May 22 2012 10:52am

Lost Girl Season 2, Episode 6: Portrait of a Succubus

Bo and Lauren in bed in Lost Girl Season 2 episode 6 — image via lostgirlcaps on tumblrOur Lost Girl obsession is going strong! Be sure to check out all of Kiersten Krum’s recaps, from Season 1 up to the most recent Season 2 episode aired on SyFy (episode 1episode 2episode 3episode 4, and episode 5—part 1 and part 2). All caught up? Good. And now, on to the the recap for last night’s episode, 2.06, “It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away." 

(Hat tip to historical romance writer Isobel Carr for this week’s recap title! And to lostgirlcaps for the images!)

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At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo, Kenzi, and Doctor Lauren (still in residence?!) are having pizza, while the doc regales Bo with her prom night horror story. Taffeta gown? Check. “What color? And please say it was sea breeze,” Bo pleads. “Sea breeze,” Doctor Lauren confirms with a self-deprecating laugh. The doc and Bo are sitting across the table from each other while Kenzi perches at the head of it as the other two women completely ignore her. Someone is feeling third-wheel to her bestie’s SO. Not something she ever had to worry about with a certain wolf boy. Just sayin’.

Doc goes on to describe her three-foot high prom hair, thanks to the fact that she laid it on the kitchen table and applied an actual iron to it. Her date never showed, so she went to the prom alone, and when said date finally did show up, he threw her corsage at her, and then proceeded to get drunk with his buddies in the parking lot all night. “That is so romantic. But I can’t say I really blame him, cause your hair did sound pretty brutal,” Bo jokes. With fake affront, Doctor Lauren throws her crust at Bo. Naturally, it lands in her cleavage.

This is too much for Kenzi and her wine glass hits the table with an audible clank. “May I be excused? Thanks,” she mutters and leaves. Bo and Doctor Lauren don’t even notice, too busy flirting and laughing over the naughty pizza crust.

Cut to a random alley where a young Basquiat-esque man is spray-painting a wall. Artistically, natch. A small, old man comes out from around the corner. Oh, that never ends well. “Someone’s gonna have to clean that up!” he gums. Basquiat-esque ignores him and keeps painting. The old man contemplates the painted wall. Suddenly, a scorpion’s tale shoots out from his bum and swats the can from Basquiat-esque’s hand. “Sonny,” he warns, “you better have a damn good reason why you’re painting my friend on this wall.” Basquiat-esque bends over (not like that!), picks up a sawed-off shotgun, and blows Scorpion Man away. Blood splatters across the wall, dusting a painting of Vex forcing the vampire Siegfried, sans hand, to stake himself.


Bo and Lauren sit on the couch in It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away — image via lostgirlcaps on tumblrAt Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo and Doctor Lauren are sitting on the couch together and there’s a large dose of Awkward! in the air. The doc pulls her legs up, bumping Bo and then apologizes for it. Sure, doc. Bo casually offers for Doctor Lauren to stretch her legs out across Bo’s lap. After a pause, she does and Bo carefully lays her hand across the doc’s calves. “It’s like couch yoga!” she chirps, vainly trying to diffuse the tension.

Kenzi powerwalks into the room. Immediately, Doctor Lauren drops her legs and Bo sits up straight like they just got caught making out by Mom. Kenzi wants to see “Succuface” in the kitchen for a minute. “I think I saw a rat.”

As Bo joins her, we can see a lion and lioness on the TV screen, with the voice of Jungle Jeeves narrating. Hee. I love that. Bo insists that she knows what Kenzi’s thinking and that “it’s” strictly platonic. “I don’t care if it’s platonic,” Kenzi whispers harshly. “I don’t care if it’s slutonic. We are harboring a fugitive from The Ash!” Apparently, she wasn’t whispering low enough because Doctor Lauren’s head swirls in their direction. Kenzi and Bo fake smile at her before Bo tells Kenzi in an equally harsh whisper that she is well aware of what they’re doing! Kenzi wants to know what she’s going to do about it. “Something clever,” Bo says, “that I haven’t quite figured out yet!”

Kenzi says she gets it that Bo loves having the doc around but that she hopes Bo doesn’t let her feelings keep her from dealing with “this little situation that we’re in!” Bo: “You know I liked it better when I was the mom.” Kenzi: “Oh honey. You were never the mom.” Ha!

In a sleek, cold, high-rise building, The Morrigan is giving orders to her admin as they enter her office. Hey! Look who’s back! And she brought her spleen too! “Look who it is!” shouts Vex who is lounging in a leather visitor’s chair. Vex!! Vex is in da house! Holla! “The most beautiful creature God’s poet ever penned and her boss, The Morrigan!” The Admin looks wary, but The Morrigan rolls her eyes as she sits behind her desk and asks “Bianca” whether “they” had a meeting scheduled with Vex. Bianca shakes her head. Vex, who’s dressed almost benignly for him in Dyson-esqe black on black on black (though being Vex, they’re black leather pants), says he thought he’d drop in for a bit of tête á tête. He’s far too casual for this not to be monstrously important and The Morrigan immediately pings on that, asking tersely what’s on his mind.
“Bit of a pickle,” Vex says, tossing some photos on the desk before her. “I don’t suppose you would know why one of your human artists would paint a naughty picture of me killing a vampire we both knew and despised, a vampire I dispatched at your behest, I might add?”

It’s a right piece of nasty business, he says, “short of steel and silver to the face.” He adds that Scorpion Man has been around since the Babylonian empire “not to mention a personal friend of mine. So I guess the photos are of Scorpion Man’s dead body. Vex wonders pointedly if “Jason” is around some place and starts to facetiously call for him. “Jason! Oh Jason, lovie!”
Show! Less than four minutes and we have names for all three fae of the day! Get on with your bad self now!

“VEX!” The Morrigan snarls. “It’s just a painting, darling,” she mewls, dialing back. Vex reminds her, dropping the pretense of amusement, that as the owner of several clubs he has a human reputation to uphold, which includes the pesky politics of liquor licenses and city councils. He marvels at how Jason got a hold of top-secret information to paint for the whole world to see. “I don’t suppose you let something slip,” he sneers at The Morrigan as he leans over the desk, “while he was slipping you something.”

“Vex, Vex, Vex,” The Morrigan chides. “If you forget your place, you could lose a lot more than your liquor license.” Vex steps back, hands raised and vows he would never do that. The Morrigan promises that if there is a leak, she will find it and Jason will get what he deserves. Vex demands, “if it would please you,” that when she finds Jason, he wants to be allowed to conduct the interrogation. “And I want a dragon to heat my pool!” The Morrigan mocks. Vex glares but knows he’s beat and struts away. Can we please have the Vex and Morrigan show, stat?!

As soon as he’s clear of the office, The Morrigan erupts, clearing her desk with a livid swipe of her arm. Bianca, who has observed all of this silently, flinches. Breathing heavily, The Morrigan wonders how Jason could’ve done this to her. “That mess,” she spits at Bianca, “is not going to clean itself up!”

As Bianca picks up the mess, a calmer Morrigan asks if the admin thinks Vex is happy with his position. After a pause, Bianca suggests that he could want to move up if The Morrigan herself was deposed, try for her position. “Get your coat,” The Morrigan orders. “I need you to fetch something.”

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Jungle Jeeves himself is now on the flat screen. All three ladies are on the couch, Kenzi holding down the middle, grinning and utterly delighted by JJ. A visibly unhappy Doctor Lauren and pissed off Bo flank her.

Hark! There’s a knock on the door! Bo opens it to find Bianca, who says her employer would like to know if Bo is available to take a meeting. Naturally, Bo has no idea who Bianca is talking about.

Cut back to The Morrigan who is telling some douchebag musician that his career had a serious case of ED before she took him on, “so I say it’s time for you to show me the love.” She pushes a contract across the desk toward him. So she’s an agent? That kinda makes sense, actually. “There’s no way,” DBM says firmly as Bo and Bianca enter the office, “I’m signing away my royalties to you.” As he stands, The Morrigan shoots a look at Bianca and she touches DBM’s hand. “You should reconsider,” she suggests. Framed between them, Bo watches as, through her touch, Bianca feeds succubus-like energy into DM. “This is everything you’ve ever wanted.” DBM hesitates. “Maybe I should reconsider.” He sits back down and picks up the pen. “I mean, it’s all I’ve ever wanted,” he says, signing the contract while Bianca smiles. “I am so delighted you think so,” The Morrigan tells him smugly. They kiss/kiss and he leaves. Bo observes the entire scene with trepidation.

The Morrigan immediately chastises Bianca for double booking her tomorrow, making her shuffle her own appointments. Bianca apologizes with abject misery and scuttles away. “Wow,” Bo marvels. “And to think if I had aligned myself to the dark fae, you could’ve treated me like that too.” The Morrigan tells her not to worry about Bianca as she is irreplaceable. “Having a Seniatta around when negotiating my artists’ ‘principles’ is a must. Besides, if I don’t bust her chops once in a while she gets lazy.” At Bo’s question, The Morrigan explains that a Seniatta is an Italian fae who can control human’s inner motivations. “I’ll give you one as a signing bonus if you join the dark side,” she offers.

