Apr 3 2012 10:26am

Exclusive Cover Reveal: Donna Grant’s Dark Kings Series!

Dark Craving: A Dark King Story by Donna GrantToday, we cover reveal not just one, but three new covers from author Donna Grant! The titles are:

Dark Craving
Night’s Awakening
Dawn’s Desire

These books are for three Dark Kings novellas, set in the Dark Shadows and Dark Warriors series, featuring Dragon Kings!

Grant says, “I’ve been wanting to write about dragons for so very long. I’ve had so many ideas for series that was just waiting for a dragon. So, I mentioned to my editor who gave me the all clear, and the Dragon Kings were born.” She explains,

Night’s Awakening: A Dark King Story by Donna GrantThey are as old as time itself. Once they were dragons, but with the creation of man, each “king” had the ability to shift from dragon to human and back again to keep the delicate peace between the two. It worked for a time, but like all things, nothing lasts forever. A war ensued thanks to a betrayal from a human woman, and the only way to save the dragons was to send them to another realm while each Dragon King remained behind ensure the dragons remain safe. And to keep the deadly Black dragons who are following their King’s order to kill the humans contained and hidden so another war doesn’t happen.

The Dragon Kings are unique in several ways. Not only does each have a specific dragon tattoo that marks them as kings, but they each have a special sword. There are only two ways to kill a Dragon King - and each has to be done by another king. They can kill each other in dragon form, or in human form, they can use their swords.

Dawn’s Desire: A Dark King Story by Donna GrantBecause of the betrayal by a woman, the Kings used their magic to keep from ever falling in love with a human. For hundreds of thousands of years their magic held. But something has disrupted it, and that’s all it takes for the Kings to have their hearts ensnared. Yet, that isn’t all they have to worry about. An enemy is trying to oust their existence. And will stop at nothing to achieve it.

Weaving the series together, Donna says, means that “Readers will begin to see mention of the Dragon Kings in the Dark Warriors books, and the Warriors will be in the Dark Kings books...I’m so excited to be able to meld these two series together!”

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I love those covers, and especially the one for Night's Awakening. I find dragons fascinating too--can't wait to read these!
Donna Grant
2. Donna Grant
Thanks, redline! That cover is everyone's favorite. Not sure why, but everyone picks that one. ;)
Donna Grant
3. Amy B.
I admit, the first cover freaks me out. What happened to his torso? He looks like he's a genie being sucked into a bottle or something.

The others are quite lovely, though. :)
Donna Grant
4. Allison Brennan
Congratulations Donna! I'm very happy for you :)
Donna Grant
5. DonnaGrant
lol. Thanks, Amy!

Allison - ::smooches:: You rock. Thanks.
Donna Grant
6. Lege Artis
Covers are seriously hot! My favorite cover of all Donna's books so far was Dangerous Highlander, but #2 of Dark Kings is just delicious!
Congrats Donna!
Donna Grant
8. Alexandra H
I love the new covers, Donna! I'm looking forward to reading this series. :)
Donna Grant
9. Lorie W
Love all three covers. Looking forward to these books.
Donna Grant
11. Greysea
Are these the same Dragons from Druids Glenn ( hoping and praying) I have been waiting and hoping you tell their story/ I was left wanting more after Highland Fire!!??????
Donna Grant
12. DonnaGrant
Greysea - no, I'm sorry, they're not. :( I've gotten so many emails wanting a series with the Draconians, and I hope to one day get to write those books.
Donna Grant
13. Greysea
Sigh..... I'll keep praying. In the mean time... Can't wait for the new series!! What's not to love about hot steamy dragons!! ? =). I'm confused though ... dark shadow??? Did I miss something. I thought I had "devoured" every book you have craftily, ingeniously created!!?
Donna Grant
14. Greysea
BTW... I love ALL 3 covers!!! Absolutely incredibly gorgeous!!!
Donna Grant
15. DonnaGrant
Greysea - :) you're too sweet. Thank you!

No, it was supposed to be Dark Sword. St. Martin's wanted to keep the titles with "Dark" in them so readers would know they were connected, but it gets confusing even for me. lol
Donna Grant
16. AC Arthur
Congratulations, Donna! So happy for your and looking forward to these novellas.
Donna Grant
17. Kerrelyn Sparks
Absolutely beautiful!! Congrats, Donna!
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