Apr 26 2012 9:03am

No BFF: When Heroines Are Nothing Like You (and You Love Them Anyway)

Katee Sackhoff as Kara Starbuck ThraceHere’s a complicated question: What character who is the least like you do you like reading the most about?

For example, you might be contemplative, quiet, and serious. But you love it when the heroines in the books you read are impulsive, loud, and funny.

So—which heroine is least like you that you love the most?

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1. ChelseaMueller
This one is easy for me: MacKayla Lane from Karen Marie Moning's Fever series. Even as I'm astonished watching her transform through the series and can relate to her emotionally, there is no way me and Mac 1.0 (early in the series) would be hanging out. At all.
2. SShelly
Chess Putnam from Stacia Kanes "Ghost" series. An addict with serious self esteem issues, but still compelling.
3. STaylor
Totally agree with SShelly - Love the series but I cannot identify with her personally.
4. Lucky4
This isn't a book character but I used to love the character Holly Hunter played on Saving Grace. Grace was completely kick-ass, party hard, sleep around and made no apologies for it -- I completely loved that about her! That being said, she in no way, resembles me.
5. ms bookjunkie
Blair Mallory, the heroine in Linda Howard's TO DIE FOR and DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, totally cracks me up. She's nothing like me, and I don't know if I'd be able to stand her in real life, but she's fun—and to me, refreshing–to read about. As I'd read about a creature from another planet. Curiously, cautiously and with mounting disbelief. :)
7. Rose In RoseBear
Eve Dallas ... I wouldn't want to be so screwed up or have so many sharp edges, but I love reading the books ...
8. LadyRyln
I find that most of my favorite heroines are unlike me - but if I have to name one, Anita Blake is least like me (and lives a life I simply couldn't cope with).
Allison Brennan
9. Allison_Brennan
I love Tess Gerritsen's Maura Isles, but she is the exact opposite of me in almost every way. In the books, she's quiet, she's a scientist, she's reserved, an introvert, and has a long-running affair with a priest. I'm loud, talkative, creative, an extrovert, and am pretty certain if I had an affair with a priest, I'd go to hell. ;)
Regina Thorne
10. reginathorn
Brienne of Tarth and Aeryn Sun. And Sarah Connor, whose only point of similarity with me is that she has a son :D
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