Apr 26 2012 11:34am

Peek at Nalini Singh’s Tangle of Need

Tangle of Need by Nalini SinghNalini Singh has succumbed to frantic readers’ demands, and offered a tiny look at her upcoming Tangle of Need, out May 29, 2012. Here’s the first part; head to Nalini’s blog for the rest:

Matthias’s jaw brushed her hair. “No pressure, darling.” They danced in warm silence until Adria caught a scent that made her spine lock—right before Matthias said, “I think someone’s about to steal you away.”

Not wanting to make a scene and mar the celebration, she didn’t protest when Matthias stepped back. “Take care of my girl,” he warned.

Riaz muttered something pithy in Spanish that made Matthias laugh, but all Adria could hear as he took her into his arms was the frantic beat of her pulse, thudding in time to his own. Too fast, both of them, their skin too hot.

Oh, swoon! Nalini Singh has the rest of the peek.

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1. CK
Love Nalini's Psy/Changeling series, but did she wrong someone at Berkley because the covers for this series are phenomenally mediocre and completely uninspiring. I will most definitely read Tangle of Need but, Oy vey, I'm glad I have a Nook.
2. Nix
Yay, very exited for dis one.
Love Nalini Singh! The countdown on my calendar begins...
Caitlyn Wilson
3. armywife
What is with all the hardcover books now?? Nalini, you're killing me here!! I love Nalini Singh and I love the Psy/Changelings but I wish this book wasn't hardcover, they're always more expensive plus I just have no room for them lol I'm not a nook or electronic based fan, I like the old fashioned paperback book in my hands, sadly, I'm going to have to wait till it comes out in paperback. I love the sneak peek tho!
4. helva715
Each author who get too popular gets forced into hardback. Nalini Singh held out longer than many. Only, of my favorites, Lora Leigh, is still paperback only. I am afraid it is the greed of the publishers. I hope it isn't the fault of the author. In this economy, many of us just can't afford the hardback prices, even at the discounted rates offered by Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I am afraid that I, too, will wait for the paperback. Maybe get hardback at library, even. Or, instead, will buy used books from on-line sellers. No money gets to author this way. Sorry. This has gone too far.
5. Rah
Loved this little peek. Can't wait for the book. Love Nalini......
Linda Talamo
6. eLTe
I stand by you armywife, on both cost and space. And, I would add, one of the dying breed of individuals that still enjoy having the "the real mccoy" in hand. I have perfected the art of patient waiting and vigilance for any used books listed on my ever increasing wishlist.
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