Apr 10 2012 2:24pm

Lost Girl Episode 13: Succubus Family Values

Bo and Aoife in Lost GirlCan’t get enough of SyFy’s new show Lost Girl? Neither can we, so we’ve begun a weekly recap. Don’t miss any of Kiersten Krum’s episode reviews: episode 4episode 5episode 6episode 7episode 8episode 9episode 10, episode 11, and episode 12.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Dyson and Bo are in bed making love. Dyson brokenly apologizes again for what happened with Aoife in (Dis)Members, but Bo brushes it off, claiming that it’s over. “Just promise never to scare me like that again.” Dyson is puzzled. “You forgive me? For everything?” She smiles and they kiss and switch positions so Bo is on top, but when she raises herself up, it’s suddenly Aoife straddling him. “Course I do, lovah,” she says. Dyson screams as Aoife goes bug-eyed and starts to suck him down…

Dyson wakes up yelling still in Bo’s bed. Bo is sitting next to him on the edge of the bed munching something while keeping watch. She immediately calms him down. With effort, he shakes off the nightmare. “Oh God, the last thing I remember is—” Bo: “Saskia riding you like a theme park attraction while draining your chi to death?” Dyson’s face is a picture of guilt and misery, all I didn’t dream that too? “Least that’s the part I walked in on,” Bo tags on, less flippantly as though repeating what happened reminded her how bad it was to see. “Seemed pretty athletic.”

He apologizes again, this time in real life. “I didn’t mean to—” but she interrupts him again. “Look, she’s a succubus. I get it, Dyson.” It’s her turn to apologize. “This is my fault. I should have told you about (Saskia).” This incredibly adult reaction to what happened is so refreshing. I so appreciate how frankly and matter-of-fact Lost Girl is about sexual issues, particularly involving Bo and the source of her power. This could have totally gone on a ridiculous “we were on a break!” spiral even though the cause and effect is so obvious and because Bo is so acutely aware of how little will a succubus victim has to resist, instead we zip past the manufactured angst and go right to the meat of the matter.

Bo and Dyson in Lost Girl episode 13Dyson disagrees. “We need to talk.” Bo agrees with a goofy smile. “Yeah, we do.” She scampers around the bed to sit behind him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and back. Dyson grabs his chest near his heart as though a stray pain has just shot through it. Bo: “We need to talk about happier things. Like my super cool new succubus trick, breathing you back to life with my chi?! I mean, how rock star am I?” Superstar, kiddo. Dyson is nowhere near the happy train and clasps her joined hands against his chest. “Who is the best girlfriend ever?!” Bo finishes, kissing him on the cheek.

But Dyson knows the shit has finally hit the fan and to his credit, he’s not ducking it. “I need to tell you something.” Bo sighs but agrees, easing off. “Not loving the sound of that, but I’m listening.” Dyson turns so he’s facing her on the bed. “Saskia isn’t who you think she is.” Bo asks what he’s talking about. “Her real name is Aoife and I’ve been expecting her to come for you for a while now.” Bo wonders why and Dyson bites the bullet. “Because Bo, she is your mother.”

Cut to Aoife in the alley with two of her beefcake minions who are roughing up a man in a fedora. They drag him forward and present him to her. “You’re crazy,” he says with conviction. Aoife immediately head butts him. “The polite term is mentally unstable,” she snits, fixing her hair. “And don’t be sexist. Just because a girl has a little ambition doesn’t mean she’s off her rocker.” Fedora says even if Aoife is who she claims to be, how she can expect him to betray his people to her after everything she’s done. Saskia says she doesn’t. “You light fae honchos, you’re so predictable. I’m counting on that actually.” He doesn’t understand why she’s come to him then. “Ignition,” she admits. “Every fire needs a spark and you’re going to be mine.” She asks him to “scootch” back a foot or two. Still confused, he yet complies and Beefcake #1 shoves a knife into his back. As he collapses to his knees, Aoife lifts the fedora and puts in on her own head. Beefcake #2 hands her a small notebook and she checks a task off, probably get new hat. “One down, boys,” she giggles. “Let’s go start a war!”


Kenzi reads a romance novelAt Hilton Hovel (drink!), Kenzi is on the couch reading a romance novel. “Oh Sven! You romantic pirate bastard you.” As though I could love this girl more, and now she reads pirate romance novels!! Huh-freaking-zah! A door slams and she tosses the book aside snatching up a comic book in its place. Bo storms downstairs, Dyson hot on her heels. “Wait!” he calls grabbing her arm. “Would you just please talk to me?!”

Kenzi, rising from the couch: “No, no! Allow me to leave. I’ll just—give you guys your privacy.” Neither one of them is paying any attention to her. “How long have you known who my mother is?” Bo asks Dyson, furious.  Kenzi stops mid rise. “Or I can stay. Staying’s good. Quiet like a bunny,” she finishes, whispering and crouching down on the couch to watch the show.

“How long, Dyson!” Bo yells. He pauses. “Since before we met,” he finally admits. Poor Bo’s face is a mixture of hurt, anger and betrayal. “I wanted to tell you,” Dyson insists. “I wanted to tell you everything! That’s why I called you last night because I was trying to tell you!” He grabs her hands but she jerks away and slaps him back. “Bo, it wasn’t my story to tell,” he adds, everything about him begging her to understand. “It’s Trick’s.” Bo looks like she’s beginning to understand this is all about to get much, much worse. “What does Trick have to do with my mother?!”

At The Dal (drink!), it’s Trick’s turn to try to explain. He faces Bo across a table in the bar. “I let your mother down long before you were born. I failed her.” Arms crossed, Dyson is standing guard next to her, as though he might still protect her from what she’s about to learn. Kenzi is sitting at the table, nervously watching her sister. “Tell me,” Bo demands. “All of it.”

Trick expositions that Aoife was “of my clan” and that back then, the fae were at constant warfare, nearly fighting themselves into extinction. Trick grew weary of trying to earn a true peace. “So I forced one.” Bo wonders how he can force peace. Dyson takes over, explaining the Trick is a blood sage, “what he writes in his own blood comes to pass.” Kenzi: “That’s a nifty little skill there, Trickster.”

Trick doesn’t think so. “Nothing that powerful comes without a price, as I’ve learned.” Taking the seat before him, a calmer Bo asks what went wrong. “Aoife,” Trick admits. Dyson moves to stand behind Kenzi’s chair. Peace, Trick explains, demands forgiveness, “and in every war there are those who find it to be too dear a price.” Dyson reveals that Aoife led a small rebellion where she killed a dark fae clan leader but was eventually caught. I can’t tell if he’s speaking from personal knowledge or merely relaying what he’s learned from Trick, but I get the feeling all this happened before Dyson’s time, which makes it really freaking ancient history.

“But she escaped,” Trick adds. We cut to a scene of a ragged woman running through a blue tinted forest at night. “She came to me,” Trick continues. “I could have sheltered her. But that would have restarted the war. So I turned her over to the dark for execution.” We cut between images of a filthy Aoife handcuffed and sobbing her heart out in a cell and Trick’s stolid if regretful expression as he faces Bo.

Trick and Bo are staring solely at one another here. Between them is Luanne’s execution in Vexed and Dyson’s near execution in Faetal Justice. Trick knows how much Bo hates this particularly cruel and ruthless aspect of Faedom. I give him credit for laying out the bald facts here without trying to shade them in his favor. Yet.

Kenzi: “Well, then they need to go back to executioner’s school because they totally didn’t kill her.” Trick: “No. Gods forgive them.” Whoa. And yet, having “met” Aoife, eh. Trick admits it was a long time before he found out Aoife was alive. “She has hated and plotted against Trick ever since,” Dyson explains to Bo. All three of them are watching her, waiting to see how Aoife’s daughter reacts to this news.

Bo: “Are you telling me everything?” Trick pauses and looks down at the table briefly. “Yes.” Liar! Dude, I’ve see Law & Order—U.S. and UK versions—and I know a tell when I see one. But, apparently, Bo isn’t a fan of the Dick Wolf oeuvre and takes Trick at his word.

Bo decides if that’s the truth, then none of this makes any sense. “Befriending me and attacking Dyson? This is obviously personal. So what does she want with me?!” Trick says he doesn’t know. “And why now?!” Bo demands, and again, Trick doesn’t know and he doesn’t care to find out. “All that matters now is getting you the hell away from her.” Kenzi agrees whole-heartedly and Trick says he’s prepared for this and can get her out of the city but Bo won’t go. Trick: “Now is not the time to be stubborn!”

