May 4 2012 10:07am

The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 21: Blood Shots, Bonding, and Bone-breaking!

Stefan and Bonnie on the floor in The Vampire Diaries 3.21*****SPOILERS*****

Previously on The Vampire DiariesEsther and Rebecca did a little Freaky Friday body swap. Everybody got on their flapper gear and hotfooted it at the school dance. Alaric became Enhanced!Evil Alaric and it was all Bonnie’s fault. Elena was torn again some more about which Jonas Salvatore Brother to choose.

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And now, on to this week’s episode, 3.21, “Before Sunset"...

TVD is pretty uniformly great at season beginnings and endings, and since this is the penultimate S3 episode, shit went down in reasonably entertaining ways.

Klaus and Jeremy in The Vampire Diaries Season 3 episode 21 Before SunsetSurprisingly, things were tied up fairly neatly as we head into the finale next week, but there are still a few burning questions to be addressed:

  • Did  Caroline and Rebekkah  actually have a lovely Bechdel Test-passing moment in the gym there as they traded condolences? Candice Accola and Claire Holt did an excellent understated job with that scene.
  • How much more fun is E!E Alaric than Original Recipe Alaric? Plus, isn’t there some delicious irony in the idea that now that he’s been turned he’s more TEAM HUMAN! than ever?
  • How cute are Caroline and Tyler? I mean really. I enjoy how normal their relationship is aside from, you know, living on the hellmouth.
  • Do you think Caroline’s tears make baby unicorns die? Seriously, how black does your heart need to be to want to torture her with No. 2 pencils?
  • Do you think Jeremy is thrilled that he basically came home to a) get all up in his sis’s sex life with the Salvatores, and b) possibly be a human sacrifice? WELCOME HOME, JERE!
  • Was anyone surprised Bonnie was alive? Anyone? Beuller?
  • How hilarious was the sequence where Klaus went evil paperboy and just started chucking shit through the windows at Chez Gilbert? The newspaper was kind of stupidly hilarious but the propane tank had real flair, I thought.
  • Can someone please just like take Bonnie out dancing or something? I mean, it’s a really close horse race in Mystic Falls but Dark Willow 2 has got, like, the worst life ever. No wonder she looked almost orgasmic when the spell-casting was over. She needs to get out more.
  • Elena cutting her own neck—brave or beyond stupid?
  • That being said, was there an actual moment of chemistry between Bonnie and Damon as they approached Jere at the school? I think there was.
  • Do you think blood shots taste better with a little salt and lime on the side? Ick.
  • Does anyone else miss Evil!Stefan? He’s so dull again.
  • When did Alaric have time to join the WWE? Those were some smooth moves knocking out the Salvatores in the school hallway. Maybe that’s just a perk of the Enhanced!Evil upgrade package.
  • Could you believe that rookie move from Klaus, leaving the room BEFORE Elena actually bled out? Weak.
  • Tyler’s response to how he broke the sire bond (“By breaking every bone in my body 100 times for the girl I love.”) - Is that an Awwww or an Ewwww? Maybe a little of both?
  • Is Elena made of Play Doh really? She was getting whipped around like a rag doll by Alaric. She should’ve been comatose, not just woozy and having a nose bleed all lolling in the paint at the end there.
  • Was anyone surprised that Caroline organized the kitchen victory party?
  • Don’t you think Carol and Liz need their own spin-off? Maybe a Cagney and Lacey style crime-fighting show? I’d watch.
  • Anyone else yelling for Damon and Stefan to JUST KEEP DRIVING when they were going on and on about what a special snowflake Elena was?

Damon, Bonnie, and Stefan in Before SunsetFavorite Quotes

  • “How many times do I have to tell you, Elena? Stop trusting vampires!” ~ Alaric
  •  “I’m not your little bitch anymore!” ~ Tyler
  • [Doorbell rings] “Don’t get your hopes up! Might be a girl scout!” ~ Damon
  • “We’ll call you from the road…after we dump Klaus’s body in the Atlantic.” ~ Damon
  • “You know how these things pan out, Stefan. She’ll probably make a list of the pros and cons and at the end of the day dump both our asses.” ~ Damon
  • “Hear that? That’s the sound of Klaus-free life.” ~ Tyler

Got any burning questions or favorite quotes you’d like to share? Leave ’em in the comments and then hang on to your blood bags till next week’s season finale, “The Departed”! (Is it too much to hope for a Matt Damon or Leo DiCaprio cameo? Probably.) 


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1. ChelseaMueller
I'm still trying to decide if that bit at the end with Damon and Stefan was the writers' way of making fun of fan talk about Elena's magical vagina. She's special apparently and all the boys want her.

If it wasn't a joke, then mega eye rolling.

Cheesy ending aside, I actually really liked this episode. Enhanced Evil!Alaric is fantastic -- the pencils and vervain gag! Ah! -- and we got more snarky Damon asides. Also, possibly for the first time ever, I didn't hate Bonnie in this episode. So, there's that.
2. Taragel
I thought it was a really good episode. I was going to do pros and cons but I really didn't have any cons! Lol. Even the talk of Elena's Vagina being a Speshul Snowflake was minimal! Poor Bonnie, she gets the shit end of the stick all the time, eh?
3. Miss_D
I like Klaus. Or rather, the actor. I think he does a good job with what he's given. I am hoping he comes back after a break.

I've always thought Bonnie had chemistry with Damon. I've come across a fan following for the pairing online but we all know it will never happen (unless Elena picks Stefan and even then, I think Plec would write Damon mourning Elena rather than allowing him to move on with anyone) with the current regime. I've heard Bonnie/Damon happened in the books. Anyhoo, Bonnie's now had a few eps where the showrunner let her out of minority closet so it's likely about the time she'll be shoved back in so the show can return to the main triangle.


