May 25 2012 8:44am

Love at First Sight: Can it Truly Exist?

As early as ancient Greece, when it was called theia mania (“madness from the gods”), people have referred to the phenomenon known as “love at first sight.”

Many—if not all—romances have a moment where the hero and/or heroine spies the other, and feels an instant flutter. Love at first sight? Is it even possible?

Glamour Magazine asked a few experts if they thought love at first sight could be a reality:

“[A]ttraction or even lust at first sight seems to be more fitting...Within the first three to five minutes of seeing and talking to someone, we often determine whether they are a potential mate or an appropriate match.”

“Love at first sight? Not so much. Lust at first sight? Absolutely!...Real ’love’ is built on communication and compatibility, which takes a bit longer than an instant.”

"In my experience, yes, love at first sight is real. I remember seeing [my husband] walk into the Ethiopian restaurant the first time I ever saw him, and something happened to me. He said he loved me the first time he saw me, and it was the same for me. Not to be too mushy.”

So: Possible or not possible?

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1. ChelseaMueller
I'm calling it plausible.

My husband and I were immediately drawn to each other -- much like the insta-attractoin we read in novels. However, we both went on that first date thinking it would be a relationship that would burn bright for a few weeks then burst into flames. Instead, by the end of that first date, we didn't really want to be away from each other.

So, we didn't spend a day apart unless work dictated it. Eight months later, we were engaged. Still silly in love with him after four years. Maybe not love at first sight, but damn close.

Note: I may be extra mushy since that four year mark was yesteday. We had a long engagement -- just to make sure we weren't crazy -- but still a good call.
Lege Artis
2. LegeArtis
Possible. :-)
@Chelsea- Congrats! ::throws confetti::
Cristina P
3. krissapl
I'd say unlikely. Great chemistry, a lot of attraction, yes, maybe the sense of smell finding a perfect immune system match, :) but not love. I don't think you can love someone without knowing anything about him. I'd also call it lust, or maybe, better, a good connection.
Megan Frampton
4. MFrampton
@ChelseaMueller: Aww! So sweet!

I am skeptical of love at first sight, but there are certainly exceptions.
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