May 17 2012 3:41pm

Sylvia Day’s Bared to You Now Published by Berkley

Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel by Sylvia DayUpdated 5/18/12: The most recent version of the cover has been added! (Remember, all covers are subject to change before publication.)

Romance readers have already heard the buzz about Sylvia Day’s self-published e-book  Bared to You, which was released last month, and garnered many comparisons to E.L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey.

Berkley has just announced it will be publishing Bared to You, “releasing a slightly revised eBook edition, complete with brand-new cover art.... The following month Berkley will publish a trade paperback edition of the book.”

Berkley’s press release continues:

Bared to You is the first book in the Crossfire series about new college graduate Eva Tramell and billionaire businessman Gideon Cross. The book finds Eva accepting her first job at an advertising firm located in a NYC skyscraper owned by Gideon. When she and Gideon first meet the chemistry is strong and instantaneous. But both Eva and Gideon bear emotional scars and a healthy romantic relationship is foreign to them. The Crossfire trilogy explores the developing physical and emotional relationship of these two complex characters.

The second book in the series, Reflected in You (previously known as Deeper into You), will be out in the fall of 2012 and the third book is scheduled for early 2013.

Have you read Bared to You yet (H&H commenters and bloggers have recommended it in a couple posts)? Are you intrigued by the idea of reading a book similar to Fifty Shades? Do you like the new cover?

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Lege Artis
1. LegeArtis
I don't know if it's just me, but even this cover is similar style as Fifty Shades of Grey.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
It absolutely is similar, @LegeArtis. A man's clothing accessory on a stark cover--I like the way it looks, but it's pretty clear what they're going for with it. The original cover of the self-pubbed book was sexier.
3. Marq
I like the original cover better. I'm kinda tired of the FSoG comparisons (even though I guess we can't help but compare it) and I hate that Berkley is going for the Fifty Shades "look" with the re-release. The original cover was wayyy sexier. It's what grabbed my attention and made me request the book!
Lime Cello
4. Limecello
I don't like Berkley going so hard with the FSoG look. I understand the marketing, but I don't have to like it.
On a hopeful note though - maybe FSoG readers will pick up BtY and Sylvia's other books, and join the romance reading world. Also nice to see it'll be a definitive 3 books. Last time when I was "talking" to Sylvia a few weeks ago it was still questionable.
Although there's going to be so much more WTFery from the characters I'm sure to fill that all out. Granted they're already pretty gone as is. :P
5. pamelia
I'm sure men's accessory covers will soon be everywhere to the extent that when someone sees you reading a book with a tie, cufflink, cumberbund, pocket hankie, sock garter or suspenders they will KNOW YOU ARE READING PORN. Then we will go back to nekkid folk like the Good Lord intended!
6. Katie2
So, is this book is being marketed as a knock off of Fifty? Sure looks like it judging by the cover. Sylvia Day is a good writer, although I have to say Bared To You is not one of my favorites by her. I'm sad that she is riding the coattails of FSoG. Good luck to her.
7. mina
I prefer fifty shades of grey.. It was much better written than bared to you. I mean a big billionaire wants this woman to sleep with.. FsoG and bared to you are strangely the same.. In a lot of ways. This book was only released two weeks ago for us in canada. I mean I would like to read the second book but, it seems like a copy only there were a few changes.
Ana has blue eyes, Grey has gray eyes
Eva has Gray eyes, Gideon has blue eyes.
Grey likes brunettes and hires blondes.
Gideon prefers brunettes but dates a blonde.
Grey is actually into BDSM
Gideon mentions that he's a dom and shes a submissive
Grey needs control
Gideon needs control.
Not every erotic novel needs to have the same things and this appears to. Plus Bty uses more sexual words. Ill still get the second one I'd like to know what's happening. The good thing is, that Eva puts up more of a fight than Ana did.
8. Booklover
Either thought this book is like ''fifty shades of grey''. I still like it. :D
Does anyone know when the next one is out for this book? It left me wondering this book and i really want to know what happens. Many thanks is return :D
10. Jade bell
I don't care that this book was like FSoG I loved it and am really disappointed I have to wait till October 2nd for the next book :( I can't wait.
11. Christina Stone
I honestly think BARED TO YOU was way better than FSoG. Now
FSoG is a good book but it took me longer to read it then usual. Now,
i cannot wait until October 2nd Reflected in You. I need, no, i must know what happens between Gideon and Eva !!! HURRY SO I CAN BUY IT .
12. Kay78
My thoughts are that the books are similar but came out about the same time there was no way they could have been copied and sent to publishing and released that fast. Im not sure which i like better BtY or FSoG. I like how fast BtY got into the story and to the point where as FSoG took awhile. And i like how Eva isnt a "poor me im ugly and a virgin" where Ana played 'dumb' But i like both books and cant wait for the second BtY series!
13. S.Mayo
Not sure how "mina" can say the FSOG is "better written" than BTY...hardly. I totally enjoyed FSOG but NOT for the writing. James uses the same language, adjectives, expressions etc. over and over and over. I made myself look past that because I got into the story. As far as writing goes Day's book is by far superior. I do feel I'm reading FSOG with better language and writing....basically the same story but not as violent or obsessive.(at least not yet anyway)
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