May 1 2012 11:22am

Lost Girl Season 2, Episode 3: Such Stuff as Succubi Are Made Of

Bo and Kenzi in Lost Girl Season 2, episode 3, Scream a Little DreamOur Lost Girl obsession is going strong! If you’re just now diving into the show, be sure to check out all of Kiersten Krum’s recaps, including those for the last few episodes of Season 1 (episode 11episode 12, and episode 13) and the start of Season 2 (episode 1 and episode 2). All caught up? Good. And now, on to the recap for last night’s episode, 2.03, “Scream a Little Dream.”


At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Kenzi is cleaning. Yep, you read that right. Behind her is a stack of about 15 pizza boxes, not all of them empty. The broom, unaccustomed to such vigorous use, fights back, shoving a splinter in her finger. As she screams with pain and frustration, Bo comes running in from the back, sword in one hand, throwing ax in the other, frantically asking what’s wrong. Kenzi throws the broom, knocking the pizza boxes over as she complains that it bit her. “Really,” Bo notes more calmly. “Big talker who survives basilisk poisoning gets TKOd by a broom?” Kenzi: “Oh, like you’ve never been suckered by a big shaft of wood?” Bo objects “hey!” and Kenzi apologies, but adds that Bo is freaking her out. “We should be out there dusting bad guys not actually dusting!” Bo: “I am just trying to scrub away...” she pauses, then sucks it up and points an imperious finger at Kenzi, “the wolf who shall not be named!”

Kenzi in Lost Girl Season 2Kenzi deflates a little and gently points out that Bo is binge cleaning. “Spring cleaning of the heart begins with spring cleaning of the hearth.” Bo dictates the litany with the sweetest look of desperate need on her face, anxious to believe what must be a homily reiterated over the years by her human mother. Kenzi insists that something like that belongs on a “hurlmark card,” but if it’s spring cleaning Bo needs, then she can be Cinderella, and Kenzi will be her little birdie. Aw. Bo is taken aback a bit at her quick compliance, but cautiously thanks her as Kenzi lifts the lid of a pizza box and sniffs experimentally at a slice.

At The Crawford Hotel, Doorman tips his hat at a passing female jogger then reaches back to open the door for a robed resident. He asks after Mrs. Farlinger’s health, and does some general doorman chit chat as the old woman stands dazedly on the sidewalk. Finally he asks if everything is okay. “To sleep, perchance to dream,” Mrs. F. mutters. With a sob, she runs back inside the building, pursued by a concerned Doorman who watches as she runs straight into a pillar and drops to the ground. Dumbfounded, Doorman looks around the lobby and notices that all of the residents are roaming aimlessly, like the entire cast of Cuckoo’s Nest was lobotomized.


At a diner, Doorman pours half a bottle of sugar into his coffee as Bo and Kenzi join him. Kenzi flips his bellman’s hat onto her head. “This is the platform to Hogwarts?” she asks, cheekily. He looks blankly at her for a moment. “Oh. You’re joking.” Kenzi: “My talents are totally wasted on the fae crowd.” Bo steps in to save Doorman, “don’t mind Tina not fae here. I’m Bo. What can we do for you, Frank?” Doorman/Frank: “Thanks for coming, Bo.” He nods at Kenzi, “Tina,” which makes me smile.

Show, I am so proud of you. We’re only 3:14 in and already our fae of the day has been identified by name. Sniff. It warms the cynical cockles of a recapper’s heart.

Frank expositions his cover job is as a doorman at The Crawford “good building; nice people,” and Bo clarifies that Frank is light fae. The Crawford is essentially his territory and he cares for the folks who live there. “I love those humans. It kills me to see them all messed up.” Kenzi’s face softens, and she wonders how messed up they’re talking about here. This is an interesting wrinkle because almost every fae they’ve met that’s not part of their posse has looked on humans as food, certainly without any affection. Now Frank is all verklempt over them.

Frank says all his residents have gone insane, “mush for brains,” and he thinks dark fae are at work, “Dark fae feeding in my territory hurting my humans.” He says this in a hushed tone after furtively looking around as though dark fae ninjas will down from hovering black helicopters at the mere mention of their name. Oh, they do that?! Whoops.

Bo suggests he take the issue to The Ash, and Frank says he’s tried, but was told it was his territory, ergo his problem. “If you ask me,” and again he stops and checks the corners, “the new guy? Doesn’t give a flying whatoosie about humans.” Bo and Kenzi exchange looks—they’ve met him, they know. Frank goes on to say he hears that Bo has a soft spot for humans, and—This is a test. This is a test to see if you notice the dialogue the SyFy Channel has seen fit to trim from the U.S. airing of this episode. Check. We noticed.

Bo confirms that she doesn’t like the idea of dark fae any more than he does. She promises they’ll do what they can. Frank is very relieved and Bo promises to meet him at The Crawford in 10 minutes. Frank stands up, practically to attention, and barely manages not to salute. “Bo,” he says in farewell, and then turns to a quiet Kenzi, “Tina,” he nods. Hee.

Bo pulls out her cell and starts to dial as Kenzi whines that if they ever made any money off these cases, they could hire a cleaning lady. Bo asserts that helping Frank will do more for her than all the cleaning in the world. “But calling Dyson,” Kenzi says, pulling the phone out of Bo’s hand, “will make you feel like an ass, oh Mistress of Masochism.” Bo grabs the phone back and tells Kenzi to relax. “Medical mystery?” she says, “Sounds like it’s right up Lauren’s alley,” she says with an anticipatory smile that Kenzi fails to miss. “Hey! The best way to get over somebody is to get under someone else.” Bo shoots her a naughty grin and as Kenzi gets up she asks where she’s going. Kenzi: “Look, I know you and the good doctor have some stuff to work out minus this gorgeous but unnecessary third wheel. See ya!” Exit Kenzi as Bo asks Lauren over the phone if she’s like to make a house call.

Trick in Lost GirlAt The Dal (drink!), Trick pulls a pint while Kenzi rambles on about how Bo deserves a spic and span casa, but “I am not genetically programmed for housework! And she doesn’t make enough moolah to get me the squadron of maids I deserve!” Trick offers to hire her on for a couple shifts if she needs money. “Work for a living?” Kenzi repeats offended. “Do I look like a chump?”

“Do I?” Trick drawls, warningly. Careful girl. Kenzi, warily: “If I say yes do I still get that beer?” Trick sighs and gives her a look, but passes the pint over while Kenzi preens.

A dandily-dressed fae trots up to Kenzi’s side. “Hi there!” he says with enthusiasm and Kenzi jumps a mile. “I couldn’t help but overhear. I’m Mumphert,” the fae introduces. Kenzi: “I got a shot for that in kindergarten,” she holds up one hand, “keep walking, pal!” Trick, whose back is to Kenzi as he polishes the bar (seriously, that should be a drink! meme all by itself), is smiling as he listens in.

Mumphert explains that he’s a brownie, “I clean houses.” Kenzi eyes him cautiously, “Before you devour the inhabitants?” she asks, probing for an explanation. Mumphert explains that he works at night and tries to stay out of the way. “So quiet,” he whispers, “you won’t even know I’m there.” Kenzi still isn’t buying it. “And I’d do it for free,” Mumphert adds. “Mumfy!” Kenzi exclaims. “Have a seat!”

As Mumphert gets settled, Kenzi pssts Trick to come back to her and sotto voce asks him “Brownies. Perfectly harmless or lock up your honeys?” Trick: “They eat honey, not honeys. In fact they like it in their porridge.” Kenzi, dryly: “What else do they like in their porridge, huh? Nuggets of girl brain? Dribbles of virgin blood? Eyeball dumplings?!” SyFy Channel thinks the preceding snark is not fit for U.S. viewing and has thus trimmed it from the episode.

Trick insists all they eat is cereal and honey. Kenzi clarifies that Mumphert is Trick-certified safe to take home. “Absolutely,” Trick assures her, “just don’t take him for granted.” Kenzi declares this as “sweetacular,” which I am officially stealing for everything, and tells Mumphert he’s hired. Mumphert: “Oooohhh.” Kenzi: “Do you come with your own mop? Ours kinda got brutalized in a cheese fondue incident. Not pretty.” Trick, wisely, declines to ask for further information. We interrupt this regularly scheduled recap to redact even more dialogue the SyFy Channel saw fit to trim from the episode.

At The Crawford (eh, sip), Bo is examining an open heating grate while Doctor Lauren checks out Mrs. F. Bo wonders if this is vent 49 or 50 and Doctor Lauren warns her to keep an eye out for critters. Bo can’t believe Doctor Lauren made her catch a cockroach and Doctor Lauren can’t believe Bo screamed. Mrs. F., meanwhile, is muttering “Can’t sleep! Can’t ever sleep!” Doctor Lauren offers to give Mrs. F a sedative, just as the old woman passes out cold. Doctor Lauren: “No? All righty then.”

Bo asks what Doctor Lauren thinks so far, and the doc admits that she tell if it’s the work of some fae or a new virus or some exotic mold. She won’t know until she runs tests back at the lab, “a lot of tests.” This is beginning to remind me a lot of Giles’ “I must consult my books.” With Doctor Lauren’s increased presence in season two, I may have to instigate a drink meme for the lab alone. Stay tuned…

Bo thanks her for helping. “Always,” Doctor Lauren says, heavy with meaning. I gotta get a handle on the automatic eye roll that comes when she says things like that or this entire season will be one big headache in more ways than one. Bo gets all excited and wonders if it’s time for them to celebrate, which confuses Doctor Lauren. “New Ash in. Old Ash out,” Bo clarifies. “He doesn’t have a hold on you anymore.” She concludes this means Doctor Lauren is free. “Well,” a noticeably less enthused Doctor Lauren dissembles, “like all things fae it’s—it’s complicated.”

