Apr 18 2012 4:27pm

Fantasy Casting: Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter Acheron

Peter SteeleAccording to Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Facebook page, work on the Dark-Hunters television series is underway, and so far she is quite pleased. In fact, she teases, “The actor they want for Acheron... yes, he’s tall and he’s everything—E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G—you dream of Ash being. Finger-crossed we can have him as Ash.”

So who would you fantasy cast?

Acheron’s bio, from Kenyon’s website, has this description:

It is said of him that there has never been a mortal born who could equal his physical perfection. He possesses a raw, rare kind of charisma.

To look at him is to want him. To see him is to ache to touch him.

He had been built to please, and trained to pleasure. Everything about him from the sleek muscles that rippled to the deep, erotic timber in his voice seduced anyone who came into contact with him.

Like a lethal wild animal, he moved with a primal promise of danger and masculine power. With the promise of supreme sexual fulfillment.

He had such a deadly, graceful swagger. A predator’s lope. There was something intrinsically sexual about Acheron. Something compelling, seductive. Just being near him made her want to reach out and touch him.

He was like a lethal, beautiful animal in the wild that part of you wanted to cuddle while the other part of you knew he was just as likely to rip your arm off as he want to cuddle back.

No one even knows what his real hair color is.

So sex on a very tall stick, huh? Who’s the best actor for the job?

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Chris Hemsworth's been on the brain, so...Chris Hemsworth! He's got the looks and the charisma.
Tatiana deCarillion
2. decarillion
Two immediately come to mind: Ian Somerhalder (aka Damon Salvatore) and Michael Fassbender...
Aly O'Hare
4. wingZER0angel
Ash's shoes are some gigantic ones to fill. I'm not sure anyone can live up to my image of Ash. Tall, gorgeous, sex on a stick, and looks about 21. Yeah, no one comes to mind...
5. keelie
I agree Chris Helmsworth, or Jason Lewis
Kiersten Hallie Krum
6. Kiersten
David Gandy, if he could act. Sex on a stick, indeed.
Lege Artis
7. LegeArtis
Oh, Kiersten, I'm with you... The most beautiful man ever born!
"To look at him is to want him. To see him is to ache to touch him."- This is David Gandy for me.
Robbie Thornton
8. Button
Me and Simi think it should be Travis Fimmel. Really. She said so, and I agree.
Mary Johnson
Kyle Schmid get my vote Hands down, He is not really tall but can be made to look tall enough and he definitely has the looks and charisma to pull it off. His eyes are already mezmerizing and can pull you in I think he would be even more devastaing with silver swirling contacts! What's say ladies, lets get Kyle the part.
10. SheMorz
Kyle Schmid & Travis Fimmel would have my votes!