Trick in Blood Lines“You two still haven’t learned anything from this, have you?” Bo says to Trick and Dyson. “You think you get to decide what I do next?  I just found my mother and you want me to, what, run?!” Dyson: “Bo, you saw what she did to me.” Bo: “Yeah, I did. And now I’ve heard what was done to her.” She glares at Trick, who has the grace to look ashamed. She turns back to Dyson and I am about to go all ranty on how Bo’s suddenly very excusing and protective of a woman who has proven herself to be dangerous and crazy just because she’s now learned crazy bitch is her mother when Bo says this: “Look, I’m not saying that I trust her or that she’s fae of the frickin’ year. But she is my mother and I want to hear her side.” This, I can get behind. Cautiously.  “Good or bad,” Bo says directly to Dyson, her voice breaking. Poor chickie boo’s had a tough morning. “Whatever answers she has, I need them. I am ready to know who or what I really am. Whatever the cost.” The music goes all sturm und drang as she stalks off, Kenzi scrambling in her wake to follow while Dyson glares at Trick portentously.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), a shell-shocked Bo enters and heads straight to the ice box for a beer, Kenzi yapping at her heels. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow your roll, okay? I just need a little, wee recap just to make sure I got everything right.” So say we all, Kenz. She wraps it all up for us. “Saskia is really Aoife. Aoife is really your mother. And last night, Dyson really, really banged...your Mom,” she finishes, clearly as grossed out as the rest of us with that last bit. There’s a pregnant pause as they both contemplate the reality of the situation now that Kenzi has laid it all out there for us all. “Well,” Bo says swallowing. “I think technically she banged Dyson, but yeah, that’s the gist.” Yippee?

Kenzi: “Hear that sound? That is the sound of my head exploding. How are you so calm?” “Uh—shock?!” Bo duhs at her. She adds that she can’t afford to freak out right now as she has to think. “I mean, clearly I can’t trust my friends any more so I’m kinda on my own here.” Kenzi agrees, saying she can’t believe Dyson played them. “God, my bullshit detector totally failed!” No it didn’t, honey.

Here, I have to disagree, much as it might pain me to go against Kenzi, and not just because I have a colossal thing for the wolf boy. He had this knowledge before he met Bo and he was sworn to keep the secret by a man to whom he’d sworn fealty, which we know is a BFD with him particularly and the fae in general. When he got involved with Bo, yeah he made a couple alphahole maneuvers to try and keep emotion out of their relationship, but it was only when he finally owned up to his feelings first to himself by the end of Vexed and in Fae Day, and then to her in (Dis)Members, that he entered the dangerous territory of keeping stuff from his beloved (don’t sneer, she is). As soon as he realized this, he tried to fess up, but Aoife and her bug eyes interfered. So, be pissed at him, no problem, but don’t say you can’t trust him or that he played you because that shit don’t sail. If shit did sail, that is. Maybe it has a Catamaran, I don’t know!

Moving on.

Kenzi is worried that Bo might be looping her in on the “can’t trust my friends,” roundabout. “You know I had nothing to do with this, right? We’re good?” Bo: “Kenzi, we are always good. I can always trust you to have my back.” Awwww.

Kenzi gets all cheery: “Big news in the world of you! You have met your momma!” Bo giggles, and I’m weirded out again. This is still bat-crap crazy, has no problem murdering people with sex Saskia/Aoife we’re talking about, right? Bit like finding out Hannibal Lecter is your dad, I’d think. Kenzi wonders how it feels and Bo goes for some word association. “Weird. Great. Scary. I mean I know she’s kinda a big crazy bitch, but still. She’s my mom. And she’s alive. This is good. I mean I’ve been letting everybody else interfere and now I get to call the shots.” Kenzi is totally on board for finding Aoife, but Bo doesn’t even know where to start since Saskia/Aoife always found her up till now. Kenzi reminds her that this is what they do for people all the time “find missing fae. If this was just another case, where would we start?”

Bo sighs. “With Lauren,” she admits, not happily. Kenzi wonders why, and Bo decides that if Trick is right and Aoife really does have plans for Bo, she needs to know how to defend herself. Besides Trick, Doctor Lauren knows more fae lore than anybody. Kenzi: “Yes! That is my girl, cynical and protective! I am so proud of you. Really, it’s like my little baby’s all grown up.” They get so big so fast these days, don’t they?

In Tolkien’s Parlor, Trick is idly moving scrolls and papers around his desk while Dyson stands behind him, hands on hips, sentinel like. He still doesn’t understand why Trick has judged himself so harshly all these years for what he did to Aoife. Trick muses all mysterious that he has his reasons. Dyson insists that Trick did what he had to do as a king and what’s done is done. Well, that makes it all better there then. “I know you won’t believe me now, but it is a relief not having any more secrets to carry.” Maybe you don’t, hot stuff, but I think Tricksters got a trunk or two left full of them.

I have to say, considering the differences in the actors’ heights, they really film these scenes so well, not making a big deal about the difference but not having the visual be a distraction either, blocking it so that each actor and their respective character have the appropriate weight and position for the needs of the scene. I dig it.

Trick whirls his chair around to face Dyson and insists they don’t have time for relief. “Aoife means [Bo] ill in some way. You have got to convince her of that!” Dyson: “I’m afraid that ship has sailed, my friend. I’m not in the position to ask her any favors right now.” There’s a hint of accusation in his tone and Trick responds to it.  “I’m sorry keeping my counsel has come between you. I know you care for Bo, which is why I need you to get through to her.” He knows Aoife and fears that Bo is no match for her mother. Dyson, gravely: “Trust me, I know exactly how strong Aoife is.”

Lauren in Lost GirlAt the lab, Fedora guy is lying on a slab. Doctor Lauren leads Bo and Kenzi into the room at a brisk clip, apologizing for being in a rush. Kenzi asks about Fedora, and Doctor Lauren fills in that he’s a light fae elder who was killed last night. Bo: “By a succubus?!” Doctor Lauren shoots her a look. “By something sharp and pointy.”  She has to get a report into the elders, procedural only but still huge amount of paperwork and blah, blah, blah. Bo: “So you can’t help me?” Doctor Lauren doesn’t understand who the succubus is that Bo is afraid to face. Bo insists it doesn’t matter she just needs to know how to defend herself. “How do succubae fight one another?” she asks. “Slow motion pillow fights?” Kenzi wonders as her cell phone beeps. “Crotch lasers?” BWAH HA HA!!!

Doctor Lauren reminds us that Bo is the only succubus she has “studied” up close and suggests that she ask The Ash, but Bo immediately nixes that idea. Duh. Doctor Lauren agrees to see what she can find out, “on one condition. That afterwards, you and I finally have that talk and you let me explain myself.” Oh, yippee. By Bo’s expression, she’s thinking a similar thing. “I’ve missed you,” Doctor Lauren adds, and Bo finally agrees.

Behind them, Kenzi comes up from reading her phone. “Um, I gotta go..meet a guy about this thing.” They agree to meet back at the clubhouse. Exit Kenzi.

Kenzi strides down a sidewalk in the middle of a sun shiny day bitching with every step. “Dude! You have spectacularly lousy timing as always,” she tells Hale as she approaches. “What is the emergency?” The juxtaposition of the Goth girl and her dark clothes and hair against the brightness of the day is startling. Majorly out of place.

Hale and KenziHale, hysterically, has the fidgets. “Wow! Momma! Look at you! Wow! Your hair!” He reaches out to play with it and Kenzi, brow furrowed, bats his hand away. Twice. “You’re good. Look at your hair! It’s all nice and streaky and relaxed and forgiving…” Ha! Kenzi wonders what the hell is wrong with him. “Are you on something?” Hale, again: “You look good! You just look good,” and Dyson finally relieves him of his misery and comes out of the alley.

Kenzi, snarling: “Oh nice, nice Brutus!” and she smacks Hale’s chest, rocking him back. Hale: “Oh well now, Brutus. That’s a little harsh.” I love Hale so freaking much. Without a word to Dyson, Kenzi stalks back the way she came. Dyson follows her, calling her name. “I don’t want to talk to you— shoo!” Dyson tells her Bo isn’t returning his calls. “Oh gee, I wonder why, genius?”

“You have to make her listen to me!” Dyson yells. Kenzi, without missing a step, admits that she doesn’t even want to listen to him, “liar, liar, wolf pants on fire.”

There is absolutely no automobile traffic during this entire scene. Seriously, this looks like a major street in Toronto, but it might as well be Venice for its lack of cars. Yes, I know they shut down the street to film the scene, but still. A junker here or there for flavor would’ve killed you? Also, where the hell did Hale go?

Kenzi suddenly stops walking and spins around to confront Dyson, smacking her hands on his chest, her own hurt breaking through. “Damn it man, we trusted you! I trusted you!” Dyson insists she wasn’t wrong to trust him. “Bull and shit, buddy.” She starts off walking away again, calling back. “You’ve been spying on her this whole time!” Dyson doesn’t follow, but yells that Kenzi knows he only wants what’s best for Bo. “Not anymore I don’t, OK? Why would I—why the hell would I ever trust you round Bo again?!”

