Apr 23 2012 1:48pm

Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey?!!!: Fifty (50) Shades of Grey Movie Casting Speculation

Ian SomerhalderReaders have dream-cast Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of E.L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey before, but could it become a reality?! 

This morning in an interview for “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” The Vampire Diaries star and Heroes and Heartbreakers favorite Ian Somerhalder addressed questions about the project, saying that he could “potentially” be up for the role of Christian Grey. When Seacrest asked if it was something he’d be interested in, Somerhalder went on to say:

I absolutely would be up for that. ... It could be amazing. ... It could be very, very amazing. ... I have the book and I just started reading it. ... So I—absolutely [I would do it]. I think it’s, uh, that would be a pretty incredible thing. And hopefully...that could, uh, that could pan out, I think.

When asked who he’d like to play his Ana, Somerhalder wisely said there are “so many phenomenal actors right now” and that he’d have to think about it. He wrapped up his enthusiastic comments by saying: “Beyond the shadow of a doubt I think that would be a phenomenal opportunity.”

What do you think? Is Ian Somerhalder your Christian Grey? Think he could do the role justice? (He’d certainly bring the eye candy, no?!) If he’s cast, who would you want to play his Anastasia Steele? Discuss!

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Not exactly on topic, but I just want to say that Ian Somerhalder continues to be INSANELY charming. Guh.
2. Katayun
Wow!!! Ian Somerhalder in a new movie???! it would be awesome!! I love him...his acting is great!!! but I don't know about the fifty shades of grey! I'd like Megan fox as his partner in a show anyway!
3. ChelseaMueller
I would see any movie promising shirtless Somerhalder (if you read my Vampire Diaries recaps, you know this), but I'm so in on this.

I have no problem envisioning him throwing around sexual orders. Maybe Michael Fassbender could give him tips on spanking. Just throwing out dream ideas here, ladies.
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@Katayun @ChelseaMueller -- He's sooooo pretty I can't even.
Pamela Webb-Elliott
5. Spaz
As annoyed as I am hearing about the books, and the author, and the movie ad nauseum I have to admit - he'd make a good Christian Grey!!!
Megan Frampton
6. MFrampton
Just saw this, and OMGYES, he is stunning enough to be as charismatic and gorgeous as Christian is--whether he can turn into a cold Dom is something else, but he is an actor. But yeah. This'd be a total star-making role for him, too (I mean, he's known, but not known known).
7. pamelia
Me likey! Me also likey Matt Bomer for the part. :) As long as it's not Robert Pattinson (who for some reason I find repulsive)!
Shannon Bastian
8. shannonB.
It is a widely known fact that Ian Somerhalder is my soulmate so I would kindly thank all you hussies to just go find someone else to drool over. =)
Robbie Thornton
9. Button
I've never watched Vampire Diaries. In truth, Australian TV can be funny about American series. They'll start them, you'll get interested and then they'll change the night or the time or just cut the show altogether mid season. It's very frustrating, so a couple years after I got over here, I just stopped trying. These days, aside from news and weather, I've more or less given up TV altogether.

But I digress. From the photos, Mr Somerhalder (recognized as the soulmate of shannonB) looks the type to make a fine Christian Grey. I would point out, nowhere in the interveiw does he say that he's been approached about the role, much less offered it. Only that he would potentially be interested in it if offered. So really, it's a wide open field, and there are alot of hotties out there in that age range.

However, I don't think the person playing Anastasia Steele should be a known actor. I think something about her innocence would be better served by an unknown. So for Anastasia, a fresh new face would be my pick.
Nicole Leapheart
10. BoxyFrown
Oh yes, he will do just fine. I agree with @pamelia, Matt Bomer is my first choice, but Ian is second. It kind of hurts to look at him he is so prettyful, but I can see the Dom in him waiting to come out. Hot damn.
11. Lane
LUKE EVANS would be the perfect Christian.
Lege Artis
12. LegeArtis
@Pamela Webb- Elliott - I can just copy/paste your comment, 'cause I couldn't said it better myself. Love Ian; my brain explodes every time I see post/tv show/article about the book...
13. Colette Robins
Ian was the first person I thought of when I heard they might be making a movie of Fifty Shades of Grey.
14. a real sub
I think that E. L. James has given the BDSM a bad name. And as much as I love Ian, between acting and being one of the few celebrities that don't just "give" to charity but also gets his hands dirty, I find it hard to believe that anyone has fallen for this book, especially him. Its the one thing I won't follow him into. I can't, my morals, my beliefs in the community, I simply can't. And I'm having such a hard time facing the noise this story has gotten seeing as how deplorable it is to people actually in it (like myself) it saddens me that this woman took something she knows absolutely nothing about twisted it so badly and people have fallen for it.
Vanessa Ouadi
15. Lafka
Somerhalder would indeed fit Christian Grey's character and do the role justice! I don't "have" a Christian Grey anyway, so I guess most actors could do the trick for me. And Somerhalder is definitely eye-candy _ and I like his acting skills enough.

I do agree with a real sub when he/she deplores all the fuss about Fifty Shades though, and I'm not particularly eager to have it turned into a movie either.
16. Traci?Ana
I would absolutely be Ana to his Christian!!! He is THE prefect choice.
17. wsl0612
IF he were to be cast I would be tempted to read the books :-)
18. Meike
Ian IS Christian! It would be amazing to have him do this movie!
19. Nols
Ian IS Grey! Zooey Deschanel for Miss Steele!
20. Unknown
I would have to say he fits the mold of who could play Christian. However, for the female I lead I believe it should be someone unknown. I personally would love to play the role because no one knows who I am. I think if we put someone in that is truly famous now they wont do as good of a job. I also think it should be more of a TV series instead of a movie otherwise I dont feel they can capture the books correctly. HBO would be amazing. And again I would say me for the role. :)
21. Anon
22. My Fifty Shades
Well, as much as i love Ian, when readying the books for some reason i keep imagining Alex Pettyfer. Though Ian would do an AMAZING job as Mr. Grey my mind keeps running on Alex (who is just as sexy)!!