“Right,” Bo says, and it’s clear she’s not about to leave it at that. “I promise you,” Doctor Lauren says heartily, “I will explain everything—” Mrs. F. chooses this moment to rear upright with a gasp, and there’s a quick shot of a black-clad blonde with glowing green eyes passing in front of the mirror on the other side of the room whom neither woman notices. “Just as soon as we’re not wading through a swamp of psychosis,” Doctor Lauren finishes without a wrinkle. As the blonde leaves, Mrs. F. collapses back against the couch again. “I’ll ah, I’ll go find another vent to play Die Hard in,” Bo decides.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Kenzi is eating potato chips on the couch when Bo arrives. “Hi BoBo! Have fun playing doctah?” Plopping down on the couch and stripping off her boots, Bo expositions that she’s spent 6 hours clearing vents with 5 vermin samples captured and 2 busted eardrums and still no clue in a fae tree what’s causing the disease. Bravo show, you beat me to it! “Science is exhausting,” she concludes. But Kenzi only wants to know one thing: “Yeah, but how did it go bow chicka wow wow?” Bo insists that it was all strictly professional, “and might I add how yummy Lauren is when she’s being professional?” she says with a chuckle as Kenzi whirls her arm above her head in a “garcon!” manner.

Mumphert hurries over and offers the startled Bo a cup of coco. “And let’s slide those footsie wootsies into Cozyville,” he says, sliding fuzzy slippers onto Bo’s feet. Kenzi: “Guess what I brought home!” Bo: “Um – confusion and chocolate-dispensing terror?”

Kenzi introduces her to Mumphert. “He is our new live-in help and Trick said he’s perfectly safe, I swear on my free bar tab.” Bo gets up to pace around as Kenzi continues, “you wanted a Feng Shui do-over and you got it sister!” Plus he’s doing it for free. I know it’s been a really, really, really long while since my (horrible) days as a brownie, but I do not remember anything like this in the badge options.

Later that night, Mumphert is singing to himself while doing dishes. You can always come to Krum Kasa when you’re done there, Mumfy! He hears a rumbling noise from upstairs, but he shrugs it off. Upstairs, Bo’s bedroom is lit in an eerie blue light as she wakes from a deep sleep with a gasp. She sleeps naked, even alone apparently. Bo grabs a dagger out from under her pillow (that’s my girl!) and slowly rises to drape herself in that gorgeous red silk kimono that I covet more with every viewing.

DysonPadding across the floor, she sees someone is showering in her claw foot tub forming a cloudy silhouette on the curtain. Dagger poised to strike, she rips back the curtain—and Dyson is in the shower, rubbing his chest as he smiles playfully. Umphf. He aims a coy glance at Bo’s dagger that seems to say mmm, kinky but I may be projecting. “Surprise!” he quips. Oh dear God, I don’t think my ovaries can handle a playful Dyson. Bo gapes at him, all wet and nekkid as he is, and Dyson grins back. He grabs the shower rod with both hands (still NOT a euphemism!) and sort of wiggles in place—charmingly natch. “Pipes were broken in my place,” he informs Bo in THAT VOICE, “I didn’t think you’d mind.” By the look on her face, Bo doesn’t mind one bit. Neither do we!

Dyson and Bo in the shower in Scream a Little Dream“You gonna join me or are you just gonna stand there?” Dyson asks, tantalizingly. Bo doesn’t hesitate further but shucks her kimono and climbs into the tub—and Dyson’s arms. They begin to make love as the water steams around them. “Turn around,” Dyson murmurs, and she closes her eyes as he pulls her back to his front. Dyson’s hands and—well—do something wicked to Bo judging by the look on her face and the moan she releases. He embraces her from behind, leaning down to kiss her neck and she smiles. The camera pans down his back—hot tattoo alert!—and there is a lot of wet skin on display (thank you, show!). Suddenly, Bo jerks as though he just pinched her.

“Ow!” she says, turning to face him. “Why are your nails so sharp?” He cradles her neck. “All the better to eat you with my dear.” Whoops. Wrong wolf. Lemme try this again. “All the better to –” he pauses, then his hand strangles her throat, “rip your heart out!” he finishes, shouting and thrusting his arm into her chest. Bo cries out in pain and there’s a squelching sound that’s presumably her heart getting ripped out. We know he’s already done the same to her metaphorically, which I guess is the point. Dyson fully wolfs out with claws and fangs and holds Bo’s heart before her like a trophy. We get it. He has her heart. I think that was made clear by the agonizing emotional angst of last week’s episode conclusion, but visuals are neat.

Bo and dream woman in Lost Girl 2.03Back in the real world, Bo is still asleep, writhing in her bed (and dressed in a nightgown, BTW). Something or someone is sitting on her chest. Kenzi comes running in, drawn by Bo’s screams. A blonde woman in black is straddling Bo’s chest and as Kenzi enters the bedroom, she throws her head back in ecstasy as though she’s feeding on Bo’s dream energy. Bo wakes up as Kenzi calls her name and throws the woman off, grabbing her dagger out from under the pillow, so that part at least was real. Less the naked-Dyson-in-the-shower part, sadly enough. The woman pops up quickly and, black cape spread behind her like a bat’s wing, swoops toward Kenzi, but vanishes into smoke as Kenzi swipes at her with a knife. Kenzi gaps for breath. “Skinny bitch cooties!” she gasps then asks after Bo, who is sitting up in bed panting and not in a good way. “Whatever it was that drove those humans crazy,” she says, clearly trying to marry the fact and fiction of what she just experienced, “I think I just found it.”

It’s morning at Hilton Hovel (drink!), and Bo and Kenzi are stopped still in shock at the condition of common room. For once, Hilton Hovel is living up to more than the second half of its name, and the women are stymied by how nice and clean it all looks. “He ironed everything!” Kenzi points out with awe, “including my tankini!” Bo wonders how Mumphert’s barista skills hold up and Kenzi pours the java. Result is good! Bo reaches for a bottle of pain killer, and struggles to open it while Kenzi laments that the only problem is Mumphert’s eaten all the Honey Berry Crunch cereal. “Is that weird?”

Gently, she takes the bottle from Bo’s hand to open it for her. “Not much with the sleeping, huh.” Bo: “Would you be able to sleep with some crazy lady waiting to jump on your chest?” Kenzi thinks she has it worse as she had to walk in and see it. She passes a few pills over to Bo. “I swear she was like 5 seconds from going reverse cowgirl on you.” Bo shoots her a disgusted look while Kenzi informs her Mumphert didn’t see any sign of Blonde Bat Bitch for the rest of the night.

“Yeah, well, every time I dozed off, I got slammed by nightmares. It’s like she’s got her hooks in me.” Kenzi wonders if maybe much like the way Bo sucks sexual energy from people’s faces, Blonde Bat Bitch sucks energy from people’s brains. “Super!” Bo chips, heavy with the sarcasm. But this definitely pings with Bo. She tells Kenzi to stay on top of the Honey Berry Crunch situation while she finds out what she brought back with her from Frank’s building, “and why she’s inside my dreams.” Seriously SyFy channel? This is getting ridonkulous.

At The Dal (drink!) Trick muses that it sounds like a mare. Bo: “Well this filly had only two legs and tried to ride me.” Trick says it’s mare as in nightmare, a dark fae who gives humans bad dreams and feed on resulting fear. Bo points out that she’s not human. Trick agrees and adds that mares aren’t usually so toxic. “She rendered an entire building insane?” Yup, Bo says. Trick suggests she try to stay awake until they can figure out what’s going on. “Mares only feed on those who slumber.” Bo wonders if the damage to the humans can be reversed. “I.e. can I look through my books?” Trick clarifies with a wry smile, but of course he agrees.

Bo has a nightmare in Lost Girl’s Scream a Little DreamAt Doctor Lauren’s apartment (there’s a new one), Bo reclines in a chair sleeping with an MRI helmet on her head while Doctor Lauren monitors readings on her laptop. Suddenly Bo wakes, screaming, and the sleep helmet shuts down. “Another nightmare,” Doctor Lauren observes with concern, coming to her feet. Bo says she dreamt she had bad hunger and scarfed a cheeseburger that chewed through her stomach and then ate her head. “Yum.”

Doctor Lauren says Bo’s brain is lighting up when she sleeps. The overload is probably what’s driving the humans insane. One certain area is strobing even when Bo is awake. “I think the mare established a psychic connection with you the first time she was on top of you.” Well, climb aboard a succubus and you get what you get. Bo wonders if that’s why she’s inside the mare’s head too. Doctor Lauren insists the link should be a one-way street, but Bo is certain the intense hunger she just felt was not hers.

“It’s amazing,” Doctor Lauren observes with awe. “It could be that you’re more powerful and unique than anyone has ever given you credit for.” There’s a pause as Doctor Lauren stares at Bo adoringly and just a tiny bit like something she’d like to get on a lab table, and then Bo shrugs it off. The shrug takes too much out of her though, and Doctor Lauren goes off to find something to help Bo stay awake.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Kenzi is reverently unwrapping high-class shopping bags. “Kiss my couture,” she whispers, fingering the designer clothes. “Am I dreaming?” Mumphert hovers nearby, pleased. “Brownies are also excellent personal shoppers,” he informs her. Kenzi can’t believe Mumphert found these clothes as they were a limited run, and he preens as he admits he has a talent for retail. “Oh, and by the way? Brownies? Never pay.” This is too much for Kenzi, and she tears up. “You’re just the most wonderful man I’ve ever met,” she tells Mumphert. Delighted, he prances into the kitchen.

