Apr 3 2012 1:28pm

Julia Quinn’s A Night Like This Excerpt!

A Night Like This by Julia QuinnToday, Julia Quinn offers an excerpt of her forthcoming A Night Like This at her website. The book is out May 29, 2012, and its hero is a member of Quinn’s Smythe-Smith family.

A Night Like This:

Chapter One

For a lady who had spent the last eight years trying not to be noticed, Anne Wynter was in an awkward position.

In approximately one minute, she would be forced to walk onto a makeshift stage, curtsy to at least eighty members of the crème de la crème of London society, sit at a pianoforte, and play.

That she would be sharing the stage with three other young women was some consolation. The other musicians—members of the infamous Smythe-Smith quartet— all played stringed instruments and would have to face the audience. Anne, at least, could focus on the ivory keys and keep her head bowed. With any luck, the audience would be too focused on how horrific the music was to pay any attention to the dark-haired woman who had been forced to step in at the last minute to take the place of the pianist, who had (as her mother declared to anyone who would listen) taken dreadfully— nay, catastrophically— ill.

Anne didn’t believe for one minute that Lady Sarah Pleinsworth was sick, but there wasn’t anything she could do about it, not if she wanted to keep her position as governess to Lady Sarah’s three younger sisters.

Read the rest at Julia Quinn’s website.

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