I was reading another recap (AV Club) and someone brought up this point, which I think has some validity to it: Elena is never willing to directly sacrifice herself, what she actually does is gamble herself. Her putting a knife to her throat was a wager, for instance, that she was right that Elena couldn't let her die. When it comes to actually making a sacrifice (for instance, being turned into a vampire to prevent Klaus from using her) she always balks.
4. wsl0612
Loved this ep! So awesome that Klaus is now a mummy (is this payback for "mummy" issues or what, haha!) Yeesh the Everyone Loves Elena train needs to be stopped, I sincerely hope that was a little meta snark at the end between the boys. My biggest dislike though - how is it that Elena is almost bled out, yet she manages to walk up to her home on her own AND does tequila shots AND is still upright??!!! UGH I hate her speshulness, she is NOT an Avenger!
Heather Waters
5. HeatherWaters
Evil!Alaric's upgrade package was kind of awesome. Matt Davis is SO fun to watch as a villain.

Unsurprisingly the only things I was invested in were Caroline and Tyler. Hated that Caroline got tortured AGAIN and that Tyler risked it all for Elena too (should have kept the secret about the sire bond for something else, I think, though I guess it worked out in the end...for now, at least). Also, Caroline got kidnapped and no one thought to tell Tyler that his girlfriend was in trouble? Worst friends ever. The victory party was very cute thanks to Caroline, of course.

@Miss_D -- That is so true about Elena never being willing to actually sacrifice herself. She does wager and I think she does it because she knows someone will always be there to save her (and someone always does).

@wslo612 -- UGH I hate her speshulness, she is NOT an Avenger!

Ha ha ha, love it.
6. Terree L
Its getting to the point that the only ones I like on this show are Damon (because he is sooo pretty if nothing else) Caroline, Tyler, Alaric (Evil and good) and Jeremy... sometimes.. The rest, Meh. I get sick of their broodiness. I am obviously rooting for "sigh, pout, I must make a decision Elena" to end up (soon) with Damon... because I want to look at his beautiful eyes... often! the rest can just stay in the background.. while they fight evil enhanced Alaric!
Caitlyn Wilson
7. armywife
So this episode was kinda meh for me....

I'm kinda over Elena, her poor woe is me, I'm always losing someone I love, blah blah blah, get over it and make a decision already (preferably Damon please!!!)

I kinda wish Bonnie and Jeremy got back together, they were cute.

Caroline and Tyler....ugh!

Was anybody else hoping that when Klaus grabbed Caroline in the hallway that they were gonna have this crazy, adrenaline high, thank-god-I'm-not-being-tortured-anymore make out fest?? When they kinda just stared at each other, I actually found myself whispering "kiss her, kiss her" but sadly it wasn't meant to be. And now Klaus is a mummy, so sad about that, I actually like him!! I really hope he comes back soon.

I don't like Evil Alaric, it's still really weird to me lol So the only way to kill Evil Alaric is to kill Elena because of the whole human connection they share? So does that mean if Elena becomes a vampire, Alaric will then die? because Elena will no longer be a human if she goes all fangy. Hmm something to think about
Clare 2e
8. clare2e
Last comment of the early morning, but. . .This episode had a bunch of rules and circumstances that didn't make sense. The whole heart stop/start/Jeremy ring-thing kind of confused me. BIG Plot Point was that Alaric had to wait until nightfall to leave the school, rather than taking one of the 3 other vampires' daylight rings whn he was near them. Put Caro's on your pinky finger! Nonsensical.

They just KEPT going back to painting--I thought that shots of tequila after massive blood loss should've dropped Elena like a speared wildebeast, and also couldn't understand why Klaus just wouldn't have stayed to supervise the bleed-out through to the end.

Yes, Elena's magic bajingo is boring, and weird since we're not supposed to think Damon's enjoyed anything but its siren song from a distance. Still, I enjoyed the possibility of a road trip without her. Why are they putting Klaus in the Atlantic again? Will that make sure he remains unfound?

Later, Alaric calls out the ladies on the council with vamp kids (shocker!) and then uses his own vamp speed to stop them from leaving, but outing himself at the same time? Who cares, I guess. Evil Alaric is great to have back! Pencils and vervain gag- must second (or third) the awesomeness of his meanness.

Loved having Tyler back, too, but also the close moments between Klaus and Caro. (Yes, I'm team Klaro now!) He's doesn't play the submissive girlfriend to her like Tyler does--he's actually selectively cruel and awful and that's why when I see her awed and scared by him (but something else, too) I smell potential! Once he's revived. I know some people hate him, but I only hate him when he's too sweet and vulnerable.

I have FOREVER been for Bonnie/Damon, springing from their mutual mistrust and hate! But Bonnie had a moment with Jeremy again, you know, after she killed him. I do hope this dark dabbling makes her a little evil, too. ROFL at Tara's calling her Dark Willow 2 with the worst life ever. Too right! She's everyone's salavation tool and never has anything work out for herself.

Thank you for putting up with all that. /RANT OVER
9. CrazyIris
Can someone explain me why tyler didn't die. Klaus is dead, so why Tyler isn't?
Clare 2e
10. clare2e
Klaus is "desiccated" like dad Michael was, not actually dead. So it's a way to keep him idle without killing off his line. Though I have to wonder if dropping a dehydrated hybrid in the drink is a good idea. He might soak up seawater and come back Cthulhu.
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