Mumphert reminds Kenzi, “I hesitate to mention it,” but they’re out of Honey Berry Crunch. “Ah yeah, you ate it all.” Kenzi points out. Mumphert asks that Kenzi pick up a few boxes next time she’s out. “You lug home a truckload of luxury loot but you can’t bother to snag one box of cereal?” Mumphert smiles painfully and repeats the request that she remember to pick some up.

Back at Doctor Lauren’s apartment, the doc is searching for pain killer. “Somewhere in here I have pills from the glands of a giant –Venezuelan wart –” This brings Bo’s head up and around. “Maybe it’s better if you don’t know exactly what you’re swallowing,” Doctor Lauren concedes and Bo agrees with her. Sitting on the couch, Bo points out that there aren’t any screaming crazy people around now, minus her of course, and Doctor Lauren promised her a bedtime story about the good doctor and the light fae. “Feels like bedtime to me.”

Doctor Lauren insists (again) that she wants to tell Bo all about it. “I’ve wanted to ever since...ever since—” It’s clear she means since she and Bo first slept together, and Bo puts a reassuringly hand on her knee. But before Doctor Lauren can continue the door bursts open.

It’s the new Ash, making his presence known. The women stand and Bo snits that this is a private party, but The Ash ignores this. Doctor Lauren is silent with a look of fatalistic dread on her face. “It’s Bo, right? Is that short for something?” He takes a seat without being asked as though it belongs to him. The Ash smarms that Bo might remember him as the guy who was just crowned head of the light fae. Bo: “I remember a preening jackass prancing around the forest with a bow and arrow.” Oh, come on now!

The Ash smiles and casually notes that he’s been asking around about Bo. “You have a kind of casual approach to faedom, haven’t you?” Bo thinks this matches his approach to locked doors. “Actually,” he clarifies, narrowing his gaze onto Doctor Lauren. “I’m a bit of a stickler for protocol.”

With an air of resignation, Doctor Lauren slowly kneels. Bo is appalled at her submission and tries to bring Doctor Lauren to her feet, ordering her to get up. The Ash: “As the new Ash, all of the old Ash’s chattel passes to me,” he intones. “That means everything from the lab,” he says to Bo, “including you,” he adds with an arrogant wink at Doctor Lauren. Look, so long as she’s in between Bo and Dyson, no matter how much a dumbass he’s being, the doc’s not going to be my favorite person, but even I want to poke this Ashole’s wink out already for this crap.

Bo and Lauren in Lost Girl — pic via Lost Girl Caps on TumblrHe orders his minions to take Doctor Lauren away, but as one grabs the doc, Bo breaks his arm and threatens him. The Ash chides Bo. “Don’t be so petulant. You want access to my property, you make a formal request.” This makes Bo even angrier and she draws her dagger. “Lauren,” she grits, “is no one’s property.” But this time, it’s Doctor Lauren who talks her down. “Don’t. I need you to stay out of this,” she tells Bo. Reluctantly, and without taking her eyes from a very smug looking Ash, Bo lowers the weapon. As she leaves with the guards, Doctor Lauren calls back for Bo to stay awake. Bo stares after her as The Ash stands, buttoning his suit jacket more CEO at a takeover meeting than leader of the light faction of immortal fairy creatures. “Good times,” he snarks in Bo’s ear as he passes, and she glares after him, ineffectually.

At The Dal (drink!), Kenzi smacks Bo on the ass to wake her up. “I’m awake!” Bo yells. Kenzi orders her to drink coffee, but Bo whines that she’s been drinking coffee and now she has gut rot has to pee like a racehorse. “I really could’ve used those pills from Lauren,” Bo moans. I mean, what was the doc thinking? Getting taken into lock-down servitude before giving Bo what she needs. The nerve.

Trick tells Bo she needs a Baku, a shy fae who eats bad dreams. “Where does baby get Baku?” Bo asks. Trick: “Did I mention it was shy?” A live Baku eats nightmares, but the pelt of a dead one is highly valued as it wards off disease. Ergo, Baku have been hunted to the edge of extinction. Bo despairs of finding one, but Trick suggests that Lauren might have one or two in her old medical records. “Lachlan came for Lauren,” Bo informs them and I’m pretty certain this is the first time he’s been referred to by name, particularly interesting as the old Ash was only ever referred to as The Ash.

“He called her chattel. I swear if he touches her—” Trick cuts her off quickly, assuring her that he has ears in many places. “Mmmm, when you’re fae, you should probably use a different expression,” Kenzi cautions. This eighth censorship moment is yet still brought to you by the SyFy channel. Trick continues that word from The Ash’s compound is that Doctor Lauren is being treated with respect. Bo: “Except for the whole owning thing.” Trick: “Lachlan’s an unknown quantity. Tread carefully with him. Play nice, Bo,” he orders and Kenzi repeats it to her bestie as she tries to keep Bo awake.

At The Ash’s compound, Bo is shown into the throne room. She takes a seat next to some dude who is also waiting and asks that she pass him a magazine. Exactly what sort of magazines does The Ash keep for his supplicants? Fae and Garden? Bo passes over a magazine, but dude suddenly morphs into Blonde Bat Bitch who snarls and then swirls and twirls her way around and out of the room.

“Bo?” Bo wakes with a start as someone calls her name. “Bo?” the same person asks more gently as Bo looks around the room until her gaze lands on Lachlan who is sprawled across a raised throne. He obnoxiously points out that she has some drool on her chin. Bo gathers her composure as he asks if it was a late night for her. “You know what they say about being a succubus. It’s not the work that’ll kill you; it’s the hours.” Bo admits it’s a little of both this time.
Lachlan notes he didn’t expect the pleasure of Bo’s company again so soon. “I come to you,” Bo begins formally, “Oh, great Ash.” Oh, she’s trying to place nice! Bless. She sweeps her arm before her. “Especially be-humbled,” and then thankfully gives it up. “Can I please just speak to Lauren?” she asks, abandoning all pretenses.

Lachlan says it’s a shame, but Doctor Lauren is kind of busy right now. This does not surprise Bo at all. “You know, I gave my men good odds you’d never show,” he says, adding that Bo cost him a thousand dollars in a light brogue that makes him infinitesimally more interesting. Bo: “Well, I’d hate to be predictable.”

Lachlan, the new Ash, in Lost Girl — picture via Lost Girl Caps on TumblrLachlan descends his throne and begins to circle Bo. “Seductress. Warrior. Fashion refugee. What are you after with that contrarian little act of yours?” Bo insists with bite that it’s not an act. “Look, this first date chit chat is swell and all? But if I could just have five minutes with Lauren.” Lachlan says he might be inclined if it was in the interests of the light fae, and Bo is quick to confirm it. “Is it?” he wonders. “One would think it would be up to The Ash to make that call.”

Bo explains that she took on Frank’s little problem, but Lachlan doesn’t know who Bo is talking about. Bo explains about Frank and how he came to The Ash pleading for help, “and like the arrogant, self-involved, useless little prick prat (really SyFy channel?!) that I’m starting to get the sense that you are, you turned him away!” Lachlan walks away without a word and Bo attempts to dial back. “I’m sorry. When I’m tired my innie thoughts become outies.” Heee. I can so relate to that line. Lachlan turns back to her, unruffled. “No one by the name of Frank, doorman or otherwise, has ever spoken to me.” As he winks at her again, I realize he actually has small, beady eyes.

Bo is finally getting the sense there’s something rotten in the state of Faemark and as Lachlan once again assumes the throne, she apologizes for bothering him and attempts a laughable, insincere bow before exiting.

Kenzi is bopping through Hilton Hovel with headphones on. As she pulls a pot of spaghetti out of the icebox, she calls for Mumphert as the pasta has a sock in it. The flowers are dying and the fruit bowl is full of apple cores and banana peels. Mumphert, who is lying on the couch pouting, pops up. “Problem, Miss Kenzi?” Kenzi starts to ask what his damage is but she sees he’s stuck one of her wigs on the head of the mannequin and nailed it to the pillar. “What’s with the campaign of mass annoyance?” Mumphert sneers that she knows perfectly well what she did. Kenzi suggest a little meanly that it’s time for him to go. “You made this my home. I’m not going anywhere. Ever.” Kenzi steps forward, but trips over a box of Honey Berry Crunch Mumphert has pinned to the floor with a carving knife. “Qu’est ce que the hell?!” she demands, but Mumphert just flips his head in annoyance.

At The Crawford (sip) Frank lets Bo in and asks if the lab results are in. “Yeah,” Bo says and shoves him up against the wall. “And the prognosis isn’t good!” She knows he lied to her and never went to plead his case to The Ash. Frank acknowledges that she’s pissed and says the best way to cool down when she’s running so hot is to sleep it off. He blows some pixie dust in her face and as Bo collapses, he sweeps her up in his arms and carries her deeper into The Crawford.

