Apr 19 2012 1:38pm

Thank You, Karen Marie Moning: Into the Dreaming’s First 16 Pages!

Into the Dreaming by Karen Marie MoningToday on her Facebook page, Karen Marie Moning has offered up 16 pages from her forthcoming Into the Dreaming. The “tongue-in-cheek, sexy romp” begins like this:

His hard, wet body glistened in the moonlight as he emerged from the ocean. Brilliant eyes of stormy aquamarine met hers, and her heart raced.

He stood naked before her, the look in his eyes offering everything, promising eternity.

When he cupped one strong hand at the nape of her neck and drew her closer to receive his kiss, her lips parted on a sigh of dreamy anticipation.

His kiss was at first gentle, then as stormy as the man himself, for he was a man of deep secrets, a man of deeper passion, her Highlander.

One hand became two buried in her hair, one kiss became a second of fierce and fiery desire, then he swept her into his arms, raced up the castle steps, and carried her to his bedchamber . . .

—From the unpublished manuscript Highland Fire by Jane Sillee

Head over to Karen Marie Moning’s Facebook to check out the rest!

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1. willaful
This is a reissue of the original novella, right?
2. joyofbean
Yep, a reissue, but with new material and lots of extras.
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