“Because I love her,” Dyson confesses, matter of fact. This shuts Kenzi down and as she stares at him, seeking the truth, he does that head jerk: yep, I said it, now come on and help me. She sighs and slowly starts to walk back to him. “You make me regret this,” she says more quietly, “I swear I will sell you for parts.” Dyson smiles at her softly, and there’s so much love and appreciation for Kenzi in that smile. The relationship these two have built together always brings the gold. “What do you want me to do?” she asks.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo is entering cautiously. She pauses and sniffs the air, all, dare I say, Dysonish. Easing round the corner, she picks up the conveniently placed bat. I appreciate that they have weapons other than super sharp replicas of medieval weapons stashed around the place almost like real women practicing street smarts in the big bad city. She relaxes a little, but tenses up in a different way when she sees an apron-clad Aoife in the kitchen, her hair tied back by barrettes, all June Cleaver baking cookies for her little girl. “Surprise,” Aoife chirps and holds out a plate. “Cookie?” Bo, with distrust: “What’s with the Betty Crocker?” Aoife grimaces. “Symbolic?” She admits she hasn’t been the best mom, but thinks it’s never too late to start.

Bo walks forward slowly: “You abandon me. Stalk me. Nearly kill my boyfriend. Yeah, cookies outta do it.” Aoife: “It’s the boyfriend thing, right?” Bo, choosing a cookie: “Which part? The seducing him or the almost killing him?” Aoife waves it off, admitting she was only trying to make him one of her “thralls” to get closer to Bo. Cause nothing says “I love you” quite like banging your kid’s lovah. How has Hallmark missed that one all these years? She pours Bo a glass of milk to go with her cookie and claims that Dyson isn’t good enough for Bo. “A mother knows these things,” she trills. Back off the wolf boy, bitch.

Bo is studying Aoife, gauging what she’s saying now with what she knows of the woman herself. “So the first time we met, that wasn’t by accident, was it.” Aoife admits that she was looking for Bo. “I was watching you for a long time I just was trying to find the right time to introduce myself.”

Bo wonders what she should call her now, “Saskia? Aoife?” Aoife: “Mom has a nice ring to it.” Bo, with heat: “I have a Mom. Her name is Mary. She knits wicked afghans, helped me with my homework, and never once abandoned me to figure out my true nature by myself.” I am so glad she didn’t dismiss her real mom in this exchange! Show keeps veering left when I expect it to go right and I love it! Aoife: “I could knit. You don’t know.” I have to give that a HA!

Aoife admits she’s made some mistakes. “But the point isn’t that I was gone, sugar pie, it’s that I’m here now.” Bo starts to weave on her stool, her eye-lids drooping. Ruh roh. Aoife: “And I’m not going anywhere. I have big plans for us.” Her expression regresses into Mommy Dearest territory as Bo starts to go under. “What did you put in this cookie?” she slurs before dropping off. Aoife catches her. “Oh! It’s OK. Momma’s gotcha.” She plays with Bo’s hair as the music goes squirrely. “The secret ingredient is love.”

Kenzi arrives at Hilton Hovel, waving a white flag before her. “Bo? UN voted and it is considered RUDE to kill the messenger, OK?” Dyson strides into the room behind her quickly moving past her into the hovel. Kenzi wonders if Bo is upstairs and heads that way, but Dyson spies the cookie makings in the kitchen, spilled milk, uncooked batter and all. Yeah, but did Aoife turn off the stove before she left? ‘Cause it wouldn’t take much to light Hilton Hovel up like a Chinese candle. He calls Kenzi over and inhales deeply of the scents in the room. “We’re too late,” he tells Kenzi as she joins him. “Aoife’s got her.”

Back at Tolkien’s Parlor, an agitated Trick is pacing. “Are you sure it was Aoife?” he asks a preternaturally still Dyson. “Unfortunately,” Dyson admits. “I know her scent.” Kenzi, also pacing: “Dude! Gross!” Trick fusses that he can no longer keep this from the council. “What does that mean?” Kenzi asks with alarm. Dyson, eyeing Trick carefully: “It means that this is bigger than us. And Bo.” Trick admits that he was hoping to get Bo out of the way before he alerted the others. “But the elders need to know that Aoife has returned.” He gets his coat to go and talk to The Ash. Kenzi wonders what the hell they’re supposed to do in the meantime. Trick: “Pray. If Aoife has Bo in her grasp, there’s no telling what hell she’s putting her through.”

Bo comes awake violently, jerking upright to find herself in an ornate bed and an opulent room surrounded by bare-chested beefcake. It’s like Friday night at a Romantic Times conference. Or so I’ve heard. Beefcake #1 is pouring a glass of water from a carafe. “Milady,” he charms, holding out the glass. “How may we serve you?” I swear I expect the next words out of Bo’s mouth to be “I can’t believe it’s not butter!”

Instead: “Um—is my mom around?”

AoifeOutside, Beefcake #2 is pouring two glasses full of murky yellow liquid, while Beefcake #3 waves a palm frond over Aoife as she sits in a lawn chair, primping. Bo sidles into view. Aoife: “There’s my little baby! Have a nice rest?” When Bo doesn’t immediately respond, Aoife stands and picks up the second glass. “So,” Bo sneers. “This is how you live.” Aoife offers Bo the glass. “Honey, this is how everyone should live.” Bo accepts the glass and immediately dumps the liquid onto the ground.

Aoife puts her own glass down. “You’re still mad,” she observes, brilliantly, and sashays away. “It’s the cookie thing, right? Too far?” Bo follows, pointing out the fact that she’s been looking for her mother. “I want to talk to you. I want to get to know you! You didn’t have to treat me like the enemy. You could’ve just invited me.” Aoife: “And you would’ve come?! Why?” Bo: “You’re my mom.”

Aoife apologizes, not sincerely. “Years of imprisonment and torture are hell on a girl’s social skills.” Bo doesn’t know what she’s talking about so Aoife asks how much Trick told Bo about her. Bo: “That he was the king that ended the wars. That you broke that peace and that he sacrificed you to keep it.” Aoife notes that Trick left out everything that happened after he turned her over. “The dark king had a sadistic side and thought it a waste to execute a perfectly good succubus.” He decided to keep her himself, for centuries, for his own entertainment. “He was a very imaginative man; we had us a lot of fun.” Oddly enough, I sense Aoife doesn’t really mean that.

Hang on, so Aoife was imprisoned for centuries then, right?! All that time, she only got pregnant once? I know condoms are 97% effective, but surely over that long a timeframe, more than one would fail. Unless fae condoms have magical contraceptive powers hitherto unknown to humankind. Also, exactly how long is a succubus pregnancy? If Bo is only 28 and she was born in captivity, spirited away by Luanne the midwife to be left with humans, then Aoife was still a prisoner up until not that long ago, right? Oh, for cryin’ out loudwhatever.

Bo concludes that Aoife must really hate Trick. “Hate’s like beauty, baby,” Aoife homilies. “The real stuff fades but it never dies.” She turns away from Bo for a moment, but it looks like she’s just shifting gears to reverse psychology. “Maybe this was a mistake,” she says. “You’re free to go. I absolutely abhor prisons of all kinds. I’m not going to keep my daughter in one.” Bo wonders if that’s true, why did Aoife kidnapped her? “What can I say? I’m a sucker for a dramatic gesture.”

Aoife also claims that she thought it would be good to get Bo away from Trick and his lies, to give her and Bo a chance to connect, and Bo falls for it. Arm and arm, they enter Aoife’s house together.

Trick and The Ash stroll across the drive in front of what appears to be The Ash’s headquarters. The Ash tells Trick that his timing is impeccable. “The high council is gathering in an hour to discuss last night’s slaying of Elder Ellis (aka Fedora).” Trick wonders if they think Aoife is involved, but The Ash thinks that’s a premature conclusion. He arrogantly insists that he knows all about their people, including Aoife. “And, what, she was mythic.” Trick insists that she’s all too real and is here, now.  The Ash acknowledges that Trick believes Aoife means them ill, and Trick asserts that he knows she does. “And yet you kept this information from me until now,” The Ash points out. “Why?” Oh great, more politics while the world’s imploding. Super.

Trick acknowledges that to discuss Aoife meant revealing himself, “something I was loath to do.” The Ash: “So you’re saying you put your personal needs above those of the fae. That doesn’t sound like you.” Trick: “I was also trying to protect Bo. To prevent her from being caught in the crossfire.”

The Ash smarms that he always knew Bo was part of something bigger. “Just had to wait for you to reveal it. Withholding information critical to the security of the fae. Mmmm, Trick. You finally overstepped.” Trick wonders what The Ash will do next and he says he will raise it with the high elders. “We’ll need to discuss your punishment.”

“I meant about Aoife,” Trick grits out, totally not caring what the council may think they can do to him. The Ash sneers that maybe Trick has been behind that bar for too long. “We are not the motley crew of scattered tribes we were in your day.” He’s not worried about when or whether Aoife decides to come against them. “Surely we can handle one bitter succubus. Or two, if it comes to that.” Boy, arrogant much there, Ashole? Exit The Ash while Trick stares after him, concerned about many things.

