May 15 2012 12:08pm

How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Finale Special Recap: And Barney’s Bride Is...

Neil Patrick Harris as Barney in How I Met Your Mother

Whether you’re a Barney/Robin, Marshall/Lily, or Ted/Mother fan, last night’s How I Met Your Mother hour-long Season 7 finale was full of surprises. Read a special reaction piece from Anna Bowling on last night’s memorable episode(s), (7.23 and 7.24) “The Magician’s Code, parts 1 and 2":

Kids, ah, readers, there are three parts to this season finale, and each part brings somebody to a point of no return. We’ve got a birth, an engagement, a wedding and a half, a vacation that never gets off the ground, the magical contents of a mysterious box, and that’s only scratching the surface, so get comfy. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.


The Marshall and Lily Part

Marshall and Barney face the daunting task of getting from Atlantic City to New York in time for the arrival of Baby Eriksen. Not an insurmountable distance, but neither are fit to drive, there’s not a cab to be had, Barney does not win a motorcycle, and their only hope is to board a bus full of senior citizens. Said bus is headed for NY, but Buffalo rather than the city, and the bus driver will only stop in case of emergency. Our lesson here is to never underestimate seniors who believe in the power of love. In a Spartacus moment, all the passengers insist they are having heart attacks and Marshall makes it to his son’s arrival on time.

Lily’s route to the hospital isn’t any easier. She may not have Marshall with her, but she does have Ted and Robin, though Ted may fall from favor, due to his “Lily is in Labor” video that he’s mailed to all and sundry, including Lily’s father, Mickey, whose bedside manner is the stuff of legend, and not in the good way. Robin is ready to stand in for Doctor Sonya in case Lily can’t make it to the hospital, and has brought along everything she’ll need to attend a foaling. While many of Robin’s preparations are played for laughs, the carrot does make a good snack for a hungry Lily and having one’s hair brushed with a currycomb looks admittedly comforting.  Lily demands that Ted and Robin distract her by telling stories, resulting in a handful of amusing anecdotes, though it’s Mickey’s unintentionally helpful story of one of his own past failures that gives Lily the confidence that she can get through labor, even if Marshall doesn’t show.

Soon enough, it’s time for Baby Ericksen’ grand entrance, and Marshall reveals Barney’s price for getting him back to New York; Barney has chosen young Marvin’s middle name, Wait For It. Welcome to the world, Marvin Wait For It Eriksen. For those Barney/Robin fans hoping for a hospital scene, there is one here, but it’s only a quick glimpse of Barney’s hand on the small of Robin’s back as the group admires their newest addition.

Lily, Baby Marvin Waitforit Eriksen, Marshall, Ted, Robin, and BarneyThe Ted and Victoria Part 

Ted and Robin share a tender (platonic) moment as they reflect on the miracle of birth. Ted isn’t anywhere ready to be a dad, but he still wants marriage and a family. Robin calls him on his longstanding self-sabotage. If that’s what he really wants, then why has he been consistently chasing women he knows are never going to want what he wants? She points to herself as example, and they both admit the one woman who could have been Ted’s perfect match is the one he let get away: Victoria. Robin dares Ted to take a chance. He needs to call Victoria and see her one more time.

As it turns out, that chance is a big one. In a scene reminiscent of Friends, when Victoria shows for her rendezvous with Ted at MacLaren’s, she’s dressed in a wedding gown, having gone AWOL from her planned wedding to fiancé Klaus. She’d been tempted to leave Klaus for Ted on their last encounter, and now wants Ted to whisk her away and drive off into the sunset. Ted is torn. The wounds from being left at the altar by former fiancée Stella still ache, but off into the sunset they go…or do they? Sympathizing with Klaus, Ted vows to take Victoria back to her wedding because that’s the right thing to do. So why does Ted drive right past the church?

The Barney, Quinn, and Robin Part

Throughout the episode, Barney frets about having ruined things with Quinn, and not knowing what he’ll find when he comes home. He sure didn’t expect Quinn to redecorate their pad in bright pink, but he doesn’t care, as long as Quinn is still there. The two plan a vacation to Hawaii, complete with a mysterious box Barney is loath to explain, as it’s for a magic convention and magicians only tell their secrets to other magicians. Handily, a security officer is a fellow magician, so Barney must spill. Before the contents can be revealed, another officer starts questioning Quinn, who reveals she has quit her stripping job to please Barney. This prompts Barney to reveal the contents of the box, an elaborate magic trick revealing a sparkling diamond ring as he proposes to Quinn, who delightedly accepts.

