Apr 5 2012 12:30pm

My Super UF Hit Squad: Gin Blanco, Kate Daniels, and More!

Spider’s Bite by Jennifer EstepWe’ve talked about damaged heroines and bad friend heroines, but what about the baddest bitches on the block? As much as we track their relationships, most urban fantasy heroines should be best known for their ability to kick ass and take names.

As such, I’m assembling my fighting team. I’ve picked five of the strongest, most lethal urban fantasy heroines to watch my back. Not only could this group of women take out the Cobra Kai, but also they’ll save the world. Repeatedly.

1. Gin Blanco from Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassins series. She has the power to force the elements to her will, but that just isn’t enough of a challenge. She’s an assassin who could kill you six ways before you blink—and she doesn’t have to use magic to do it. But she might, because it’d be interesting.

Smart, ruthless and an undeniable badass, I want Gin to have my back.

Shaedes of Gray by Amanda Bonilla2. Darian from Amanda Bonilla’s Shaede Assassin series. The woman can turn into smoke. That means she can be both invisible (win!) and walk through walls (double win!). Bonus: She has no problem cutting a mouthy fae or two.

So, should one come along and try to trick my super UF hit squad, Darian would put a stop to it quickly with something pointy.

3. MacKayla Lane from Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series. Now, I’m talking about Mac 2.0. Why do I want this girl on my team? Is it just because I think the fae may be out to get me? Not entirely. Mac will do whatever it takes to defend what’s hers—in this scenario that means me, too!—including going all Fear Factor on Unseelie flesh. She eats unseelie faeries as needed.

I need a ’no limits’ woman on my team. MacKayla is that woman.

Bloodshot by Cherie Priest4. Raylene from Cherie Priest’s Cheshire Red series. Now, I’ll be the first to admit Raylene isn’t particularly social. I don’t expect her to hit happy hour with the rest of the hit squad. But she’s adjusting to being around others. Kind of. And this vampire has been a master thief for decades.

We need intel? She’s got us covered.

Also, crazy lethal.

5. Kate Daniels from Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series. The woman has a sword named Slayer. Shouldn’t that be enough?

Fine, fine. In addition to wielding the powerful Slayer sword, she can magic to her fingers easily and has no problem putting vampires and shifters in their places.

You don’t mess with Kate. That’s why we make sure to stand behind her.

Your turn, H&H readers. If you could pick any five badass heroines to assemble your own brute squad, which women would you pick?

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Christopher Morgan
1. cmorgan
So the Cheshire Red Series is pretty good? I've read Priest's Steampunk and REALLY loved it, just found out about this urban fantasy series a little while back.

I'll definitely have to check out the others. Always love a good badass, be it hero or heroine.

As to the brute squad...

1) Black Widow from Marvel's Avengers line because who doesn't want a Russian Spy on their team?
2) Ellen Ripely from Alien movies to keep the team grounded
3) Briar Wilkes- Another of Priest's, but a bad-ass zombie fighting sheriff, like a Rick Grimes from the pacific Northwest
4) Michonne from Walking Dead graphic novel, you can never have too many ninja-lawyers
5) Vin from Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series because when are you not going to need someone that an turn pocket changed into a machine gun?
2. ChelseaMueller
@cmorgan - I really enjoyed the first Cheshire Red book. Very noir with a nice edge. The second book didn't pack the same punch, but I'm sticking with the series. I always enjoy Priest's writing.

Love your picks, especially Ellen Ripley and Vin. I like my brute squad to be resourceful.
Vikki @ V's Book Life
3. Vikki @ V's Book Life
I haven't read the Cheshire Red series or the Shaede Assassins series but both those women sound pretty good. I honestly don't know how to pick my list...there are so many kick ass heroines out there!

1. Kate Daniels (Kate Daniels series) - completely agree with you here, Kate is just awesome, I love her sarcasm and sense of humour. All her interactions with Curran are hilarious and as an alpha female she certainly won't be beaten easily! I can't wait for Gunmetal Magic to see more from my favourite couple :)

2. Gin Blanco (Elemental Assassins) - again I completely agree. I like that Gin could level an entire building with her stone magic but rarely uses it to take out her targets. I wouldn't want to be in her sights when she fancies some target practice...that girl and her knives are lethal!

3. Cat Crawford (Night Huntress) - come on! I love Cat...the half vampire half human readhead certainly earns the name Red Reaper because if you are of the undead persuasion and in her way...she'll cut your heart out...literally.
Plus I love Bones and if you want have to have Bones too ;)

4. Limos (Lords of Deliverance) - She's one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse...need I say more. Immortal warrior and all around bad ass. Heck she was even Satan's fiance for a while...until she met Arik that is.
Plus I really want her to do my nails for me...can't go into battle without gorgeous nails can we girls?

5. Nix (Immortals After Dark Series) - Nucking Futs Nix would be the perfect final addition to my team. Her outragous sense of humour would certainly keep the troops entertained and her visions would definately give them the edge in any battle...though I don't know if I'd want to know my future.

Well that's my team :) Great idea!