I also like Jason Momoa.
Elizabeth Halliday
12. Ibbitts
I agree with Button and Simi. With that face and the appropriate amount of long, dark hair, Travis Fimmel looks like Ash to me!
Carrie Septer
13. PennameCarrie
I think Jason Lewis would be perfect! Travis Fimmel has that young look...but it's almost too young- feels icky!
Catwoman Felisamorata
14. Catwoman
Michael Fassbender. Google Michael Fassbender Hollywood Reporter Cover and you'll see what I mean.
15. wild cat
please look at the pictures of jason lewis and tell me you do not see achron. I think travis fimmel is wouderful as well.
18. MarciL
Sadly, I had to go look at all the actors mentioned 'cause I haven't seen a grownup show/movie in years... I have to go with Travis Fimmel. I never realized he was a real person--I just thought he was someone fictitious that Simi talked about. Most of the other guys look too old. Ash is supposed to look 21. Even Tory thought he was a frat boy and she's pretty young, too.
19. LMendonkey
I love him as Eric in True Blood but Alexander Skarsgard would be an exceptional Ash yummmmy
21. HaleyW
Several of the guys listed look great and could be Ash, but...I think the height thing is really important. So, I go with Alexander Skarsgard as well, with his 6'4" height.
22. CopperPayne
Well, given that Sherri herself has mentioned that she first saw Ash in Travis Fimmel, he's been a fan favorite for a long time. I am definitely curious to see who they get, not just for Ash, but for the other Hunters as well. I know one thing, this is definitely going to take up space on my Tivo and I am likely going to have several girlfriends over at my house for marathons!
23. cindyg
Jason Momoa....He was fierce in Game of Thrones!!!
24. Reign
My choices for Acheron are Kyle Lowder and Travis Fimmel. Travis is in alot of the Acheron youtube videos already it is hard to imagine any one else. But Kyle Lowder is a close second choice. He can melt you with a glance. Can't wait to see who is slected. hard choice good luck.
Synde Korman
25. SyndeKorman
While Pete Steele isn't alive he'd sure be closer than Fassy.. Remember Ash has to pull off goth and greek god, being a natural blonde in his real form.(like he appears to Artemis)It's a hard casting, and to be sure not everyone will be happy
Robbie Thornton
26. Button
I'm just hoping it even airs in Australia. I can't even get Amazon to sell me past seasons of True Blood. Country specific copywrite crappola drives me bonkers. However, I am proud to say that this will be the first series that tempts me to violate some international laws on the matter. Tempted mind you. My kids are in the US. Perhaps I need to threaten to come back and live with them during the television season unless they copy them for me. That might work.
Tonya Lumpkin
28. bellahearts
Mmmm. Ash. What could be more on sex-0n-a-stick than Travis Fimmel or Angus Southerland? I agree that Kyle Schmidt is very yummy, but he will always be Vicky's boy-toy in Blood Ties to me.
29. tamara7363
I vote Jason Momoa or a clean-shaven Joe Manganiello, Travis Fimmel is way hot, but he almost looks a little too young, nor does he look very greek to me. Can't wait for this!
30. colliena
Jared Padaleki. He has the looks, the sexy smile and the height.
31. Vavita
Travis Fimmel!!!! Kyle Schmid is ok too
Natalie Mandry
32. Merida
Jared Padalecki or Alex Pettyfer. Personally, I like the older, brawnier guys but hey, they can't all be Vin Diesel.
33. DDR
Jason Lewis is toooo old (he's40). Definitely Chris Hemsworth!
34. KathleenC
None of the above suggested actors would be able to fill Ash's shoes, but if I were forced to choose, I think these gentlemen might be able to pull it off:
- David Gandy
- Joe Manganiello
- Chris Hemsworth

The following is a cover model, who would be darn near perfect. But acting skills unknown:
- Jed Hill
35. rdsangel127117
This is very hard, because the way Sherrilyn Kenyon describes Ash and the way I see him in my mind makes it hard to think of any actor playing the part, however if I had to choose one, it would be Jared Padalecki.

