Apr 19 2012 8:13am

Neither Shaken Nor Stirred: When Characters Change Up Their Style

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Will you recognize James Bond without his iconic martini? The New York Times reports that Skyfall, the next James Bond film, will show Bond drinking Heineken as well as his usual cocktail, as part of a product placement deal the Dutch beer company made with the producers of the Bond films.

Daniel Craig elaborates that, “The great thing is that Bond is a drinker, he always has been.”

Would the Black Dagger Brotherhood be the same without their leathers and their shitkickers? How about Stephanie Plum if she weren’t constantly chowing down on junk food? Or a Jennifer Crusie book without a winsome pooch?

What iconic detail would you hate to see your favorite characters lose?

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Kiersten Hallie Krum
1. Kiersten
I don't care that he'll be drinking Heineken beer. I care that he's drinking it b/c it's a paid endorsement, which is bull and immediately lowers my respect for the franchise. Felt the same way when they changed his car in Pierce's movie b/c BMW ponied up the cash and the vehicle. I'm OK if iconic elements change organically, not b/c of the almighty dollar.

Also, dog fight recently photographed sporting Heineken advertisement banners so....No.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
Kiersten: I think one of the earlier films set financial records for how much they sold in product placement, so I'm not surprised. I am surprised that they would let Bond drink something else, but I am okay with whatever they have Daniel Craig's Bond doing.
Vanessa Ouadi
3. Lafka
I so hate Daniel Craig's Bond. He just doesn't fit the vision I have of James Bond : classy and smart, from the way he dresses to the way he lives. Craig is far too rough-looking, even in a tuxedo, I just keep thinking he's far more like Crocodile Dundee rather than 007.
Back to the habits of Bond, I simply can't wrap my mind around Bond drinking a beer (and not even a good one, pfew). He's a wine connoisseur, and he drinks vodka-martini shaken, not stirred. Ocasionnally he goes into whisky or sake, but beer? Humpf. It was as if he went from smoking Morland Specials to Marlboro Silvers, or from eating caviar and foie gras to stuffing himself with junk food. It's just not the character.

As to iconic details I'd hate my fav' character to lose, I think I'd go with Sheldon's Bazinga each time he makes a joke in The Big Bang Theory tv show ^^
Miss D
4. Miss D
Well, it could have been worse. Could have been Bud Light. =P

I'm not thrilled about this change if only because it's such a big part of who James Bond is to have his shaken Martinis but I get the need for revenue to finance these behemoth movies. It's like when they went from the Aston Martins to BMWs. It happens, though sometimes not for the better.
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