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Lost Girl Season 2, Episode 5: Succubus of the Pack, Part 1

Dyson in Lost Girl Season 2, episode 5Our Lost Girl obsession is going strong! If you’re just now diving into the show, be sure to check out all of Kiersten Krum’s recaps, from Season 1 up to the most recent Season 2 episode aired on SyFy (episode 1episode 2, episode 3, episode 4). All caught up? Good. And now, on to part 1 of the recap for last night’s episode, 2.05, “BrotherFae of the Wolves”—part 2 will be posted tomorrow! then continue on to part 2!


It’s a beautiful day in FaeVille! The sun is kinda shining, the air is sort of clear, and our dynamic Trio are out on location! Dyson, in a white shirt and blue jeans, and his long-legged stride is walking down a random sidewalk. Bo and Kenzi, in their standard all black, are nearly double-timed walking half a pace behind him. Dyson glances at them over his shoulder and ruefully asks what they want. “Goosebump alert!” Kenzi says wondering how he knew they wanted anything from him. Dyson: “You two never shut up so either you’re schemin’ or it’s my lucky day. Thing is, I’m not that lucky. So…what?”

Bo admits that they have a missing husband case and thought he’d just run off but then they found this pesky blood. She glances around at the passersby as she unzips her backpack and pulls out a piece of clothing. “We need you to put your sniffer into hyperdrive and help us with an ID,” Kenzi clarifies. “What am I, a German Shepherd?” Dyson mumbles but he takes the cloth from Bo and holds it to his nose.

Suddenly, Kenzi has an epiphany. “Guys. This just in: You’re a policeman,” she says to Dyson, “who’s also his own police dog!” Bo and Kenzi laugh delightedly. Dyson shoves the cloth back into the backpack. “Bye!” he snarks, leaving. The women chase after him. “Come on! Dyson! Help us.” Bo says and Kenzi pleads with him, which for Kenzi, includes a smack to his chest.  He conveniently pauses at the mouth of an alley and indulges them, confirming that it is indeed blood. Bo says she knows that, but is it his or hers? “It’s cow blood, ladies,” Dyson drawls. “Enjoy,” he adds with a smirk and an eyebrow waggle but stops mid waggle as a clanging noise sounds from the other end of the alley. Puzzled, Dyson prowls down the lane chasing ghosts.

Kenzi riffs on the cow revelation. “Case solved. He totally ran off with the butcher’s wife!” but Bo is barely listening. She warily watches Dyson cautiously ease on down, ease on down the alley. “Oh come on, Dyson,” she calls after him. “You’re not mad are you?” But Dyson ignores her. He stops midway, eyes going wolf gold as he inhales deeply.

A man drops down from the fire escape behind him and lands on Dyson with a growl. Immediately, they struggle with each other until NewGuy puts Dyson in a standing Full Nelson hold and tries to ram him face first into the wall. At the last minute, Dyson manages to get his foot up and, leveraging off the wall with that long leg, shoves back with a bellow, forcing NewGuy back across the alley until NewGuy’s back slams into the opposite wall. Bo and Kenzi watch stunned and unsure how to help.  Back and forth across the alley the men go, slamming one another into the walls, into garbage cans, into random debris but surprisingly, Dyson doesn’t wolf out.

Bo reaches her limit and, picking up a conveniently placed garden hose, turns it on and sprays the men down. She hoses Dyson down. She. Hoses him. Down. Bo sprays Dyson’s crotch first and then his shirt. Wet Dyson in a white shirt. Oh my giddy aunt, I can’t breathe. Am I hyperventilating? I think I’m hyperventilating. That’s it. This show has finally decided to kill me and be done with it.

Immediately the men stop wrassling and cringe away from the stinging water. There’s this split second where Dyson’s expression is enigmatic, as though he can’t believe she shot water at his crotch all gee thanks. “Bo!” Dyson shouts at her, exasperated, taking the blast full chest as Bo continues to spray him (I would too, sweetie!).  New Guy huddles behind Dyson. “Shut it off!” Dyson yells. Both men are laughing. “Hey! We’re friends, babe!” New Guy yells as Bo finally turns off the water.

Bo is pissed. “Are you kidding me?! Dyson, what the hell?!” But Dyson is making manly welcome noises with NewGuy, grinning and laughing as they bump foreheads and NewGuy rubs Dyson’s head and sticks out his tongue. (What?! Why?!) They’re like two cubs in a pile. A big, strong, wet, seriously cut, sexy cub. “It’s a pack thing, babe,” Dyson explains, stripping off the soaking wet white shirt (thank you, show! I forgive you for trying to kill me.) “Oh my God,” Kenzi says, disgusted as Bo sneers, clearly thinking ugh, boys.

“Good tae see ya, man,” NewGuy says to Dyson and they hug it out complete with the manly back pat.


To be continued... Make sure to check back tomorrow for the rest of the recap! In the meantime, what did you think of the episode?