He has youth and just enough maturity in his face to reflect how I see Ash. From watching him on Supernatural, I'd say his versatility is apparent. I could see him being Godlike when the need arose or just the opposite. The character of Sam is caring, gentle, sweet and strong, but also can get the job done when need be, which is the way I see Ash. Also he has the height and just the right amount of musculature that I envision Ash to have. He's tall with just the right amount of a loose limbed fluidity without any bulkiness on his frame.
36. natashasc
I know he's not an actor, but I this NHL player Ryan O'reilly fits my image of Ash when he was blond...
37. Thereza75
I have also review all mentioned and I would like to say the winners for me is Ian Somerhaler and Jason Padalaki many of you ladies refered to travis Fimmel but I think he would fit the Wren character for those really die hard fans who have all her books (raised hand) My thing is who will she get to play Savitor. I would like a nice eyecandy on that one. Truth be told I want to read his story make it my story if you know what I mean ladies.. lol
38. poison girl 2106
Ive been reading the Dark-Hunter series for 9 years now and when Sherrilyn mentioned Travis Fimmel in her mind looking like Ash thats who ive always pictured. He's drop dead gorgeous, looks like a 21 year old which is important, plus all the clips ive seen of him acting were perfect for Ash. I would REALLY love to see him play Ash!!!!! He's so perfect but if not him the only other guy ive seen who looks like he'd be close is Angus Sutherland. While i totally agree all the other guys mentioned above are beyond hott there just not Ash
39. Princess.Z
Kyle Schmid or Taylor Kistch .... they both have that "I-didn't-eat-the-canary" smile that just melts you !!!! And the eyes ....*sigh* ....
41. SassyT
I'm with wingZERoangel: Ash sounds like he's the perfect guy and though I have a list of very attractive and hot men in my head none of them is quite right. Ash is the end all be all of men. I'm sorry but I haven't seen a human on the planet who is supposed to be as good looking, hot, sexy, and tall as he is (not all in one package anyway). Either they are gorgeous in the face but not tall enough....or tall enough but not hot enough in the face...or they don't have the voice or the sexiness. I think no matter who they pick I'm going to be slightly disappointed. Excited about the t.v. show though.
42. Tamarals79
I dont know if anyone but travis femmel could ever be ash in my mind. I mean seriously ,after the author says that's who she pictures how can any other baby face ever fit!
44. JUDE
TRAVIS FIMMEL!!!! he is the only guy that would ever pass as Ash!
45. JaniceB
I have to say that quite a few of the men already mentioned look kind of old. Its hard to choose but if it was my choice.......Chris Hemsworth would be a great Acheron. He's 6'3 and looks young enough. Jared Padelecki is another great choice, he's 6'4, but I somehow see him better as Nick. While Taylor Kitsch is also a good choice, I could see him as the bear quads. Whenever I read a book I goto Sherrilyns website to see who I am reading about and he looks a lot like the quads there. Curiously I would like to know why the characters look so different on her website than they are described in the books.
46. madoc's dream goddess
taylor kitsch.......that is sex of a stick
47. Colleen dhas
I think someone new should be cast. Travis is to old now as are most of the actors sugguested (so a guy over 30 shouldn't be an option). Ash is 21 but seems older, i can't see his face with some kind of babyface softness, so there goes Chris hemsworth without his beard, as hot as he is. Joe Manganiello has the perfect body but he is just too old. I could see Alex Pettyfer (the right skin, haar and eye colour, i know the eyes will be changed, but i just think a bit further and remember that Stynx and Acheron are identical twins, except for thier eyes) but then again he does not have the physical appearance (height and muskular structure) required. So, when i sum it all up, a new face would be best.
48. Melissa m
While I love all these guys almost all of them are known for something else. I really want to see someone "unbranded"
I like Nick Simmons....