Aggravated, Bo hopes that isn’t why she was brought her in. The Morrigan explains that one of her rising stars, Jason Baines, a human painter, has gone and killed a dark fae elder and painted some sensitive fae information in public. She needs Bo to figure out what is going on. Bo wonders why The Morrigan is tasking her for this and the dark fae leader grudgingly admits that there seems to be a leak in her camp and she isn’t sure who she can trust. “Since you’re alone, you’re all I have. So find the boy and bring him to me.” Bo hands back the picture of Jason, telling The Morrigan that she’s not in the habit of rounding up humans so they can be killed. The Morrigan admits that she doesn’t want Jason killed and when Bo prompts her as to why, she reluctantly and with some embarrassment admits that she seems to have fallen in love with him. I don’t buy it; I can see The Morrigan enjoying him as a pet, but love? No way. More likely she knows this is the tact to take to get Bo to help her, soft sell that she can be. It doesn’t look like Bo quite believes her either, but as The Morrigan hands the photo over again she picks it up, tacitly agreeing to help.

At The Dal (drink!) a wary Trick is trying to advise Bo, who has apparently either collected Kenzi along the way or met her at the bar. I’m going with option #2. “I’d say don’t take the job if I thought you had any intention of taking my advice, but since you don’t—” Bo thanks him, I guess for being her source again as he goes on to tell her a few things about her “tender-hearted friend, The Morrigan. She’s a Leanan sidhe.” Kenzi: “The country singer?” Trick: “A fae seductress. She inspires artists and makes them great and feeds off their genius. An evil muse if you will.” Bo finds this a convenient skill for an agent. Trick adds that she eventually drives the artist mad and into an early grave. Kenzi: “Any self destructive rock stars we know and love happen to have dated one of these leanan sidhes?” Trick, with a raised eyebrow of hell yeah: “No comment.”

As Bo thanks him again and gets up to leave, Trick warns her that Jason has killed a dark fae and may be suffering a complete breakdown, which makes him totally unpredictable. “Be careful,” he cautions.

Bo and Kenzi stroll down the graffiti-strewn alley. Holding up the photo of the picture of Vex killing Siegfried, Bo notes that this must be the place as there’s one section of the wall that has been completely painted over with grey paint. “Way to cover the evidence!” Kenzi complains. “No one in the fae world watches CSI?” Tweaking the photo, she admits that she likes Jason’s tag as his lines are awesome. “Oh, is little Miss Ragamuffin also a patron of the arts?” Bo gives some light snark. Kenzi defends herself “You live on the street as long as I did, you meet a lot of riff raff and they all think they’re artists!” It interests me to see that Kenzi has a backpack strapped on, one from which the wrapped hilt of a sword can be seen sticking out. What is she, a pack horse? Bo, naturally, remains unburdened.

Pointing to other pictures, Bo wishes she knew who the tags belonged to as one of the other artist might know where to find Jason. “Oh balls,” Kenzi moans. “I sorta know the massive A-hole tool who painted this one.” Bo wonders if she knows where they can find this A-hole. “Yes,” Kenzi sighs heavily. “Follow me.” As they turn the corner, Vex slips out behind them from his hiding place behind a fold of the painted wall. Unless he suddenly beamed down from somewhere there is no way our ladies walked down that alley without walking right past him. Eh—whatever.

Kenzi and Bo walk down a, for once, crowded street. Looks like some kind of street fair is going on. Kenzi points out the A-hole tool in question and calls out to Tryst, who calls her “Girlie.” Tryst boasts he knew Kenzi would come crawling back and then immediately puts her on hold to finish his sale. Bo, disgusted, “You dated that tool?” Kenzi, horrified: “NO! He bought me a hot dog once. And he ate most of it.”

Tryst asks if Kenzi came back to “make things right.” Kenzi tells him they’re looking for this guy and Bo hands over Jason’s picture as Kenzi asks if Tryst knows him. Tryst claims they were like brothers and that he used to spot for him. “Jason made it to the bigs. Signed with some hot as balls agent lady. Booked him some real legit shows. J was making mad dollar bills.” Kenzi snarks that Jason dumped Tryst’s ass, but Tryst insists that they stayed tight until Jason suddenly started acting crazy, “started doing stuff I ain’t never seen before.” Bo wants details and when Tryst describes some of it, Bo wonders if it was due to drugs, but Tryst insists that Jason didn’t even drink. He adds that it makes him sad as he was Jason’s Artful Dodger when he first hit the street, always keeping him out of trouble. “You never read Oliver Twist, did you?” Bo asks. “Maybe. What kind of stuff he write?” Tryst responds. They thank him and leave. Tryst calls out to Kenzi when she’s going to let him paint her Titanic style, all tasteful-like. Bo smacks Kenzi shoulder playfully as she and Kenzi look back, giggling, while Tryst continues to shout that he’s tattooed Kenzi’s digits over his heart. It’s a sweet, totally girl, totally best friend’s moment.

At The Dal (drink!), Kenzi sings out to Trick as she stalks up to the bar. “Trickster! Tell me you’ve got some magical booze that can erase the last 15 minutes of my life! Please!” “Yep. Tequila,” he says, pulling out a glass and filling it with the same. As he pours, Bo downloads him that Jason is slowly going crazy thanks to The Morrigan and somehow slipped away and is painting fae secrets around town. The why is less clear. Kenzi wonders if maybe he wised up and is trying to warn other artists through his paintings. Bo: “To not get involved with the dark fae? It’s a pretty lucid plan for a nut job.” As Kenzi’s cell goes off, Bo thinks things are not adding up.

Kenzi takes a look at her cell screen and moans. “He did it. He totally tattooed my digits over his heart!” Bo grabs the phone from her and Tryst tells her that he ran into Jason but when he tried to reminisce, Jason hit him in the face with the butt end of a shotgun. He tells Bo Jason was headed toward the west end of the city where they used to paint in an alley way behind a fancy hotel. When Bo thanks him, he demands she put Kenzi on the phone as he broke his nose helping them. “I could use a sexy nurse, you know what I—hello?”
Hanging up the phone, Bo tells Kenzi to come on. Kenzi downs her drink and picks up her coat, pointing a finger at Trick. “You. The man.” He certainly is. Exeunt Kenzi.

Powerwalking down yet another painted alley, Bo kicks a rotting melon out of her way and complains about the rancid filth they’ve been walking through on this gig. “Why can’t street artists paint in a park or at a spa?!” Kenzi: “Is it time for your nap, my darling?” Bo bitches that this is the third alley they’ve been in and she was really hoping they would have found Jason by now and she could go home and—“And be platonic with Lauren, right?” Kenzi finishes all too casually. Bo cops to it, saying it’s hard having Doctor Lauren at Hilton Hovel and not taking advantage of the situation. “And meanwhile Dyson is holed up with the most perfect specimen of fae womanhood ever, and good for him.” It’s Okay, honey. We know you don’t really mean that. It does explain the distinct and tragic absence of the wolf boy this week, however. “And The Morrigan!” Bo continues. “She’s all in love! I mean, she’s kind of feeding off his brain, but she’s in love nonetheless! And where am I?! I’m trudging through old cabbage!” Kenzi’s expressions during this tirade are a thesis of things not said.

As they pause at the end of the alley, they hear the distinctive sound of someone shaking a can of spray paint. Turning the corner, they find Jason crouched before a wall. Kenzi calls out to him all friendly like, but Jason freaks out, pulling up the shotgun and ratcheting a round. Bo barely tackles a stunned Kenzi to the ground before Jason fires, hitting the wall behind them. He runs past them around the corner…and straight into Vex.

“There you are my little crumpet!” Vex greets him. Jason raises the shotgun, but Vex mesmers the painter. “It’s not nice to point,” he chides. He spins Jason around in a broad circle and giggles as he forces the painter to point the gun at his own chin.

Bo comes running around the corner. “Vex, stop it,” she orders, shoving him out of the way and grabbing the gun from Jason. Vex attacks Bo, pushing her back with his power and she drops the gun. Jason picks the gun up and runs for it as Vex forces Bo’s hands around her throat. “When are you going to learn not to interfere in dark fae business?!” he demands. He forces two fingers of her other hand up to her eye. “Maybe you’re just not seeing things as they are,” he threatens.

From behind him, Kenzi shoves the sword between Vex’s legs and up against his crotch. “Scuse me Vex? Dude? Look, I know you’re all powerful and could probably take me down too,” here Vex hilariously glances down at the sword poking out from his groin, “but if you do, your boys are coming with me.”

Vex releases Bo and steps forward off of the sword in the same motion. “Let’s have a chat. Fancy a shot?” he asks Kenzi as Bo gasps for air. Somebody’s been paying attention to our girl’s favorite pastime! “First round’s on me,” he offers, striding off. The women look bewildered at the violent change in demeanor that is Vex’s modus operendi, but follow in his wake. As they charge down the alley where Jason had been painting, Bo notices that he’s put a new image up over the grey covering paint. Ah, so it is the same damn alley. This one is of The Morrigan herself in that tight red dress and leather jacket from “Faetal Justice,” holding a dagger aloft moments before she murders someone. Bo pauses and takes a picture of the—er—picture with her phone.

At The Dal (drink!), Vex plops down across from Bo and Kenzi and puts drinks on the table in front of them. “Now. Why are you two messing around with an ongoing dark fae investigation?” Bo explains how she was hired by The Morrigan to bring Jason in alive. She asks what he’s doing and Vex shrugs that he was just having a laugh with him. “Oh! That’s such a funny joke! And how does that end, exactly?” Kenzi asks. “With me interrogating that little pisss-ant to find out how he knew very sensitive dark fae information,” he snaps, dropping the façade.

