May 15 2012 3:46pm

Bones Season 7 Finale Special Recap: Run, Baby, Run

Brennan, Booth, and Christine in Bones Season 7, episode 13The Bones finale certainly held some surprises. Read a special reaction piece from Anna Bowling on last night’s memorable episode 13, “The Past in the Present”:


Keeping romantic tension high when the happy couple is, well, happy. Booth and Bones are happily cohabiting, in their own cozy house with adorable baby Christine, content in domestic bliss. For all those who have been waiting to see Booth and Bones standing at an altar in front of a priest, “The Past in the Present” delivers exactly that, but not in the way one might imagine.

The day of Christine’s receiving her first sacrament, her christening, looms, and Bones still isn’t sure if she’ll attend. She doesn’t understand how sprinkling water over an infant makes up for the sins said infant committed before birth. Maybe she would have understood if Booth had a chance to explain that it’s a symbolic washing of the soul, but they did have a gruesome corpse to investigate, so family matters must wait.

The body of the week is always an interesting reveal, but when Bones identifies it as her friend and former patient, as well as a consultant she used to take down evil genius Pelant, all signs point to Bones as the killer. Though friends and family rally around her, the science can’t be lying, can it? Besides, even Bones agrees she would kill to protect her child if such were necessary. One by one, Bones’s colleagues are removed from her case, and a tearful Cam, who believes in the system, must agree that the science incriminates Bones. She can wait for her arrest or turn herself in.

Max and Brennan in BonesGrandpa-cum-nanny Max knows exactly what his little girl has to do; follow in his footsteps and make a run for it before she’s taken into custody. Bones vehemently rejects his suggestion, but doth the lady protest too much? Max is an expert in his field, even if said field isn’t exactly legal, and he does have a point. Evidence, aside, they all know Bones isn’t guilty and if the authorities can’t find her, they can’t bring her in.

With only so much time to put her affairs in order, Bones wants to move up Christine’s christening, though Booth gives her an out. She wants to be there, and stands at the font with Booth and the priest, silent and attentive during the liturgy, her full attention on her daughter. Though Max comes to the church with his granddaughter and her parents, he leaves early on, with a fond look over his shoulder. What’s so pressing that he’s going to miss his only grandchild’s christening?

After the ceremony, she assures Booth that she loves him, and Christine isn’t the only reason they are together. She wants to be with him. Heart full of love, Booth leaves Bones holding the baby as he goes to bring the car around. His car won’t start, but another pulls up to the curb next to Bones.

Max is back, and the chase is on. Bones knows the plan; she’ll put Christine in the car and drive as long as she can. Max will catch up with them later, bringing the fake IDs they’ll need to live a new life, far away from any threat. If Max doesn’t catch them at the planned rendezvous site by the arranged time, Bones will take Christine and move on to the next safe place. Before she can think better of it, Bones and Christine are off on their journey, a heartbreakingly touching shot of Christine showing that even the littlest Booth-Brennan knows this is serious stuff.

Booth races back toward his family in time to see Bones’s car depart. Though every fiber of Booth’s being wants to go after his girls, Max appeals to reason. If Booth knows anything about Bones’s flight, that makes him an accomplice, and of no help to her. Booth has to do the exact opposite of Bones; remain here, and stay in the system. A distraught Booth knows Max is right and sinks, heavy hearted, to sit alone on the church steps. There are no words for his anguish. Will it take science, cunning or divine intervention to get this family together again?


Anna C. Bowling considers writing historical romance the best way to travel through time and make the voices in her head pay rent. She welcomes visitors to her blog, Typing with Wet Nails and to follow her at Twitter.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I'm surprised this wasn't a storyline before! Huh. It seems kind of perfect to have one of them accused of murder. I like the idea of it, even if it sounds kind of ridiculous to me that Bones would agree to flee. What did you think of the episode overall, Anna?
Anna Bowling
2. AnnaBowling
@redline_, I'm with you. Having Booth or Bones accused of murder seems like a natural plotline, but having it happen when there's a baby involved amps the danger. That last shot of Christine's baby face with the shadows falling and Bones driving to points unknown was a real gut clencher.

