May 31 2012 8:01am

H&H Book Club for May: Closing Out Teresa Medeiros’s The Bride and the Beast

...And we’ve come to the end of May, and thus are wrapping up the discussion on May’s H&H Book Club choice, Teresa Medeiros’s The Bride and the Beast.

We chose the book because it featured a larger heroine, and it’s gratifying to see that Gwen remains her lovely size throughout the book, not having a miraculous makeover, and that Bernard appreciates the way she looks, even comparing a beautiful, thinner woman unfavorably to her.

While the first part of the book featured Gwen and the Dragon spending long hours in discussion and pondering of the other’s charms, the last quarter or so was a lot of running about, with Bernard and then Gwen heading to London, and then back to Scotland.

Eventually, of course, they resolve their respective issues and are back in the laird’s castle, presumably to make little dragons and continue their witty banter.

Now that you’ve finished the book, what did you think? Is this your first Medeiros? Will you read more of her? What was your favorite element of the book? What was your least favorite element?

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Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
What I liked best about the book were the descriptions of where they were and the recurring trope of Bernard being "beastly," especially when he is sulking on London. I also liked his appreciation of Gwen's looks.

As I said before, I felt as though the last quarter suffered by comparison to the rest of the book because the two of them--who had communicated so well before--didn't communicate, and were apart for a bit, so you didn't get to see their sparks working off each other. I liked who the villain was, and I understand why each might have reacted the way they did to the revelation, but I wanted more from these characters that I really grew to like.
I'll be picking up more Medeiros--surprisingly, this is my first book by her!
3. wsl0612
My pros and cons list on this book are the same as yours Megan. I wanted more from the characters than I got. This isn't my first Medeiros though. I can't recall which book of hers I read previously but I liked it. Unless I've read a lot of work by an author, such as Julia Quinn, I don't always remember whether I like their work so I keep a review list with columns labeled "Excellent", "Good" and "Avoid". Medeiros is in my Good column so I would read more of her work but I don't rush to pick it up.
Avoid doesn't necessarily mean that I think an author stinks though, sometimes it just means their writing style doesn't click with me and I just don't read them because I don't enjoy it. There's just too much stuff I really like out there already!
4. angezap
This was also my first Medeiros book and I enjoyed reading it and would consider reading another. I felt the ending was cut short a bit too quickly with not alot of effort in wooing Gwen back, it all seemed a little too easy. I didn't see it coming when it was revealed that Gwens father had been the traitor, that was a good twist. All in all it was a good read, with Tupper finding romance, and the Dragon being revealed as the young boy Gwen ussed to know.
5. CCRead
I too agree that the first half of the book was far better than the last. It seemed like their lack of communication was only there because it seemed like the place in the book where there is always a conflict before the HEA rather than a pivotal plot point. i.e., out of character

This was my first Medeiros book; I'm not a big fan of Historical Romance, so if all her other books are HR this will probably be the only book I read of hers.
Marian DeVol
6. ladyengineer
What I liked best were the snappy conversations among the leads in the first half of the book. It made the book for me. Although I enjoyed getting to the HEA, I could have used a bit more character and situational development to explain/predict the misunderstanding. It would have made it seem a little less trumped up and/or deus ex machina.

That being said, however, I enjoyed the book. It was the first one by Medeiros I've read. I am already reading another by her I checked out of the local public library.
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