Hale in Scream a Little DreamAt The Dal, everyone but Bo is sitting at the bar, laughing uproariously. Bo is sitting in a chair behind them, being ignored. The Norn, wearing some kind of Punch and Judy mask, is the life of the party and asks who wants to go see the “talkie” that just opened at the Odeon. In his only appearance in this ep, Hale (Hale!) claims everyone says it’s the greatest love story ever told (double meaning? I think so!). Kenzi insists they don’t invite the buzzkill, gesturing to the baffled Bo, as she ruins everything. They go off in a chatty jumble, (Dyson tosses out “I’m nothing!” as they leave) while Bo calls after them that she loves a good love story as much as the next gal. She tries to go after them but can’t get out of the chair. “Could someone help me out with a yank?” she asks, struggling. I’m just gonna let that one lie there untouched. Bo finally gives up. “Guys, I’m still here!” she shouts, but the door of The Dal clatters shut behind them as they leave her behind.

A puff of black smoke writhes through The Dal, empty now but for Bo stuck in her chair in the middle of the room. Blonde Bat Bitch swoops around Bo, then leans over and licks her face. “Tasty, tasty,” she whispers before twirling away. Bo, dazed, says, “B is for Bo,” which makes no sense at all. Suddenly, black ooze begins to slide down the walls of The Dal and creep across the floor toward an increasingly frightened Bo. She calls for her friends with no luck as the black ooze flows up her legs and down her arms, covering her face and crawling into her mouth as it overtakes her completely. Guess she took the red pill after all.
Bo wakes up, choking and tied to a chair, but not in The Dal, rather in one of the rooms at The Crawford. Frank dabs her drooling cheek with a handkerchief, begs her not to be mad. Bo: “I left mad some time ago,” Bo tells him gasping. “I’m sailing right into livid.” Frank insists that he had no choice but Bo doesn’t care. She kicks him in the chest with both feet and breaks free of the chair by slamming it against the wall until it breaks to pieces. The direct approach is always a good one.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Kenzi is dragging an overloaded duffel bag behind her as she calls for Mumphert. He stands before her, wearing her short read wig, pink polka dot bra and other pieces of her eclectic wardrobe like some goth Malvolio. “You were gone so long,” he says in a mournful tone, “I thought you’d forgotten everything. And everyone.” Kenzi assures “Mumfrydoodles,” that she would never abandon her favorite brownie and soothes his ruffled feelings, “some would take money for what I do. I only want gratitude,” by revealing the duffel is full of Honey Berry Crunch boxes. Pleased, Mumphert insists that Kenzi didn’t have to do that. Ah, so he’s a passive aggressive brownie. Now those I remember very well.

Kenzi wonders if Mumphert is copacetic now and when he says yes, she wonders whether he might be up for something. “Actually, I don’t even know if you can get it.” Crunching down on the Honey Berry Crunch, Mumphert seems a little insulted by the idea. “Anything Miss Kenzi. It would be my pleasure.” Kenzi asks if he could handle a personal shopping request—a Baku. Though he at first thinks she wants the expensive pelt, Kenzi clarifies that she needs the Baku in the pelt and still alive, which challenges Mumphert even more.

At The Crawford (sip), Bo is sucking Frank down, but he looks strangely unmoved. She orders him to tell her everything and he admits that he lied, that this is light fae territory and he’s just a dark fae squatter. Bo warns that he won’t get away with it, but Frank thinks he will as the light fae are so messed up right now and the new Ash still hasn’t restored order. Bo wonders why he dragged her into it. “Because Connie is so hungry,” Frank says as though this clears up everything. Connie is his girl. “The mare,” Bo says, finally getting it and beginning to fade herself. Frank says after snacking on the humans in the building, Connie, aka Blonde Bat Bitch, needed a juicy fae for her main course. Frank himself won’t do because as a Sandman, he can only put people to sleep; he never actually sleeps himself. “I’m no good to her that way, as she likes to remind me.”

Bo concludes that he targeted her instead as she reels back, literally falling asleep on her feet. It seems sucking Frank’s chi includes ingesting his sleep infusion, like downing a whole vat of Sleepy Time Tea all at once. “Everyone knows you’re unaligned,” Frank points out. “You’re all alone.” Bo: “Throw that in my face,” she mumbles stumbling back. “I’m just so sleepy again. Why am I so sleepy?” Frank quietly repeats that he’s a sandman. “I shed my dust like cats shed dander.” Bo backs up into the wall, and slides down to the floor. “I just need one second just to regroup,” she murmurs and is out cold.

“Honey pie!” Frank calls out. In walks a very pregnant Connie in t-shirt and yoga pants. She berates Frank for spilling his guts to Bo. They bicker as she releases him from the chair. Him: “Who’s the one who knocked back an entire building of humans?” Her: “I am eating for six!” Him: “If you didn’t like the succubus, you didn’t have to follow her home!” Her: “Moron! In my condition, I should not have had to follow her home!” Him: “Sometimes I think I would’ve been better off shacking up with a harpy!” This last shout finally wakes Bo up, but as Frank moves to restrain her, Bo pulls her dagger and holds him off, slicing his hand when he tries to blow smoke up her ass—I mean, in her face. As Bo flees, Connie collapses into the chair. “You are such a loser!”

Bo stumbles down a hallway in The Crawford and manages to reach the elevator. Frank pursues her, taunting that he can see “it” in her eyes, awake or still dreaming and Bo’s eyes go mare green for a moment. Bo manages to fall into the elevator even as Frank tells her he has the whole place locked up tight. Frank’s cell phone rings as the elevator doors close in his face and whatever Connie is telling him sends Frank running off in the opposite direction.
Bo stops the elevator and calls Kenzi, who wonders where Slumber Butt has been. Bo, voice breaking: “Oh Kenz, I don’t know! I don’t know if I’m awake or I’m dreaming!” She tells Kenzi she’s at The Crawford. “Oh Kenzi!” she sobs, collapsing to the ground. “I don’t know what’s real anymore!” Suddenly, Mumphert arrives at Hilton Hovel. “Look what I found!” he trills and reveals the Baku in tow. “Who loves you?” Mumphert asks coyly. Kenzi tells Bo to hold on, she’s got a Baku and she’s on the way.

Bo is banging her head on the wall to stay awake. Her gaze fixates on the basement button, a big B as in Bo that is blinking blue. Ohhhh, this is why she said “B is for Bo” earlier! Got it. “I know where you live, bitch,” Bo growls. Panting, she crawls to the buttons and, reactivating the elevator, pushes the big blue B button. “I am in your head too. B is for basement.”

The elevator opens on a long, dark hallway with a blue door at its end. Slowly, Bo makes her way to the door. Suddenly, she’s inside her own bedroom. An old woman sits on Bo’s bed, sobbing, hands over her face, shrouded by the bed curtains. Bo approaches her, asking if she’s OK, her leather jacket mysteriously gone.

Bo parts the curtains to reveal that the old woman is she. “Look at you!” OldBo whispers. “Beautiful. I never realized I was so beautiful.” She starts to cry again and when Bo asks what’s wrong, OldBo says she’s the first person who’s come in years. Bo: “Where is everybody?” OldBo says Kenzi died decades ago. “And then, after Dyson…after Lauren…I never found love again.”
Bo: “Don’t say that!” This is Bo’s greatest fear that she’ll wind up alone without love and with nothing and no one to feed on or worse, to love, rotting away in Hilton Hovel like some fae Miss Havisham. OldBo grabs her, begging Bo not to leave. “It’s been so long since I’ve been touched, since I’ve had one kiss.” Bo struggles, “please I have to leave!” but OldBo is frantic in her need, “just one kiss,” and begins to suck Bo down. Yeah, it’s about as surreal as it sounds.

“Bo!” Kenzi shouts, walking down the long hallway, the Baku close behind. Bo is standing outside the blue door. She never went inside, but though her eyes are wide open, she is totally under Blonde Bat Bitch’s spell. As Kenzi watches, Bo’s desolate gaze fills with Blonde Bat Bitch’s green glow. Kenzi asks Baku how he gnoshes the bad dreams, “Should I hold her head while you unhinge your jaw?” But Baku pushes Kenzi out of the way and simply embraces Bo. Kenzi: “Oh. That’s nice.”

Back in Bo’s surreal self-suckage, Bo finally breaks loose and pushes OldBo back onto the bed where she vanishes in a puff of white vapor. Panting, Bo tries to shake it off and slowly walks out of the bedroom, her steps unsure. As she reaches the threshold, DreamDyson materializes behind her in a white buttoned down shirt and blue jeans sort of a cross between Dyson-wear and Mr. Thornwood. “Where ya goin’?” he asks, again in charming lover mode. “What’s it to you?” Bo snaps. “Bo,” he says softly, “I want it back. All of it.” He holds out his hand to her. “I want to be with you.” Oh. Just – oh.
Bo hesitates then slowly begins to walk back to him, every step filled with wild hope. “But the Norn?” she asks, confused. “What do you say,” DreamDyson murmurs. “In here we can be together—always.” Bo’s face lights up. This is what she wants so much, to be with him. To be loved by him again. DreamDyson smiles to see it. “C’mon,” he entices. Bo looks at his outstretched hand. Slowly, she takes it. It’s, well, it’s mean, that’s what it is. Just pure television writer meanness.

In the real world, Baku is still hugging Bo. “I’ve eaten the scary dreams,” he tells Kenzi, “but your friend is stuck. Someone or something is holding her there.” This is the cruelty of our subconscious, the fulfillment in dreams of the unbridled desires of our hearts, often desires we know we can never have. It’s what makes waking up to real life so hard to do some mornings. Though it is possible I’m projecting again.

