May 3 2012 10:58am

Amanda Bonilla Offers Early Look at Blood Before Sunrise

Blood Before Sunrise by Amanda BonillaThe second book in Amanda Bonilla’s Shaede Assassin series, Blood Before Sunrise, will be out in July, and today, Amanda is offering up the first chapter on her website, Here’s a bit of Tyler and Darian goodness:

Tyler took a step closer, his body touching mine in more places than appropriate for work hours. He snaked an arm around my waist as he brought me against his body, his eyes narrowing in Raif’s direction. Jeez, touchy much?

Raif shook his head. He looked to me, his expression saying, Is he for real? I raised my brows, the action as good as a shrug. I had no idea what had gotten into Tyler, but I could almost hear the predatory growl, the low rumble of a wary bear. “Relax, Jinn,” Raif said, tucking a dagger into a sheath at his side. “You look a little wound.”

“Not hardly,” Tyler said, his tone just on the edge of becoming hard. “In fact”—he lowered his face to the top of my head and nuzzled my hair—“I’m pretty damned relaxed right now.”

Read the whole thing at Amanda’s site.

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