Apr 5 2012 8:17am

Print and E-Book Can Co-Exist!

We can all get along after all!

An article in USA Today says that print editions of the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins are outselling e-book versions this week, and the three books are atop USA Today’s weekly bestseller lists. So we haven’t all fled print for e; in fact, it seems like most readers are accepting e as well as print into their reading lives.

This lovely video clip shows the painstaking care and multiple processes involved in producing an artisanal, small-house book. It’s great to know this kind of effort won’t become an archaic process, like churning butter or getting up to change the channel on the television set.

Are you mixing book formats, too?

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Christopher Morgan
1. cmorgan
Wait. There are people that only buy one medium? I thought those were like unicorns, they either didn't exist or could only be seen in the woods by virgins...
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@cmorgan, I know many people who only buy in e. I am coming perilously close to that myself, since my e-reader is so darn convenient.
3. CdnMrs
I mix formats but only because if I've started a series by buying paperbacks I want to stay that way, likewise with the eformat. For example, I have all of JR Ward's BDB series in e-format, but all of her angel-guy series in paperback. I'm just particular that way. Also, there are certain books I need to read out of an actual book for sentimental reasons, LOTR, Chronicles of Narnia, Little Women, etc. It's just how I roll.
Carmen Pinzon
4. bungluna
Call me Barney, I'm still clinging to my paper books. Until I can get reliable library e-books I refuse to go e. The bulk of my reading comes from lending library (booksfree) or local library. So there! :-p

Eventualy I know I'll have to go e because a lot of my favorite authors are moving that way, but I know that I'll always procure a print book for any novel I want to keep and re-read. There's just something sensualy satisfying about a real physical book.
Nicole Neal
5. icecharm
I have Kindle on my laptop, which is just not as convenient to carry around as a paper book, so I get both. The ebooks I read at home, the paper books I read at work.
Glass Slipper
6. GlassSlipper
I'm still 100% print books. They're just so pretty, and I like organizing my collection and being able to touch them. I love going to the stores on Tuesdays to see if the new books are out on the shelves. It's all one big high for me. :)

I'm considering getting a Kindle so I can read the e-only books. Right now, my only option is to sit at my desk pc to read one, but it's too uncomfortable. I played with a Kindle today at Target. It was very cool.

For now, though, I'm a dinosaur.
7. wsl0612
@CdnMrs - Greetings! I'm with you on this, I like to have the collections organized by format :-)
I still get both e- and paperback, but I have to say I have weeded out some collections and acquired them in e- format just because the dust mite reduction makes me very happy. Still there are certain books I love for their cover art and I will never give them up!
Rachel Powell
8. JMercy
I often double my media with both a print and ebook copy. The ebooks are wonderful for travel or waits, but nothing really replaces a book for me. As a sensory experience, books win out completely. Also if I've started a series in paperback, I want to finish that way, even if my husband and bookshelves would prefer otherwise.
9. VStone
I have a lot of friends that mix media, but my personal preference, and only preference actually, is paper books. I've tried reading on a tablet, a kindle and a nook and it just doesn't work for me, it ends up taking twice as long to read just a page and I can't get into it as well. I love how convient they are and they really are, it's just not for me.
They're also too fragile for my taste, my sister's Kindle has a huge crack in it from a small fall off the bed and she didn't even have it a year. I prefer something that can take a beating after killing off my favorite character.
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