Bo and Aoife are having tea in Aoife’s tropical breakfast nook waited on by Beefcake #2 as he pours yet another glass of something, handing it over to Aoife with a subservient bow. Bo asks what the deal is with the beefcake buffet. “Oh, you mean my thralls?” Aoife trills. She thinks they class up the place and while Bo agrees, she can’t figure out how Aoife keeps them under her power for so long. “I mean I can usually only sway by touch and it wears off.” Aoife drawls that it’s an acquired skill. “Siphoning chi is an art, but once you learn to master it, you can enslave just about anyone.” Oh, because that’s something to aspire to. Anvil alert! Bo looks intrigued. She asks why Aoife didn’t use her power to enthrall the bastard who’d imprisoned her. “He had an amulet,” Aoife explains. “It binds chi to your body. It’s like kryptonite to us succubae. I couldn’t influence him.”

Bo wonders if Aoife’s jailer is Bo’s father, but Aoife dodges the question, saying sharply that she doesn’t want to talk about it. “Is he still around?” Bo presses anyway. “Pretty sure I was speaking English!” Aoife snaps with a shade of the real bitch, and Bo backpedals, apologizing. Aoife dials it back a little and promises she’ll explain everything in due time, inviting Bo to ask her something else. Bo dusts off her hands, she’s been nibbling on the Beefcake-supplied goodies this whole while, so I guess she’s no longer worried about the whole being-drugged-by-her-mother thing.

Bo asks why Aoife didn’t declare herself to her daughter right away, and in a rare honest moment, Aoife admits she wanted to get a feel for Bo first, find out whether Trick had polluted her against Aoife. Bo shakes her head, insisting that Trick has never said a word against Aoife. Well, not to Bo, that is. Aoife twitters that she always had high hopes for her baby girl. “You can make a real difference in this world.” Bo: “Is this the part where you tell me to go to college?” Aoife, bug-eyes in full glory. “This is the part where I tell you we’re going to take down the fae.”

Bo chuckles, but then sees that her mother is serious. Aoife continues: “We’re going to put an end to that, you and me, starting tonight.” Bo is still hoping that she’s not serious. “Right, so, what? You, me, and your himbo army. We’re going to take down the fae as they flee from us and our male models?” Aoife: “Oh honey, they do more than just mix Momma drinks.”

The AshAt The Ash’s compound, the Council of Elders is in session, bitching about Trick and Aoife. One elder dismisses Trick’s “offenses,” correctly targeting Aoife as the bigger danger. The Ash ignores her, insisting that Trick has proven they can’t trust his word. Suddenly, the council chamber doors open. Clad ominously in a trench coat, Beefcake #1 enters the room. The Ash confronts him. “Package from Aoife,” Beefcake #1 repeats in a wooden tone. He unties his coat to reveal—aw, crap, it’s just a bunch of dynamite set to explode in seconds. He’s a suicide bomber and as the clock ticks away their final minutes, he smiles. “Boom.” And the place explodes.

Back at Aoife’s Atrium, Bo is chasing after Aoife, insisting she call the hit off, but Aoife states that it’s done. “You can’t be serious. That’s your plan?!” Aoife titters that if Bo doesn’t like it, she’s open to better ideas. “We can go halfsies!” Bo, shocked: “You’re talking about assassinations! Murders! Anarchy!” Aoife: “Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh my!” Aoife reminds Bo that when they first met, Bo said that she didn’t want to choose sides that she wanted to be free. Bo: “So?!” Aoife: “So why should you be the only one to have that choice.” Bo: “Well, I shouldn’t!” Aoife: “So you do want to tear down the establishment?!” Bo says yes, “but not like this!” Aoife sneers that Bo shouldn’t be so naïve, that this is the only way. Bo: “And then what?” Aoife, in full on crazy mode: “And then you and I reign over the ashes, side by side.”

Finally, finally, Bo is beginning to realize that Aoife is a nutcase. “You don’t want to free people,” she says with dawning realization. “You just want to be their new religion." Aoife doesn’t deny it.  Bo tells her that Trick was right about Aoife. “You are crazy!”

Aoife cuts off all pretenses. “Don’t be a little cow. Mummy has feelings!” Bo declares that she doesn’t want any part of Aoife’s plans. “That complicates things,” Aoife muses as the himbos move in to surround Bo. She eyes the wall of beefcake around her. “You said I was free to go!” Aoife: “Now consider yourself grounded.” Bo pauses for a second, then without warning she throws herself through the window, which seems less daring as we realize they’re still on the ground floor. As she flees, Bo looks back over her shoulder so we can see her face is all cut up. Somebody’s gonna need some wolf healing! Remarkably, she does not turn into a pillar of salt. The himbos make to follow her, but Aoife calls them back.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Bo and Dyson are in a violent clinch as she backs him up until he hits against the door jamb of her bedroom.  Bo strips off his shirt (thank you!) as, worried, Dyson checks out her face. “How much did she hurt you?” Bo starts on his belt and pants (Holla!) and says they’re medium level injuries, but she’s going to need more than just healing. Dyson asks what she needs. “Aoife. I’m gonna need to store up all the energy I can if I’m going to face her.” There’s the telling sound of a zipper being jerked down.  Dyson grabs her arms: “Then take it.” They kiss and the blue succubus swirlies swirl between their mouths—how they manage to make that look hot and not like some food colored spit exchange is part of the wonders of CGI— and they go down, to the floor, presumably.

At the lab, Doctor Lauren is wheeling in a seriously injured The Ash. He starts to crash and Doctor Lauren climbs on top of him on the gurney and starts giving him CPR.

Back at Hilton Hovel (drink!), Dyson is watching Bo get re-dressed. Her movements are eerily reminiscent of her post-coital actions with Doctor Lauren in Vexed. “I never meant to hurt you,” Dyson tells her in earnest. “Please, believe me.” He said please! Bo sighs and sits on the bed next to him as she does up the buttons on her vest. “I do. I’m not angry with you, Dyson. I just don’t want to fight any more. I know that you thought that lying to me was protecting me. I get that. I just don’t know how to forgive it.” Do I need to point out all the growth that’s being shown here? No? Good.

Dyson: “Bo.” Pause. “I lo – ” “Don’t!” she interrupts him sharply and with great feeling. “Please. Don’t.”

Oh come on! We’ve been waiting all bloody season for that!!

He backs off with effort. “Fine. But whatever is, or isn’t, left between us, I don’t want you facing Aoife without me.” Bo knows this, but she has enough to deal with as it is. “And I can’t have people on my team that I don’t completely trust.” Here, I call shenanigans, because we already know that she’s instinctively trusted him from the get go, despite his alphahole tendencies throughout most of the season. That means she’s just saying this to hurt him, and while the girl deserves to get a few belts in that particular one was too on target. Dyson ducks his head and takes the hit. “There’s nothing I can say to make you change your mind,” he says, finally understanding. Oh, sad Dyson. Come here and let me make it all better. I said that out loud, didn’t I?

“Dyson,” Bo whispers. “You have to let me fight my own battles. Do that, and when the smoke clears, we’ll see where we stand.” Right next to him, baby. Right there. As she leaves, still sad Dyson looks off, thinking deep thoughts. Possibly.

Downstairs, Kenzi is messing around with her phone but puts it down quickly when Bo walks in. “Come on,” she says, thrusting a scabbard at Kenzi and shrugging into her leather jacket. “Let’s go see Lauren.” Why’s that again now? Without a word, Kenzi slides the straps of the sheath over Bo’s arms so that it lays down the length of her back and passes over the same phone. Oh, so that was Bo’s phone then? Hmmmm.

Bo and Kenzi rush into a lab in turmoil, people rushing around, wheeling in victims, a total madhouse. Wait. Some random dude just walks in and blows up Fae Central but Bo and Kenzi can stroll into the triage center unchallenged? Way to up your security there, fae folk.

“Faecon 1, huh.” Kenzi observes. Doctor Lauren is in the thick of it but nearly collapses with relief when she sees Bo alive and well. Because Bo’s always invited to the council meetings and thus might have been blowed up? Bo asks what’s going on and Doctor Lauren explains about the suicide bomber and the explosion. “The Ash is on life support. It doesn’t look good.” Wounded and noble families are being moved to a safe site until they can figure out what’s going on. “I know what’s going on!” Bo exclaims. Doctor Lauren immediately clues in that this has something to do with the other succubus Bo was talking about earlier. “An attack like this looks like a declaration of war from the dark and it will only be a matter of time before our people retaliate!” She goes on to implore Bo that if she knows about someone else being responsible, she has to come forward now and can’t afford to protect anyone woman—“She’s my mother!” Bo admits, interrupting Doctor Lauren’s manic flow.

Hale runs in calling for Doctor Lauren and demanding a list she has for him. Doctor Lauren hands it over and Hale takes off again, but Kenzi grabs his arm. “Whoa man, where you going? What’s with the body armor?” Hale tells her all hell is breaking loose and he has to lead this evacuation and get some important people underground. Kenzi: “Well, you’re reasonably important too, so don’t get too heroic on me, all right?” Hale grins that siren smile. “Nah. I’ll play it just like you, all right? General cowardice with moments of crazy brave.” They smile at one another in total accord. Kenzi: “All right, I can live with that. One for good luck?” They lock hands and do a convoluted street hand jive thing.

