Apr 12 2012 4:30pm

Girls in the City: Will HBO’s New Show Hit Its Mark?

HBO’s Girls—set to premiere next week, on Monday, April 15—chronicles the lives of four 20-something women, led by the quirky Lena Dunham as Hannah, living and working (or, uh, not working, as the case may be) in New York City. While clearly not intended to be as glamorous as another HBO original series, Sex and the City, who knows? Maybe realism will prove just as appealing. It’ll be interesting to see whether viewers find themselves relating to and thus enjoying the characters as much as they did SatC’s Carrie et al.

I definitely plan to give this a shot, whether because I myself am a 20-something in NYC or because I’m all for awesome ladies being awesome (even as they “live the dream—one mistake at a time” like the show’s tag line suggests; I mean, being able to constantly pick yourself up and get on with things makes you awesome in my book) or just because this looks like it could be genuinely good TV. Thoughts?

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Janet W
1. Janet W

Here's a link to a lengthy review from the SF Chronicle. They loved it ... and my dd is soon to be, if all works out, in the Big Apple. Dying to know what a 20-something is going to think of the show.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@Janet W -- Thanks, I just read it! I was sad to learn that all guys are being depicted in what sounds to be a poor light, but maybe that'll change. Hope so, because that's just as wrong as painting all women with the same brush (*cough*Two and a Half Men*cough* -- by the way, was anyone really surprised to hear the co-creator of that show express such sentiments about female-driven comedies? because I was not!). Anyway, good luck to your dd, Janet!
Saundra Peck
3. sk1336
As a 40 something who loved Sex in the City, I will definitely give it a shot! Just as Carrie was in love with NYC as much as any man, I find I watch shows set in NYC just to see my favorite parts of the city as I take in the storyline. And I would love to see more realism in how young adults have to live in the most expensive city in the country (trading comfort and convenience!!!) as they "live the dream"!!!
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