Bo wants to know why he doesn’t just wait until she returns Jason to The Morrigan and interrogate him then. Vex laughs without humor and decides to let them in on a secret. The Morrigan is afraid of Vex’s popularity with the dark fae elders, which exceeds her own. “She’s just devious enough to orchestrate this little mess to bring me down!” Bo asks how The Morrigan would do that and Vex points out that she is Jason’s muse, pulling his little puppet strings. He offers Bo a deal: she turns Jason over to him instead of The Morrigan and he’ll see to it that “a very large sum of money finds its way into the pockets of your tight, tight pants.” He says this last with a leer at Bo’s legs and a wink. Of course Bo is not going to help him murder Jason, though Vex scoffs “Blood oath, he won’t die.” He just wants to see if his suspicions are right. “And then?” Bo asks. “I’ll hand Jason back and you can buy a place with walls!” He stands and with an ugly, furious look on his face, downs his drink, slamming the glass onto the table in temper before leaving.

“Ya know, I wouldn’t mind living pretty on Monsieur Freakshow’s dime,” Kenzi admits. With Vex gone, Bo pulls out her phone and holds up the shot of The Morrigan painting to show Kenzi. “What do you think? Happened already or yet to happen?” Either way, Bo doesn’t like it. She sends Kenzi back to Hilton Hovel while she goes to have a little chat with her new employer. Kenzi, natch, finishes her drink first.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Doctor Lauren is on her laptop as Kenzi enters and sits down next to the computer on the coffee table. “Let’s cut the crap,” she tells Doctor Lauren with no preamble. “I know you did a really nice thing helping Bo against her mom, but you also spy-banged her for The Ash and broke her heart.” Oh Kenzi, I’d give you a big, wet, sloppy kiss for that alone if I could. Doctor Lauren says nothing. What can she say against the truth after all? And no, I am not missing the parallels between this conversation and the one Kenzi had with Dyson at the cop shop back in “Dead Lucky.”

“She really likes you,” Kenzi reveals to the doc with emphasis. “So, if you hurt my best friend again? One day in the future, anthropologists will find your skeleton in an unmarked grave with a massive, massive life-ending blow to your head by a totally awesome chick that rhymes with frenzy. OK?” And she pats Doctor Lauren on the leg.

But this is a rare occasion when the doc is prepared to strike back. She tells Kenzi that she gets the whole best friend routine. “But if you’re trying to be the only human in Bo’s life, you’re not being a friend at all. You’re being selfish.”
OK, first of all, no. You’re in the wrong here, doc, and thus you do not get to take shots like that. Also, if she was trying to be the only human in Bo’s life, there are lots of other, more expedient ways to do that, like, say, telling The Ash where he can find his wayward human doctor. Warning you what will happen if you betray her best friend—again—is not selfish especially as you are not Bo’s only lover to be so warned and the other one wasn’t even human. So, shut up, Doctor Lauren.

Before Kenzi can retaliate, there’s a forceful knock at the door. True to character, Doctor Lauren immediately hides while Kenzi goes to answer it, revealing two muscle men with unfriendly guises. Before she can do more than grin sickly and ask if she can help them, Lachlan comes into view. Finally! “Oh boy,” Kenzi grimaces.

Lachlan strides in without invitation. “I love what you haven’t done with the place,” he drawls. Ha. Kenzi tries to brush this off, but knows she’s in deep shit. He tells Kenzi he’s looking for Lauren and she says she hasn’t seen the doc in ages. For a street-wise Goth con artist, Kenzi is a terrible liar. “Is that so?” Lachlan sneers with a laugh. He asks Kenzi what it’s like being someone’s pet. “I do hope Bo keeps you on a very tight leash.” Ash-hole. “Humans tend to run wild and make a mess of the place. Some are so out of control, they need to be – put. down.” This is a clear threat and Kenzi knows it. She’s trembling in place, struggling to keep control of herself for Doctor Lauren’s sake and that’s for Bo’s sake. Selfish. Sure.

“Well,” she tries with a laugh. “There are more than a few fae I would like to see put down too.” Goon #1 steps forward and takes her by the throat, lifting her off her feet as she struggles for air. “Except this one?” Kenzi grits out. “He’s awesome.” Her feet start to kick as he strangles her.

Doctor Lauren finally steps out from hiding. Sure you don’t want to take a little more time there, doc? “Let her go,” she demands. “That’s why I love humans,” Lachlan tells Goon #1 conversationally, who is still strangling Kenzi. “Whistle loud enough and they come.”

Lachlan crosses the room to stand in front of a shaking Doctor Lauren. “You’re overstepping your authority by attacking Bo’s human and you know it,” Doctor Lauren tells Lachlan. “Put her down or what’s left of the light fae elders will hear about this.”

“It’s merely out of the thinnest wisp of respect for Bo and her territory that I haven’t had you dragged out by your hair this very second,” Lachlan grits out, the veneer of civility stripped away by his fury. Doctor Lauren flinches because she knows he speaks the truth and could do nothing about it if he so chose. He gives her 24 hours to “wiggle your little rear end back home,” or her special research project goes dark. “I’ll pull the plug and you can say goodbye –” “I’ll be there,” Doctor Lauren interrupts before he can reveal her secret before Kenzi.

“Very good,” Lachlan notes back in executive mode. He glances around Hilton Hovel with amused distain then takes his leave, telling Goon #1 to put Kenzi down as he passes. Kenzi gasps for breath and closes the door behind them. In a broken voice, Doctor Lauren apologizes to Kenzi for bringing her problems into Kenzi’s home. “Are you really going back to him?” Kenzi asks, incredulous. Doctor Lauren’s face is the picture of misery, a woman caught in an untenable situation for reasons she dare not reveal to anyone.

Bo is on her cell at The Morrigan’s office. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, he did what?!” she says then tells Kenzi to just sit tight. Inside, Bianca is helping The Morrigan try on some fabulous shoes. “Hello and goodbye,” Bo says. She’s out; job’s become too messy. After The Morrigan dismisses Bianca, Bo tells her she has way more important things to worry about than dark fae politics and “I will not help you put Jason into an early grave with your evil musing or whatever.” The Morrigan wasn’t aware of any politics and Bo updates her on Vex’s suspicions and the proposition he made to make her rich, “right after he tried to make me poke my own eyes out!”

In a surprise move, The Morrigan agrees that it’s perfectly reasonable that Bo wants out, given all that. “Of course, if you do find Jason, I’ll give you the key to fixing Lauren’s situation with The Ash for good.” Ohhh. You wicked fae.
Bo is powerwalking her way down the office hallways as Bianca races to catch up with her, checking to see if Bo is okay. Bo asks how Bianca can stand working for The Morrigan, but Bianca insists it’s a great job, high profile with the opportunity to meet great artists and important people. “Evony is hard on me, but she does give me the tools to make it in this business.” To Bo’s question, Bianca clarifies that The Morrigan is only a title; Evony is actually The Morrigan’s name. “Evony Fleurette Marquise.” Wow. She gave over that information easily. Bianca tells Bo that she came to Evony as an artist, a painter, but The Morrigan saw her real ability, “my potential to sway the weak minded and that is my ticket to the top of the art world.” Bo presses the elevator button again impatiently and asks if Bianca ever misses painting. Even though the smile drops from her face, Bianca insists that she doesn’t. “I was never any good.” She extends her hand and thanks Bo for trying to find Jason and extends her apologies that Bo won’t be continuing to work for them. Bo shakes her hand but corrects her, saying that she’s going to go after the kid full throttle now. “You seemed so adamant,” Bianca points out, clearly disappointed to hear this news. With a weary sigh, Bo admits that The Morrigan has powers of persuasion herself. “She made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.” Make sure it doesn’t involve a horse’s head, kiddo.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Doctor Lauren is taking my meme to heart, waiting for Bo with a glass of red wine in hand. “Everyone okay?” Bo asks breathlessly as she stalks in. “We’re fine,” Doctor Lauren reassures her. “Where’s Kenzi?!” Bo demands and Doctor Lauren points out where Kenzi has passed out on the couch. “She drank some wine.” I would’ve drunk a whole barrel myself after that encounter with The Ash-hole.

Bo pulls over a barstool and with a broad smile tells the doc that she thinks she has some really, really good news. But the doc stops her, saying she appreciates everything Bo’s doing for her, “but I’m going to go back to The Ash’s compound.” She insists she can’t put Kenzi and Bo take this kind of heat. Bo assures her that she may not have to go back for long as if she finds Jason, “The Morrigan will tell me how to free you from this thing that’s tying you to The Ash.”

Doctor Lauren swallows, but strangely does not erupt with joy at this news. “That’s really something,” she allows. She cautiously asks if The Morrigan gave Bo any specifics, and Bo says no, but The Morrigan did give her blood oath. I must have missed that part. Doctor Lauren breathes a sigh of relief and Bo clearly thinks it’s due to her news. I think it’s more likely the doc is relieved The Morrigan has yet to tell Bo the particulars about Doctor Lauren’s bond to The Ash, which indicates that it’s a doozy.

“And yet, you don’t look as excited as I am,” Bo finally pauses to observe. Doctor Lauren insists that she is, but stumbles over her words, eventually pointing out that they don’t have any guarantees how this is going to turn out. Clasping her hands, Bo earnestly promises she isn’t going to let anything happen to Doctor Lauren and the doc smiles sadly. “I know that you’ll try,” she says. “But tomorrow I’ll be gone. Maybe forever.” She goes for broke, leaning forward and kissing Bo who returns it. “I need to know that this isn’t about you getting over Dyson,” she says. Bo says no, “this” is about the two of them. Because there is no getting over Dyson, right? RIGHT?! Oh, all right, fine!
Oh crap, I have to recap this. Piffle.