Bo and Doctor Lauren are being all dramatic and earnest with each other. Bo: “I will stop her myself or bring her in, I promise. I just need one more chance to get through to her before you bring the entire damn light fae army down on her.” Really? Raping and nearly killing your boyfriend, drugging and kidnapping you, and blowing up the ruling body of the light fae isn’t enough for you to write this bitch off? Honestly, this may be Bo’s first TSTL move.

Doctor Lauren waffles as usual and Bo reassures her that she has a plan and mentions the amulet Aoife told her could be used against succubae. Doctor Lauren is already dialed in as the amulet turned up in all the off-the-books research she’s managed for Bo in the last few hours while the whole world’s been going to shit. It’s called a koushang and can be found in the light fae trophy room where things are kept that are passed down from Ashole to Ashole. She hands over a key to this sekrit, sekrit trophy room and has even found time to put that cartography degree of hers to use and draw a map for Bo. Either that, or the sekrit, sekrit fae trophy room is on Google maps. Can’t say I’d be surprised if it were.

Lauren and BoBo thanks her and promises that when she gets back, they’ll have that heart to heart Doctor Lauren’s been after. For once, Doctor Lauren, ah, mans up, grabbing Bo by the collar and yanking her forward for a hot kiss. “Just promise to come back.”

In Tolkien’s Parlor, Trick is rushing around, packing, when Dyson walks in explaining about the evac order for the elders. Trick already knows and is helping to facilitate it. Dyson: “Don’t you think you should be getting underground too?” Trick: “Have you seen where I live?” Hee. I love snarky Trickster. Dyson points out that Aoife will be coming for Trick. “Most likely,” Trick agrees. “I created this mess. I’m not going to abandon my brothers and sisters by hiding from it.” He asks after Bo, and Dyson has to admit that she’s gone to face Aoife alone and made him promise not to follow. “But I’ll be damned if I’m going to let her fight this battle – alone – for all of us.” Trick: “Good.” He wonders what Dyson has planned. Dyson: “I’m going to see the Norn. Ask her to intercede.” Trick recoils slightly and reminds Dyson that the ancients adore trickery. “Their favors come at a high price.” Dyson: “I know the risks. They’re mine to take.” But perhaps not yours alone to endure, wolf boy.

Trick agrees to arrange an audience, but Dyson informs him that there’s no need. “We have a history. You’re not the only on with secrets.” Oh, this just keeps getting better and better. Dyson tells Trick he just came by to wish him luck, a final parting between two warriors who know they might not come back from what awaits them. They clasp hands and have one of those manly bonding moments that make me happy. Exit Dyson.

Bo is carefully inserting the key Doctor Lauren gave her into a large, old, metal door. Kenzi: “Wait! What if it’s a booby trap?! Like payback for rejecting Lauren’s hot, hot lady love?!” Bo shushes her and pushes open the now unlocked door. They tentatively enter a long room that looks suspiciously like Tolkien’s Parlor. That or Narnia’s storeroom. “All clear,” Bo decides, relieved. Kenzi: “Good. I thought there’d be guard dragons.” Bo gives her a look. “What?! These people are very freaky, you never know.” Bo: “Less sassing and more searching!”

As they search for the koushang, Kenzi wonders what they’re going to do when they face Mommy Dearest. “Other than pee our pants a lot! Also, I think I might cry.” Bo goes on about how she wants one more chance to reason with Aoife before the fae come for blood. Kenzi votes that they just knock Aoife unconscious and drag her in by her hair. Bo: “Well, that works too.” At least she’s practical about it.

Kenzi cautiously suggests that if Aoife scares Trick and got the drop on Dyson, she’s probably a grade 10 on the succubus meter. Bo wonders what grade that makes her. Kenzi: “Ahh – you know – kindy- garten –with, uh, pigtails and a Muppet lunchbox.” Bo wonders why Kenzi is with her if that’s what she thinks. “Because I got your back no matter how stupid. You know that.” Bo eyes a pair of shackles meaningfully. “Yeah,” she agrees, “I do.”

Kenzi finds the “koushang thingama-fae” hiding in a large amethyst geode. “Jack and Pot.” She wonders how they can tell that it works, and Bo proposes a test run, “lock lips and see if I can drain your chi?” Kenzi grimaces. “Did you rig this whole thing up just to make out with me?!” Bo laughs. “Yeah. You caught me, Kenzi. Now hold still, lovah.” Ha. It’s a great light moment in the midst of the crazy emo angst. She kisses a grossed out Kenzi, but instead of blue swirlies, all Bo sucks in is a great dark mass that she promptly chokes on as her eyes fade from succubus blue to her natural dark brown. Kenzi chortles: “Oh, you just got succu-busted!”

“Kenzi, I love you,” Bo says sincerely, as she takes the koushang from Kenzi’s hand. Kenzi jerks her wrist, but Bo has shackled her to the metal cabinets. “Which is why I can’t let you risk yourself for me.” Um, so you’re basically betraying her for her own protection there then Bo? That sounds suspiciously familiar… Kenzi rattles the shackles and yells at Bo to come back and set her free, but Bo is already away.  Immediately, Kenzi digs out her phone and calls Hale. “She’s gone rogue. How do you feel about another evac?”

Exterior shot of the Ash’s headquarters. Initially, I thought the show messed up the shots, but now I’m thinking Bo deliberately went to the headquarters knowing Aoife would be there, gloating over her “victory” – or, more likely, searching for more victims. She calls out for Aoife who slithers in behind her. “It’s usually best not to announce you’re arrival if you want to keep advantage.” I had a similar thought there, and you know how I hate to agree with Aoife. Or you should. Bo wonders where have all the thrah-halls gone. “Or are you actually ready for a fair fight?” Aoife: “I gave them the night off. Well, those who haven’t already blown themselves up.”

Bo officially asks her to stop her attacks and promises to plead with the light fae for leniency if Aoife goes with her now. Aoife laughs at her. “Oh, you’re adorable!” Bo draws her sword. “Oh! And armed! That’s my girl.” Aoife picks up a spear and starts swirling it with menace.

At Tolkien’s Parlor, Trick is ushering refugees out the back door when Kenzi comes storming in to tell him that Bo has gone after Aoife alone. Kenzi can track her on the phone but she needs help. “Where’s your book, Blood King?” Trick backs away with horror, denying her. Kenzi pursues, reminding him that they both know he can change destiny, he’s done it before, and he should do it again for Bo. Trick insists that Kenzi doesn’t know what she’s asking of him. “What are you gonna do? Help everybody else, just not Bo?!” Trick shoots back that he’s tried to fix this thing with Aoife with blood long ago and every time something horrible went wrong. “I can’t use my blood again,” he finishes. “I won’t!” Kenzi is freaking out. “Fine,” she says, grabbing a dagger that’s just lying around on the desk there. “Use mine then,” and she slices her hand down the center.

Trick: “Kenzi!” He makes her sit and bandages her hand. “I can’t explain everything,” he insists. “Try to understand.”  Kenzi: “What I understand is that you are a coward.” Trick recoils violently, but Kenzi presses on. “Bo might die tonight fighting your battle, paying for your sins. And if you really cared for her there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to stop it.” She storms away. Aw, poor Trick. She really nailed him with that one.

Bo is slowing backing away from Aoife. “No chance we can hug this out, huh?” Aoife lunges at her with the spear and they trade blows back and forth but Aoife clearly has the greater strength coupled with unequaled crazy and soon disarms Bo. She grabs Bo’s throat and tells her she won’t let Bo destroy everything Aoife has worked for. “I wanted you willing. But I can make you join me against Trick. I can make you one of my thralls.” She starts to suck Bo down, but all she gets is the same noxious black swill Bo got from Kenzi thanks to the koushang and she releases Bo with a “you bitch!”

Bo entreats her to calm down and listen to her. “I don’t want to have to hurt you.” Aoife: “And I didn’t want to have to kill you. Shit changes.” Realizing there’s no getting through to Aoife (FINALLY), Bo takes off running. Aoife: “No running in the house!”

Dyson walks down a side street and knocks on the door of a ramshackle cottage. “I’m here to see the Norn,” he tells the Renfield who answers the door. Inside the cottage, the trunk of a large tree fills the parlor, reaching up through a hole in the ceiling to stretch to the sky. At its base sits a withered woman in an arm chair reading an old magazine. “Ah,” she says, spying Dyson. “You again. So soon?” Dyson: “Actually, it’s been a few centuries.” The Norn casually points out time passes differently in there. She tosses the magazine aside and demands the Renfield get her cane. Standing with effort, she gives Dyson her full attention, which I sense is not a good thing, and hobbles toward the tree. “So. What brings you to see me?” Dyson says it’s the same thing as brings everyone else. “I beg a favor.”

The Norm strokes the tree trunk like an old lover. “Our favors aren’t begged, their bought,” she reminds Dyson with a sly look from the corner of her eye. “You remember my price?”

Dyson makes a sacrificeDyson steels himself. “A sacrifice.” Am I the only one who immediately thought of Fae Day here? “You will grant that which I want most in exchange for what I hold dearest.” The Norn is intrigued. “Come…supplicant. Kneel. I will hear you plea,” and she laughs what may be the best, genuinely creepy evil laugh I have heard in a long time. Dyson looks grave, shoulders back, as though he’s bracing himself for what comes next.