Right now, Bo’s nearly decided not to wake up again at all. Kenzi starts to yell Bo’s name, and to be fair, that did work rather well the last time some fae dragged Bo into a dream state. But Baku tells Kenzi Bo can’t hear her. “Bo,” Kenzi whispers. “Please come back, please come back.”

Dyson in Lost Girl Season 2 episode 3Bo is smiling at DreamDyson, her expression full of love and relief as he pulls her in and they kiss. Suddenly there’s a slicing sound and DreamDyson grunts. “No,” Bo says voice hard and filled with sorrow. “And goodbye.” DreamDyson drops back from the dagger she’s plunged into his gut, dematerializing along the way. Let’s just not make that dagger-in-Dyson’s-gut thing prophetic, ‘kay writers? Bo looks at the bloody dagger in her hand and slowly drops it to the floor. She squares her shoulders and confidently walks out of the dream world and into the light.

Bo comes to standing in the hallway. “Bo,” Kenzi says softly, “meet Baku.” Bo hugs Baku in gratitude and Kenzi throws her arms around them both. “I want in.”

Bo directs Baku to the trapped humans in the hotel. “I bet their dreams are plenty bad too.” She says, her voice still trembling. As Baku goes off to free the others, Kenzi asks if Bo is feeling okay, “all awake and not cuckoo?” Bo: “Oh, I wish. I feel like the mare still has this psychic link to –” She stops as something occurs to her and turns back to the blue door with the big B on it that she never really entered. She kicks open the door to find Frank and Connie on a threadbare couch in the middle of childbirth as Connie confesses that she thinks her water just broke.

At The Ash’s compound, Bo is downloading Lachlan. “She was feeding illegally in your territory. Someone had to do your job for you.” Lachlan, petulantly: “What do you want, a medal?” but Bo says flatly that she doesn’t want anything from him. As she leaves, Lachlan suggests a proposition to her. “Freelance for us. You won’t have to swear allegiance, you won’t be under my rule. I’ll even pay you a retainer.” Bo wonders what he expects her to do. “To do the wonderful things that you do—when the need arises.” Double entendre there much, Ash-hole?

“No disrespect,” Bo says with a smile that says otherwise. “But I’m sure if something arises, you’ll have it well in hand,” and she winks at him. There’s our girl.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!) Mumphert is all packed and ready to go, much to Kenzi’s dismay. “You should’ve seen the Baku’s place. It’s a pigsty!” Mumphert says, ridiculously pleased. Kenzi insists that she can be messier if that’s what it takes for him to stay. “I’ll play paintball in the kitchen—I’ll shave my legs in the living room!” But Mumphert says it’s over. The Baku has lived alone for centuries, a complete shut-in, and “he needs me more.” He tilts his head coyly. “Love ya!” Kenzi pouts, but air kisses with him nonetheless. Mumphert gives her a speaking look. Catching on, Kenzi grabs the duffel of Honey Berry Crunch and plops it down before him.

Up in her bedroom, Bo is crawling into bed with as much effort as she might use to take down Aoife—again. Kenzi prances in checking that Bo has everything she needs, “eye mask? Ear plugs?” Kenzi tells her to get as much beauty sleep as she needs. “I will be so quiet tomorrow. And clean too.” Bo looks at her with a grateful smile. “Just keep being you, Kenz.”

Kenzi wishes her the sweetest dreams, “oh, and don’t worry,” she says, swinging a sword up into view. “I got this watch.” She sashays her way out, spike-heeled boots and ruffled short skirt a perfect juxtaposition to the lethal saber she’s tossed over her shoulder. Bo smiles, clearly totally strung out with exhaustion and lays back on her pillow but her eyes remain wide open, unable to sleep.

End Credits.


Bo, Trick, and Kenzi at the DalNew Fae Terms:

Mare: n. a fae who stimulates bad dreams in humans and then feeds off the resultant nightmares. Humans are particularly tasty prey as they have little psychic resistance. A Mare’s eyes will glow green when feeding. Generally dark fae, a Mare establishes a psychic link with its prey after the first feed, enabling it to feed any time the prey is asleep. Origin: Nordic/Germanic

Baku: n. Ying to the mare’s yang, Baku eat bad dreams usually via hugging. Over the years, the Baku have been hunted nearly to extinction for the value of their rare pelts. Ergo, a live Baku is very difficult to find.
Origin: Japanese

Brownie: n. A household fae, brownies enjoy cleaning and keeping the house for their humans/masters. However, an unappreciated fae can turn vindictive. Brownies love honey and cereal, often together, and make excellent personal shoppers as well as general procurers of hard to find things and people.
Origin: Scotland/Northern England

Sandman: n. fae creature who can cause people to fall asleep and dream. Sandmen do not, however, sleep themselves. The sleep dust from a Sandman can be ingested either by being actively blown onto a person or simply picked up as falling detritus from a passive sandman. A sandman can be either light or dark fae. Origin: Western.


Quotes of the Night:

Kenzi: Like you’ve never been suckered by a big shaft of wood.

Kenzi: My talents are totally wasted on the fae crowd.

Kenzi: Best way to get over somebody is to get under someone else.

Bo: I’ll go find another vent to play Die Hard in.

Kenzi: Do I look like a chump? Trick: Do I?

Bo: May I add how yummy Lauren is when she’s being professional?

Kenzi: Guess what I brought home! Bo: Um – confusion and chocolate-dispensing terror?

Kenzi: I swear she was like 5 seconds from going reverse cowgirl on you.

Bo: I remember a preening jackass prancing around the forest with a bow and arrow.

Lachlan: You have a kind of casual approach to faedom, haven’t you?

Lachlan: Seductress. Warrior. Fashion refugee.

Bo: I’m sorry. When I’m tired my innie thoughts become outies.

Kenzi: What’s with the campaign of mass annoyance?

Bo: I left mad some time ago. I’m sailing right into livid.

DreamDyson: I want it back. All of it. I want to be with you.

Bo: I’m sure if something arises, you’ll have it well in hand.


Next Week: Episode 4, “Mirror, Mirror”


The Ash and Bo/Lauren images courtesy of the Tumblr Lost Girl Caps.


Kiersten Hallie Krum writes smart, sharp & sexy romantic suspense. Find her snarking her way across social media as @kierstenkrum and on her web site and blog at www.kierstenkrum.com.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I'd love to find Dyson in my shower too, dream or no. YUM! Thank you, Lost Girl, for providing such goodies even while bringing the angst.
2. ChelseaMueller
Pro: Dyson + shower

Con: The really horrible Mare acting. It's the first time watching this show that I rolled my eyes at something. Really hope that's not the start of a trend.

PS. I keep wanting to call the Mare a Mara instead because of Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series. Same being, different name.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
3. Kiersten
Dyson in the shower is a definite win all around, 'cept for the not being real part.

@ChelseaMueller - yeah, that swooping around stuff was a little over the top. I did like the switch to her as a bitchy pregnant fae tho. Cute derailment.
Carmen Pinzon
4. bungluna
Great recap, as always!
That dagger through Dyson's got me worried. I know that the Doc. becomes the main love interest this season from all the internet chatter, but if they kill Dyson off I'm outa this show. I want my wolf-Bo back.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
5. Kiersten
@bungluna - I want my wolf boy back too! Lots of doc love to wade through first, unfortunately. We'll have to see...

I know the dagger through Dyson was meant to be metaphorical, but I just cannot see these two ever being full quits. Stuff between them supercedes any Norn curse, IMO, and, I think, will pop out at random moments. But I'm also expecting a lot of pain on that front.
Brittany Melson
6. BrittanyMelson
My thoughts on this episode: There is no chemistry between Bo and Doctor Lauren. NO CHEMISTRY. There's more chemistry between Bo and Kenzi than between Bo and Lauren.

I actually laughed out loud during the scene when Mumphert was wearing Kenzi's clothes. So funny. And the Baku seemed really sweet. I'm going to miss those two characters, and I hope they make a re-appearance.

Lachlan's a jerk, but he's also an intriguing character. I don't know if he's going to become someone I love to hate, or just simply hate. For the time being, though, I really miss Dyson. Poor Dyson.

Thanks for letting us know what got cut out of the Syfy version of the show.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
7. Kiersten
My thoughts on this episode: There is no chemistry between Bo and Doctor Lauren. NO CHEMISTRY. There's more chemistry between Bo and Kenzi than between Bo and Lauren.
Couldn't agree more, @BrittanyMelson. I like the friendship between Bo and Doctor Lauren - I think Bo needs that adult human relationship to keep her grouded in addition to the sister bond she has with Kenzi - but I don't feel there's any sexual chemistry there, certainly not to the level that Bo and Dyson exhibit together.

However, I find it funny that fans of the Bo/Doctor Lauren relationship say the exact opposite. Eye of the beholder indeed.
I really miss Dyson. Poor Dyson.
Sigh. Oh, me too.
8. F.Girl
Hello USa ! I'm a straight girl and I'm astonished that you don't or don'tWAN't to see the red-hot chemistry between Doccubus. American female viewers, you're the alone on this planet to root for Dyson/Bo and be haters toward Laurenand, sometimes, toward the actress. Not here, but SyFy forum is nauseant. SyFy T.V is nauseant too because it cuts out all the subtleties between Bo and Lauren. No Kiersten, Lauren IS NOT BETWEEN Dyson and BO. You must accept Bo LOVES them BOTH. You can stop watch if you want "Twilight". Bo is REALLY IN LOVE with Lauren. I don't like the boring Dyson with Bo. I like him but not with Bo for a great love story. The real plot is Bo's quest for her origins. For Love. You want it or no, Lauren is VERY IMPORTANT in this Quest . FAe/Human relationship is more exciting because it is forbidden by the FAE laws !
9. girlwithglasses
Since you're documenting SyFy's cuts, there was also another cut to the scene where Lachlan comes to reclaim Lauren at her apartment:

Lauren: Bo, don't. You'll just make it worse. (Lauren touches Bo's arm, slides hand down) Look at me, please. I need you to stay out of this.