Okay. Never say I can’t be fair and give somewhat equal time. Bo kisses Doctor Lauren passionately and they’re off to the races. Upstairs, still macking, they strip off their own shirts. Bo thrusts Doctor Lauren back onto the bed then grabs her knees and yanks her back across the mattress so she’s standing between the doc’s thighs. Together they take off Doctor Lauren’s pants. Bo climbs onto the bed and straddles Doctor Lauren, pulling her tank and bra down before they start making out some more. Doctor Lauren rears up and does the same to Bo leaving them in a topless clinch. I have to say this is some mighty skilled camera angles and editing cuts to show the skin and miss the full on boobalege. Their limitations here, however, likewise limit how much and how long this particular love scene goes on.

There’s more macking, more skin, more hot, partially-naked, carefully shot clinches, some belly kissing, and a few seconds later, we have Bo and Doctor Lauren at rest in the bed, Bo spooning the doc like a good alpha. In what I guess is now morning, Bo wakes and gazes down on a sleeping Doctor Lauren, stroking her face with affection before leaning over and kissing her cheek.

In the leather vest and boots, Bo trundles down the stairs sporting a mile-wide grin. “Come on, get up!” she orders a sleeping Kenzi with a rousing smack on her ass. Kenzi wakes with a gasp as Bo rummages through the kitchen. “Uggggghhhh,” Kenzi moans, her eyes landing on the bottles she emptied the night before. “Move it! Move the ugly booze!” Bo oddly infused with energy, again demands that Kenzi get with it and heads back to the couch to help sporting two cups of coffee. Kenzi groans that Bo should go away. “I feel like a wet dog moved into my mouth and had puppies.”

Sitting on the table, Bo thanks Kenzi with feeling for standing up to The Ash and defending Doctor Lauren. “You are a superstar. I owe you huge.” Kenzi: “Yeah well if they had stayed two more seconds, I would’ve given them a massive beat down, Russian-mafia style.” Bo picks up the empties and moves them into the kitchen. “Where are you going?” Kenzi asks on a yawn. Bo says it’s actually “we” and they’re meeting Hale at The Dal. “Some come on, get up, get ready,” she demands. Kenzi slowly sits up, eyeing Bo. “You’re buying me breakfast. And Trick better have pancakes because Mama needs some serious carbs to soak up Senor Mombeck.”

Kenzi slowly makes her way into the bathroom only to stop in her tracks at the sight of Doctor Lauren at the sink, toothbrush in hand and wearing Bo’s red kimono. Hey! That’s my kimono, bitch! Ahem.

“Toothpaste?” the doc asks Kenzi, neatly mirroring Dyson on his first morning after with Bo. Kenzi, glaring at Doctor Lauren, points to the doc’s left. “Footlocker,” she says, again. Doctor Lauren takes a deep breath but only thanks her. Still glaring (with Dyson she was grinning, just saying), Kenzi goes en pointe, closes her eyes, and pirouettes her way out of view of the doc before she pantomimes vomiting. Resigned, she leaves the room. I’m going to have to watch Black Swan just to see that girl dance for real.

Bo and Kenzi have breakfastAt The Dal (drink!), a sunglasses-wearing Kenzi is pouring a river of syrup over a stack of pancakes while Bo looks on smiling. Across from them, Hale asks if she wants some pancakes with that syrup. “One more word,” Kenzi proclaims, setting the syrup dish down with a snap. “One more word and I’m having Siren with my syrup.” Hale shakes his head. “You’re getting nasty in your old age.” Bo explains that Kenzi fell into two bottles of wine last night. Hale sets down his tea and pushes cup and saucer aside. “Here,” he tells Kenzi reaching for her hands. “Ahhh,” he chides went she tries to shake him off. “Check this out.” He drums up a soft whistle and aims it at Kenzi who stretches back in pleasure as it rolls over her. “Oh. My,” she exhales as he finishes. Slowly she removes her sunglasses and tests her eyes out on the world. “Oh my God, my headache is gone,” she observes with wonder. “How did you do that?” Hale, matter-of-fact as the resumes his tea, “I got skills.” Yes you do, baby.

Kenzi gapes at him. “Will you marry me?” she asks. Hale, without missing a beat, “Nah, you drink too much.” Y’all it has been too, too long since we’ve had this precious amount of Hale and Kenzi action together. Love, love, love, love, love it.

Bo casually asks Hale how his old buddy Dyson is doing. Visibly uncomfortable, Hale tries for equal casualness and fails. He so hates being caught between them. “He’s good, you know, working hard, going to the gym.” (And there was much rejoicing!) Bo: “And that pretty blonde?” Hale: “Ooh. Ahh. Ciara! Yeah. She’s around.” I’m not sure whether Bo is genuinely trying to make sure Dyson is doing all right or looking to verify that her bedroom hijinks with Doctor Lauren are all okey dokey since he’s off sorting out his issues by banging his past – I mean, Ciara. I suspect it’s a bit of both. “Awesome,” Bo chirps, and she’s really trying to sell it, at least to herself. “Yeah, that’s awesome.” Kenzi’s expressions during this interaction are a mix of shared uncomfortable pain with Hale and sad, resigned pain on Bo’s behalf because she knows her bestie hurts over the whole Dyson/Ciara thing, no matter who she might be banging herself at the moment.

The Awkward! niceties out of the way, Bo confesses that she could really use Hale’s police expertise on her case. “How do you find someone who could be anywhere?” Interesting. Even just one episode ago, she wouldn’t have hesitated before dialing up Dyson first for this kind of help. Already, she and the wolf boy are subtly and subconsciously drawing lines between each other now that they’re each sexing up with someone else. Damn it.

“Ah,” Hale says. “Sounds like you need to see The Eye.” Bo is confused: “The Eye?” Kenzi: “Any relation to The Schnoz?” Hale asks that they give him a sec and goes to make a call. Kenzi remarks, amazed, that she seriously feels so much better and proves it by helping herself to Hale’s tea. “Gimme a pancake,” Bo says, reaching for the plate.

Kenzi and Bo are shooting pool as they wait for Hale. He finally returns and says that he brought “him” and “he’s” agreed to help. “Now when you meet him,” Hale advises, “just...roll with it.” Bo: “Roll with what?”Hale explains that The Eye is fae and snoops for his own kicks independently and not even close to legally. “He likes seeing into places he maybe has no business seeing into, if you catch my drift.” Kenzi: “Seeing how far into places are we talking here?” Hale says he and Dyson use The Eye’s special expertise sometimes for police work, so they tend to cut him some slack. “But sometimes I just think the price is too high,” he admits. The guy is in the corner and he’s waiting for them, “so have fun!” Bo stops Hale from leaving and asks if he isn’t going to go with them to talk to the fae. Hale: “Ah, no, I gotta work to do, and I just got this back from the cleaners.” Exeunt Hale.

Warily, Bo and Kenzi make their way over to where The Eye is waiting. A large man huddles behind three laptop screens: the one on the left features two animation dragons humping. Classy. When Bo prods him, he slams the left and the right one shut quickly, leaving only the center laptop open. “Ladies. What a delicious climax to my anticipation, though to be honest, I’m not accustomed to enjoining counsel until the second stroke of midday.” Did we step into fare thee well territory when I wasn’t looking? Bo points out that it’s two o’clock in the afternoon. So I guess everyone slept-in at Hilton Hovel then. That or it took Hale a good while to track down The Eye who appears to have been loitering in the bar all this while anyways. Sigh. Say it with me. Eh – whatever.

Did I mention that The Eye actually only has one eye, though, unlike a Cyclops, it is on the left side of his face? No? Well, there you go. The right side of his face has a strip of flesh covering where the eye socket would naturally be. Hence his moniker.

“My heavens! The tall one is right. ‘Tis the bigger fool am I for lost the track of time I did whilst seizing the castle.” He glances down at his lap with this, so I feel I can safely say that finally, here, this is in fact a euphemism. “Can I interest you fair maidens in some shared libation?” This is enough for Kenzi who drops her patronizing smile and tells him that there are not into that. Bo pulls out Jason’s picture and explains how they’re looking for the young man.
“I see,” The Eye says and then giggles uproariously at his own joke pointing to his only eye. “As for remuneration, I sure we can work something out that would be satisfying to us all, yes.” He leers at the woman during this and though they agree, they exchanged grossed out looks.

As The Eye scans multiple CCTV images on his laptop screen, his solo orb enlarges to fill a full third of his face. Bo leans over to see what he’s looking at just as The Eye zooms in on Jason comp squatting in the corner of yet another alley. Bo begins to enter I don’t know what into her phone because there are no identifying details on the screen, but whatever. The Eye objects, saying they have yet to discuss his payment. Bo asks what he wants, which you should never, ever do, and, to Kenzi’s horror and Bo’s delight, The Eye asks after Kenzi’s “sitch.” “Doth the lady (she) be single?” Bo laughs, admitting that Kenzi is very much single. Kenzi instantly objects, saying she just started dating someone. “Really Kenzi?!” Bo says. “What’s his name, where does he live, and what does he do for work?” Before Kenzi can make something up, The Eye interrupts. “A kiss!” he exclaims. “One kiss. Tender, supple, and spare.” He goes on like this for a bit, spouting poetry, but the gist is he wants a kiss from Kenzi in payment. Bo, with no little amusement: “Oh wow. That was beautiful. I wish someone would write a poem like that for me.” The Eye, hilariously, checks his breath as she speaks. “Go for it, Kenzi, you lucky dog!”

“I can’t,” Kenzi hisses. “He smells like old pants!” Bo reminds her that Jason’s life hangs in the balance. “Now, nut up, sister!” she exhorts with a friendly swat on Kenzi’s bum. Kenzi’s grimaces but leans over the computer and gives The Eye a quick peck. You would think she went down on the fae from his reaction. He tells the ladies that they will find the man they’re looking for on the street of King. The ladies depart. The Eye: “Hate to see you go. Love to watch you leave.” Snort!