Returning to Marshall and Lily’s apartment to share their news, Barney finds Robin is far less than delighted, though she assures him she’s happy he’s happy. Barney half-jokingly suggests this is his and Robin’s last chance to run off together. It’s an awkward moment, with much left unsaid, but when we flash forward to the long awaited reveal of Barney’s bride, it’s Robin. Now for the big question; how do we get there from here?

Anna C. Bowling considers writing historical romance the best way to travel through time and make the voices in her head pay rent. She welcomes visitors to her blog, Typing with Wet Nails and to follow her at Twitter.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
What an episode! I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about it all.

I really liked part 1, and how Robin and Ted tried to soothe Lily with crazy stories and Barney and Marshall were trying to get back any way possible. I'm not a huge fan of that poor baby's name, though. While Waitforit is hilarious, paired with a name like Marvin, well...I hope they have a fun nickname in mind!

And part 2...

I was NOT expecting that engagement, first of all. I don't know why. But ugh, Barney, you don't propose to a woman because you're scared she'll leave you! That's not the way to go.

I was not totally surprised it was Robin, but at the same time I was. I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad, to be honest. Because while I am 100% devoted to a Barney/Robin endgame and this is a good sign, at the same time...don't we already know that Barney is worried he has "chosen the wrong tie" aka "is marrying the wrong woman"? How could he have that concern about Robin? DNW! And I saw someone mention that Ted also calls the wedding a disaster or something at one point? So...I'm nervous!

As for Ted/Victoria...COME ON, TED. Seriously?! I like Victoria just fine but the decision to break up her wedding on the *chance* that they might still have feelings for each other (feelings which, for him, seem to have come out of the blue, directly on the coattails of his feelings for Robin coming out again, ay ay ay) just feels wrong.
Anna Bowling
2. AnnaBowling
@redline_, I'm going to need to rewatch a time or three to fully take in everything myself. Loved all the silly stories in pt 1, and Waitforit is a fun middle name, but is Marvin really the best first name to pair with it? I agree, it's best if he gets a fun nickname ASAP.

Second part had its moments, especially the confirmation that Robin is Barney's bride, but how much of the Quinn part did we really need? Perhaps her role was purely as Miss-Direction? As for Ted calling the wedding a disaster, I think it's more along the lines of arrangements not going smoothly rather than the wedding not happening. Bays/Thomas have stated that they really are doing the Barney/Robin marriage, so while part of me is still nervous, I'm still floating on BROTP champagne bubbles.

ITA on Ted/Victoria. We've done this. Twice. So we need it again, right after Ted tried for Robin3.0? If this had been a series finale, Ted and Victoria riding off into the sunset could work, but we have a year or two (at least) so we know this isn't the end, and Mother is still unmet.
Nicole Neal
3. icecharm
I did a lot of screaming at the TV last night. "Really, MARVIN??!!!" "NO, Ted! That is stupid!" and "I KNEW IT!!! I knew Robin was the bride!"
Anna Bowling
4. AnnaBowling
@icecharm, I was screaming, too, and the reveal of Robin as the bride got a double fistpump and a cheer aloud. Felt like I'd been to a live sporting event by the end credits.
Stephanie Treanor
5. Streanor
So many pretty wedding dresses for these season finales!

Anna Bowling
6. AnnaBowling
@Streanor, the wedding dresses do not disappoint, that's for sure. I love how classy Robin's gown is.
7. CindyS
I had to go back and listen to what Ted called the wedding and it was something along the lines of it being disasterous - I really hope not because at this point these two are the only reason I watch the show now. Although I don't mind Barney and Quinn either as she seems to be able to mess with Barney the way he needs so I had no idea who the bride would be and was happy it was Robin.
Anna Bowling
8. AnnaBowling
@CindS, Quinn certainly did mess with Barney like nobody else, but that Robin reveal at the end made me very happy. Since Carter and Bays have confirmed that the wedding will happen, I'm thinking the day will be filled with mishaps, like Marshall and Lily's, but all will be well in the end.
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