May 9 2012 5:36pm

Pilot Season Gets Real: TV Networks Announce Early Pickups

The cast of Chicago FireEven as the spring TV season is winding down, the entertainment industry is gearing up for Upfronts 2012, when the major television networks head to New York to present their fall schedules to advertisers (while the media reports on it all). But while the Upfronts officially kick off next week (they’re being held from May 13-17), a few projects have already been given the green light.

NBC, for instance, has already made several commitments. It has renewed Law & Order: SVU for another season and picked up a few pilots, including the dramas Chicago Fire (pictured above, which stars The Vampire Diaries alum Taylor Kinney, the hottie who played Tyler’s uncle, Mason Lockwood) and Revolution (a post-apocalyptic tale from Alias and Lost executive JJ Abrams and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke), plus a few comedies (1600 Penn, Animal Practice, The New Normal, Save Me, and Go On) starring actors such as Anne Heche and Matthew Perry.

TNT, meanwhile, has ordered the medical drama Monday Mornings (previously titled Chelsea General), which stars Battlestar Galactica’s Jamie Bamber as a motorcycle-riding neurosurgeon (yum!).

We’ll continue to follow the pickups at H&H (especially those with shipping potential and/or beefcake), but in the meantime, are there any shows from pilot season you’re hoping to see get picked up? What kinds of shows would you like to see on your TV next fall?

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Saundra Peck
1. sk1336
I will definitely give the fire dept show a try, it has been a while since there has been a good one. I also will FORCE myself watch the new TNT medical drama with what's his name?!?! And cannot wait for The Closer spinoff...
Jennifer Denning
3. redheadedjen
Grimm has been renewed for another season - it is my favorite show this year. I have a huge crush on Monroe.
Allison Brennan
4. Allison_Brennan
I'm looking forward to Revolution, because I think Eric Kripke is an amazing storyteller. ... I might try Chicago Fire. I don't watch sit coms (the only comedies I watch are GLEE, which I'm getting tired with, and NEW GIRL . I've never been big into comedies, the last one I watched religiously was SEINFELD.)

Very excited about GRIMM being renewed.
K.M. Jackson
5. kwanawrites
I really have liked the fast talking Scandal so I hope it comes back and though I love to hate it, I'm into Smash so I'd like that to return. I'd be in for Once Upon A Time again, but it is a mighty frustrating show. I'm a little over the ER and Law and whatever type shows. I'd like to see something back like Hotel from back in the day. All big budget with a set cast and revolving stories. Great, now I have totally dated myself. Next I'll be clamoring for Fantasy Island.
Elizabeth Halliday
6. Ibbitts
I only watch a ½ dozen programs on TV now; I hope some of the new proposals are ones that I will like. My current favorite is "Person of Interest", starring Jim Caviezel (*sigh*) and Michael Emerson. I sure do hope it is renewed by CBS.
7. EvangelineHolland
The 2011-2012 TV season is the first time in years that I've followed television, and so far, two of the shows I watched (Ringer and Pan Am) are dead, one is hanging by a thread (Nikita), and the other two are doing well enough for a second season (OUAT and Smash). Based on the pilots that have been bandied about over the past two or three months, the only ones I'm looking at are some of those high class nighttime soaps ABC has commissioned. Not into procedurals or police/firefighter/medical dramas.
Darlene Marshall
8. DarleneMarshall
I want more Grimm (it got vastly better in recent weeks), Person of Interest (Yum!), Justified, and OUAT if it has more Mr. Gold. I'd be content if White Collar ends where it did, even though I'd miss Matt Bomer.

None of the new shows are doing it for me yet, but one never knows.
9. Darlynne
Count me as a Grimm fan who is mightily relieved the show has been renewed. You don't want to see the list of shows I loved with all my heart for the abbreviated one-season they were allowed. Wonderfalls, anyone?
Carmen Pinzon
10. bungluna
I'm looking forward to next season's Castle. I want to see what the writers make of it, even if the Becket's mother's killer thing has gotten too overwrought for my taste. I've had to learn emotional disassociation to survive the number of shows that hooked me at first only to get too convoluted or leave me hanging when they were canceled. Now I try to be a more dispassionate viewer. I'll watch, but I won't get emotionally invested, (was I convincing? protestethst too much?)
11. wsl0612
Has anyone watched "Don't Trust the B in Apt 23"? James Van Der Beek is awesome! He is much handsomer in his old age, LOL!

I hope Community is renewed, I love the cast...well, except for Chevy :-/
12. Megaera
Oh, good. Grimm is renewed! I, too, have a huge crush on Monroe . And I'm looking forward to seeing what the writers do with Castle next season. It'll be interesting to see how the Castle/Beckett dynamic changes now that they've finally slept together.
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