Bo and Kenzi are walking down a busy street in broad daylight. I – I – well I am just amazed that they aren’t sunburned given how much more daylight they’ve seen in this episode than any before it. “Do you know why I love working with you?” Kenzi asks rhetorically. “The glamour. I mean, who else gets to chase down a gun-wielding street artist and make out with a perverted Cyclops?! No one. That’s who.”

Bo shushes her with a warning to keep her eyes peeled for Jason just as the man himself jumps out behind them, gun at the ready. He demands to know why they are following him. Bo soothingly explains that she’s working for The Morrigan who sent Bo to find him and bring him back to her. But Jason doesn’t recognize the name “The Morrigan” so Bo clarifies that she means his agent, Evony. Pretty lucky Bianca told Bo The Morrigan’s real name, huh. Bo tells Jason to put the gun down and she’ll take him to Evony. But Jason reacts badly to this, yelling that he has something to do that has a beginning, middle and end to it. “We’re nearing the end, but I just can’t see it yet. I can’t. And when I paint, it’s like I’m not here anymore.” The gist is he can’t go back until he finishes, ‘kay?

He ratchets a shell, but suddenly barely audible murmurs begin to swirl through the soundtrack. Jason screams at them to leave him alone and Bo agrees but Jason yells no at her and then a moment, later, collapses to the ground seizing and flailing until he flails no more. Kenzi: “Looks like someone’s entered the surrealist phase of his career.” Not one of your best ones there, sweetie.

Bo leads the way into The Morrigan’s office, Jason at her heels. So I guess he recovered. I find it interesting that Bo deliberately never brings Kenzi with her to these meetings with the dark fae leader. As soon as he sees Evony, Jason sprints around Bo to embrace and kiss The Morrigan. For her part, The Morrigan seems to endure this like accepting the affection of a puppy ho she’s fond of, but not keeping. Bo points out that he’s safe and sound, “just barely, I might add,” and The Morrigan promptly sends Jason to his room, which, what?
The Morrigan says that she’ll just get what she owes Bo and reaches for a small box with a ribbon on it. Bo asks that in addition to that, The Morrigan let Jason go. “I know you’re in love with him, but this hold you have over Jason is killing him.” The Morrigan laughs, not kindly. “My God, you are naïve. I’m not in love with Jason! I just knew that was the only way to get a bleeding heart like you to help me.”


She goes on to explain that if she was to set Jason free, how would she find out exactly how Vex put him up to all this much less what kind of coup the mesmer is planning? She pushes the box across the table toward an extremely pissed off Bo. “Here’s the key to saving Nadia,” she says. Bo glares at The Morrigan but since she knows she has only herself to blame for believing her in the first place, picks up the box with temper. “The deal was to save Lauren,” Bo reminds her. The Morrigan, wearily: “Yes, but to save Lauren, you must first save Nadia.”

Bo asks who the hell is Nadia? The Morrigan feigns shock. “She didn’t tell you? Nadia is Lauren’s girlfriend.”

Bo is stunned by this information. Wait just a second there, missy! You mean Doctor Lauren has been lying to Bo all this while?! She slept with her – again – under false pretense – nope, I can’t even pretend to be surprised at this one. I never did trust that woman. Considering that Bo ripped Dyson a new one for failing to tell her about her mother Aoife, setting the stage for the events that would ultimately rip them apart, I hope she is equally hard assed with the doc for failing to disclose the pesky fact that she has a long-term girlfriend…somewhere. Though somehow, I’m not counting on it.

Back at The Morrigan’s office, the dark fae leader is no longer trying to hide her enjoyment of getting one over on Bo. This is what she’s been looking forward to since she first offered the information to Bo at the half way mark.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo slams inside to find a steaming Vex waiting for her in the vestibule. This is a nice touch since by fae law he is not allowed to encroach on her territory, i.e. enter her home, without her permission. I like that they put that in without explaining it, letting the audience catch it on their own – or not.

Vex demands to know why Bo didn’t bring Jason to him as they discussed. “He’s locked inside now and I can’t get near him!” Bo turns her fury on the only fae in reach. “We never had a deal,” she snarls at Vex. “And I am never working for the dark fae again!” She turns away, and then back to him again, givesing Vex a shove out of the doorway. “And why doesn’t anybody ever tell the truth!” Honey, the doc spy slept with you once for The Ash, a clear indicator of her character. You brought this on yourself a little bit by forgetting that.

Bo calls for Doctor Lauren as she enters the common room. In the kitchen, Kenzi removes her headphones and solemnly informs Bo that the doc is gone. Because she is an unselfish bestie, Kenzi takes no pleasure in this. In support, Kenzi asks if she can get Bo anything, but Bo confesses that she just wants to take a hot bath and wash this day away. “I am so glad this case is over.” Yeah, about that. Kenzi may have found something in Jason’s paintings. “Fantastic! I’m so happy right now, I could throw up,” Bo says.

Kenzi lays the photos of the paintings out on the table and points out that they are actually two panels of the same large painting where The Morrigan is stabbing Vex in the back as he forces Siegfried to kill himself. Bo: “So you’re saying that The Morrigan is going to try and kill Vex?” Kenzi: “And Jason somehow found out about it and painted it all over the city.”

Bo doesn’t think that makes sense. Kenzi insists that The Morrigan was in love with Jason and let it slip as pillow talk. Bo updates her on how The Morrigan lied about that part so Bo would take the case. Besides, The Morrigan would never let something that sensitive slip and especially not to a human. Kenzi wonders if this means it was Vex all along. “I don’t know,” Bo muses. “But somebody is pulling the puppet strings.” Still, as much of a jackhole as Vex is, Bo thinks he was honest about wanting to interrogate Jason to find out who put the human up to it all. “I mean, he gave me his blood oath!”

Kenzi posits that the mysterious puppet master got Jason to paint the picture of The Morrigan trying to kill Vex, so, “does that mean someone’s trying to frame The Morrigan?” Bo finishes the thought adding that, in the meantime they’d be toppling her from power, “by actually killing Vex,” Kenzi takes over to wind it all up. Great synergy there between them.

Bo takes a breath and asks why then did Jason have a total meltdown in front of them, then corrects herself to say that it was more than that, as though he resisting something, fighting back, “like someone was in his head trying to convince him –”

Hang on. Is that an epiphany I see coming over Bo? “Oh crap,” she says. Yep. Definitely an epiphany.

A blonde dominatrix is telling someone that yes, she does whip people, but only because they pay her. “Handcuffs, nipple clamps, angry yelling, sure. But murder?!” That’s not her thing. Besides, Vex has been a good client of hers for a very long time. She shoves the photo of Vex back across The Morrigan’s desk, only it’s Bianca who’s sitting there. She bypasses the photo to take her hand and feed some Seniatta juice into the blonde. “Yes, but haven’t you always wanted to take your talent to the next level?” she asks. After a pause, the blonde agrees, repeating Bianca’s words back to her. Bianca hands over a sword, telling the blonde that she’ll need it. Handily, the dominatrix is toting an enormous black bag into which the sword fits perfectly.

Robed and wearing a dog collar, Vex opens the door to the dominatrix and invites her in. Still under Bianca’s influence, she is all business. Vex compliments her outfit. The blonde smacks a crop in her hand and smacks him across the face, which naturally makes Vex laugh. He eagerly drops his robe, revealing several leather straps and metal buckles and links and prances up to a standing rack. Once she binds him to the rack, the blonde smacks Vex a few times with the crop, chiding him for being a stupid, stupid boy. Still chortling, Vex fake apologizes to “Mummy” while nodding his head for her to continue. The blonde promises that she has a surprise for him. Vex wiggles his hips expectantly as she stoops over and pulls out the sword. Sensing that All Is Not Well, Vex attempts to laugh it off while asking what she’s doing. He begins to struggle in vain against the bonds. “Have you lost your bleedin’ mind?!” he yells at her. Just as the blonde lunges for Vex’s crotch with the sword, Bo runs into the room and knocks it away with her own weapon.

“I don’t want to hurt you lady,” Bo tells the dominatrix. “Now step away from the pervert.” Line of the night there, ladies and gentlemen! Also, don’t miss the delicious irony that is Bo having to save Vex who she so desperately wanted to kill in “Vexed.”

Bo and the dominatrix start to fight as Kenzi rushes over to free Vex. After a couple of swings, it’s clear that a blonde under the influence has no sense of self preservation which makes her even deadlier and gives her the upper hand on Bo. Also, Bo is trying not to hurt her too much as she’s clearly not herself right now. “What kind of fae is this?!” Bo shouts to a still-bound Vex. “The human kind!” he shouts back.

Frantic, Kenzi struggles to get Vex loose. “Now get my hands free!” he yells at her. “Where’s the key?!” she yells back. “In the purse!” he shouts. Kenzi dumps the dominatrix’s purse. “I thought I had a lot of crap in my bag,” she mutters.
The blonde has Bo pinned on the stairs. “Kenzi! Hurry!” Bo shouts. Kenzi frees Vex just as the blonde is about to stab Bo is the throat and he instantly mesmers the blonde. “Decisions, decisions, decisions,” he mutters, pulling the dominatrix’s arm back and then thrusting it toward Bo’s throat again. “At times like this, one must always ask what would be the most FUN!” He forces the blonde to point the sword at her own throat.

Freed, Bo jumps up and yanks the sword from the dominatrix’s hand. “This one is innocent,” she tells Vex, finally getting a good look at him in his leather briefs, straps, links, socks and shoes. “And what the hell are you wearing?!” Vex pauses, then quickly cocks a hip and an eyebrow and poses. Ta da! Heeeeeeee.