Lauren: Bo, don't. I need you to stay out of this.

Whilst I do 100% believe that chemistry is in the eye of the beholder, I also believe that SyFy are doing their best to make it difficult for non-Doccubus fans to see the chemistry. Most Doccubus fans would say what they appreciate the most about the Bo-Lauren relationship (apart from the crackling chemistry ;) ) is the fact that Bo and Lauren care about each other and are protective of each other. The hand on arm in this scene is one thing that conveys that emotion, and, thanks to SyFy, viewers won't see it.
10. F.Girl
Even I was bored by Bo/Dyson sex scenes I watched because Dyson is part of Bo's life. And BECAUSE I like this show very very much and ALL the amazing cast who has a great chemistry off screen ! Yes ! great great chemistry between Anna and Zoie. Great great affection and chemistry between Kris Holden and Zoie Palmer who is very funny in real life. Ksenia Solo is shy. Watch the Lost Girl season 2 finale pre-show on you tube. Actually, Zoie is Kenzi in real life ! Characters and real persons are di-fae-rent. Best regards.
11. HelenM
I understand this recap is biased towards the Bo/Dyson pairing and as much as I love said pairing (and the D-man himself), there should be at least a mention of a Bo and Lauren scene that was edited and lost its meaning (at least in my opinion it did). I realized there was something wrong when Lauren came off as a bitch when she told Bo to stay out of it.

When anything is censored, its artistic integrity is stolen. It doesn't matter who you ship, we should protect the show.
Lana Baker
12. lanalucy
I've always been a 'shipper, no matter what show I'm watching. Not just the romantic 'ships, either. Maybe Bo will find someone else she can love the way she fell hard for Dyson, maybe the writers have something in mind we can't see. And Bo/Silk could have great chemistry with a post at the Dal (drink!), probably. But put Lauren into the scene, and she's like the black hole of chemistry. She just sucks the sexy out of everything. She may be important to the overall arc, but I'm surely not watching the show for what I see as a hideous pairing.
13. HelenM
@lanalucy, That's subjective. Given the popularity of the Bo/Lauren pairing, it's unlikely they will ever pair Bo (permanentely) with anyone other than Lauren or Dyson. I like Dyson better, but I wouldn't object to Bo choosing Lauren, as I personally don't watch the show for any kind of romantic pairing. And whislt I think Bo and Dyson have a sexual chemistry unlike any other, Bo and Lauren bring everything else to the table. To each, their own.
14. HelenM
@F. Girl These recaps are pro-Dyson/Bo & Dyson so you are not going to get Lauren/Bo & Lauren love. Please don't be a party pooper. There are plenty of Bo & Lauren recaps/reviews/sites to choose from if you want to.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
15. Kiersten
@F.Girl, @girlwithglasses, & @HelenM:

Thank you so very much for leaving a comment, each of you. I am, as you have noted, in favor of the Dyson/Bo relationship, but I always enjoy hearing the view from the other side. I truly believe diverse, respectful opinion keeps interesting conversation going and I try to perpetuate that here.

I very much appreciate F.Girl particularly noting that we here at Heroes & Heartbreakers are not part of the hate crowd you seem to have experienced elsewhere with U.S. viewers, especially in relation to Zoie Palmer who I personally think is all sorts of awesome (Google her with "chipmunk suit" and you'll see one reason why). This is why, in previous recaps, I have called out particular moments where her work resonates. Overall this is a remarkable cast whose universal chemistry on and off-screen infuse every aspect of this show.

To that end, let me clarify that I did not deliberately miss the additional cut made by the SyFy channel in the scene at Doctor Lauren's apartment. Honestly, it was 2 AM and the eyes and brain were simply not connecting. Thankfully, someone on Twitter alerted me earlier today and I actually have the U.S. ep on my T.V. right now while my oh so slow laptop sifts its way through the Canadian version so that I can pinpoint what I misssed. Thank you, @girlwithglasses, for so concisely laying it out for us and not only because that makes it something I can now check off my 'to do' list.

I write these recaps based on the Canadian version of the show so any chemistry or lack thereof that I'm commenting on is based on the full, original run of the episode. To me, when two (or more!) people can watch the same scene and come away with completely different takes on, great drama is being done. That said, I can see how you might think the cuts could affect a U.S. viewers' experiences with both central relationships and perhaps even offer an unfair imbalance. I'm not sure I agree, but I see where you're coming from. Either way, I'll certainly try to be more aware in future recaps on a whole as I'm strongly against censorship, whether I'm a fan of what's being cut or not. Ideally, they'll begin to air the episodes as intended and none of us will have to worry about it further.
When anything is censored, its artistic integrity is stolen. It doesn't matter who you ship, we should protect the show.
I couldn't agree more, HelenM.

Lost Girl is a unique show, both in its content and in its construct. That it has a global reach before it had a U.S. presence is rare in my experience (however limited that may be). As such, many fans/viewers have had the opportunity to form and hold favorites and opinions for some time. The fact that so many feel so passionately about the parts (and relationships) of the show that resonate most with them is, in my opinion, one of the many things that make Lost Girl such a good production.

I hope you return to Heroes and Heartbreakers and the Lost Girl recaps as we continue through season 2 and hopefully on to season 3. However, I completely understand if the wolf boy favor causes too much disquiet for you to return. In which case, let me conclude by thanking you again for your valued input and wishing you a faetastic experience all around with Lost Girl.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
16. Kiersten
@lanalucy - I agree with HelenM that there will always be Bo/Dyson and Bo/Lauren relationships on this show. The popularity of both is too great for the show to risk alienating one side of the fanbase by making an irrevocable choice between them. I do think there will be other sexual, possibly romantic partners for Bo in the future b/c she's a succubus and that is her nature. This is an aspect of the show that I think could be expanded more, and I'm interested to see how/if the show explores that as we move through season 2.

I think the chemistry between Bo and Dyson is off the charts and I love the conflicts inherent in their relationship and what they push and pull from each other. There's more of an equal pairing there in my opinion. Team Badass indeed.

I do see value in the Bo and Lauren relationship, but not the chemistry at all. There's a real imbalance there too where Bo will always have to protect Doctor Lauren in one way or another and not only because she's human. I think that could be part of her appeal for Bo too; it's probably nice to have one partner with whom she doesn't have to fight for dominance all the time. But I also still don't trust the doc; sometimes it seems she's only a few steps away from mad scientist land and dissecting Bo. Still, it's evident that Zoie Palmer shines when given more to do as Doctor Lauren than just moon after Bo and I hope to see the show incorporate that more into her character development.

We'll just have to watch and see...
17. HelenM
@Kiersten, thank you for your kind, thoughtful response. I am a Dyson fan first and foremost so I'll definitely stick around. I fell in love with Bo and Dyson in season 1 and as much as I grew to like Lauren and her relationship with Bo in season 2, I'm not giving up on my favorite pairing. I'm just such a sucker for the wolf man, not even Lauren's adorable geekiness can break me. Besides, I simply relate to Bo and Dyson better.

I'm a new fan (I actually watched both seasons in less than 5 days - sue me) so I'm getting caught up with all the fandom insanity just now. I really appreciate long, detailed recaps so... suffice it to say, I am now a fan of your blog, having also read your previous recaps.

I actually don't mind if you leave the F/F aspects of the show out and continue to focus on Bo/Dyson - I happen to enjoy it. I simply felt it was necessary to add that particular scene because it does imply censorship there, in my opinion and that is unacceptable to me. That particular fanbase being so big and overwhelming, I can't even being to process how they would react to similar cuts in, ahem, future episodes. Yikes.

Alas, at least I have this place now.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
18. Kiersten
Welcome HelenM! So glad you found us and thanks for the great comments today. I too am a sucker for the wolf man (obvious much?) so you're in good company. I had a similar glom attack in January when I blitzkreiged my way through season 1 in 3 days flat (had to go to the dayjob or it would've been faster than that) so no worries. Went totally down the rabbit hole for weeks - actually, I'm not entirely sure I've come out yet.

I don't plan to deliberately leave anything out, though obviously I'm never going to get everything right. I'll recap what the shows puts out as best I can, add my own two cents as per usual, and we'll just have to see how it all lands in the end.

Looking forward to hearing more from you with season 2!
Carolyn Gage
19. cggirl
Hi Kiersten,

First off, great recap. Again. It's been a while since I had a chance to put my two cents in, and after reading some of the comments this week, I'm all in. I, too, miss the wolf-man. Sure, he's in some of the dream sequences and gets a few cameos making out with Bo on the flash rave dance floor, but it's not the same. (I think Anna Silk had it written in her contract that she gets to make out with a shirtless Dyson once every 1 and a half episodes by the way! :)) However, I am surprised at some of the comments on your blog this week.