Bo is running away from Aoife down a long corridor. Aoife is following close behind at only a quick step. As she comes around the corner, Aoife finds Bo at the top of a winding staircase. “Why are you resisting?” Aoife asks, genuinely puzzled. “You’re my daughter.” Bo goes all Luke Skywalker, insisting that there is still good inside Aoife, who immediately proves her wrong by going for Bo’s throat again, choking her as she begins to push her over the edge of the railing.

Back at Tolkien’s Parlor, Trick violently clears the detritus from his desk. He carefully unwraps his blood writing manicure kit. “Gods help me.”

At the tree house, a suddenly shirtless Dyson (hey, I’m not complaining!) is kneeling before the Norn and her tree trunk. “When last we met, you wanted my help as well,” she reminds him. “What did I ask for, hmm?”  Dyson: “My wolf.” WHAT THE HUH NOW?!

Norn: “That’s right.  Your very essence, shifter. Strip you bare, leave you as a normal man. What did you say?” Dyson: “I said it was too high of a price to pay.” Norn: “Just so.”

Dyson looks down, braces himself again, and meets the Norn’s gaze once more. “But I’m ready now.” Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt.

The Norn too isn’t quite sure what she’s just heard, plus she’s a nasty old bitch and is going for the pain, so she cups her ear all, “what’s that again now?” Dyson, with heat: “I said I’m ready to pay your price, crone!” Norn: “You would give up your wolf for this woman?!” Dyson, without hesitation: “Yes!”  The Norn asks why. “Reasons are not part of this bargain,” Dyson snits. “If you give my strength to Bo, you can take anything you need.” Oh, Dyson. You beautiful dumb ass.

The Norn laughs, delighted. “A deal is struck. A sacrifice is named and accepted.” She crouches down before Dyson during her next words. The woman is knocking this role out of the park, BTW.  “In exchange for my helping this – Bo – I will take from you that which you value the most. I will take…” her face goes all twisty and gleeful with evil as she shoves her hand into Dyson’s chest and her voice becomes deep and guttural…“your love of her!”

Dyson bellows in pain and denial. “Nooooooo.”

Norn: “I leave you with the memories of what you have lost, but you will never feel passion for her again!” Dyson roars in outright agony, but he cannot dislodge the Norn’s grip.

Aoife has nearly shoved Bo over the railing’s edge, her hands still strangling her throat, and Bo glances down at the long drop that awaits her if she loses this struggle. She looks back up at Aoife, and suddenly a wave of power rolls over her and her eyes turn wolf golden as Dyson’s strength flows through her. She snarls and rears up, reversing their positions and shoving Aoife back with such strength that the banister breaks completely as she tosses her against it. Aoife starts to fall into the gap. At the last minute, Bo grabs hold of her wrist. “Hold on,” she implores her mother. “Don’t let go.” Aoife: “Now why would I let go when I can take you with me?”

She starts to pull Bo down with her, which is exactly the moment when Kenzi arrives. Bo, naturally, orders her to get out. Kenzi: “Bo, shut up, okay?! Let go of your crazy mother!” Bo insists that she can pull Aoife up, that she’s strong enough (thanks to the wolf boy) while Aoife continues to pull against Bo. Kenzi: “Yeah, but the bannister isn’t, OK?!” They are screaming over each other by now. “I can’t help you, Bo, please she’s gonna take you with her!” Bo is nearly sobbing by now. “I am NOT giving up on her like everybody else!”

At Tolkien’s Parlor, Trick is cutting into his palm and his blood pours into an inkwell. He begins to write in his book, using the blood as ink.

Aoife’s face smoothes out, furrows of anger and hate easing from her brow as she stares up at her daughter. Bo sees the change but can’t figure out what is happening to Aoife.

Trick writes runes with his blood.

A rune etches itself into Aoife’s forehead. She smiles at Bo and her voice is loving and gentle.  “Bo. She’s right. Honey, you gotta let me go.” Bo, her voice full of tears, denies it futilely. Aoife: “There’s still so much I need to tell you. Ask Trick. He knows it all. Tell him I’m sorry. And promise me one thing, okay hon?” Bo tearfully asks what. Aoife: “Just try and forgive me?”

Aoife fallsReaching up with her free hand, Aoife yanks Bo’s hand away from her wrist and falls four stories to her (presumable) death. Bo screams silently as her mother falls. We get a long shot of Aoife on the ground, framed in the circle of the spiraling staircase. Kenzi grabs Bo, pulling her back from the edge. Together they rush down the steps, but when they reach the spot where Aoife landed, there’s no body, only a pool of blood.

Kenzi: “What the Houdini? There’s no body; no blood trail. What the hell did she do? Fly off on her broom?!” Bo, looking around with a small pleased smile on her face, says it wouldn’t surprise her. “Come on. Let’s not push our luck.” For someone who, moments ago, was sobbing broken-heartedly as she watched her mother plummet to her death, Bo is extremely blasé about the whole habeas corpus deal here. Way to recover there, kiddo.

At Hilton Hovel (drink! Oh wait, they already are!), Kenzi thanks Bo for another mind-blowing day. Bo cheerfully sums up the entire season’s big bads. “Swamp freaks. Headless guys. People eaters. You can’t say I haven’t introduced you to some interesting people.” Kenzi: “It pays shit. Is dangerous as hell. But life with you, my dear, is never boring.” They clink beer bottles companionably.

Kenzi wants to talk about how they deal with “the other members of our posse now,” but Bo doesn’t know. Kenzi repeats how Aoife said Trick still knows more, and Bo notes that it means he’s still lying to her, so clearly she cannot trust the cup in front of him. Kenzi wonders if he might have had his reasons, and we cut to Trick, passed out in his desk chair, bloody arm dangling free as Bo voiceovers, “the shitty thing is that I thought he was one of the good guys, that he was trying to protect me from the fae, and now I don’t know what to think.”

The scene is back at Hilton Hovel as Kenzi asks about Dyson and whether Bo is going to forgive him. Bo displays that cutesy smile she gets when she talks about Dyson and isn’t pissed at him. “He’s a stubborn bastard.” She doesn’t know how, but she’s convinced he somehow helped her tonight. “I mean, I could feel him with me when I was fighting my mom.” Kenzi teases that they’ll be good then. “We will be,” Bo allows.

The scene changes to Dyson furiously plowing through the woods, bare chest framed by the hanging sides of his shirt (come on, did you really think I wouldn’t mention that?!), his face twisted by rage, grief, and pain, hand clutched against his chest where the Norn burrowed into it. As Bo voiceovers again, “There are no more secrets between us. We deserve a fresh start,” Dyson strips off his shirt, roaring with agony, and takes off running through the trees for parts unknown. THEY. ARE. KILLING. ME. WITH. THIS.

Back to Hilton Hovel. Kenzi: “Well, unless your mom goes succu-cougar on his ass again.” Bo jumps on this. “So you do think she’s still alive!” Kenzi: “Like a cockroach after the apocalypse, baby. Evil never dies.” Bo insists that Aoife is different, that she sacrificed herself for Bo’s sake. There’s a whole lotta sacrificing going on in this episode tonight. Bo doesn’t know how or why, but she’s convinced that in those last moments, she saw the real Aoife. “That was my mom.”

The scene changes again to an unconscious possibly Aoife being carried in the arms of a tall man whose face is in shadow. Her jailer? Bo’s father? Both? Rabid minds want to know. Bo voiceovers one last time. “If she’s still out there, I don’t think we have to be afraid of her anymore.” Kenzi hopes Bo is right. “I am,” Bo insists, but pulls out the koushang anyway for reassurance. “I am.” she repeats, this time with considerably less confidence.

End credits.

Holy hopping snot. That was one hell of a season one finale, right?! Quick! To the comments to deconstruct!

New Fae Terms:
Koushang: n. An amulet that bears the wearer impervious to the influence of a mind-altering fae, in this case, a succubus. Also known as succubus kryptonite.

Origin: unknown.

Norn: n. an ancient fae, Norns con their victims by offering to fulfill their requests in exchange for their most treasured possessions. They adore trickery and command high prices for their favors. Tied to nature, Norns live with trees that have withstood millennia. Folklore says that Norns grant that which you want most in exchange for what you hold dearest.

Origin: In old Norse mythology, Norn are female beings who rule the fates of gods and men. They hold the same position in the lexicon as the Fates of classical mythology.

Bo and the modelsQuotes of the Night:

Dyson: Oh God, the last thing I remember is – Bo: Saskia riding you like a theme park attraction while draining your chi to death?

Kenzi: Oh, Sven! You romantic pirate bastard you!

Kenzi: Saskia is really Aoife. Aoife is really your mother. And last night, Dyson really, really banged – your – Mom. Bo: Well. I think technically she banged Dyson, but yeah, that’s the gist.

Bo: How do succubae fight one another? Kenzi: Slow motion pillow fights?  Crotch lasers?

Hale: Look at your hair! It’s all nice and streaky and relaxed and forgiving…

Kenzi: Liar, liar, wolf pants on fire!