Back at The Morrigan’s office, Evony is handing Bianca a folder. This time it’s Vex who leads the way in snarking all the way. “Your plan to murder me has failed. And in a lovely twist of irony, your friend the dominatrix now finds herself,” here he drops the sword on the desk in front of Bianca, “in bondage.”

The Morrigan is pissed and tightly tells Vex she’s had about enough of his accusations. But with a J’accuse! finger pointed at the admin, Vex clarifies that he means Bianca. Terrified, Bianca grabs the sword and gets to her feet as Bo expositions for us all how the admin has been influencing Jason to paint those pictures in order to frame The Morrigan and turn Vex against her. “Do you understand the war you could have started?” Vex asks in a dark voice.

Seeing the gig is up, Bianca accuses The Morrigan of treating her like a dog. She goes off on The Morrigan some more and how she stole Bianca’s dream of being a painter and that the Seniatta just needed to see her suffer for all those poor artists The Morrigan ruined. The Morrigan and Vex observe her tirade unmoved. “I was a painter!” she concludes, “and you took that from me. And I just wanted to make something beautiful.” She turns the sword on herself and while Bo protests, sticks it into her belly, dragging it upwards through to her breastbone to pierce her own heart. Vex steps back, whoa, slightly shocked and perhaps a tad impressed but The Morrigan never loses the amused smirk on her face. Bianca jerks the sword out and collapses against the window as, with a sickening sound, she slides to the floor in a pool of blood.

The Morrigan whirls to face Vex. “Let’s not fight anymore,” she says in a cutesy voice, as thought her admin didn’t just eviscerated herself before them. Vex promises The Morrigan they won’t. Bo, because she’s not a sociopath, runs to Bianca’s side. “As always,” Vex says bowing, “I am your loyal servant,” and he kisses The Morrigan’s hand to seal it as she simpers.

“You know,” he says straightening. “You really must come to my club for a good piss up. The whole VIP treatment on me.” The Morrigan: “I want four young men. Gorgeous.” Vex laughs. Of course she does. “As you wish,” he intones, blowing her kisses. Exeunt Vex.

The Morrigan calls down to maintenance and orders a cleaning crew to her office. “My assistant’s made a terrible mess.” Bo gets to her feet, horrified. “How can you be so callous?” she demands. “Why?” The Morrigan asks in return. “Did something just happen?” Bo accuses her of being sick and begins to leave until The Morrigan asks archly whether Bo gave Doctor Lauren the good news about her girlfriend yet. She faces Bo, preening. She knows Bo hasn’t said jack to Doctor Lauren; she probably knows the doc is back with The Ash. “I’m sorry I can’t walk you out,” The Morrigan minces to Bo. “I seem to be short staffed at the moment.” That lady is cold.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo and Kenzi have collapsed on the couch. “This was not a good day,” Bo admits baldly. Kenzi: “Cheer up, Mama Bear. We did snag ourselves a door prize!” and the camera pans over to show Jason bound and gagged in the arm chair. What, what the fae? How the hell did all 98 lbs of Kenzi manage to wrassle the young artist out of The Morrigan’s high rise? Yeesh – whatever!

Bo wonders why they have to keep Jason bound and gagged and Kenzi compares him to a heroin addict. “This boy’s got a one-way ticket to hot bitch rehab. We sneaky sneaky.” She offers Bo a fist bump, which she takes adding “boom” as Kenzi mimes an explosion. “Bring it back,” Kenzi orders, and they bump again. Because they are awesome.

Up in her bedroom, Bo solemnly contemplates the box The Morrigan gave her. Kenzi saunters in and admits that it’s weird, “not having the doc here. Just when I was getting used to her.” It’s an olive branch. She climbs onto the bed and contemplates her friend. “What’s up, babe?” she asks softly. Bo looks at her, her expression hard and full of angst. “Lauren stuff,” she admits, knowing that Kenzi doesn’t like to hear about Lauren stuff. “Did you get her pregnant?” Kenzi jokes and though Bo smiles a little, Kenzi can see that it’s wrong place wrong time and apologizes. Bo tells her how The Morrigan said that Doctor Lauren has a girlfriend. Kenzi immediately goes on the offensive, detailing how she warned the doc that if she pulled this shit with Bo again, Kenzi would bash in her head.

“I don’t know what to do!” Bo admits. “I mean, save her from The Ash, obviously.” Why is that obvious again? Oh yeah, because you’re the hero. Damn it, sometimes this hero business really sux. Bo wonders what she’s going to do after that, whether she should confront Doctor Lauren, or should she be mad, “do I even have the right to be mad?!” What the freakin’ fae is this?! HELL YES YOU DO!!

She wonders who this girlfriend is anyways and how come Doctor Lauren never said a word about her? Kenzi can’t believe she’s about to defend the doc, but thinks Bo should give her a chance to explain, suggesting maybe she has her reasons. Uh, where was all this peace, love, and understanding when it was Dyson and his secrets on the chopping block, hmmm? He’s not the only one who should have to play fair here. I call shenanigans!

At The Ash’s compound, Doctor Lauren walks across a shockingly white and sterile, climate-controlled room softly lit with blue gels. She circles a large pod. Oh, so Nadia is a pod person! That explains her appeal to the doc. “Hey babe,” Doctor Lauren says to the woman in the pod. “I just wanted you to know I’m working very hard.” Yeah, sure, if by that you mean working hard to get into Bo’s pants while hiding from The Ash at her house thus putting your girlfriend’s life in jeopardy, the same girlfriend you’ve been lying about by omission from the start. Oh, that’s not what you meant? My bad. “I’m still trying to help you,” she tells ComaNadia. “I promise.”

“You know, if you could meet Bo, you’d really like her,” Doctor Lauren continues. Don’t kid yourself, doc; she really wouldn’t. “She’s such a good person. She’s so trustworthy. She’s this big huge heart. She’s strong. She’s so strong.” She is definitely all these things, but perhaps Doctor Lauren should have thought of all this before she screwed Bo over. Twice. “And she takes care of me. Imagine that. Somebody taking care of me for a change.” Sobbing, she bends over, crouching down until she can lay her head on the pod above Nadia’s.

End Credits.

The Morrigan in Lost Girl Season 2New Fae Terms:

Leanan sidhe: A fae seductress, the leanan sidhe inspire artists while feeding off their genius. This eventually drives the artists mad and eventually to an early death.
Origin: Celtic

Seniatta: An Italian fae who can control and influence human’s inner motivations. A priceless addition to any cutthroat negotiations.
Origin: Italy

The Eye: Essentially a Cyclops, though his one remaining eye is not in the center of his forehead. Bit of a pervert. Likes to speak as though he’s at a Ren Faire. Has one eye that can see and process multiple things simultaneously. Has a tendency to observe things he shouldn’t.

Quotes of the Night:

Kenzi: I don’t care if it’s slutonic!

Bo: You know I liked it better when I was the mom. Kenzi: Oh honey, you were never the mom.

The Morrigan: And I want a dragon to heat my pool!

Kenzi: Trickster! Tell me you’ve got some magical booze that can erase the last 15 minutes of my life!

Kenzi to Vex: I know you’re all powerful and could probably take me down too, but if you do, your boys are coming with me.

Lachlan: I love what you haven’t done with the place.

Kenzi: I feel like a wet dog moved into my mouth and had puppies.

Kenzi: Will you marry me? Hale: Nah, you drink too much.

Bo: Nut up, sister!

Bo: Step away from the pervert!

Next week: Episode 7: Fae Gone Wild. Dyson is back! Though still a bit of a dumbass. Oh yeah and there’s stripping selkies. Something for everyone then.


Kiersten Hallie Krum writes smart, sharp & sexy romantic suspense. Find her snarking her way across social media as @kierstenkrum and on her web site and blog at www.kierstenkrum.com.

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1. HelenM
“You know, if you could meet Bo, you’d really like her,” Doctor Lauren continues. Don’t kid yourself, doc; she really wouldn’t.

LOL. No kidding.

HATE that they cut one of my favorite Kenzi scenes. Thank God for the Internet.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
2. Kiersten
@HelenM I KNOW! And they trimmed Hale's already anemic presence. We couldn't have lost a bit of the fae-of-the-day instead?

The cuts are so utterly random. There should be a way to set up a points system/drinking game to coincide with what/who gets cut. Must ruminate.
3. HelenM
I gotta admit, I'm often bored by the fae-of-the-day. I watch the show for the relationships.
and naked Dyson.
Melanie Thomas
4. missmelthomas
I love this show though I wish we got more Hale. I'm hoping that when it's finally released on DVD we get to see the untrimmed episodes. I hate that I'm missing stuff each week but at least I get to watch it. And I agree "step away from the pervert" was the best line of the night.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
5. Kiersten
Hey MisMel! Never enough Hale, right?! That pervert line and Vex's cocky pose were definite highlights last night!

The uncut season 1 DVD are already available in Canada (tho its just the episodes; there are no extras whatsoever) and can be played on US DVD players as the two countries have the same region codes for media. I also would recommend buying the Canadian season 2 DVDs when released (probably in early autumn to time with beginning of S3 in Canada) to ensure you get to see the uncut episodes there too. As far as I know, there has not be a release date announced for a US version of S1 DVDs. Frankly, as we are all buying them from Canada anyways, I don't see the need. The hope is that the S2 DVDs will come w/extras as they've done a lot of press and video interviews & BTS & that fabulous preshow for the S2 finale. Guess will see in the fall!