I do like the fact that our heroes are up against a super smart villain, and that the science, which they've always said can't lie, is being used to do exactly that.
Linda Hart
3. Linda Hart
Bones may not have attended the christening had it not been a more convenient place to make her getaway.
4. Kim
I liked the episode, too. I thought it was well-written and fast moving. A USA Today synopsis said this type of plot is over-done on tv, but I thought it was well done.
Carmen Pinzon
5. bungluna
I did not like it at all. I'm tired of the super smart evil obniscient villain. It has been overdone. The guy can just waltz into their home? This computer MacGiver is so good he can sabotage the Jeffersonian with library bar codes?

They already had the serial killer who subverted one of their own. Now they have this?!

First they insta-coupled, which gave me pause. Now this finale. I'm this close to abandoning this show.
Anna Bowling
6. AnnaBowling
@Linda Hart, good point about Bones considering the getaway location in deciding whether to attend the christening. I'd love to see that addressed when she's back on the grid.

@Kim, it's been said there are only so many plots, and it's all in the way the individual stories are written/acted. Even the most time honored of plots can be made to seem fresh and new with the right execution.

@Bungluna, I had the same thought about the serial killer targeting one of their own. Have we forgotten our beloved Mr. Addy this quickly? I can't see how Booth and Bones are ever going to feel safe bringing their child back into that house.
Linda Hart
7. Karen H in NC
First, let me say I can't believe the season finale is here already. It seems like only a couple of weeks ago that the program returned. But time does have a way of slipping away.

Secondly, I have mixed feelings about this episode. It definately held my attention to the end. Even thought the plot line is 'over-done', it was well done and fit with the program time-line.

Now, can someone refresh my feeble memory please? Who is Peland? Obviously there is history here, but I felt like I stepped into a book in the middle. What episode did he first appear?
Allison Brennan
8. Allison_Brennan
I have mixed feelings about this episode.

First, what's with Booth's hair? Ugh.

Aside from that distraction, what I liked: the villain. LOVE Pelant. I love smart villains who are, in some ways, smarter than the hero, and I love that he appears to have won. You can't do it with every show, but having an arch villain over one seasons is a great idea. I remember the first episode he was in ... was it the one right before the hiatus? With the bones left at the Smithsonian and rearranged to indicate a code. Very cool. I was waiting for him to return.

I liked that Brennan is suspected of murder, as redline said. I have never forgotten Zach (still miss him!) but he didn't kill anyone (I hate that that storyline was dropped and only Sweets knows and hasn't had an opportunity to tell anyone. I wish Zach was a recurring guest star -- because I think he's the only one who may be smarter than Pelant. And why wasn't Brennan consulting with him, instead of this other insane mathematical genius who's also locked in a psych ward?)

I liked the tension and stakes and crime, all good.

But there were fundamental problems with this episode, other than Booth's hair:

1) Too fast. Because of the truncated season, I think they dove back into this storyline way too fast. From the opening scene at the parole, Booth and Brennan were worried and angry, even before the body was found. There was a lot of tension and NO humor to lighten it, which was very anti-Bones as a show.

2) Booth. He wasn't himself. He wasn't smart. When Brennan allegedly called him, he didn't stay on the phone. He beats up Pelant with no proof that Brennan was there, and while I understand his rage and anger, I don't understand how he would just start out fists flying. Why would Pelant give her an opportunity to call? It reaked of a set-up, I saw it, and Booth is usually smarter than that. Overall, he was so angsty and angry without ACTION, without having a plan, I just did buy it. He wasn't himself (must have been the hair that did it.)

3) Angela was the only character who acted in character throughout, and Cam. Even Brennan acted off.

Season 6 was awful, season 7 was a bit better ... but I really hope they get back their mojo, because while I loved the storyline as a whole, I didn't like the execution.
Anna Bowling
9. AnnaBowling
@Allison_Brennan, the best villains always have a chance that they might, under certain circumstances, have a chance of besting the heroes, and Pelant seems smart enough, even though we can be sure our heroes will prevail. Lots of suspense in seeing how things will work out, because he won't make it easy to catch him.

I would love to see Zach as a regular guest star, and seeing him outsmart Pelant would be amazing. Now that you mention it, it does seem strange that Bones consulted a different genius inpatient than Zach. I'm going to blame Booth's hair for everything.
Linda Hart
10. EmmaDarling
I was a bit on the fence during this episode. My favorite part would probably have to be the distinct plot line, because they've never done something like one of them being accused of murder. However, I did find it a bit confusing how Tempy would agree to running, because she just doesn't seem like the kind of person who would run from consequences, even if they're false. By the way, someone told me that this was to be the last episode of BONES ever made, is that true?
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