Apr 24 2012 3:14pm

Sherrilyn Kenyon Teases Time Untime

Time Untime by Sherrilyn KenyonDoes she not know how crazy she’s making us?

On her Facebook page, Sherrilyn Kenyon teases the next book in her Dark-Hunters series, Time Untime, which is not out until August 7:

We all make mistakes. It’s part of growing. The trick isn’t to be perfect. It’s to find a place of solace in the mind so that it doesn’t flog you for trusting the wrong person or following after the wrong dream. All of us fall victim to harmful guile at some point.

Even I.

Read the rest at her Facebook page.

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Ruby's Books
2. Rubys Books
I agree with Button, I'm a junkie but I love it :D
I'm rereading the entire series right now, so hopefully I'll be done in time to read Time Untime right after it gets released.
3. MarciL
Can't wait! I'm rereading, too. It's funny the things you pick up when you know what's coming down the line. The last one I finished was No Mercy, but I'm taking a break to reread the League books since there's a new one of those coming out soon.
4. Amor y Risa
Could it be Savitar's story?? I hope so. I think I've been in luuurve with him forever.
5. nikkitrueblue
I can't wait for Time Untime! I've become such a huge SK fan over the past few years! I also love how really down to Earth she is and it just makes me want to buy just about anything she writes.
6. crussell
I can't wait!! Time Untime is Ren's story according to the website but it needs to get here quicker!! Another 6 months is too long! Lol I'm just glad that the newest League book Born of Silence comes out on May 1st!!
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