Bo: I have a Mom. Her name is Mary. She knits wicked afghans, helped me with my homework, and never once abandoned me to figure out my true nature by myself. Aoife: I could knit. You don’t know.

Aoife: Hate’s like beauty, baby. The real stuff fades but it never dies.

Bo: You, me, and your himbo army? We’re going to take down the fae as they flee from us and our male models?

Kenzi: I thought there’d be guard dragons.

Kenzi: You just got succu-busted!

Aoife: No running in the house!

Kenzi: Bo, shut up, okay?! Let go of your crazy mother!

Kenzi: What the hell did she do? Fly off on her broom?!

Bo: There are no more secrets between us. We deserve a fresh start.

Next week: We plunge right into Season 2 with episode one: Something Wicked This Fae Comes!

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Allison Brennan
1. Allison_Brennan
This show has been recommended to me, but it's not available on iTunes and so I'll have to wait until it's out on DVD ... my DVR is packed :/
Kiersten Hallie Krum
2. Kiersten
@Allison_Brennan - Lost Girl comes out on DVD in Canada 4/24 and will shortly after be available in the U.S. I've ordered the Canadian DVDs since the regions are the same. Also, I hate waiting.

I love the show (as you may have noticed) though admit it's not 100% perfect (managing expectations here). Highly recommend it tho: great premise, great relationship angst (most of the time), strong female protagonist, a refreshingly frank and modern approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, and sharp, snappy dialogue. It fills my empty Whedon space. Hope you get a chance to watch and like it!
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
Lots of big developments last night, huh? Poor Dyson! Such a big sacrifice and Bo doesn't even know.

Loved loved loved Kenzi reading a romance novel. Very cute. And awkward!Hale was FANTASTIC.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
4. Kiersten
@Redline_ INORITE?! It does feel like they tried to cram too much into one episode and so a bunch of things were all over the place - Bo's fluctuating emotional responses and the anemic fight between Bo and Aoife, for example - but on a whole I still think it really delivered in a lot of ways. Hale is always a hot groove thang. ;-)
5. Janelle1234
It's frustrating that this isn't on iTunes yet or available as a DVD set. Great that it's coming to DVD soon though!

Side note question, the first paragraph is hard to get through with all those links. Ever thought of just having a summary page so just 1 link? Season 2 has 22 episodes (I looked it up) so that could get scary! :P
Carmen Pinzon
6. bungluna
I knew they were going to screw up my Bo-Dyson pairing! TV writers, they ought to be drawn and quartered.

I love the portentous dialogue and the moments of levity. I do have a little thing that bugs me, though. The show builds up Aife as a BIG BAD and then doesn't show anything really big-baddy. Oh well, no need to seek detailed clarity with my fave succubus. I'm so glad season 2 starts right away.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
7. Kiersten
@Bungluna - We knew it was coming, but still. I for one was in total meltdown, both in January when I first saw it (I was unbearable to live with for about 2 weeks as I mourned) and watching it again last night.

I haven't had my chest implode like this over a show since Angel lost his sould circa 1999. I remember whispering intently at the screen "Fix it. FIX IT". Alas, it took the entire second half of the series for Whedon to do that, and then of course, he sent Angel promptly to hell and I mourned all over again. It wasn't pretty.

But Dyson losing his love for Bo just as they managed to finally get it together? THIS IS WORSE. Who knows how long it'll take to fix this time w/Doctor Lauren waiting in the wings to pounce? I predict the need to stock up my liquor cabinet with survivor rations in order to endure Season 2...

As for Aoife's big bad plan, I totally agree. She's going to what? Bang 'em all to submission? Hang on a minute...

Seriously, it was a really ill-defined plan and I think that's a symptom of having crammed too much into one episode. Also, why was Bo the best chance against her again? Maybe b/c of the mother/daughter connection, thought it would get through to Aoife? Cause as it turned out, that was the most anemic one-on-one battle I've ever seen. Guess they should've gone with crotch lasers after all...

Look, there were a lot of hiccups in this ep, but overall, for all the secrets revealed, the emotional stakes, the endless sacrifices, the anvilicious dangling threads in the closer, I think it was, all and all, a pretty kick ass episode. And I am SO GLAD we don't have to wait for Season 2!
Brittany Melson
8. BrittanyMelson
I think it was realistic that Bo would try to understand, and ultimately save, her mother because she doesn't want to believe that she's rotten to the core. And I also think that Aife is as mentally damaged as she is morally corrupt--she was tortured for centuries! I can't wait to find out who Bo's father is and who carted Aife off at the end of the episode. I'm not as upset about Dyson losing his love for Bo as everyone else seems to be. I have faith that he'll find some way to love Bo again (and it will be fun seeing him get there). I get a little bit bored when couples get too happy. I was more upset by the idea of his wolf getting taken away. It says a lot, though, that he was willing to sacrifice his wolf but not his love (how romantic! *swoons*) And Trick--I'm obsessed with Trick. He's so interesting. I had to rewind and watch the scenes with him twice. Also, I wonder if the Ash is really dead, and if he is, who the next Ash (is that a position or a name?) will be?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
9. Kiersten
@Brittany - have to agree that Aoife is mentally damaged as well as morally corrupt. Getting tortured will do that to you - so I'm told. And I get that Bo would want to understnad/save her mother, but except for the "gave birth to me" bit, Aoife is a stranger who has done nothing but hurt Bo and those she loves from the start.

Have to agree (again!) that Dyson wholly prepared to give up his wolf - everything that defines him as Dyson - and become human - and accept all the presumable scorn and banishment and danger from Faedom that would inevitably come with that change was a big honking romantic Big Gesture, declaration of love moment. Hooh. Shah.

There is definitely a danger of boredom when couples get too happy together, and as I've already gone on, and on - and on - about my desire to see (for a change) relationship conflict within the relationship not about whether there is a relationship, I won't beat that wolf boy again - for now ;-). I worry whether or not the writers/producers will in fact allow him to get the love back and/or have Bo and Dyson back together again, because there is the Doctor Lauren issue and they can so easily decide that Bo and Dyson have had their chance and now it's time for the lady love. Which is not the show I'm dialed in to see, so we'll have to watch how that turns out.

Trick is such a great character and his backstory and how he fits into Bo's story just keeps getting better and better. Can't wait for season 2!!
Carmen Pinzon
10. bungluna
@Brittany - I for one would love to watch a show that allows a couple to work out their relationship rather than keeping them apart. Ultimately, I like this world and Bo and Kenzie and will continue to watch, but I'm still mad at the build-up of the Bo-Dyson relationship only to have it torn up, or so it seems, by the end.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
11. Kiersten
Ultimately, I'm with @bungluna on this one. Breaking up the H/H is a trope of urban fantasy/romance, yes, and especially in television but it grows wearying and there's a bit of a cheat to it, like when Dyson starts to say "I love you" and Bo cuts him off. I geddit and think that was organic - so not the right time and place for that! - and yet it was a "Psyche!" prank from the writers at the same time.

I think they're walking the tightrope between the two sides of the triangle and their respective fans, knowing that to go in one direction unequivacably will mean alienating an entire fanbase one way or the other. Of course, they're not prepared to do that, not now and possibly not ever, and so instead, they jerk us around. They jerk the Doctor Lauren fans around this way too; it's not exclusive to the Bo and Dyson relationship. And part of that is in necessary service of the practical needs of the show, but I think it's a little dirty pool too.

I love this show, I love the relationships and the characters and the female power and the frank sexual attitude and the Kenzi/Bo friendship that keeps on getting better and the mythology and the pub and the big bad wolf boy. I'm not going anywhere right now but I will be seriously pissed if this shit continues much past Season 2.

Of course, all of you will have the dubious benefit of "listening" to me love on it/rant about it every week. Best. Recapper. Evah. Right?! ;-)
Brittany Melson
12. BrittanyMelson
@Bungluna and @kiersten I think I would have been more angry at the Bo/Dyson tragedy if it hadn't been for a good reason. I could totally believe that the Norn would take his love from him. That's why I didn't feel cheated or manipulated by the show's writers. For example, I stopped watching House after they broke House and Cuddy up because I was so angry. I waited so many seasons to see them happy, and I couldn't buy the reason for them being ripped apart (other than the fact that she was leaving the show--LOL). On the other hand, if Bo and Dyson kissed and snuggled every week, I would get bored. The tension in their relationship's got to come from somewhere, even if it's from external forces (of which there are plenty in Bo's world :) Oh, and I'm with y'all on the Bo/Lauren disinterest. I kind of lost respect for Lauren when she started acting like the Ash's slave. Since she's obviously going to continue to be a factor in Bo's love life, I wish I liked her more :(
Kiersten Hallie Krum
13. Kiersten
@BrittanyMelson - I'm with you on the Norn. I think the reason they're in trouble is organic and true to the story and them. I just dont like that they're in trouble. And I'd get nauseous if we had the cutesy level of (Dis)Members every week, but I think there is room between those extremes that could be explored and aren't. I think the tension can come from external and internal forces without them being completely on the skids and I wish someday some show would have the courage to explore that, but alas, not this one, and not now.

