Apr 20 2012 11:18am

The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 19: Motel Hijinks

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Once-more-good Stefan confronted Elena about her possible feelings for Damon, evil!Alaric hid one of the last remaining white oak stakes that could kill Klaus & co., Tyler was still off trying to break his sire bond, the Originals were tied to all the vampires in their respective bloodlines (an Original dies, so too do all of the vampires directly or indirectly descending from them), and Jeremy was happy for once in Denver (if, you know, still brainwashed by his own sister).

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And now, on to this week’s episode, “Heart of Darkness,” for which I present a pros and cons list:


—The Damon/Elena stuff in the motel room (and just outside it) was the best it’s been in ages. Honestly, the writers should let Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder simply be hot more often because I swear I am never as interested in Delena as when they’re dancing or staring at each other before feigning sleep or making out or just generally not talking.

—That said, I liked the honesty between Damon and Elena in those scenes too, like when Damon said: “When people see good, they expect good, and I don’t want to have to live up to anyone’s expectations” and “This time I’m not going to make it so easy on you; this time you’re going to have to figure it out for yourself.” Once you can accept that you only love hot serial murderers who worship you, Elena, I think you and I will be in a much better place.

—The shirtlessness.

—Tyler’s return was obviously a huge pro in my book, as was the hot hot Tyler/Caroline reunion. They’re the biggest reason I still watch this show.

—Evil!Alaric. Man, he’s fun. Matt Davis is killing it.

—I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really liked the Matt-and-Caroline-as-co-conspirators scene. I think because, like with Damon and Elena, the actors behind the characters have such great chemistry.

—The twist at the end, in which we learn that Rebekah has been possessed by the Original Witch. I can get behind this.

—The limited Klaus screen time. I hate him.

—Jeremy’s disapproval of Damon/Elena. Why *should* he support that?

—The music. For all its many flaws TVD showcases some excellent tunes every week. Florence + the Machine was perfect for the Damon/Elena kiss.

Damon and Elena watch Jeremy at batting practiceCons

—Rose telling Jeremy that Elena and Damon are good for each other. Look, I say again: Why *should* Jeremy support that? He’s seen zero evidence they’re good for each other. In fact, the last time he saw them team up was so that they could brainwash him into wanting to leave Mystic Falls.

—Tyler and Caroline’s fight at the end. I get it (I’d be freaked if my significant other kept a creepy drawing from the guy who murdered me too), but still: DDDD:

—All the Originals have different British accents. It’s amusing but not really in a good way.

—Stefan having to beat up Alaric for evil!Alaric to show up.

—Alaric got killed AGAIN. Just STOP already.


What made your pros and cons list for this week’s episode?

(By the way, there are some gorgeous GIFs of last night’s Delena scenes on Tumblr this morning.)

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Miss D
1. Miss D
Julie Plec needs to stop that hard selling of Damon/Elena. They have great chemistry on their own and it's been a long road with their feelings. They didn't need Rose as a cheerleader. That said, I think sometimes Plec's fangirl gets out when it comes to those two and tend to cheapen things or make it silly when it should be more fierce or haunting.

Personally, I'm worn out on the S/E/D triangle and I miss Kevin Williamson driving this show to give it more balance between the stories. I can't most of the time with Plec's triangle fangirl love eating this show to the detriment of other things. ::sigh::

I agree about the accents but I think only 3 of the actors are actually British, right? And the rest I think are Australian.

I actually like Klaus, at least before this season when they turned him into a clown and had him drawing horsies for Caroline. Come on, now!! I really wish the actor had gotten his wish and Klaus had had that type of storyline (something with a love interest like he requested) with Bonnie. I still find it funny that I've come across that a large number of the males on this show wanted their characters to have something with Bonnie and ALL got shot down for whatever reasons. I know there are those bitter that Bonnie/Damon won't happen, according to Plec, even though it was popular in the books. I'm meh on that, though.

Nice to see Jeremy again. Been to long. I don't really care about Tyler. I don't hate the character, I've just always been indifferent to him for some reason. I miss his uncle, though. That was some serious eye candy.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@Miss D -- "Fierce or haunting" would be pretty fantastic to see--the two certainly have the smokin' hot chemistry for that--but I agree, it's just not happening.

Come back, Kevin Williamson, come back! Sooo with you there.

Klaus was fun as the villain for a while but now I'm beyond tired of him. He's just another woobie. I actually think Kol's the scariest person around right now because he doesn't care about any of them and has nothing to lose. THAT's a baddie that's working.

Jeremy! I missed him too. Think the distance made this heart grow fonder.
3. ChelseaMueller
When the Caroline/Tyler reunion hit the screen I was so excited for you, Heather. I thought "this episode's for Heather." And then Ian Somerhalder was shirtless. A lot. And then there was hot Damon/Elena action with emotions. So, this one, from a 'shipper standpoint, was a win for me, too.

I don't want Jeremy to back the DElena relationship. I do, however, kind of want to see Tyler and Klaus fight over Caroline. Shirtless.

Always shirtless.
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
Ha ha, thanks, Chelsea, I was pretty excited for me too. ;) And I was excited for YOU when I saw all that Damon shirtlessness and hot hot D/E!

Always shirtless indeed!

Honestly, though, I'm not looking forward to the Tyler/Caroline/Klaus angst that's most likely ahead of us. We already have Damon and Stefan fighting over Elena and in the past we also had Matt and Tyler fighting over Caroline. It's too much for me.
Caitlyn Wilson
5. armywife
I love me some Delena, when she turned around and kissed him, no joke, I fist pumped the air! LOL It's about time, I'm sick of the whole Stefan and Elena dynamic, don't get me wrong, I like Stefan, but I think I just like the bad boys more, so Damon is right up my alley, plus he's so hot!

This might shock some people, but Caroline and Tyler? Really, I'm so over it, Tyler just doesn't do anything for me, yeah he's cute and looks good with his shirt off, but that's all he does for me. Now, this might just be me, but does anybody else want to see Klaus and Caroline hook up???? Yes, Klaus is the bad guy, but like I said, I love the bad boys. I think he just needs some love to turn himself around and I think Caroline is just the woman to give it to him!!

I don't like evil Alaric, I think it's because I'm so used to seeing him be good that this whole aspect is just weird to me, but maybe that will change.

I was waiting for this episode and it did not disappoint. I just want to see more Elena and Damon, I love them!!
Miss D
6. Miss D
Triangles of contrived crap, I tell ya. Honestly, let's speed that bus along already on D/E/S. I can't bring myself to really care about the T/C/K one, partially cause the writing for C/K was silly even if the actors do play well off one another and I'd almost forgotten what Tyler looked like he's been gone so long.
7. ChelseaMueller
@Redline_ - I don't want a drawn out Klaus/Tyler battle. I meant a literal, punch-in-the-face fight over her. One time, then back to Caro/Tyler smooching.
Miss D
8. Theo
Great post @redline_! I love the scene in the motel room with all the eye and body language. However, it was kind of cheap to have them going at it outside. I wish the show would focus more now on other issues --- family, survival, supernatural evils -- rather than dedicate so much time to the love triangle. I'd love to see more of Klaus and Caroline as well -- not as a couple necessarily but just more of them. I love Caroline scenes! Also, I'm going to have a good in the end when Elena ends up with nobody.
Miss D
9. Honey Eyob
I feel sorry for Stephen. He loves her so much. He changes be good man. But she doesn't give him chance. She have to back to Stephen (even we know that Damon is her real life hus)
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