Apr 27 2012 10:27am

The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 20: Dangerous Dance Karma

Elena and Stefan hug in The Vampire Diaries Season 3 episode 20Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Damon and Elena had hot-and-heavy makeout and Damon didn’t wreck it afterward, Evil!Alaric took Rebekah to find the hidden oak stake only to find out that the Original witch Esther was possessing Rebekah.

It’s time for yet another dance in Mystic Falls. Decade dance! Caroline is back in charge, what with Rebekah staked again compliments of Evil!Alaric and Esther. Elena is kind of back on Team Stefan. Tyler stakes his claim. And new evil plots unfold.

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And now, on to this week’s episode, 3.20, “Do Not Go Gentle"...


Stefan and Elena

I’d argue I’d rather see her make out with Damon again, but whatever. However, Elena does invite Stefan to the dance in what was a very sweet phone call. It’s nice to see her awkwardly inviting Stefan on a date. The hesitation makes the scene a bit fresher, but also I like to think she’s thinking about how this will affect Damon. Does she want to be with him? (Yes, please.)

It’s no secret I’m firmly in the Team Damon camp, but Stefan impressed me this episode. I think my heart did a full flutter when he tells Elena he can be fair about her needing time to figure out the Damon side of things and her feelings because “after everything I’ve put you through, I’m just honored to be your date tonight.”

Classy move, Salvatore.

Tyler and Caroline dance in The Vampire Diaries Do Not Go GentleCaroline and Tyler

One of the nice things about Tyler is he really is still an alpha wolf. He shows up at the dance to be with Caroline and stake his claim, refusing to wait in the shadows while Klaus is “macking all over” her. Tyler was decidedly less hot while using the word macking, but I loved him admitting he’s jealous and competitive with intentions to sweep Caroline off her feet.

The Originals

Esther uses Alaric’s – er, Evil!Alaric’s – ring to make the single white oak stake indestructible. That way they can use it over and over to murder her children. It’s nice they had this one a few weeks before Mother’s Day, no?

Esther comes for Elena, telling her it’s her only option to save Alaric. She’s also bound the Salvatore brothers within the high school so they can’t follow. Crafty witch.

Esther’s plan: Make Alaric into a new version of Michael. Because that turned out so well. This plot point just doesn’t play for me. She regrets ever tapping into dark magic to create her children, spent a thousand years waiting to come back to undo it, and now she’s like, “ Well, making one more won’t hurt?”

In the end, though, she gets hers. Upon waking from the transformation Alaric kills Esther.

Jeremy and Matt drink to Alaric in 3.20Alaric/Evil!Alaric

Evil!Alaric works with Esther. He sets up the Salvatores; she sets up the Original vampires.

Well, Alaric tries to set up the Salvatores. Damon is smarter than that. He discovers that Alaric hasn’t been taking the herbs to keep Evil!Alaric at bay. This means bringing Meredith back into the loop. I had actually forgotten about her, and it feels a bit like Alaric did, too. I suppose trying to murder someone puts a damper on the relationship, but still.

Sometimes people don’t give Damon enough credit. Sure, we all recognize he’s good at figuring out the machinations of the bad guys, but what caught me here is how his first thought is not that Evil!Alaric likes to kill vampires. His first thought is Evil!Alaric’s need to take out vampire sympathizers, which for Damon equates to Elena. And when it comes to Elena’s safety, Damon’s ideas are of the no-holds-barred variety. In this case: Kill Alaric.

Acting continues to be impressive on Matthew Davis’ part. Alaric refusing to complete the transition was so well done. He refuses to unleash the Enhanced Evil!Alaric, and makes Jeremy and Elena accept it.

But with Esther’s spirit forcing Bonnie to come give blood to Alaric, Esther forces his hand and we’ll now have Enhanced Evil!Alaric on the prowl.

Bonnie dances with her date in TVD’s Do Not Go GentleOther Mystic Falls Happenings

As much as I mock the dances, I love seeing everyone all dressed up, and I really enjoy ’20s style. Yay for dress-up!

Bonnie has a new dude. I enjoy this more than watching her deal with her family witchy stuff, but kept thinking it felt like filler. Not that I’m hating on kissing scenes.

Elena gets consoled, but Damon is left to sit with another friend while they die. They both deserve comfort, and again it’s so clear why Damon lashes out in relationships.

Favorite Quotes

Caroline: “It is Stefan’s turn.”

Stefan: “Given our dangerous dance karma, you sure you’re up for this?”

Elena and Stefan at the Decade Dance in Do Not Go GentleStefan: “After everything I’ve put you through, I’m just honored to be your date tonight.”

Caroline to Tyler: “It doesn’t matter how many times I dance with him, I love you.”

Damon on Alaric’s refusal of his offer to snap his neck: “You’d just think a guy so used to dying wouldn’t want to drag it out.”

Damon to Alaric: “Sorry I killed you. Twice.”
Alaric replying to Damon: “So I have to actually die to get a real apology out of you.”

Bonnie: “A normal guy wouldn’t have said yes to a date with me.”


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Shannon Bastian
1. shannonB.
1. Bonnie is now my least fave character instead of Matt. It's now Bonnie, then Tyler, then Matt.

