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How I Met Your Mother Season 7, Episode 22: Return of the Ducky Tie

How I Met Your Mother Season 7***********SPOILERS***********

The season finale of How I Met Your Mother nears! What’s going on with Barney/Robin? How are Marshall and Lily handling impending parenthood?Read a special reaction piece from H&H blogger Anna Bowling on last night’s memorable HIMYM Season 7, episode 22, “Good Crazy”:

Marshall is in daddy mode, even though baby isn’t due to arrive for a few weeks yet, and Lily needs a break. Marshall has taken to swaddling her in her sleep, diapering a watermelon and setting an ear-splitting horn to go off at random intervals to simulate the irregular sleep patterns of a newborn. Marshall wants to be prepared, while Lily thinks they can learn on the job.  

Barney doth protest a bit too much about how okay he is that his girlfriend, Quinn, is a stripper. Vociferously defending Quinn’s choice of career to Lily’s Grandma Lois, when the two women were talking the swimming kind of laps rather than the dancing king, might be a clue here. He tries to distract himself by finding a series of palate cleanser dates for Ted, who can’t get Robin out of his head.  

Ted may not be the only one with this particular affliction, since all three women Barney has picked remind him strongly of “their” (oh yeah, Barney said “their” – he is sooo not over her) Robin. First date is a scotch-drinking, gun-loving Canadian woman named Robyn. Second date, though heavily tattooed, still transforms to Robin in Ted’s mind, and when the third date speaks of her ill-mannered ex, Wayne, Ted goes through a convoluted series of associations until she, too, becomes Robin. Adult events transpire, and now Ted sees Robin everywhere, even in the burly bartender.

Meanwhile, Barney becomes ever more desperate to get Quinn to quit stripping, even creating a position for her at his bank. No dice. Quinn would rather be a stripper than Executive Strategy Coordinator, because she has standards. Is she really that passionate about her job or is this all part of her long con? She’s already said she would quit stripping if she got married, and we know there’s a Barney wedding in the near future.

Not today, though, as Barney falls in with Lily’s scheme. Lily tells a tired Marshall he should let her drive to baby bootcamp, and Marshall accepts…only to wake up with Barney in the driver’s seat. They’re on their way to Atlantic City, and Lily has sent along Marshall’s “mad at Lily” shirt, emblazoned with the name of his high school girlfriend. Barney challenges Marshall that they will both shut off their cell phones for one hour and get Marshall so drunk he will require subtitles when he speaks. Challenge accepted when Barney sweetens the deal and promises to wear the ducky tie if Marshall complies. Yes, Barney did get rid of it, but it –shudder- came back.

In the bar, Imaginary Robin tells Ted she knows why he’s seeing her everywhere. Ted feels bad for letting Robin go. She may not love him the way he loves her but that doesn’t mean they can’t be in each other’s lives. He should go get her back. Ted races out of the bar to do just that, running into actual Robin, who says this isn’t a good time. 

Back in the ATL, the hour is up, Marshall has subtitles, and the cell phones go back on, to an avalanche of messages. Lily is in labor and needs her husband now. Said husband demands to be hailed as Beercules, and HIMYM fans wait impatiently for the next episode.

Will Barney and Marshall make it back in time for the birth? Will Ted and Robin reach resolution? How did the ducky tie come back? What’s Quinn planning? More importantly, why have Barney and Robin been kept so studiously apart for the bulk of this season? Signs may be pointing toward Quinn, but the savvy viewer suspects there may be a Canadian surprise behind that bridal veil. What do you think, romance fans?


Anna C. Bowling considers writing historical romance the best way to travel through time and make the voices in her head pay rent. She welcomes visitors to her blog, Typing with Wet Nails and to follow her at Twitter.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I didn't love this episode, to be honest. I mean, Ted, are you kidding me with this stuff? Can you please be over Robin for good now? And is the show assuming we ever took Quinn seriously for Barney? Because I didn't and I just can't bring myself to care about him confronting his issues with her job, etc. I just have nothing invested there. I am curious about how the show's going to change once baby Erikson appears...hope it's a good change.
Anna Bowling
2. AnnaBowling
@redline_ Honestly, I'm with you. How many times has Ted been over Robin now? Has he forgotten this soon his acceptance that she would never love him. accompanied by a pounding Florence and the Machine power ballad, then stepping out into a sea of yellow umbrellas? We haven't, which makes this latest round of "gee, I miss Robin" a bit much. With Quinn, there's really no way to take her seriously. Yes, we know she's a stripper. Please do something new now, or send her on her way. We've been invested in Barney and Robin for years, and keeping them apart is getting clunky. Hopefully the arrival of baby Erikson will make everyone reevaluate who's important. If we can get a Barney/Robin hospital scene, there is hope for the world.
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
If we can get a Barney/Robin hospital scene, there is hope for the world.

Ooooh, yes! We know what they're like in hospitals. :DDDD
Rachel Hyland
5. RachelHyland
If this episode were a person, I would give it a condolence high five.
Heather Waters
6. HeatherWaters
@RachelHyland -- How did I not think of that?! You crack me up.
Anna Bowling
7. AnnaBowling
@RachelHyland - condolence high five for sure. It's a thing.
8. JanineG.
I agree a condolence high five for this epi! From the beginning of this season, I have been sick of the whole Ted/Robin debacle. Now it's just getting pathetic and is completely unneeded. I, however, do love Quinn for Barney. She is the first girl who I believe Robin actually has some competition from. But can we pleeeeeease get past the fact that she is a stripper? It's getting old now.
9. BT1983
Great review! I thought this episode was okay. It felt like we were going in circles with both Ted/Robin and Barney/Quinn. And I thought Barney treated Quinn pretty terribly. I don't really care about them as a couple, but if I've got to sit through it I want to see Barney growing up, not basically calling his girlfriend a slut. He has every right to not like that Quinn is a stripper, but he shouldn't be making her feel bad about it. If he's that bothered by it, he needs to break up with her.

The stuff with Marshall/Lily, Ted/Barney, and Marshall/Barney was funny, though.

I have to believe that Barney and Robin will have some kind of interaction in the finale. Otherwise, it makes no sense to have kept them apart (as you mentioned) for the entire second half of the season, never mentioning the fact that things between them should be way more awkward than they are between Ted and Robin. But I guess we'll see in less than two weeks!
Anna Bowling
10. AnnaBowling
@JanineG, I completely agree that we've been over (and over and over and over) Ted/Robin. How many times has Ted been over her for real, now? I love them as friends, I really do, but it's time to jump off the romantic merry-go-round where these two are concerned. Quinn has a lot of potential, and getting to see Robin deal with real competition is an opportunity that shouldn't be wasted. Yes, Quinn is a stripper, but there has to be more to her than that; let's learn more about her and not rehash what we already know. @ BT1983 , glad you liked the review. It was fun to write. While I love that Barney's character arc is one of maturity, he's not showing a lot of that when he keeps harping on Quinn's profession. Either deal with it or break off the relationship. Hopefully, we'll have some significant Barney/Robin interaction in the finale, to make up for keeping them apart for this much of the season. I couldn't agree more that they're avoiding the awkwardness, which should be ten times more than the Ted/Robin angle we see over and over again. Only two weeks until we find out!
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