Hope that helps!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
6. Kiersten
@HelenM - I like the fae-of-the-day when it gives us good backstory or more information about the fae world. Having Bo trying to work with and getting burned by The Morrigan and Vex was good stuff and will certainly inform her actions going forward (at a guess), but Tyrst & Jason were definite throwaways

Hmmmmm. Naked Dyson....
Laurie Rivera
7. leb
@Kiersten. Thanks again for the recap. I never miss reading them even though I don’t always comment.

It’s too bad that we couldn’t have had even more Hale this week (yes, I'm greedy), since Dyson was MIA with you-know-who.

Vex is a scream! He and the Morrigan are the coolest baddies I’ve seen in a long time. I thought the fae of the week was kind of boring (her powers were too similar to Bo’s) and so was the love (?) scene between Bo and Lauren. I know they did it to advance the Bo/Lauren plot, but zzzzzzzzzz. No. Chemistry. At. All. Although, the camera work was pretty impressive as was mentioned.

My favorites this week:
Kenzi: Will you marry me? Hale: Nah, you drink too much.
Bo: Step away from the pervert!
Bo’s look as she asked Vex “What the hell are you wearing?” and Vex’s “don’t you wish you could look this good in leather boy shorts” hip cock.
The Morrigan: “And I want a dragon to heat my pool!” So do I.
Melanie Thomas
8. missmelthomas
@Kiersten Thanks for the info. I looked and can't find a US release date so I'll get the CA version. Would you recommend getting them on Amazon CA or somewhere else? Thanks again!
Carmen Pinzon
9. bungluna
No nekkid Dyson totally bummed me out this week. The Doc continues to baffle me. I just don't get her. She's weak and needy, and now it looks like she's hidding important stuff from Bo. Nope, don't see the attraction. I got a chuckle out of the "Toothpaste," "Locker," exchange though.

I like Vex and the Morrigan, though I wish the writers would give them a bit more dimension. She's the top dog of the Dark Fae yet acts like a spoiled valley girl on 'roids. There has to be more to her than that.

Lachlan is another character that needs more screen time. What's the deal with him? I wanna know.

Finally, I concur that "Step away from the pervert," has gotta be one for the ages!
10. LindaL
First of all, excellent recap…I am looking forward to not only reading more but finishing the earlier ones.

Second, while I will watch it again, I am incredibly grateful for the fast forward button on the DVR! There was no passion, no electricity…I felt like I was watching two people going thru the motions just to please their partner not because they felt anything. This is totally opposite of Bo/Dyson; in fact there was more chemistry with the Bo/Cayden combo than I observed last night.

Absolutely love the Morrigan and Vex; they are my favorite villains. The actor that portrays Vex seems to be having a ball (no pun intended) being Vex(ing)! Loved Kenzi’s attention getting moves with Vex…she really had his undivided attention! LOL!!! The dribbles and drabs that the writers are giving about the characters are not only fascinating but fairly well done. Even if I am still really trying hard to like Lauren…am not sure if she should grow a pair or a spine; either would be helpful.

Please, MORE Hale/Kenzi!

Just as an FYI, Amazon does have the Lost Girl on DVD. Yes, they are used and not really as cheap as if you ordered from Canada (www.amazon.ca) which are supposed to deliver rather quickly and with a decent exchange rate.
Suzanne Metaxas
11. SuzyM
Great review Kiersten!

OK, why is Bo even talking to Lauren? She betrayed her totally and not to protect her either. She did it because her boss told her to. And what’s with behaving like a couple of teenagers? Really? As Kenzi would say “Oh Please! Factor of ten” Did I miss it or did she explain to Bo why she did it?

Love that when we join them again Kenzi is right in the middle :D Reminded me of how my little brother would park himself in between my husband and me when we were dating, LOL.

Now the scene in the Morrigan’s office didn’t sit well with me because I really couldn’t believe Bo could be that gullible. Someone better tell Bo that when people look down and to the left when telling you something it is most likely a LIE. We saw Trick do it in an earlier episode too. ;)

Kenzi holding Vex’s boys hostage is wonderful! LOL, Kenzi has a knack of getting right down to the nitty gritty ;)

The scene with Vex, Bo and Kenzi at the Dal makes me thing that Vex has a slight crush on Bo ;) perhaps Bo could use this to her advantage in a future episode :D

The whole scene with Lachlan bothers me. He entered Bo’s home without and invite, and he had his bozo hurt Kenzi. He knows how Bo feels about Kenzi so why would he want to do something that would have Bo’s back up? He could have just threatened to do Kenzi harm to have the wimp of a doctor show herself.

When Bo returns with the good news for Doc it looked like the Doc wasn’t to pleased which was a real puzzle until the end (grrr) and I wanted to puke when she said she hoped Bo wasn’t using her to get over Dyson! After I learned the truth I really would have hurled! Why is Bo so naïve?????

The “love” scene with Bo and Lauren was awful! There was about as much passion there as scaling fish or should I say gutting fish (like I’d like to gut Doc) Far from being titillating I found it a real turn off instead. BRING BACK DYSON!

Thank goodness for you Keirsten! I can’t believe they cut this part of the scene! I did enjoy the replay of the morning after scene subbing in the Doc and I LOVED Kenzi’s reaction :D

I too loved the scene with Kenzi and Hale ;) we definitely need more of those! When the show the scene with Kenzi and Bo playing pool they should have not let you see the table after she took the shot, the petite hustler totally missed the shot and the six ball rolled back into the picture, oops.

I want Bo to smarten up and not be such a sucker all the time :p I do like her innocence but she has to shed some of that naivety or she is going to get blind sided constantly. Well that’s my thoughts for now until I re-watch it notice things I missed the first time ;)
Suzanne Metaxas
12. SuzyM
Just a question I meant to ask last week and forgot :) Was anyone else grossed out that the Laignach Faelad seem to wear wolf pelts as clothing and use wolf pelts for saddles? I don't know, just seems a little icky :{
13. french Girl
Hey Kiersten, you know I'm Doccubus ( Doc+Succubus) and here it's all Dyson ( an old 1000 years wolf ) but i know, you said me i can post on your blog.
1) The Bo/Lauren love/sex scene was extremely hot and deny this is like to be blind or totally homophobic. or both.
Even if i'm not into Dyson,( the old 900 or 1000 old wolf which is weird with 28 Baby fae Bo) because I ' ve a true man in my life, I watched and appreciate the sex scenes between bo and Dyson;
@ Kiersten : even if you have a biased way in this series, I can tell you, I was laughing at your " Hilton Hovel". it's brilliant !
And your " ... like they just got caught making out by Mom ". GREAT. understand you don't trust Lauren. She is a very intriguing character but don't forhget she is a Fae slave and she is vulnerable. But Bo loves her and senses something special in her. Bo needs both Lauren and Dyson at some different levels. i've already watched the two seasons and now I'm waiting for season 3 which i hope will be with all the characters well written.
Thanks Kiersten for your catchy recaps.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
14. Kiersten
Welcome back French Girl! Thanks for your comments and for the kind kudos.

I would appreciate it if you/we could refrain from tossing the word "homophobic" around simply because other commenters (and me too) find the Bo/Lauren relationship to be lacking in passion and verve. To add some perspective, one wouldn't call another "heterophobic" b/c he/she didn't like the love scene between Bo and Cayden. Both responses are simply a matter of opinion to which we are all entitled. Let's all keep the rhetoric out and the commenting friendly and respectful at all times. Thanks.

I think Doctor Lauren's back story as a Fae "slave" is quite intriguing but I also feel as though she's one small step away from strapping Bo to a table and doing experiments on her. Her character is inconsistent and she's repeatedly proven that when push comes to shove, Bo is not her necessarily going to be her first choice.

I have to agree with the other commenters though, I feel there's a serious lack of chemistry between the doc and Bo. I know that's not at all the feeling of fans of that relationship, but even setting aside my penchant for the wolf and being as objective as I can, I still don't see it.

@SuzyM - Yeah, they need to stop having Bo be so gullible, esp w/the dark fae. She supposed to be pretty smart (and is) but leads with her heart and I can see that influensing her to believe what people tell her in some things, but she's had ample reason NOT to trust The Morrigan and Vex particularly, so that was more a device of plot need that true to character.

@MissMel - definitely order from Amazon.ca. I had absolutely no problem with this and they give you the cost in US dollars too. The ones on the US site are people/companies selling their Canadian disks; you might as well just get them from the source yourself.

@LindaL -Hello! Totally agree with you about the unfolding back stories. I am a back story whore; it's what keeps me reading/viewing when I've given up on everything else - I want to know. And Paul Amos is an absolutely delight as Vex. He's like the Spike of Lost Girl in many ways, but absolutely his own character too.
Even if I am still really trying hard to like Lauren…am not sure if she should grow a pair or a spine; either would be helpful.
It's funny, I think we're all trying really hard to like Doctor Lauren, and I believe that's a testament to how great Zoie Palmer is at playing her. There's a lot there, like when she's geeks out, that's endearing and attractive but then there's the inconsistency of the doc's character that keeps us from fulling getting behind her as a partner for Bo. Dyson may be a beautiful dumb ass from time to time and a straight out guy at others, but Bo trusts him implicitedly for a reason - he's earned it. Doctor Lauren repeatedly proves herself untrustworthy and yet the writers keep having Bo return to her for reasons that escape me.

That said, there is definitely something in Doctor Lauren that fulfills Bo in a way that Dyson and vice versa. I think that push/pull is what should be explored. What do you do when the two people you love each meet separate needs that you can't do without?

I felt like that closing moment when Doctor Lauren was talking to ComaNadia about how foreign a feeling it was to have somone take care of her as Bo does rang false. With the exception of her work in the lab where she is unequivocally in charge, Doctor Lauren is constantly being taking care of by somebody in one way or another. It was like the show wanted to force feed us empathy for the doc after revealing another betrayal of Bo on her part, and I felt it just fell flat.

