didn’t die. More importantly, though, why can’t The Vampire Diaries just kill someone for real? I know they love the fake-outs, but this is getting ridiculous.
  • Rebekkah decides to take out Elena in the name of killing Alaric. That means sending her and Matt off that bridge. (How many people have flown off bridges around Mystic Falls? They need better guard rails.)
  • Elena dies, which means Alaric dies. However, she’d had vampire blood in her system, which means season 4 will have Vampire Elena!
  • Flashback scene to when Damon first met Elena (and glamoured the memory from her) was beautiful. At least they gave us that, since Elena made a less than stellar Salvatore selection in the present.

Jenna and Miranda in The Vampire DiariesFAVORITE QUOTES

Tyler: “Let me protect you.”
Caroline: “I will go anywhere with you. If we have to spend the rest of our lives running, I will run with you.”

Damon: “I’m not halfway out of Virginia and Elena sells our souls to The Originals?”

Damon (on where he put Klaus’ body): “I was going to use unit 666, but it felt a little obvious.”

Elena’s mom in a flashback talking about Matt: “You’re going to lose him, honey. You’re setting him free.”

DamonDamon: “Let me ask you a question. If it was just down to him and me, and you had to make a choice, who got the goodbye, who would it be?”

Elena: “I love him, Damon.”

Damon: “I get it. Stefan. It’s always gonna be Stefan.”


All right readers, I’m sure there’s plenty to vent and gush about (depending on your ’ship status). Did you like Elena’s choice in Salvatores? How do you feel about Klaus being alive via Tyler and Bonnie aiding him? Are you ready for Elena to be a vampire?


While Chelsea Mueller runs Vampire Book Club, she won’t turn down a sexy werewolf, demon or faerie. (Her husband often reminds her that she’s taken.) Bother her on Twitter - @ChelseaVBC — she likes it.

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Shannon Bastian
1. shannonB.
That was the beginning of the end. I give it 2 more seasons.
Angi Black
2. Angi Black
OK - First off, I loved the episode, Even if it wasn't as twisty turny as promised. Things I loved:
1. I suspected Elena had more than a concussion for two reasons - the blood when she passed out and the fact that in the "previously on" clip they showed her hitting her head. Dr. Vamp Blood was her doctor so I guessed she had gotten a dose. So the end didn't really surprise, but still emotional none the less. Elena being a vamp means hot vamp sex...hopefully with the CORRECT Salvatore. (and hopefully les whiny)
2. I was all ready for Tyler to die. Just let him die already! I'm over it. Although the reason this is in the like column is because now we still get to see Klaus/Caro and she's none the wiser, so that I kinda dig.
3. Bonnie dipping into the bad side is awesome. I hope she goes so dark she can barely find her way back.
4. I love, love, love the scene with Damon and Elena (in the flashback). I figured he had met her first since she says "maybe if I had met you first" - cut to Damon's look of regret. But I like that he used the word consumed about what she wanted after she told Matt that was how Damon made her feel.
5. all things Damon. He was perfection in this episode. Snarky, angry, hurt, devastated. Which leads me to...

What I was not a fan of:
1. Elena - you are an idiot!!! You don't pick safe! You pick consuming...and hot...and well, Damon. You pick Damon. I actually yelled at my TV. (Boo! NO!!! Idiot! This is the most unbelievable part of this show!!) Something like that... Anywho...Team Damon!
2. Why can't people die? Or be truly bad? Not every character has a redeeming quality. and that's ok! Let Tyler go for crying out loud!
3. I want it to be so, but I highly doubt Elena will actually be a vampire. My gut is telling me otherwise. We'll see.
4. Matt! No way Stefan would have pulled Matt out of there and left Elena! He's a vampire, one with each hand my friend.

So I enjoyed it, but I do wonder where they will go now. here's my theory: Bonnie dives into dark magic and finds a way to unbind the Salvatores from Klaus and then Tyler will die. Elena, once vamp or almost vamp will realize how boring Stefan really is and go to Damon. Please... go to Damon! Someone or several someones will need to die for real...there are a lot of people on this show right now who really don't need to be there.