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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
I have to figure out how to make me a loop of the beginning of Vexed and this beginning. That could keep me entertained for hours!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
2. Kiersten
Seriously. I have some of the beginning of Vexed in GIFs and it's addicitive...

First time I saw this ep, I spent 15 minutes trying to get over the fact that she hosed him down and the show went with it full throttle. It's so totally, blatantly gratuitous and I love every single second of it. I can't decide if it's a gift for TeamDyson before more heartbreak or just an effort to reward and retain those fans during what's ahead in the episode...and probably the season. And then I rewind, watch again, and remember I don't care. ;-)
Carmen Pinzon
3. bungluna
I'm not philosophically inclined; I'm just gratefull for the wet, nekkid-chested Dyson!
4. SuzyM
I loved the beginning but don't know how I feel about what is developing. Some how I felt like this story line was rushed and not as well thought out as the previous ones. I did like that they explained his connection with the Norn, but IMHO the whole wolf story was a bit over acted and the accents used were awful and confusing. Irish? Scottish? Neither of those accents?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
5. Kiersten
I have to agree with you about the accents, at least on D-man's part it sort of came and went. A for effot tho; it's a toughie. I absolutely think this story line got away from them. Remember, originally they planned it for the 13 episode arc, but then the network ordered a full 22 episodes 1/2 way thru the season. They had to decide whether to stretch it out or wrap it up at 13 as intended and start something new and they went with stretching it out.

However, at episdoe 5, we're still in that first 13 ep arc, and already it's a little confusing and contradictory and now they've thrown Ciara in the mix? Hang on to your wine glasses!! Yeah, someone didn't think this whole thing through to the end and the cracks are beginning not only to show but to grow.

I really did enjoy seeing some meaty Dyson back story. Though there was no investment in showing how D felt about Stefan rather than just telling us to move on the Norn scene, so we lacked seeing that connection in action which goes to your whole rushed feeling, SuzyM. When the Norn takes Dyson's love, we've had 13 season one episodes of Bo and Dyson together first and so we feel the agony of that event and it's fall out. With Stefan, we see the pack bonding but not the special link Dyson has for the young man, we're just told about it, and so the impact isn't the same. Good example of what not to do in writing!

But it was good to see Dyson happy and relaxed and adorably drunk for a little while after all the brooding of the first four eps back. And I also enjoyed seeing the patches he and Bo are putting on their relationship - whatever that is now - and the ones that hold and those that didn't. Nice to see them joking and snarking together again and yet Bo's yearning for him is constant subtext and underplays their every interaction.
M Plum
6. MPlum
@Kiersten - One of my favorite reasons for reading your recaps is that you always notice things that I end up missing.... in this particular case - the fact that she sprayed water on his crotch. I was too busy noticing the immediate "wet t-shirt" show that Dyson put on for us...... well - before he took his shirt off altogether and I started feeling a little lightheaded and things got a bit grey around the edges.

And then of course as he wrung the shirt out and his chest muscles jumped and .. and.... hold on a sec.

Whew... I got a little light headed again. :)

I will say that I loved seeing Dyson smile and feel good for a little while. He's so dang beautiful when he's in a good place...and, you know... shirtless.

I agree with the general consensus that this storyline needed some better prep but I prefer that the initial plan include a proper end to the current storyline if they (meaning any show) were to not get picked up for the next season- if any of that makes sense. I hate being invested in a show so that we have this amazing cliffhanger and then poof... we're left with absolutely no resolution. I do wish things were a little tighter storyline-wise, but so far I'm okay with a little shakiness (although that might have to do with some steller acting in the first few eps - accents excepted of course).

I hope this means that our boy and his lady get their shit together early in the season (tahee giggle snorf) but .... I'm prepared for the flip side as I'm just not that lucky.