At least we're on the same page w/Doctor Lauren. I do not trust that chick.
Michele Plum
16. plumco
That was one hell of a season finale. Yes...a little 'all over the board' and made me wish they had just ONE extra hour to expand on some things but wow did it get the job(s) done (first job - finish the arc..... second job? Seriously ....who among us isn't coming back for season two???).

Favorite part... Dyson telling kenzie that he loves Bo and that almost defeated head cock he gives that (to me) says 'I did everything I could to keep from falling for her and here I am anyway and now I need your help because you're the only other person who really understands what it means to truly LOVE her'. Go Dyson and kenzie.... show us what bonding is all about my friends. (oh, and how about kenzie's three steps to every one of Dyson's long legged beautiful strides) .

Second? Dyson pulling helplessly at the Norn's hand when he realizes that shes about to take the one thing he didn't recognize (until that VERY moment) that was his most valued possession. Do you see him almost wolf out...right then? The muscles in his shoulders spread out .. the tendons in his neck straining.... it was truly a fine bit of acting on KHR's part. The guys gives 110% on those kinds of scenes which, with lesser chops, would be cheesy. Gotta love the commitment.

And you can bet my ass will be glued in front of the TV next week desperately hoping to see that this was some sort of mistake (true love conquers all and all that). What can I say - desperation makes me optimistic (I'm doomed..... I know - sigh).
Carmen Pinzon
17. bungluna
@Kiersten - Of course you're the best recaper ever!!!!!

There are so many things in this world that could create conflict between Bo and any posible partner: she's a succubus and needs multiple food groups; humans don't fill her up so a varied diet is best; how about a menage; etc...

The one thing I keep thinking is that Bo was raised human but she ISN'T. If I were God in this universe, I would focus on her transition from human to fae in the full sense of the word. At some point she'll outlive all humans that she's attached to and then only her fae friends will be left to comfort her. Again, to me this would be a great focus for the show.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
18. Kiersten
@plumco I thought that scene with the Norn was all kinds of fantastic. I did notice he almost wolfed out! And you're right, especially with that "Nooooo!!!" it could've been all kinds of cheesy and it wasn't.

Loved that Kenzi and Dyson scene so, so much. It's not just Bo he's hurt and betrayed, not by a long shot, and Kenzi is one of the few (only?) that gives it to him straight like that. She's likely the first human in his 1000 years that he's ever had any kind of relationship with. He loves and needs her too, and keeping her trust in him is as important to him as keeping Bo. And that head jerk. Man, the subtext. Love it!

It occured to me driving home tonight that even if he HAD given up his wolf, he would have lost Bo anyways because he'd be human and their entire relationship would change as a result. Either way, the moment he went to the Norn, he changed all their lives for the worse. Beautiful dumb ass.

Bring it on, Season 2!!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
19. Kiersten
@bungluna - aw, thanks lovie!

I think that would be a GREAT avenue to explore. One of the things that makes Bo so interesting is that she is fully fae, but raised human she doesn't think fae first. There a lot of stuff there yet that she's yet to come to terms with. Also, she only beginning to understand her power; this whole thing with Aoife shows that there's much more to a succubus than just healing through sex & temporarily manipulating people to do what she wants them to. Lots of juice there too.

I was also thinking, Bo is a murderer. She's has great guilt, yes, and she didn't know how to control herself, sure, and she tried to only feed off of people like the roofie guy in episode 1 who maybe deserved it, but she still has killed humans with her super duper, magic - um-box. The show glosses over that a lot. I want to see her faced with some of the consequences to those kills. Only Vex has outright called her out on it, and then he just called her a killer.

Speaking of calling things out, I really thought the show could have placed more importance on the fact that Aoife raped Dyson, and she did, no question. Didn't Bo accuse Aoife of seducing her boyfriend? It wasn't a seduction; wolf boy had his will violently taken away from him. If it had been a female character, they would have had half a season revolve around the issue. Instead the show focused on the admittedly gross fact that her mom banged her boyfriend. Nobody said he wasn't forced, and there was tacit acknowledgement on it for sure, but I think there should have been a more forceful reaction to it, espeically from Bo herself. But also Kenzi, who adores Dyson, even tho Bo will always, always come first (as she should; always back your sister against all comers, no matter what), was more grossed out and upset on Bo's behalf than on Dyson's. Bad form show.
Michele Plum
20. plumco
@kiersten - beautiful dumbass says it all. Dyson is fae for Pete's sake. And not young fae either ... and he'd JUST BEEN WARNED by trick that the old ones were crafty SOB's. its all about the WORDING, my man. Pay attention to the wording! UGH! Yeah ..the man is all kinds of hot and sexy and I give him slack because the emotional situation he's in was surely keeping him off balance but DUDE!!! Fae! Old! Crafty! sigh. (Head shake).

@bungluna - she is, ain't she? Best.recapper.ever. Additionally, the shit she can read between the lines almost invariably has me watching the show again and saying 'holy crap she's right!' (Tennis anyone? Lol)

@kiersten - they did gloss right over Dyson being forced .... I was dead on when I said last week that bo would forgive him because she understood exactly what happened but the repercussion's to Dyson are completely unremarked on (one of those things we could have used that extra hour for)

Heads up on that.... remember when Bo hugs Dyson at the lab and then shoves him away (the ep with the anti succubus and the title escapes me)? I always felt like she hadn't quite shaken off the 'shame' that bad guy created within her and that's why she yanks herself out of Dysons grasp (so to speak). But ... I REALLY thought they would explore that piece too since the show had, to date, been so sex-drama free. Beyond that little scene though ... there weren't any repercussions with that either. Perhaps they have so much story to tell that introducing that kind of sexual .... glitch (sorry..cant think of another word that doesn't minimize the issue or possibly offend someone accidently)... to the show would take too much time (??) I hear you though .... completely bypassed.
21. lsbloom
Oh my god, I love it. I have the same birth control, imprisioned for centuries problem, when was Bo born again...blah, blah, blah. problems!

Please tell me you only watch Law and Order UK because of Jamie Bamber!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
22. Kiersten
@lsbloom but of course! Tho I do love Ronnie on that show, as soon as Bamber was gone, just wasn't the same.
Laurie Rivera
23. leb
@Kiersten - I soooo look forward to your recaps! Reading them really brightens my day - it's like watching and enjoying the episode all over again, usually while I'm at work (oops, did I say that out loud?) I also love all the little the "between the lines" stuff that you bring to our attention. I wholeheartedly agree with the other posters - you win the Best.Recapper.Ever award. Handsdown. No Contest. If I come across a gold plated, shirtless Dyson statue (with tattoo, of course), I will be sure to hook you up. (Maybe Kenzi knows where I can get one...)

I only have a few things to add to the discussion. My first thought when I saw Kenzi reading the "Pirate Sven" book was that it looked suspiciously like a book that she pulled out of the stalker chick's bag (along with Semir's head) in the Faetal Attraction episode. Is that a Klepto Kenzi move or just LG recycling props? Either way, awesome.

We need more Hale! There just weren't enough Dyson/Hale and/or Kenzi/Hale scenes in this episode. He really needs more screen time.

As for Saskia – whoo hoo! Talk about bat-shit-crazy mama drama! I had a suspicion that she was Bo’s mother when she showed up in The Mourning After episode and we found out that she was a succubus. Aside from the cringe-worthy scene with Dyson and the lame mother-daughter showdown-that-wasn't, I thought the actor nailed the part and I enjoyed watching her.

Last, but definitely not least - after an entire season of relationship build up, we get one real Dyson/Bo together episode and BAM! Hilton Hovel is now Heartbreak Hovel. Talk about putting the smack down on a HEA. Even though I knew it was coming, I'm still bummed in a BIG way. Check out this video – the song is perfect. Hopefully, it was OK to include it in the post.

25. NYPinTA
Finally someone else sees what happened to Dyson with Aife for what it was! I've been quietly freaking out about it for days! And I'm especially bothered because of how everyone is treating him now.
26. JoanJ
Enough of the sappy B/D high school stuff. Just put Bo where she belongs...with Lauren.
27. LynellenR
WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!! SHe SOOOOO Belongs with Dyson
28. whiskeywhite
I can't believe that I have never before realized the full implications of Dyson offering to give up his wolf. The Norn does say it would leave him a "normal man" but old dense brain here never got that he would now be human. I don't think he would be shunned by his friends but the main result would be that he would quickly (in Fae time) grow old and die.
29. whiskeywhite
No, wait. I've rethought this. Fae are not humans with super powers. They are a completely different type of creature. There are species among the fae, so the difference between humans and fae has to be at a higher level (genus? family?). If Hale lost his voice (say Val took it away and couldn't give it back) that wouldn't make him human. It would make him a disabled or wounded Fae siren. Similarly, if the Norn took away Dyson's wolf, she would take his ability to transform into a wolf and his wolfish skills, like his heightened sense of smell. But that doesn't make him human. He would be a badly wounded or maimed fae.
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