OK - now, back to coffee and another viewing. I may report back later.
3. ChelseaMueller
3. Bonnie dipping into the bad side is awesome. I hope she goes so dark she can barely find her way back.

That's a really good observation, Angi. I don't want a Dark Willow ripoff, but I could back Evil!Bonnie. Maybe.

I think I'm just still really angry about Elena's poor decision making and the fact they can't just let people die. I want consequences!
Angi Black
4. Michelle29
I am mad at Elena too! She keeps stringing Damon along since season 1. I know, she was with Stefan during that time but you could tell she was still sending googoo eyes at him. She is getting on my nerves, the best choice for her is Damon! Why doesn't she get that??? Their chemistry is much better. Ahhh! Okay, I don't like the fact that klaus is now in Tyler's body. Despite the surprise moment Tylerklaus will have with Caroline when she figures it out, I don't think it's a wise or smart idea. I knew evil Alaric was going to die. I loved the flashbacks of Elena's history and her meeting Damon. And Elena vampire, I'm surprised they are turning her already. I haven't read the books but it still seems ahead of its time, and therefore I don't trust it. I'm sure vampire diaries writers will find some way to create a special thing where Elena can be human again. Overall content with the episode, but i hate Elena's choice.
Heather Waters
5. HeatherWaters
I was *very* surprised by that ending. I did not see them turning Elena so soon (though probably still not soon enough for this viewer).

Hated that Tyler was taken over by Klaus, but I think I'm done with the show or at least done with caring about it, so I'm kind of OK with how that last Caroline/Tyler scene went down, with him telling her to leave and that everything would be OK, etc. (there's debate over whether this was still Tyler and not Klaus, but I think it was Tyler's last stand). They're not everyone's cup of tea, obviously, but I will always find them the best thing to come out of this show.

Was great seeing Jenna again, and I thought it was neat to see the Gilberts too, since we've heard so much about them.

Though it was unquestionably retcon and I generally hate that, the Damon-Elena flashback was kind of nice.

I'm guessing Alaric's really gone now? Too bad I didn't really care this time. Pleased Jere was the last to see him.

I can't help but doubt Klaus will actually stay gone, even if Tyler gets un-possessed. Writers seem to love Joseph Morgan. But with Klaus's body supposedly ashes, how will they do it? Hmm...
Angi Black
6. Angi Black
aand another thing! Hee Hee - One more point for Team Damon. If Elena truly becomes a vampire she will remember meeting Damon first, the time he said I love you, all the times he compelled her and it will completely work to his favor. I can't wait for that! Woo Hoo!

I agree Chelsea - Dark Willow is bad, but Bonnie is one powerful witch. She could take out the whole lot over on the Secret Circle. But seeing her be bad and out for herself would be refreshing and juicy after seeing her sacrifice and getting pushed around for so long. She needs a good story line.

Elena makes the worst decisions ever! It's funny how all the stuff Damon does to protect her that pisses her off so much are the exact same decisions she makes to save everyone else that make Damon so mad. Another point for Team Damon!
7. wsl0612
Elena's decision pissed me off too! And I HOPE that next season she becomes a vamp, starts to realize that she REALLY wants Damon and then can't have him, HA! I would like to see Bonnie become kick-ass evil and take Damon for herself, wouldn't that be hot :-)

I'm tired of Klaus as the villian, but sort of liked the twist, it did surprise me. I want Elijah to stay around, maybe he could be a love interest for one of the adult women? Not the mayor, she annoys me, but the sheriff perhaps. I like Rebekah too, I can't help it, the actress is so cute even when she's trying to be nasty. Maybe she could attract Boy Scout Stefan, wouldn't that be fun if both Salvatores were interested in other women?