There's more about the episode that I'm excited to get into but I want to wait until Kiersten gets her recap finished. By the way!!!! through opening credits does not a "part 1" make! LOL - just a tease!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
7. Kiersten
Yes, yes, yes! Hang on for tomorrow's full post and we'll dish away!!
8. Angie J
Kiersten, great point about our being told about Dyson's bond with Stefan instead of seeing it firsthand. ---------- SPOILER ALERT! That same shortcoming explains why I felt like Dyson's seeing the Norn, which is apparently a big deal to do, felt trite. Here Dyson accepts defeat pretty easily, as viewers would with an "oh well." But in S1 we see his love for Bo so it makes sense that he fights the crazy b$&@h. Stefan's death scene is cliche and unaffecting, so it seems impulsive when Stefan's death is why Dyson wants to kill the king, despite a sworn allegiance. Next, Dyson decides to leave the pack after how many years in battle together. Even this move seemingly goes off without a hitch.
9. SuzyM
Hi again Kiersten :) I went back and re-watched the episode to look at the things you pointed out. LOL, I noticed that most of the men in episode were WELL COVERED in all scenes :D I didn't notice before because I was too busy looking at Dyson ;) still looking forward to tomorrow :)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
10. Kiersten
Yeah, Suzy, looks like the show knows what we like and is keeping the male objectivacation on Dyson. Hoo Shah. He is distracting just being on screen but strip him and hose him down and I lose the power of speech. Technically Cayden was naked in the nookie scene with Bo, but who cares? ;-)
Carolyn Gage
11. cggirl
Hi Kiersten,
Besides the obvious shirtless shots of Dyson, this episode was one of my least favorite. Lots of flashbacks and backstory in deed, but it felt lacking. Medieval Dyson was a bad mix of Braveheart meets Game of Thrones. We won't discuss the accents, or lack there of. Even the Mongolian deathworm felt like an idea taken from Men in Black. Sigh. I really like this show, but I feel this was one episode that could have stayed on the cutting room floor. It was fun seeing Dyson with one of his buddies, but I agree with you, what was up with the tongue thing??? Looking forward to reading your part 2 for more laughs.
Suzanne Metaxas
12. SuzyM
Hi again Kiersten :) After re-watching this episode many more times :D all I can say about the scene with Bo hosing down Dyson is "Please sirs more!" in my best Cockney accent ;) Besides my obsession with Dyson I also wanted to post that the Amazon Canadian site has dropped the price on the first season DVD. http://www.amazon.ca/Lost-Girl-Season-Anna-Silk/dp/B006Z4LOPK/ref=sr_1_1?s=dvd&ie=UTF8&qid=1337185904&sr=1-1
I paid full price to pre-order and I have no regrets ;) It is in Region 1 format so US buyers are better off buying from the Canadian site. I really have no clue why Amazon is offering region 4 in the US :(
Tanisha Robinson
13. sassytarheel
I made the mistake of reading about Lost Girl on Wikipedia (don't do it ladies....I haven't been easy about watching the show since). So, now I see what I read about months ago and I'm kind of not happy about it (though I knew it was coming). Although, I thought all this happened in season 1 not season 2 (yes, I've been on edge since season 1). Anywho, guess Wikipedia isn't the end all be all of show summaries.

Yes, the accents were horrific. I'm usually pretty good at picking them out but like SuzyM I was trying to figure out if they were Scottish or Irish or some weird mix in between. Which kind of took away from me paying attention to what they were actually saying. Anywho, I thought Cayden had a beer gut (What none of the hot guys they've killed off on Once Upon a Time were available to fill in? Just sayin' Jefferson was only in one episode and then the finale...They couldn't have gotten that actor?). The Mongolian Death worm I loved because come on...who would think that old bag was deadly?LOL. I missed seeing Hale though. He and Kenzi together would have brought out some major jokes/laughs.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
14. Kiersten
SuzyM - the US Amazon has listed Region 4 b/c outside sellers are selling their Australian editions. The Aussies got the DVDs last fall. The US has yet to produce a version of the DVDs, which is why we're all getting them from Canada. Nice to see the price come down on those.

Sassytarheel - yeah, stay away from the Wiki. I too glommed down the descriptions to get an idea of what's ahead, but that is a bad road to go down. We'll deal with what's coming as it comes here in the U.S. and wail and gnash teeth when appropriate. Oh, and Hale and Kenzi do have a moment together in this ep - it's fleeting but it's there! About half of Hale's role, miniscule as it was this week, got cut for adverts.

Guys, the full recap should be coming soon. Stay tuned! Thanks for hanging in with me while I got my crap together.
rachel sternberg
15. rae70
I was going to ask you the difference between the regions and would it be better to get the canadian edition vs. american. Is the canadian version more relaxed on the language or scenes?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
16. Kiersten
Hi rae70! Yes, the Canadian version of the DVD has the episodes uncut so you get all the original language, scenes, etc as they were originally meant to be seen and as they ran in Canada. Because the US and Canada are both Region 1 for DVDs there is absolutely no problem viewing those DVDs on your US player.

It's unclear when/whether there will be a US release of the DVDs. They delayed the Canadian release until after S1 had finished in the US. Be aware that there are absolutely no extras on the DVDs; it's bare bones episodes only. Hopefully that will change for S2.

I have not heard any news on the DVD release for S2. Going by what happened with S1, it will likely not be until after the entire season has finished running in the US, which puts us in the fall. Likely, they'll time the S2 DVDs to coordinate with the Canadian debut of S3.

Hope that helps!
M Plum
17. MPlum
For the love of Pete Kiersten - get your recap posted already - I'm dyin' over here!!!! Half the fun of this show is reading your blow by blows (ok, that sounds dirty even to me) and I'm going through withdrawal.
Guys, the full recap should be coming soon. Stay tuned! Thanks for hanging in with me while I got my crap together.
Do you hear my foot tapping? (I know - I've been told I lack in delayed gratification skills).


I'm kidding of course (thats my story at least).
Kiersten Hallie Krum
18. Kiersten
Snort. Thanks Plum. Redline is busy formatting the vomitous mass that is my recap now. I'll post here when I get the alert that it's live.

I'm told that delayed gratification makes it all the sweeter...
Kiersten Hallie Krum
20. Kiersten
Part 2 is up and live!!

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