@leb - welcome back! nice to know you're out there lurking!

@bungluna - Lachlan is definitely intriguing me too. I think that as The Ash, his encroachment on Bo's territory could be seen as him pushing the line just far enough to show her he can. Also, she has agreed to be on retainer for him, so there's a shaky line of not-quite-aligned there too. I absolutely find him more engaging than the previous one; he's much slicker and takes a CEO approach to his role rather than a more traditional Ruler of an Ancient Race one.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful compliments and the great comments! I'm so glad everyone is enjoying the recaps so much!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
15. Kiersten
Oh! According to the awesome Lost Girl Twitter elves, the SyFy Channel is airing the Lost Girl episodes UNCUT when they become available On Demand after the initial showing. So check your cable provider for where you can find your On Demand options; if you get the SyFy Channel as part of your cable package, you should automatically have access to their On Demand options.
16. LucyK
Well, chemistry is subjective so I'm not going to argue. Like someone else said in previous recaps, Bo and Lauren appease for different reasons that Bo and Dyson do. Both relationships differ from each other in more ways than one and ultimately, Bo needs them both for different reasons. The fact that I love Dyson and his relationship with Bo does not and should not blind me to its surroundings. I like Lauren and think Anna and Zoie have an abismal chemistry together. To each their own. It's sad that some fans feel the need to bring a character/ship down to validate their point of view.

I think Doctor Lauren's back story as a Fae "slave" is quite intriguing but I also feel as though she's one small step away from strapping Bo to a table and doing experiments on her. Her character is inconsistent and she's repeatedly proven that when push comes to shove, Bo is not her necessarily going to be her first choice.
I couldn't disagree more. She has never once proven that, quite the contrary. Not to mention season 2 events so I won't spoil your readers, but she went behind The Ash's back in 1.13 so she could protect Bo. That means she was also putting Nadia's life in jeopardy. That was a selfless act and she proved to be a valuable and trustworthy asset, as it would only benefit Bo -- and it was justified. It was the one attitude Bo needed to forgive her. And to be perfectly honest, if anyone is equipped to perform tests on Bo when needed, that person is Lauren.
17. lsbloom
Loved the recap. This is a hard episode for me to watch because I am trying so hard to find anything redeemable in Lauren and the first few scenes make that so hard. So, the recap buffer was really nice. Being a total geek myself and a lover of some truly fantastically well portrayed nerds in genre and mainstream shows, "nerd" Lauren doesn't ring true to me.

I think it would go a long long way if she was just nice to Kenzi. The whole "jealous of another human" thing felt really false and, given how exclusionary Lauren had been, more than a little hypocritical. Maybe you could read that Kenzi has been jealous over how Bo treats her when Lauren is there, maybe she doesn't like rude houseguests who betray her best friend, maybe she doesn't like people who are unpleasant. I've never read Kenzi as catty, but maybe you could argue that is one of the reasons she never warmed to Lauren from the beginning and that didn't apply to Dyson. But jealous because Lauren is human, where did that come from? And then having Kenzi tell Bo to give Lauren a chance felt like the writers needed someone to say it and Kenzi was the only one around.

I see Kenzi as the audience representative within the show, so for one Lauren isn't nice to me and for two the writers are forcing me into thinking that maybe Lauren deserves another chance, when I'm totally with the massive headwound camp (it's a small camp). Spy banging + secret girlfriend = no more breaks.
Suzanne Metaxas
18. SuzyM
Hi All :) Thank you LuckyK for pointing out the unselfish act of Doc in 1.13 :) I had forgotten that. Though I'm not to sure it was totally unselfish. After all the Ash was on life support and most likely not going to recover. Every one was in panic mode and not paying attention to the human ;) But I will give her the benefit of the doubt :)

As to why I didn't like the love scene between Bo and Doc it had nothing to do with anything other than it seemed staged and unbelievable. There was no soft love making that you would expect between two women. No soft caresses, long hot kisses on the neck, etc. Between Bo and Dyson it is expected to be hot and heavy, they almost use their love as a contest as to who will lead :) (at least that is how it seems to me sometimes ;) )

Kiersten thank you for the heads up on the On Demand suggestion :) I was so frustrated not being beable to watch the un cut version :D
19. French Girl
@ Kiersten : Ok. I can refrain without any problem. I like to be here and can talk with you and the members. I truly think we don't see the same things in this show. I don't even know why I like it so much because there 's a bad writing and lack og background for main characters. I like it for the mythology, the badass girls and the particular light. And now, I truly hope a great season 3 for all the characters and a good ending at this series.
Best regards Kiersten and hoping to hear from you soon.
20. Trixxxie
The thing about girl on girl sex on TV is that unless you are watching The L Word, it is never going to be portrayed as believable as boy on girl - ever.

And as a bi woman myself, I can guarantee you, SuzyM, it isn't always about "soft love making". In fact, I'd argue that in most occasions, it isn't the case at all. I'd argue that their sex scene in 2.06 is way more beliavable than that one in 1.08 (which seemed completely manufactured and staged to me).

I think Bo and Lauren's relationship suffers from the double standard, particularly in the bedroom department. You just can't compete with Bo and Dyson's sexual chemistry - which transcends to their chemistry as a whole. And Bo/Lauren fans can argue any way they want, but that is simply a fact.

Anyway, just my 2 cents. Love your recaps, read them on the bus every week. Keep 'em coming!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
21. Kiersten
@FrenchGirl - I knew you'd be on board and we definitely like having you here!

I think Lost Girl fulfills several different needs in various kinds of viewers and that's what we all keep with it even when frustrated with the plot holes and inconsistencies. This is when a judicious appliction of eh, whatever becomes good policy.

Also, the electric nature of the entire cast, particularly the way they're bonded onscreen and off, is so rare and satisfying. And whatever the writing/producing gods make them do, the characters are fantastic and resonate with us all on several different levels. Genre shows like this have the freedom to explore relationships and issues that many mainstream show can't or don't even while couch within a supernatural structure and that can be very special indeed.

@Trixxie - thanks so much for the comment (and the recap love!) and for bringing your perspective to this conversation. Commuting can be a bitch; I hope my snarky ways help make your trip a bit more bearable.

I did try to point out the filming inadequacy as to the depiction of the Bo/Lauren lovemaking as opposed to the Bo/Dyson love scene. The show is constricted by censors in the way they portray/film the F/F scenes that it isn't with the F/M and that's a technical issue more than anything else, but I agree it likely hampers the way the chemisty (or lack thereof) is perceived. I also think that as amazing as Zoie and Anna are, the innate chemistry between Anna and KHR (irregardless of my allegience ;-)) is remarkable, one of those special connections casting directors dream of finding in their leads, and that's a hard thing to be compared with on any scale.

@SuzyM - I was thinking the same thing about 1.13 & The Ash being all blowed up and the light being all chaotic and all. The doc had a few weeks there to do what she wanted without really having to worry about her predictament until Lachlan got invested with the title and started throwing his - weight - around. Guess we'll have to see what she does going forward now that her tether has been reconnected.
Suzanne Metaxas
22. SuzyM
Thank you Trixxxie for your insight :) As I have no first hand knowledge I will have to bow to your expertise ;) I guess what we imagine isn't always the reality :D
Kiersten Hallie Krum
23. Kiersten
@lsbloom I can definitely see Kenzi as the audience representative in the show, much the way Bo is our entree into the fae world; we discover it as she does. I too think Kenzi's objectiong to Doctor Lauren is the way she's pushed aside whenever the doc is around. Kenzi has a relationship with Dyson that exists outside Bo's relationship with him "it wasn't just your heart he broke."

With the doc, her whole point of contact is Bo and the rest is basically enduring your BFF's SO. So the whole "jealous of another human," just doesn't fly with me either. Perhaps if Kenzi's relationship with the doc changes as we go through season two, that might change. Now, as Doctor Lauren trying to get some of her own back by taking a shot at Kenzi about the "human" thing, that I'd buy. Maybe she's even channelling her own insecurities about Kenzi into that diss...
The writers are forcing me into thinking that maybe Lauren deserves another chance when I'm totally
with the massive headwound camp (it's a small camp). Spy banging + secret girlfriend = no more breaks.
Yeah, I'm pretty much in that camp too. But then, I'm possessive and protective by nature, so that doesn't help either. ;-)
24. LindaL
Here is a question to the discussion group: am I the only one who noticed that Bo needs sword training? Watching her last battle to save Vex, my sword wielding daughter announced that she would have lost points if she used a sword like that in any match!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
25. Kiersten
@LindaL No, you're not the only one who noticed. All kinds of Awkward! in that "fight". AnnaSilk got some martial arts updates in between S1 and S2 tho, so hopefully she'll step up with the sword too as we move forward - either her or her stunt double, that is. ;-)

You have a sword-wielding daughter?! Kick. Ass.
Suzanne Metaxas
26. SuzyM
Maybe KHR can give her some lessons :) I understand he fences. I also felt it was a little strange Vex had to save her from a human.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
27. Kiersten
@SuzyM Human was super powered b/c of influensed Siennatta influense. She had no self preservation factor which made her more dangerous. Also, Bo likely held back b/c human was innocent; was just trying to hold the blonde off till Kenzi could free Vex & he could mesmer her out of her "trance" so to speak. At least, that's how I'm reading it.
28. mplum
Is it just me or is anyone else missing our weekly recap?
Thank heavens its a short haitus.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
30. Kiersten
Psst. Shameless self promo - if you miss my voice (cause it's always only about me, right?), blog is new at http://www.twolftshoes.blogspot.com to fill the interim...
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