Vikki @ V's Book Life
Megan Frampton
4. MFrampton
Of the ones I've read--Darian, Mac 2.0, Kate--I totally agree. I have the first Estep book yet TBR, and I just requested the Cherie Priest book from the library--thanks!
Vikki @ V's Book Life
5. WynterC
Totally agree with Kate. She is badass but I wouldn't want to wear her out. She is awesome with a sword, but I think her magic is even better. So let's put her on magic duty and get Chrysabelle from Kristen Painter's House of Comarre Series to swing the blades around. Of course we need a vampire who is totally awesome with or without her man by her side and that would be Cat. Any of the Valkyrie from Immortals After Dark Series will fit nicely, too.
Vikki @ V's Book Life
6. JanineD.
I think that's a pretty kick ass team but I would be moved to add Charley Davidson from Darynda Jones Grave series- you never know when you might need a badass Grim Reaper. . .
Vikki @ V's Book Life
7. Yelena Casale
Completely agree about Kate. I would defnitely add Jeaniene Frost's Cat to the list, Kelly Meding's Evy Stone and Faith Hunter's Jane Yellowrock.
Vikki @ V's Book Life
8. Lege Artis
First on my list is definitely Kate Daniels- she is skilled, loyal, determined and her blood is powerful. Kate alone can make serious damage.
My #2 will be Elena P. Deveraux from Guld Hunter series. Yes, I know she's the youngest angel, but angels in Nallini Singh's world are mighty dangerous and she can fly. She can attack from above.
#3 will be Cat from Night Huntress series. She is strong and she will fit nicely with Kate.:)
Gin Blanco's elemental powers are bad-a$$ and being in a hit squad is like breathing to her, so that put her on my #4.
Interesting post, Chelsea!
9. ChelseaMueller
@ Vikki @ V's Book Life - Absolutely love Cat. Excellent addition. And Nix is just scary.

@JanieneD. - Sometimes you just need a reaper. ;)

@Lege - Sometimes I love Elena and sometimes I don't, but you're right, she's definitely an asset.
Vikki @ V's Book Life
10. Lee @shewolfreads
I would add Jane Yellowrock to that list. She is pretty kick ass!
Vikki @ V's Book Life
11. CdnMrs
I'd add Alexia Tarabotti from Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series. Not only would she class up the joint and make a killer cup of tea, but she's sneaky. Bad guys would never know what hit them, it'd be all "Look there's a pretty Victorian Lady" and then BLAMMO! she'd gets them with her suped up parasol.
12. ChelseaMueller
@CdnMrs -
Not only would she class up the joint and make a killer cup of tea, but she's sneaky.
That just made my day. Bring on the fancy badass!
Marcela Fandino
13. BookaholicCat
I love this post! You list is almost my perfect list but I haven't read the Cheshire Red Series, so instead of Raylene I will have Cat Crawford from Night Huntress series.
Shannon Bastian
15. shannonB.
Great post!
I would pick:
Kate Daniels
Cat (she can kick ass and hopefully Bones will be hanging around!)
Xhex (she's pretty lethal even without using her sympath abilities)
Vikki @ V's Book Life
16. Yenna
I agree with Kate Daniels (my all time fave) and Jane Yellowrock but cannot believe nobody mentioned Xhex from BDB books yet. Talk about badass... She's on my team.
Vikki @ V's Book Life
17. Savanna
1. Merit from Chicagoland Vampires- for her katana swinging skills
2. Anita Blake- pre-ardeur for her guns. Guns are always good in a fight.
3. Sookie Stackhouse- not much of a fighter but she knows what your enemies are planning. Big advantage there.
4. Cat- Just cause she's full of awesome.
5. Rachel Morgan- For her splat gun and spells.
18. ChelseaMueller
@Savanna - I'm with you mostly. I just can't back having Sookie on the hit squad. She's helpful if your attackers are human, but if you're dealing with vampires she's not going to be picking up their plans. Maybe she could be like a pinch hitter -- if we're dealing with people/creatures she can read.
Carolyn Blatter
19. Caro48
The best blade slinging lady's.

1. Gin Blanco
2. Kate Daniels
3. Jane Yellowrock
4. Cat Crawfield
5. Merit
Vikki @ V's Book Life
20. Savanna
@ChelseaMueller Fair point on Sookie. I honestly hadn't considered that. I'll amend my hit squad to include Eugenie Markham instead.
Vicki Wilson
21. vlpwilson
Totally agree with Mac 2.0 Haven't read the others, but would have to add
Eugenie Markham
Charley Davidson
Vikki @ V's Book Life
22. munchkin.71
This is one of my fav genre, so many good heroines 5 bad asses
1. Cat Crawfield Russell
2. Kate Daniels
3. Gin Bianco
4. Jaz Parks
5. Merit

So many other great ones ( including Rachel Morgan, Mercy Thompson, Mac and Zoe Archer) , but these 5 will kick ass and still be standing afterwards !
Vikki @ V's Book Life
23. Keira
1. Kate Daniels. (Kate Daniels)
2. Cerise Mar. (The Edge)
3. Audrey Callahan. (The Edge)
4. Elena Michaels (Women of the Otherworld)
5. Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)
Vikki @ V's Book Life
24. Bookfool.77
I'd also add Allie Beckstrom from Devon Monk's "Magic" series..She's kick-ass..doesn't take guff from anyone, and she has a hot boyfriend named Zavion!! So I'd add her to my list which includes Gin Blanco, Xhex, Cat Crawford, and Mac.
Vikki @ V's Book Life
25. Ella1979
1. Cat Crawford (for all reasons previously stated)
2. Xhex because she is like the Ziva David of UF
3 Anna (Anna dressed in Blood) because I loved this YA book and Anna rules!
4. Claire Danvers (morganville vampires)
5. Mac 2.0 (and a bit of Danni)
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