I think you said the right thing, inviting all views and opinions to the party. One merely has to see all the glistening pectoral muscles on this site to know it is primarily heterosexual, so kudos should be given to those who voice their likes of f/f pairings. I blame the fanfiction.net site, mostly the great writer of fanfiction, Fembuck, for posting her stories about Bo and Dr. Lauren. Her ideas are what the Doccubus fans are wishing would happen on the show, and sadly, they never are that good. I got into this series because of her writing, and I too am a straight, married women.

I digress. What I am trying to get across is, that everybody has their favorites and reasons for tuning into any tv show. I love this series. I love the interaction between Bo and Kenzi. I love the drama and sparks between Dyson and Bo, but most of all, I love learning about fairy tale characters. Who cares who Bo ends up with, as long as she gets a happily ever after. And that's all that should matter, right?!?

I hope this review doesn't draw any fire, and I hope you continue getting a well rounded fanbase to keep contributing their comments to your very entertaining blog!
Carmen Pinzon
20. bungluna
I went back to look at the US episode and I did notice the cuts, once they'd been pointed out. A lot of them seemed pointless, like the Kenzie comments about the Brownie and what he liked in his porridge. I can't figure out why SyFy is doing this, but it doesn't seem deliberately focused on Lauren/Bo to me. Maybe I'm not sensitive enough. Go figure.

I'll keep on reading your recaps, Kiersten. You notice so much more than I do and make my "Lost Girl" viewing experience 10 times better. Thanks!
M Plum
21. MPlum
Ah.. what a debate we have going this week!!!! Although it seemed to spring out of the blue- probably because we do seem to .... errr... lean toward (ok, strongly lean... hell, lets just own it - we "stand on") the Bo/Dyson dynamic and really have from the start.

Its always great to hear other peoples impression of the show but I was kind of dismayed by what could be interpreted as a personal attack on our own opinions. No doubt, most of our opinions tend to be of the same ilk but I think the blog commentators have always been careful not to trash other peoples perspective. Its one of the reasons I love this site (the other big reason being that Kiersten has the same dreamy attitude toward Dyson that I have so I love how she puts my thoughts into words).

That said, I will admit to seeing a huge amount of Doccubus love on the internet - in particular on YouTube - that does seem to outnumber the Bo Dyson pairings. For the record, I am doing my part to try to even the numbers by posting Bo/Dyson video pairings as quickly as I can (geckofootprints1 is the channel if you're interested). I find it amusing when scrolling through other Bo/Dyson videos, you frequently see comments telling people to get on the bandwagon because Doccubus is winning (I paraphrase but you get the point).

The last episode was so heartbreaking that I couldn't even bring myself to comment (although I read the recap and kept up with everyone's comments the entire time).

In this episode - the whole shower scene kind of icked me out (and you all KNOW how much I love wolf boy). With the exception of the generous hot tattoo visuals, his attitude (IMO) was almost.... smarmy! (gasp!!! - I can't believe I even wrote that).

I don't know - between the mutual heartbreak of last weeks episode (incredibly well done, I might add. Bo's silent crying at the end almost killed me), and this weeks fake out (I cry foul on no 'real' Dyson moments) - I see a terrible trend starting.
M Plum
22. MPlum
@bungluna - I'm just throwing out a thought here but maybe Syfy cuts those things due to time edits ??? For someone who doesn't watch the show (or clearly isn't as obsessed with it as its fans), those edits might seem like throwaway lines so if any 'time' editing needs to be done, that's how they do it ???? (I'm totally guessing here... I have no idea)

I did notice that the first season used to drop S bombs like they wanted to make sure they took advantage of "cable's" looser censorship but this whole season so far has had quite a bit of switching of words.
Carmen Pinzon
23. bungluna
@MPlum-I share your wariness. Ever since the love declaration in "Dis-Members" episode I've been dreading the horrible things that the writers were going to perpetrate on my beloved wolf and poor Bo.
24. Krista T.
@cggirl Allow me to disagree. I am bi myself, rarely ever read fanfiction and can't stand Fembuck's writing. In fact, being an active part of the Doccubus fandom as well, you'd be surprised to know most of them share the same views on Lost Girl fanfiction and disagree with most of her delusional writing. Some of her late stories, especially those involving Nadia were particularly gross and not welcome because she made it all about sex when in reality, it is anything but. Surely, they all have their wishes and sometimes project - a lot, but don't we all? If I didn't, I would have given up on season 2 because of what they did to my Dyson. I'd agree that we all have our favorites and reasons for tuning in every week but I hardly think she is to blame for the overgrowing "Doccubus" fanbase. If anything, I find Afterellen's Dorothy Snarker to be much more influential . But like someone else mentioned above, to each their own.

I like Bo and Lauren just fine but Bo and Dyson are more my thing as the former is too soap opera-ish to me. Besides, my crush on Dyson is much bigger than my crush on Lauren, so I'd say that plays a big part as well. Shallow, I know, but what can a girl do?

I found this blog due to the Twitter uproar over Syfy's censorship of the show. I say we should all voice our opinions on this because gay or straight, if they censor a show as great and groundbreaking as Lost Girl, we all lose. Also, I do love all the Dyson love here so I'll definitely stop by more often. There isn't enough Dyson love on this fandom!
Carmen Pinzon
25. bungluna
@MPlum-If they are doing it to get more add time out of a popular show, they are risking the 'cash cow' or whatever phrase is applicable. I just hope they stop being so heavy handed about it or I'll opt for going on the internet to watch it, something I've tried to avoid until now.
M Plum
26. MPlum
@bungluna - IF 'time' editing is part of it (and again - I'm totally tossing out thoughts - NO.IDEA. and don't want to offend anyone who might actually KNOW the real reason), maybe they should have someone who's a fan of the show decide what can be cut without tinkering with the dynamic.

Wouldn't that be fantastic???? Unrealistic of course, not a snowballs chance of it and I'd happily volunteer Kiersten for the job if they had it (I kid!! well - I joke. Ok, I'm starting to see some merit there).

Maybe we should start a petition?!? : )
27. Krista T.
The thing is though... time editing was never an issue in season 1. Time editing also don't justify voice overs as you are basically replacing one word by another. Time editing also don't justify you specifically censoring a scene with homosexual undertones when there were many to choose from. Sure, they did the same in other less meaningful scenes so it isn't exclusive to the f/f pairing, but come on, that wasn't accidental. That may be their excuse, but I'm not buying it because it doesn't make sense. I atually pity those Bo and Lauren fans because if Syfy keep this up, things are about to get ugly.
29. Krista T.
I'd sing the petition as well ;)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
30. Kiersten
@MPlum - you've been missed, but I understand the heartache.

In my completely non-scientifically arrived at opinion (but which I mean I'm pulling this out of my butt), I think the Doccubus love is merely more Internet vocal than the Dyson love (I'm sorry, but there's no way I'm going to ever use Byson). The Dyson love is strong but somewhat more silent, much like the wolf himself. We'll have to be the Kenzi in that convoluted metaphor that has totally gotten away from me now.

As for the edits, again, I have no proof/evidence but I believe the cuts are made to increase advertising time. Season one was shown completely intact - hence the s-bombs you noticed - and rumor from the great white north is that was the condition of the deal. Apparently that was not carried through for season two. The show is built with advertising breaks already built in (it's not like its a BBC show that runs an entire hour and needs to be trimmed for BBCAmerica), which makes cutting for more advertising time (if this is indeed the case) even more offensive.

The shower scene, well, it was a dream sequence, not the real wolf man, but Bo's subconscious' mare-influenced construct of him, hence the smarmy bits you didn't like.

@cggirl - welcome back, lady. I've missed your comments! Thanks for the kind words and if you draw any fire, you can borrow my hose. Wow, that's sounds a lot drrtier typed out on my screen than it did in my head.

I don't know anything about the fan fiction - I prefer to stick with the canon myself. Personally, I think this show resonates on different frequencies to different people. Sometimes people get overly intense because their passion is so great, and while that's their right as much as a Hot Tattoo Alert! is mine, I err on the side of caution and choose not to engage.

@Krista T - Welcome! Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Honestly, can there ever be enough Dyson love? I don't think so. ;-) You can rest assured that there will always be plenty of it here - tho I reserve the right to call him a dumb ass when time and place require it. I'm thrilled you'll be coming back and joining in the convo. We'll have to compare the size of - our respective Dyson crushes. (You thought I was going to say big manly night stick, didn't you?)

We absolutely have to call out the censorship as we see it. Nobody wins in that scenario.

@bungluna - thanks love! Again and again.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
31. Kiersten
That's the thing, isn't it? They set the precedent by airing season one intact. To backtrack now and with cuts so random and arbitrary as to only reinforce the belief that they're only made to make room for adverts, just makes the situation worse. Watching the seriously poor dubbing of "junk" for "shit", for example, is just embarrassing and, franky, all of it makes me feel as though the channel is devaluing us viewers right before our eyes.

