Apr 17 2012 9:07am

Karen Marie Moning Offers Sneak Peeks of Iced and Into The Dreaming!

Today, Karen Marie Moning gives not one but two sneak peeks from her two upcoming releases on her Facebook page:

From Iced:

"That, down there“—he points beyond the glass—“is a bump in the road, a test of temptation and fidelity. If he loves you, he will pass it with flying colors. Cruce is a test of your fucking soul.”

From Into the Dreaming:

“The faery queen went to him in the Dreaming, well into his sentence, when he was quite mad. Tracing a curved nail against his icy jaw, she whispered in his ear, “Hold fast, MacKinnon, for I have found you the mate to your soul. She will warm you. She will love you above all others.”

The monster chained to the ice threw back his dark head and laughed.

It was not a human sound at all.”

Iced is a full-length book set in the Fever world, and is out Oct. 30 of this year.

The novella Into the Dreaming is out April 24, and contains more than 100 pages of bonus material, including:

• a deleted scene from Kiss of the Highlander
• a proposal for a never-published romance
• an alternate opening version of The Dark Highlander
• a sneak peek at art from the upcoming graphic novel Fever Moon.

Will you be picking up one or both of these?

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Emi Killian
1. EmiKillian
If ICED is a stand-alone book with a HEA and closure, I'll be on B&N's doorstep waiting for it. If it's the beginning of another series, I'll probably skip it.

Re: the other book, I could never get into her Highland series so I doubt I'll read that one.
2. blondie01384
If ICED is the beginning of a series I will wait until the whole series is released... there is just too much time between books. If it is a stand alone I'll snatch it up ASAP. And I am all over Into the Dreaming for sure!
3. HeleneMc13
I hadn't heard about Iced yet, but just got an e-mail from KMM's website, talking about these. I've been keeping my eye out for the release of ITD- it seems to be a standalone, so I'll be all over it. Plus, it's out the day after my BD, so seems like the perfect present for me. Gotta figure out what's up with Iced... TG for tabs... It's the first book focused on Dani, a character from Fever series with a complicated GVE status. I won't spoil it, but Dani has a bunch of powers along with a bunch of issues. There were hints that she'd (maybe) end up with one of two characters from the Fever books, but no closure in the orig series. I'll be reading Iced ASAP to see where KMM takes Dani. Do agree that it's tough to wait between books, but several of my faves go a year between books (J.R. Ward, e.g.).
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