Now for the Peltier boys and some of the other such as Savitar these boys make my list.....
Michael Foster
Rob Archer
Johnnie Colter
Revard Dufresne
49. Melissa m
But if I was going to go with famous guys then Ash and Styxx should be the Hemsworth brothers. Liam and Chris look a lot alike....... I think it could work. :)
50. Princess Sabrina
I dont know, all of the guys mentioned already are so NOT hot. Not even a little. Except Jason Momoa (when he was younger.... though not so hot anymore now that he is older) ... though there is that guy mentioned above Jed Hill (never knew who he was but he is def yummy). too bad he isnt an actor. Even still, neither of them could have been Ash. Sorry, but no man alive could ever live up to MY fantasy of Ash. Maybe one of the weres or DH but not Ash. As for Travis Fimmel (which seems to be a regular fav) ok i admit he is cute...ish, just a little too pantsy (soft pretty boy) to be as lethal as ash. I dont think he could ever pull off the harbinger final fate role.
51. Princess Sabrina
I lied... A younger Tom Welling could definitely pull it off. The height, the looks, the body, the baby face, the lethal gait...Yes, one of the hottest men I have ever seen (Too bad he is too old now to pull off the 21 year old look - but it could have worked). A new face is needed... maybe we should be trying models instead of the existing pool of actors
52. sweetest days
Ian Somerhaler because I feel like he would be able to show off the complex nature of Ash. He is tall, dark, and handsome in VD and I think he'd be well cast as Ash. Doing Ash would require an ability to be almost two different people in the same scenes and situations. Since "Damon" is also kind of like that I think Ian has a precalled for ability. Would he look good blond though...? In the end we can only wait until Sherrilyn Kenyon reveals who she wants it to be I suppose. In the end we'll end up loving who was cast and question why we didn't think about it. Though too bas we can't get Kiefer Sutherland from his lost boys days or the dude who played Marko.
53. emilywoods
55. Karrie Blenn
Travis Fimmel is the only one I could see as Ash, yes he is young but the character is supposed to be young looking, barely out of his teens
56. Candy Wilmsmeyer
Id say Jai Courtney, he was super hot in Spartacus-Blood and Sand, looks tall, had uber blonde hair and you see he is well built in that show, also looks very young, and he died tragically in the show so he can pull off a tragis death and still be georgeous (I cried for days and still can't watch the episode!)! And you see him use modern weapons in the new Die Hard movie with darker hair. MMM hes my dream Acheron!!
57. Sammi
Maybe benjiman stone?
Zack Roerig or ISBN somerhalder?
Ben barnes- he's bad ass hot. & he's close to Acheron's age.
Or Kellen Lutz. He's a bad ass vamp & a great actor.... with a great body have any of y'all seen his Calvin Klein add?
58. valeri
OK so i totally agree with jason moma or Joe Manganiello, but a very key fact is that he has to look hot goth and not all guys can pull that off. i like travis fimmel but at the same time he almost seems a litle too young. I mean ash should be young but he also should seem older and rugged after all he is a "wrangler" lol. with that being said almost all the guys mentioned are hot and could totally be dark-hunters.
59. Sholynn
Definitely either Ian Somerhalder, Chad michael Murray, or Paul walker. Just by their looks. I can't really see anyone else. I want to see Acheron come alive! A lot of these examples you people have given are outrageous lmao
62. Abunni
from someone who has read every single one of the books and Acheron being my absolute FAVORITE Angus Southerland is the absolute choice. He just screams I'M ASH!!!!!!!!!
63. Manda17006
As much as I LOVE Travis Fimmel and the idea of him being Ash/Styxx, he isn't them. He's a LOT older looking now then he was 10 years ago (he's 34 btw). Now, idk who I, personally, would absolutely love to see as Ash/Styxx but they are the only ones CLOSE. They would be (Not inany particular order):
1) Kyle Schmid
2) Alexander Skarsgard
3) Alex Pettyfer
3) Taylor Kitsch
4) Chris Hemsworth
5) Chad Michael Murry

As much as I would LOVE for Travis Fimmel to be Ash/Styxx, now that he's playing Ragnar in Vikings on the History channel, he's too rugged and well, Viking-like!
64. Kasandra89
I would say Alexander Skarsgard, When I look at him he is what my mind pictures as Ash. He just pores sex! and that is what Ash is suppose to do. I think he is a great actor and has the height and the look. He is my vote all the way!!
65. Kasandra89
Just to throw a name out there what about Cam Gigandet as one of the Dark hunters not saying it has to be Ash but he has the looks!
66. gypsy
Wesley A Ramsey. He played the grown up Wyatt from Charmed Tv series.
67. Sunstone72
I personally love Travis but I was worried after seing him in VIkings that he may look too OLD (amazing that others consider him to look too young LOL). Chris Hemsworth Yummo but again, would he look too old. How about Liam Hemsworth? He's young and I reckon could pull of a goth vibe :D
68. Hosie
Travis Fimmel :D He looks older in vikings sure but honestly all he has to do is shave. He's not that old.
69. Ms Shellee
Francois Arnaud.... To see him is to want him.
He looks amazing is black leather. He has swag and charisma.
He's more than just a pretty face; he's a very good actor.
He's scenes in The Borgias prove that he understands the difference between Sex/Sexiness vs Passion/Want/Desire.
One can get lost in his eyes. His voice can both sooth and excite in equal measure.
He's more than just a pretty face :)
70. Misha J
Oooh! Definitely Chris Hemsworth or Ian Somerhalder for sure. They are both gorgeous and have the flawless looks that Ash is described with. Oh my god that would be perfect!
71. NSharpe
Alexander Skarsgård as Acheron and Travis Fimmel as Nick. YUMMY!
72. Kaida171
I'm sorry but there are a few names that I can't decide between:
1) Jared Padaleki
2)Alexander Skarsgard
3)Chris Hemsworth
4)Michael Fassbender

Any of those would be AWESOME!!