I actually watched the first season with an eye out for edits and was genuinely thrilled that it ran untainted. Naturally, to have sticky fingers trimming away at it now feels like a real betrayal.
M Plum
32. MPlum
@Kiersten - didn't you see the above? You've been volunteered. We're starting a petition! LOL

PS: I'm glad to be back. Loved the recaps - as always.
Brittany Melson
34. BrittanyMelson
I just wanted to note that I was a fan of Bo and the Doctor at first--amidst friendly dissent on this blog--because their relationship was something different. I don't often see F/F pairings on television. Lately, though, I started to change my mind because the writers, in my opinion, don't give Lauren anything witty to say or let her do anything particularly heroic. It seemed like Dyson was always sacrificing himself for Bo, while Lauren always put the Ash first. What has Lauren done yet to deserve our love? She helps Bo out every once in a while, but she didn't let the Norn rip her metaphorical heart out just to save Bo--she was busy working to save the Ash. I'm interested to see what's going to happen this season, and if my feelings toward Lauren will change again. I hope they do, since everybody's hinting that Dyson's going to be out of the picture for a while.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
35. Kiersten
@BrittanyMelson - I know you were, Brittany and, as I remember, you helped us have some great convos about character etc, so thanks dahlink for proving the point. ;-)

Trying not to spoil what I know of season 2 here, but I will say that Dyson stays very much in the picture in season 2, it's the romantic relationship that takes a detour and this brings Doctor Lauren's role more to the front, esp in relation to Bo. As always, this show is about Bo's journey and the people she picks up and holds on to (or not) along the way.

I do agree that the doc isn't as reliable as Dyson has proved (so far) to be in many ways and I think this is another example of the imbalance of power/strength in the Bo/Lauren relationship. Yes, she killed the spider, and other simliar helpful things, but there's always an additional wrinkle in it, or as Dyson put it, she's unpredictable. Part of it is definitely the writing not fleshing her out enough yet and I think we'll see that change this season.

Fortunately, these are some great actors doing great work that will give us plenty of good food to feed on throughout the season.

It's also good to keep in mind that, from a production standpoint, season two had a lot of change and upheaval. They planned for 13 episodes and then were blessed to get the back 9 buy bringing the episode total to 22. This meant they had to make some storytelling decisions and I think some things suffered in that. We'll see that play out this season too.

Thanks again!
36. Krista T.
@BrittanyMelson If you didn't notice/acknowlege all the sacrifices Lauren has made for Bo up until now (and I'm not even counting what she does in season 2), it's unlikely your opinion of her will change - and there is nothing wrong with that. Lauren isn't supposed to be heroic, anyway. She is a beta character. However, because this isn't the place to discuss/defend the good doctor, we SHOULD focus on Dyson's BIG... metaphorical heart instead. Certainly much more interesting than Lauren's subtle sacrifices, wouldn't you say? ;)
M Plum
37. MPlum
@BrittanyMelson - I went the other way. I REALLY didn't like the Lauren / Bo relationship at first. Actually, I didn't really like the Character of Lauren although I did appreciate that the love triangle setup was so unique.

However, there are continued occasions where Lauren does shine for me. I would never want her with Bo in a love relationship but thats because I believe in all that true love forever stuff that Bo and Dyson have but I do love that she's finally showing a little depth and the writers are giving her better participation in the series in general.

With Dysons, ahem, current situation likely to continue for a while (we can hope differently but ... really, ya know?), I think Lauren as a character will continue to grow.

I just don't want Bo to fall too much in love with her because when Dyson gets fixed (I don't mean like that), and he's going to have to at some point because they can't leave him unable to love forever, then there will be guilt involved and guilt sucks.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
38. Kiersten
"When Dyson gets fixed..." WOMAN! don't even joke about that! ;-)

We're going to see a lot of Doctor Lauren this season and we're going to see where it goes and we are absolutely going to (respectfully!) talk about all sides of it here. That's what makes a good triangle, right? Oh so many different ways to look at and appreciate it.

Y'all know I'll always be on the wolf boy's side and I'm basically clinging to the thought of how great the inevitable (because I really do believe it's inevitable even if it's not right now) Bo/Dyson reunion will be to get through the current angst. That and jpgs and gifs via Tumblr. ;-)

That said, Doctor Lauren geeking out in S2E1 was pretty damn cute (as noted) and if the show keeps writing her in that vein, things are gonna get very interesting indeed...

I've so enjoyed everyone's thoughts and insights today. It could have gone very bad but your mutual grace and respect kept it above board and I salute you all for that.

But my giddy aunt am I exhausted. Please feel free to keep commenting as you'd like. I'll chime in tomorrow at some point and do my best to respond to everyone eventually.
39. HelenM
I happen to agree with Krista T. I think the juxtaposition is pretty obvious.

With Bo and Lauren you have an alpha character (Bo) and a beta character (Lauren). Bo is Lauren's hero, not the other way around. Lauren is the fragile female character that needs to be "saved". With Bo and Dyson, you get two alpha characters. Two great, strong warriors, who are equals in every sense of the word. I don't know about anyone else, but that's always been how the show portrayed both relationships to me. And that didn't change in season 2. Hence why I prefer Bo and Dyson, though I find absolutely nothing wrong with Lauren (she actually does sacrifice a lot, given her position) and/or the whole alpha/beta thing. To me, it's simply a matter of preference.
Carolyn Gage
40. cggirl
@KristaT- my apologies. When writing about the fanfiction, I was being sarcastic. Of course, I am not blaming fembuck for anything. I should have said that I enjoyed some of her stories, and yes, I know she makes them mostly all about sex. She opened my eyes to tv shows such as Legend of the Seeker and Lost Girl before they were on in the States. Had I not read her stuff, I never would have known about them and began actively seeking them out. Thanks for the mention of Dorothy Snarker on After Ellen. I'll gladly check out her opinions as I am always looking for different view points. I'm sorry for geeking-out last night, and promise next time I comment, I'll do so before that glass of wine.

Thanks for the offer of your hose, Kiersten... :) Glad to see such a lively debate this week and I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season pans out.
41. HelenM
It's funny that Krista T. mentioned Dorothy Snarker because her Afterellen "column" is pretty much Team Lauren's trimmed, less serious version of this blog. She writes these - sometimes hilarious - snap caps every week and though it is obviously biased towards the BL pairing, it is still mildly entertaining. There are a few serious opinions thrown in every now and then, but it's mostly dark humor. But, yes, I'd agree that she's responsible for making the show visible to her bi/lesbian readers and Afterellen is generally a huge source for all things f/f on TV and film.

I wonder if our complaints regarding the editing are actually going to make a difference. I am just glad that they didn't cut a single frame of Dyson in the shower because THAT would have been offensive.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
42. Kiersten
HelenM & Krista T - totally agree about the alpha/beta thing and I also feel that is a major reason why I prefer the Bo/Dyson relationship. Agree too that the show has always portray the two relationship in this way exactly as a juxtaposition. I think Bo probably needs a beta in her life from time to time and that is one part of the appeal of Doctor Lauren. Kenzi too has beta qualities and Bo (often with Dyson) has had to rescue her, but as a suvivior Kenzi doesn't wait around for the rescue either while, unless its medically/scientifically related, Doctor Lauren often does.

As in all things IMO, it's definitely a matter of preference.
I am just glad that they didn't cut a single frame of Dyson in the shower because THAT would have been offensive.
I was actually genuinely surprised (and really happy) that they didn't trim the shower scene. There would have been wailing. And gnashing of teeth for sure.
43. F.Girl
Bonjour. I'm French). @ Kiersten : Thank you very much for you smart answers and I'm feeling good to be welcome here because we're not of the same Team. Although, in first time, I'm Team Bo because she is destined to be a very very Powerful Queen and we'll see her Darkness in season 3 (Not me. Production spoilers ). I appreciated the interesting debate with you and the different persons on your blog. I agree with the Alpha/Beta thing but Bo loves to be protective of Lauren. Helen, you have good arguments except the "party pooper" thing. I'm not at all. not very nice to me... And I like to be here because I read the recaps of Kiersten with great pleasure even if, sometimes, I'm like : Oh! no ! she is so biased... but Kiersten, it is very well written with a catchy summary. If you're OK with me , I should like to carry on the discussion here without raging feeling. And thank you to everyone to be against SyFy censorship. We need the show in its integrity.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
44. Kiersten
@F.Girl. Bon jour et ca va bien.

Merci for your kind words re: the recaps. Naturally, they'll biased toward the recapper's preference - that would be me - but that doesn't mean we can't continue to compare notes and opinions in good form.

Please do carry on with our discussion here minus "the raging feeling" as you put it so well. Passion is good; passion is excellent. Rage, not so much. ;-)

Important note for all commenters: We are ONLY talking about season 2 AS IT AIRS in the U.S. So please, no spoilers for what's already aired elswhere in the world and/or for what is being leaked about season 3, which is already in production.

That goes double for me. ;-)
45. F.Girl
Oh ! I'm confused . On the contrary , I want to talk here very quietly but english is not my native language so, excuse me if I make some grammar errors or a lack of vocabulary.
I'm sorry for the spoilers. Thanks for" les petits mots en français" (little french words) and yes, passion is good but always with kindness on your blog :).
Marian DeVol
46. ladyengineer
@F.Girl, soyez la bienvenue! ;->

Don't worry too much about grammar/spelling errors or finding exactly the right word. Even those of us for whom English is our native tongue often make mistakes. You are able to get enough of your thoughts across to be understood which is all that really matters.
Carmen Pinzon
47. bungluna
I'm a native Spanish speaker myself and I've always found everybody here very kind towards my many language errors.

Para mi, aucun autre point de vue c'est tojour bienvenue!
48. F.Girl
@ ladyengineer and @ bungluna : Thanks for your nice words ! :) Gracias ! your french words are cute :" un autre point de vue, c'est toujours bienvenu." And, please don't quit the show. Keep an eye on it. It's a good series. Bye for now !
49. whiskeywhite
Hey geckofootprints! It's wonderful to meet you here as @MPlum. I'm a big fan of your videos. Hope you get this message somehow as it is so late.
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