May 30 2012 8:26am

H&H Book Club for June: Humor Me!

For June’s H&H Book Club choice, let’s pick something funny, from any genre. It can be contemporary (Jenny Crusie?), Regency (Barbara Metzger?), paranormal (Shelly Laurenston?), historical (Amanda Quick?), as long as it will make us laugh.

So—your suggestions in comments, please! We’ll decide within a few days, and we’ll be wrapping up May’s Book Club in tomorrow’s Morning Coffee.

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Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
I've heard so much about Shelly Laurenston (from the fine bloggers here!), and I'm intrigued, even tho the concept of humorous PNR doesn't wow me. But I am willing to be proven wrong, or at least to laugh out loud, so that'd be my option.

I know Kristan Higgins is also funny, and I've yet to read her also.
Brie Clementine
3. Brie.Clem
I vote for Julie James' Practice Makes Perfect. Hilarious story about two lawyers competing to make partner at the same firm. All of her books have a touch of comedy, but that one in particular is laugh-out-loud funny from start to finish.

And Kristan Higgins is a great choice ;-)
4. AnneBWalker
I vote for The Sweet Potato Queens novel. I know I'm behind the curve here, but I laughed a lot in the original book, The Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love.
5. Fiona Druce
I'm a HUGE fan of:

Molly Harper's Jane Jameson series (UF)
Katie MacAlister's Aisling Grey series(UF)
Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series (UF)
Julia Quinn (Regency)

If you haven't read the books of all the authors listed, you're totally missing out!!! :)


A comedic Romance writer, lol
Melissa Bradley
6. Mimmi862
OOooh, Darynda Jones!!

Charley Davidson is one of THE funniest heroines I've read in a long time!

And Shelley Laurenston? Her books are hilarious ~ you SHOULD try them! It's the snappy dialogue that makes you laugh out loud, and you just can't QUIT turning the pages to see what crazy outrageous thing they'll say/do next!

I'd suggest Here Kitty Kitty for a start ~ I still giggle when I think about several early scenes in that book ~ toilet lid? Baseball? ROFL
7. pamelia
I second the Darynda Jones nomination by Mimmi862. Thosse books are super funny (plus action-packed and emotionally compelling too.)

Did anyone else laugh out loud reading "Talk Me Down" and "Start Me Up" by Victoria Dahl?
Lizette Ortega
8. lizorteg
I vote for any of Jennifer Crusie's solo books. Her novels are hilarious!!!! My personal favorites are Bet Me and Welcome to Temptation!
9. MsTree
Shelly Laurenston - definitely! Either her Magnus Pack or Dragon series, although the Pride series is almost as funny. ^_^
10. Jacki C
Definately Darynda Jones!
11. CCRead
re: Brie.Clem
I second Julie James' Practice Makes Perfect!
12. Thailia
Shelly Laurenston's alter G.A. Aiken's Dragon Series is a good choice. So is Molly Harper.
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