But I'm particularly PRAYING that Jared Padalecki gets the part. He has the looks, he has the height, and he can ACT. (If you don't believe me, watch him in Supernatural; He plays so many different characters/personalities in that show alone, it's a wonder he doesn't get whiplash!)
73. DarkHunterAddict
I have loved the Dark Hunter series since it first came out. Absolutely love the fact that its finally becoming a movie and a TV series. Always imagined Ash being played by a dreamy drop dead gorgeous man. I can't think of any better guy to play him then the actor who plays "Killian" in the Witches of East End. Check out Daniel DiTomasso. Bet you'll agree.
74. Anaid
Chris Hemsworth or Alexander Skarsgard would be my picks but i lean more towards Skarsgard because he has these tormented eyes in my opinion and I've always pictured him as Ash...even before i saw him in true blood
75. PreciousSpitFire
Avan Jogia...beautiful
76. PreciousSpitFire
Or Jamie Campbell Bower...but they both would have to bulk up.
77. ktcaliest84
I have always pictured alexander skarsgard as Ash! And I know he's a fan favorite for Ash, but I can really see Kyle Schmid or Taylor Kitsch as the Peltier Quadruplets. Am I wrong?! Whoever they end up casting, i'm sure they will be great choices.
78. boogeeky
This is a list for every character. Still looking for Ash though :D Hope you like these!

Danger: genevieve cortese
Nick Gautier: jared padalecki
Cherise Gautier: annabelle wallis
Madoc: jake gyllenhaal
Apollo: alexander skarsgard
Aidan: ryan reynolds
Deimos & Phobos: hugh jackman
Julian: gabriel aubrey
Talon: chris hemsworth
Bill: lee pace
Bubba's mom: laura leighton
Alain: justin hartley
Alex: matt lanter
Kyrian: charlie hunnam
Stone: chace crawford
Griffe and Serre: booboo stewart
Rafael: jason derulo
Carl: brandon jones
Epithymia: brit sheridan
Ren: roman reigns
Coyote: randy orton
Dev, Remi, Quinn, Cherif: jason lewis
Colt Theodorakopolis: aaron o'connell
Gallagher: atesh salih
Tad: james marsden
Leo: nick ayler
Vane: joe manganiello
Cadegan: david gandy
Alexion: daniel cudmore
Astrid: olivia wilde
Grace: kelly brook
Bride: drew barrymore
Cassandra: stacy keibler
Celena: omotola jalade
Cosette: leona lewis
Leta: jennifer morrison
Delphine: dianna agron
Gaery: sarah walker
Essie: rachel weisz
Esperetta: amy adams
Epithymia: blake lively
Hera: brooke shields
Janize: gabrielle union
Jo: phoebe tonkin
Amanda: odette annable
Tabitha: odette annable
Thorn: ashton kutcher
Josette: maisie williams
Kara: taylor swift
Tiayana: rose byrne
Karma: nina dobrev
Kateri: mila kunis
Katra: bridgette wilson
Kerryna: kristen bell
Laguerre: anne hathaway
Leta: rachel mcadams
Lashonda: debbie ogunlana
Liza: helen mirren
Lydia: emma stone
Maggie: rashida jones
Marissa: mackenzie foy (Older)
Marla: taylor lautner?
Zebulon: mathew mcconaughey
79. melinda vonthoran
How about using that kid from blade the second movie. The kid who was helping blade but betrayed everyone in the end then got blewn up by a uv bomb. I dont remember his name but he would be perfect for Nick Gautier. Trust me. He has the looks. Sarcasm and adorable charm we all know and a complete computer techy so he fits right in.
80. Dawn76
I honestly feel Roman Reigns could be a perfect fit. He has a great body, can be a tough man and a compassionate man. When clean shaven you can see his baby face. That man is hot and a great actor. For those who don't know who he is, you can see him on WWE.
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