Apr 24 2012 5:33pm

Cover Alert: Hot New Covers for Christine Warren, Donna Grant, and Lorie O’Clare

Drive Me Wild by Christine WarrenNewly released, these covers are so hot they should come with a fan! Let’s see: There’s a tiger, a guy in a tight black t-shirt holding a gun, a guy whose abs are nothing less than spectacular, and another guy whose eyes seem to be looking into your very soul.

Here are details for these books, which come out on November 27 but that should be labeled “Hotter than July.”

Drive Me Wild by Christine Warren

Tess Menzies can work a spell with a few blinks of her baby blue eyes. But this dedicated witch can’t summon up a single good reason she’s been made an envoy between her kind and Manhattan’s fiercest were-creatures. The two sides haven’t spoken in four hundred years, and she’ll need every miracle in the book to broker any kind of truce. And that means outwitting Council of Others leader Rafael De Santos whose tantalizing moves and fierce hungry kisses are magic even a formidable sorceress can’t resist . . .

It doesn’t take a cat’s supernatural senses for Rafael to suspect that there’s something strange about this unexpected peace offering. And finding the truth is just as tempting as uncovering the secrets Tess is trying to conceal. Why, she’s tantalizing enough to make this wandering were-jaguar think he’s found the perfect mate—one he’s only dreamed of. But his stealth and her spells can’t guarantee they have a chance at survival, much less a future together…

Midnight’s Warrior by Donna Grant

Midnight’s Warrior by Donna Grant

Defenders against evil. Bound by the gods. The Dark Warriors are taking their battle from ancient Scotland to the modern world—where a woman’s love can set them free…


For ten long years, Tara has been a woman on the run, hiding from the magic-wielding Warriors and Druids of modern-day Scotland. Now, as a tour guide at a remote Highland castle, she hopes to finally escape her past—until one impossibly gorgeous man enters her life…and exposes her wildest secrets.


For centuries, Ramsey MacDonald has concealed his strength and skill as part Warrior, part Druid, for fear of unleashing the full force of his power. But when he takes Tara into his arms—and seals their fate with a kiss—Ramsey will have to fight for her love…though it may mean losing control of the magic inside him.

Slow Heat by Lorie O’ClareSlow Heat by Lorie O’Clare

In the high-risk world of bounty hunters, one falsely accused woman is searching for justice—and one truly arresting man is feeling the heat…


As a new trainee at the King family’s bounty-hunting agency, Micah Jones is trying to keep his cool. But his latest assignment—to bring in a night-club owner suspected of money-laundering—heats up fast when he meets the “brains” of the outfit: an irresistibly beautiful bookkeeper who’s resisting arrest. So Micah takes her into custody—by taking her into his powerful arms and not letting go…


Held for questioning but released by police, Maggie O’Malley is still a person of interest—to Micah. And Maggie is interested, too—in his services. With his iron-hard muscles and tough-guy exterior, the Harley-riding bounty hunter is just the man Maggie needs to track down the real crook at the club. A slow-burning attraction ignites a firestorm of insatiable desire—until the secrets of Micah’s past are exposed. Explosive passion now must prove stronger than a history so terrifying it might haunt them forever…

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Allison Brennan
1. Allison_Brennan
Neener neener neener! I got to read Donna Grant's book last month! Now I know why she's so popular! Wow!
Donna Grant
2. DonnaGrant
lol. You're too sweet, Allison. Thank you!

BTW, I got a copy of MIDNIGHT'S MASTER yesterday and guess who's awesome quote was on the front?!!

It looks great. Thanks again for the quote. ;)
Robbie Thornton
3. Button
Yummy covers! All the authors are new to me, so I'll have to check into them. Above all, I'm here for ideas.
Melissa B
4. Melissa B
OMG, these are AWESOME! Donna, that is the BEST cover yet!! WOOT!!
Melissa B
5. Elizabeth R
I love Donna Grant's Dark Sword series and can not wait for her Dark Warrior series to come out. I have already pre-ordered signed copies of the first two books in that series. I hope I can get this one also!!! Can't wait!!
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