23. My Fifty Shades
Well, as much as i love Ian, when readying the books for some reason i keep imagining Alex Pettyfer. Though Ian would do an AMAZING job as Mr. Grey my mind keeps running on Alex (who is just as sexy)!!

24. Jillyab
how about this? NOT making a movie. even if they do it won't even come close a fraction of the book.
25. Misti Eudt
Alex Pettyfer 100% Only person I could imagine while reading :)
26. Leigh Dwilis
When I read the book, I pictured Christian as Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood (tall, cut, sexy, brooding) and Amanda Seyfried as Ana ( understated beauty with the too large blue eyes)- both as brunettes of course. Jason Statham would be perfect for Taylor.
27. ChristineR
After only hearing about the books last week, I just finished consuming all three books in about 4 days!!! Ian is the first person I thought of to play Christian Grey. I jumped on the internet to dig around about it and was pleasantly surprised to see that lots of folks had the same ideas. He's dark, brooding, has piercing eyes and is way beyond sexy..... talk about squirming in your seat as you watch a movie!!! I vote YES!! Good luck Ian! And, it's funny, I imagined Statham as Taylor also!!
So I think Ian could diffiently play Christian. He has the sexiest eyes ive ever seen. And I also agree that they should cast a no name for Ana! I cant really think of any known actress today that could really capture her innocence. And I think that Paul Walker could play a good Elloit!!! Jason Statham as Taylor is awesome, I didnt really picture him but I can now!!!!
So I think Ian could diffiently play Christian. He has the sexiest eyes ive ever seen. And I also agree that they should cast a no name for Ana! I cant really think of any known actress today that could really capture her innocence. And I think that Paul Walker could play a good Elloit!!! Jason Statham as Taylor is awesome, I didnt really picture him but I can now!!!!
30. Curvy Momma
Yes I 10000000000% feel that Ian should and could play Christian Grey. I am in the last book and all i am able to see is Ian as Christian. I think that Amy Adams could play Ana. One you read the books and add them in there it comes to life.
31. Suzsmith
Emma Stone would nail the part of Anastacia. She would be awesome!!!
32. J-me
Only one man could play Christain Grey.
Ryan Gosling!..

seriously think about it, then google image him and you will know I am right! :).. and if you don't, I am sure he will punish you and like every minute of it!! ;)
34. Ms. A
Ian is Grey. He can totally to the whole sweet,sexy and angry thing. If you watch vampire dairies you will see. I don't see how people can not see it. This part was made for him. Freaking piece of cake for him no wonder he so up to do the part! If he doesnt get picked I'll be mad but if I had to choose someone else it will have to be Matt Bomer. I haven't seen him act but he was the look for grey too. But my vote will be for Ian. It's not just about how hot the guy is, it's about the acting people!!
35. wsl0612
@ Ms. A, I have to comment on one part of your post, and please don't take offense, but you reversed the letters and wrote "vampire dairies", which really makes me giggle. I'm picturing Stephan and Damon as stable hands and Elena as the saucy milkmaid they're competing for, it could be quite amusing! I think someone on the internets could do a very cute mock-up video for it :-)
36. Lmyers
While I think that Ian would make a wonderful Christian, I have someone that no one has nominated yet....Sam Clafin....his eyes are wonderful! and he has such a sexy smile....sigh....
37. Angelina3
He is most definitely the best choice for Christian Grey!!!! A million times yes, yes, yes!!! He has to play Christian!!!!!!!!!
38. kekoahoku
B0000! I hope they take the time to find someone who is not mainstream. Men who are powerful are very attractive. Women in general are drawn to men of that stature naturally, so I don't believe he has to be gorgeous.

David Moscow is an actor, who is not mainstream could throw his hat in the ring for this role.
39. lc
I thought of Alexander Skarsgard at first. He could definitely pull it off. Ian would also be a good choice. I think he could pull it off, but then, I've only seen him in TVD, so it's hard to tell what he'd be like in something else.

For Anastasia, unfortunately my first thought was Kristen Stewart thanks to having read this story when it was a fanfiction. But, I under no circumstances think she should have this role. I would really like to see an unknown actress. I can't think of any current actresses with enough innocence.
41. Nise59
I don't care how you feel about Kristen Stewart she is Anastasia, she is everything they are looking for, she tall, beautiful, awakward, has the boyish style of dressing and she beautiful she everything Ana is. I think Kristen and Alex Pettyfer would heat up the screen. Another great actress to play Ana Steele is Mia Wasikoska I watched her in her Jane Eyre she was wonderful playing a nay 19 year old not sure of her self who found love in the arms of an older who man was lost without her. So my choice are Kristen or Mia two great actress that I have the up most respect for keep up the good work ladies

A loyal fan of your work!!!!!!!!
42. Cyberologist
Actor/Director Paul Walker is my Christian Grey he may be too old though I forgot how hold CG is but this man exudes everything that is "laters baby" for me.
43. Victoria Poulin
I loved the book Fifty Shades Of Grey. I am so glad i enjoyed Christian and Ana's story. I like fifty shades of grey movie
Megan Frampton
44. MFrampton
Just saw this news, that Ian is out of the running, and Garrett Hedlund has already rejected the part. And they've got a release date yet, so they have to get casting!
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