May 20 2012 4:30pm

Let’s Talk TV: 2012 Television Upfronts News Roundup

I Heart TVWhat a week for television fans! The 2012 Upfronts, which took place from May 13-17 in New York, brought us tons of news on TV show pickups and cancellations.

Will your favorite show be back next year? And what new shows might you be interested in come fall? I noted some of the early pickups in a post last week, but for the full scoop, I’d recommend checking out’s roundup of each major network’s Fall 2012/Spring 2013 schedule:


And if you want more, also has comprehensive Upfronts coverage as well.

I’ve checked out a few trailers and clips for the new shows and am probably most interested in FOX’s comedy The Mindy Project (watch a trailer for it and all the FOX pilots here), the CW’s comic book spinoff Arrow (watch a clip for it and all the CW pilots here), ABC’s “nuclear drama” Last Resort (watch a trailer for it and all the ABC pilots here), NBC’s dystopian Revolution (watch a trailer for it and all the NBC pilots here), and CBS’s Sherlock Holmes-inspired Elementary (watch a trailer for it and all the CBS pilots here). I think I already know which pairing I’ll be shipping in The Mindy Project...

Did you follow any of the Upfronts news? Any big surprises or letdowns? Any of the new shows caught your fancy yet?

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Anna Bowling
1. AnnaBowling
I want to pour hot fudge all over Revolution and squirt whipped cream on it and dump extra cherries and...that probably says way too much about how much I love the idea of this postapocalptic drama.

Malibu Country looks like Reba 2.o, but with singing (and Lily Tomlin) but I'll probably tune in for at least the pilot because I liked Reba.

The Mindy Project looks interesting and I want to see more of British Guy (head too deep in ms to remember names from traile.r)
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@Anna -- I didn't love the first half of the Revolution trailer, but yeah, by the end I was just like, "This absolutely looks like my type of show." That said, while I loved Abrams's Alias, I was not a big Lost fan, so it'll be interesting to see where this show goes...

The Mindy Project! This one has taken me completely by surprise. I knew almost nothing about it when I watched the trailer Megan posted the other day, and now I'm super excited about it. Saw that it'll be on after New Girl, which I think could be a perfect pairing.
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