2. Enhanced Evil!Alaric is kinda hot...loved the whole Bonnie's blood dripping down his face, too bad he didn't take a little more.

3. This Damon/Elena/Stefan thing: Just pick someone already I'm tired of waiting. IMO, I think if she does choose Stefan, it will never feel believable if at some point in the future she hooks up with Damon. It's either Damon now, for however short a time, or never.
2. ChelseaMueller
@shannonB -

1. I still like Tyler, but yes. Bonnie can go. Away. Far, far away.

2. Oh, Matt Davis does evil right. Sexy and scary. I like that.

3. The "Stefan's turn" bit was so heavy-handed this time. It was weird to not have any real Elena/Damon interaction this time, but whatever. You have a good point. Now is the only time a Damon relationship can work. If she picks Stefan it's a done deal. I really hope, even if it's for a short time, she picks Damon. (This surprises no one.)
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
Loved the Tyler/Caroline stuff we got, of course (I'm so predictable!), and like you really loved to see everyone all dressed up. The dresses were all so pretty! I liked seeing Bonnie happy, and I'm still glad Jeremy's back, and Stefan was kinda sweet...

Then, of course, there was the Alaric stuff, which made me sad but also just wary because the whole time I just kept thinking, The show's probably just going to bring him back, right? It's hard to get emotional when people generally die at least twice on TVD. And then...he was back! So it was almost disappointing because just when I was starting to feel sad (he hasn't been my favorite person since Jenna died, but I always loved Alaric before that) the show jerked me around and undid all of that.

I feel like I hate on Elena a lot, but last night it so annoyed me that her primary reason for upset last night after leaving Alaric to die was "I have no one" and "There's no one to take care of us." I mean, why is it *always* about her?
Shannon Bastian
4. shannonB.
I also kind of wonder if this will be the end of Meredith or if they will put her in Alaric's place as the one 'taking care of' Elena and Jeremy.
5. ChelseaMueller
Ugh! I really don't like the idea of Meredith stepping in as parental figure. Honestly, do they need a new one?
Shannon Bastian
6. shannonB.
I don't like her either, I'm not rooting for her to stay...just wondering if this is how they'll kind of tie in with Meredith being a main-ish character in the books. It seems like no matter how far away from the books they get, there is always something or some character that really was part of the story.
Karen Mahoney
7. Karen Mahoney
My favourite line of the episode goes to Tyler, (speaking to Caroline about Klaus' potential threat):

“What’s he going to do? Draw you another picture?”


Karen Mahoney
9. Angi Black
My thoughts are simple. There was not enough Damon. Elena should choose Damon for at least half a season and have lots of crazy sex! Whoa...what? But yes, this should happen.

STefan is sweet but Elena doesn't need sweet. She's egocentric enough as it is. She needs the challenge, like Rose said.

I'm done with Tyler. He bugs me. Plus I like the rhetoric between Caroline and Klaus.

Bonnie can only stay if she goes dark, which would be awesome!

Bye Bye Meredith and Ester. I kinda missed Rebekah I have to say.

Side note, have they been renewed for next year?

I think that's it!
Karen Mahoney
10. KelseyJane
This show is getting a little weird for me. First of all, if you missed my rant a couple weeks ago when they first introduced Evil!Alaric, I honestly think that was the cheapest eay of ending those string of murders. To blame it of Alaric because of his ring and all of a sudden he's crazy? No. I don't buy it nor do I like it. So anything to do with that is just ugh. Besides that, this episode was great! It's funny that the dance only lasted 5 minutes though.

The Tyler/Caroline scene was cute. He has actually grown on me. He has his moments.

Elena needs to make up her damn mind! *coughDamoncough* Would you really invite the guy who's made your life hell to the dance? Umm no, I would pick the guy I made out with in the shady motel!

I literallly shed a few tears when Alaric was going to die. Everyone standing outside the crypt to say goodbye did it for me. But of course, he didn't so I feel like an idiot. I almost rather he actually die than come back as a vampire killing vampire. So I guess now he has to die again. Cause until the scooby team figures out who sired them all, they won't let mommy dearest kill her kids. Btw, where the hell is Elijah!? He needs to come back, pronto!
Caitlyn Wilson
11. armywife
@Angi took the words right out of my mouth!I agree with everything you said.

I need more Elena and Damon, I can't take anymore back and forth. Stefan is so syrupy sweet it gags me...bleh! She needs more Damon, he's more aggressive, I think she needs that right now.

Tyler and Caroline....ugh, gag again! I want Caroline to take a walk on the wild side and get busy with Klaus!!

I want more Rebekah, shes grown on me, plus her and Matt are kinda cute together with their weird chemistry.

Bonnie and her new beau...boring

@Kelsey Jane, I agree, I myself teared up when Alaric was dying, such a sad part of the show, but now he's not dead and he's now an evil vamp? eh, not to sure where this is going. And yes, I want more Elijah too!
Karen Mahoney
12. Oche
I'd still go for STEFAN,. infact they'd already brought a chemistry together. The Love, the Caress, the happiness that people wanna more to see. Many said Elena should go to Damon, but I don't think Damon/Elena made a hit on TV screen. Damon is not sweet, he is not nice as Stefan. Imagine the Dance scene of Elena and Stefan.. many people got "kilig" :D
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