May 14 2012 12:44pm

Once Upon a Time Season 1, Episode 22: It’s Storming Like a Bitch!

Once Upon a Time’s Emma and Henry in A Land Without MagicThe season finale of Once Upon a Time, “A Land Without Magic,” aired last night, and if you watched, you saw [highlight for spoilers]the return of the Huntsman, that the power of True Love can bring people back to life, and that others weren’t dead at all![/spoilers]

What do you think of [highlight for spoilers]the curse being broken? How about Mr. Gold and Belle? Prince Charming and Snow?[/spoilers] Have you eaten any apple turnovers lately?

Please share your thoughts of last night’s episode, predictions for next season, and overall opinion of the show.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I confess I stopped watching this show a while back, but my mom told me the huntsman was back, so of course now I have to watch just for that! Saw the first five minutes or so this morning and the guy's as hot as ever.
Natasha Carty
2. WickedLilPixie
I only watched the last 5 minutes, it's bored the hell out of me the past few weeks
Brianna TheBookVixen
3. thebookvixen
I'm wondering what the second season will bring? Emma's a believer, the curse has been broken, everyone is going to be after the EQ. What can possibly happen in the second season?? Not sure if I'll watch. Guess it depends on the promo but it'll have to be something BIG to lure me back in.
Darlene Marshall
4. DarleneMarshall
I don't know that I'll continue watching it next season. It was OK, and I was pleased to see Sulky McHottie Jefferson (The Mad Hatter) return, but the rest of it was kind of "meh". Emma has to slay a dragon? Really? Wouldn't it have been much more interesting if she'd tricked the dragon or sweet talked the dragon or set up an alliance with the dragon?

If they kept the show confined to Regina and Rumples squaring off against each other, I'd watch it. Seeing Emma and Snow and Charming as the leads just isn't doing it for me.
5. Miss_D
I think I need to re-watch it. I thought it ws decent but I wasn't as wowed as I should have been. Could be part of the pacing issue I've had with the show for a while.
Stephanie Treanor
6. Streanor
Honestly Rumplestiltskin is the only thing that keeps this show going. Super excited to see the hunstmen again. @Redline i completely agree!!

HAHA yes @darlenemarshall.. i love your nickname for the Mad Hatter suits him perfectly! And yeah where the hell did the dragon come from?!? Oh and it was just sooo easy to kill him by throwing the sword, so weak. Although it kind of makes me think of what's living underground NYC.

This show has its moments but they really need to do better in season two. More hot men, more story lines that actually make sense, and please LESS snow white and charming scenes. Really i was hoping for a harry potter dragon escape and have him gobble the pair up during that kissing scene.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
7. Kiersten
Watching the finale last night, I thought if the whole 2012 run of the show had been this good & jam packed, I wouldn't have grown so meh about the show. I'm still watching, but it's long slid from my "must" list. The show fell into the same old same old that shows do - strong start thru the fall, then languish through the winter, only putting up reasonable exciting episodes for sweeps and dragging it's feet to the finale where it crams too much stuff in. Here's hoping they fix that old skool pacing mentality for season 2

That said, I thought the finale was great, from the Huntsman cameo (hot sheriff alert!), to the Belle and Rumple love confessions, to the fantastic work done by Jennifer Morrison and Lana Parillo when Henry died, to David and Mary Margaret calling each other Snow and Charming - that reunion was a great payoff.

I did think The Mayor caved too fast to Emma in the cold open and, tho I dig the dragon and particularly the juxtaposition between father and daughter fighting it, the CGI was ridiculously bad to the point of absurb where I just had to laugh and go with it. Suddenly Malecifient's been in the dungeon as a dragon this whole while?! That was a mighty convenient plot point.

There was some sweet satisfaction watching Henry's Moms work together, but Emma had a major swerve against character when she trusted Mr. Gold and threw him the egg. I couldn't believe she could be so dumb, and then I remembered who was her father.

All in all, I loved the mad crazy of the finale and that they broke the curse in such a sweet way - the first time Emma told her son she loved him - rather than carry it over to the next season, but think the seaon on a whole introduced too many side stories - WTF Hansel & Gretyl?! - not to mention killing off the hot sheriff (big mistake. Huge!) in order to drag things out so the stuff everyone wanted to see landed on the sweeps weeks. When will they learn? Hopefully, for this show, next season.
8. wsl0612
I think next season will be EQ and Rumplestiltskin battling it out for control over the magic. Everyone in town will have to choose sides and of course there will be secret agents for each side! The residents are going to parallel what Snow and Charming were doing at the end on their side, i.e., take back control of the kingdom/Storybrooke.

I liked this ep well enough but they do need to step it up, less annoying storylines as Kiersten mentioned such as Hansel & Gretyl, ugh and MORE HOT MEN!!
9. Kim
I enjoyed the entire season and for the most part, liked the finale. Any scene with Belle and Rumpelstiltskin or the Mayor and Mr. Gold is great.

I didn't care for the way that Henry was saved. Having Emma kiss her son was too obvious. This part of the script could have used more imagination, such as the Mayor saving Henry. I also think that having Henry hate the Mayor and Emma always being the perfect mother doesn't play that well. Shouldn't the Mayor at least be a good mother, so she's not always the villain. Finally, I thought Mr. Gold stole the formula to be reunited with his son, so unleashing the magic was a surprise. As for next season, I agree with the person who said that it will be a fight between the Mayor and Mr. Gold.
Tanisha Robinson
10. sassytarheel
Loved the finale. Was glad to see Jefferson (I like him better than the Huntsman). I was a bit surprised that Emma threw the egg up to Mr. Gold as well (have you learned can't trust him). For someone who is so cynical (and was what...a bounty hunter of sorts), she sure seems to be naive about people. I kept yelling at the screen "Put the egg in your jacket and zip it up and climb up. Don't throw it up to Mr. Gold." Alas, I guess she didn't hear I was also surprised that Mr. Gold didn't use the magic to find his son (who is supposed to be in our realm right?). I thought finding his son was his top priority. Guess not. Once hungry for power always hungry for power. I'm excited to see what's going to happen next season now that there's magic. Should be interesting.
11. anieva
Well, everyone's entitled to her or his opionion, but this show is much, much better than people are giving it credit for being. I don't think anyone expected the huntsman back or that Jefferson would set Belle free. I don't think anyone expected Henry to flatline in the first place or Gold to be so bad to the bone that his true love would be power. I mean think of it. The last time he had power and Belle tried to kiss him, he stopped her because he almost lost the power. How is he ever going to be with Belle now that his power is back, it means so much to him, but he can't kiss her? And what about his kid? Is his intention to use the power to find him? It seems logical, but the writers alway veer into inventive turns that yield thoughtful stories.

I really think people should stop complaining. Alliances? Have we been fed such a diet of reality garbage that we expect alliances in our fiction now? Would that really be a good move - copying reality tv? And there's plenty of eye candy all around if we're just patient enough to enjoy it. Anyway, it's more about a good story, for me anyway, and this completely delivers. It's more about story than any other show on network TV, I'd venture. Do we really care more about packaging? And whatever happened to letting a plotline develop like it should in a good story? I think our addiction to paced shows and choppy scenes has led us away from good drama.

Actually, the writers did something very interesting with this finale. It used to be that the story cut off at just the crucial moment. Then cliffhangers became passe. But they've brought a storyline to completion, thus avoiding the old-fashioned and annoying style of cliffhanger, and at the same time managed to give birth to a logical and legitimate story for next season. There are all sorts of possibilities.
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