Oh yeah and I too found it TOTALLY unbelievable that the vampire couldn't save both Matt and Elena, WTF? Talk about inconsistent, aren't they supposed to be so much stronger and faster than humans, arrrghhh!!
Angi Black
8. Jillene V
I'm really hoping she gets back all of her memories when she transitions and that she remembers meeting Damon first and falls for him hard.

Seriously, Stefan can't grab an arm from each of them and pull them both out of the truck? But then, maybe Elena knew she had vamp blood in her systerm and figured it was the only way to take care of Alaric and save them all. Otherwise? Telling Stefan to take Matt and let her die and him actually going along with that plan? Ridiculous.
Heather Waters
9. HeatherWaters
I agree that Stefan should have been able to save both of them, but what actually bothers me is that Elena didn't try to get out herself after Stefan pulled Matt out of the truck. She just sat there, and I wanted to throw something. If the window was open, why didn't she swim out? If her seatbelt was stuck (and I don't remember, maybe it was?), she should have kept struggling with that. You don't just GIVE UP when you're so close!
Caitlyn Wilson
10. armywife
Can Damon ever catch a break?? Ugh, stupid Elena chooses safe, sappy Stefan? I mean, really? Poor Damon, and to think that Damon actually saw Elena first, so technically he should have the girl!!! lol

I called it, I knew they were making her a vampire soon, thank god, maybe being a vampire will make her sex crazy and she'll decide to go to Damon for that! lol

The whole Klaus in Tyler's body? I don't like it, not at all. I like Klaus in his regular body because he was good to look at, plus his accent is sexy. So is Tyler still alive? I'm not sure I understand how that works....but I don't like this move.

Yay, I was so happy to see Elijah come back because I love him, but then because he thinks Klaus is dead, he now wants to kill Elena? Bad Elijah, but I can't help but still like him! :)

I'm on board with Bonnie going evil, could be very interesting.

Just for the next season, someone give Damon a break....first Katherine didn't want him, saying it would "always be Stefan" and now you have Elena stringing Damon along, and still she goes back to Stefan!! The only thing I'm happy about is at least they're dating in real life lol

It was a good season finale, now I'm anxious to see where there taking it next.
Angi Black
11. Cristina Elena
I enjoy it!
I didn't liked the choice that Elena!!?? I'm so bored of Stefan...and Elena! I'm thinking too that Elena will remember the times when Damon glamoured her and what happened than.. (I hope she will remember!). I'm on Damon team since the first season...and I'm still waiting for Damon and Elena to be together.
I love how Ian Somerhalder is playing the Damon character...mean, sexy, furious, evil, nasty, good...I could not see any actor playing Damon character! He fits perfectly!
I like the Originals brother, in their bodies (not Tyler's) and I will love to see Alaric in the next season. Hope Bonnie will be a bad girl from now :).
I believe that Elena won't became a vampire, I don't know why...
Waiting for the next season!
Angi Black
12. ericka s
I was shocked. I was so hoping she'd pick Damon. I was like noooooo. But I did like the flashback when she met him first. I really didn't like Alaric leaving he was my favorite. I kinda got teary eyed when he appeared before Jeremy. Yes I really want to see a bad ass Bonnie. I mean really how much is she gonna take. I was surprised about the Tyler/Klaus switch, he and Caroline had chemistry before. HOw long before the new season?
Carrie Septer
13. PennameCarrie
I was angry with Elena's decision and ready to give up and walk away, but I stuck with it and was very pleased with the rest of the episode! I'm definitely on Team Damon, but more than Elena picking him, I just want him to be happy and get what he deserves for always being the one to take care of everything and make the sacrifices! I was very pleased with the flashback of him first meeting Elena because it was a great chance to get an intimate glimpse of him- especially since when he first showed up in Mystic Falls I hated him because he wouldn't leave Elena and Stephan alone- how my loyalties have changed!

I'm very exicted for next season and I'm happy about that since there were several points during this season that I didn't think I'd care!
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