Apr 13 2012 4:09pm

Breaking News: J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood Spoiler


If you’re not caught up with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, please do not spoil yourself (unless you want to, at least)...


According to people attending J.R. Ward’s panel at the Romantic Times conference, Layla will give the baby to Qhuinn and Blay to raise.

Can you see Qhuinn with a burp cloth on his shoulder?!? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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Terree L
2. Terree L
Thats it? Thats all? more please :)
Terree L
3. Deanna Brady
I love this series!I have read every one and i think it would be great storyline.
Terree L
5. Dhestiny
She added that the baby will be raised by all three, Qhuinn, Blay and Layla.
Terree L
7. ChrissyT16735
Cant wait. These books just keep getting better:)
Terree L
8. Xhennia
awwwww, that'll be so cute!! And both Qhuinn and Blay gonna be a great daddy
Terree L
9. true?
Do any of you think Xcor will be apart of Layla future?
Catwoman Felisamorata
10. Catwoman
I read on the BDB message board that she is not GIVING the baby to Qhuinn and Blay but that the three will co-parent, e.g. Qhuay being the fathers and Layla being the mother.
Lege Artis
13. LegeArtis
@Nina M. - O_O Why...??? Sorry, I respect your choice, but that really surprised me, 'cause Qhuay are fan's favorite, I never read, hear or talk to anyone who hates them....
Terree L
14. SassyT
I don't hate Qhuay but they have started to grate on my nerves a bit (all that back and forth angst....just get her done already). I'm currently reading Lover Reborn so maybe my opinion will change. I like them individually as characters (they seem like nice guys) but seeing as how this has been going on for how many books now? I'm kind of tired.
Terree L
15. mschoof
Can't we please get some more info on Lassiter? What is the deal with him and V?
Terree L
16. Dorothy F. Shaw
I got the whole thing on video. Posted to my FB DorothyFShaw. Check it out!
Terree L
17. mominline
LegeArtis, You don't hear from the fans who aren't on board with Qhauy because rabid Ward fans crucify them. Ward actually said that Blay and Qhuinn would not end up together at RWA in Dallas several years ago. Either she changed her mind or gave into fan pressure, we'll never know which. I personally want to read about male/female relationships in my books. I'll still buy their book because I'm invested in the series but I would have rather had Qhuinn end up with a female which was the original plan. And the whole Quinn/Blay/Layla setup is a little soap operish to me.
18. lkayme
Thank god mominline, someone for me to bond with at least partially! I enjoy MM but I've got to have an F in there somewhere.
Terree L
19. Steelerlady2379WV
I can not wait for the next book to come out, of course we all knew that sooner or later Quinn and Blay would come together, but what is most interesting is how J.R. Ward write this there story. And this next book I hear will come out March of 2013. Damn dont you hate to have to wait? I know I do!! LOL LOL..... And as far as Quinn with a burp cloth over his shoulder holding a baby, well I find it to show men of today that even tough guy's can be gentle!!!
Terree L
20. Lia Christo
I love both characters, and I love knowing that they finally have their happy ending! I think Ward has a wonderful gift of writing about love and respect in all its forms and in a unique way that makes us accept and understand that love is independent of sex .... Quay to come to give us this great joy ... But the wait is annoying ...
Terree L
21. Jessica Winberly
@mominline - Thats the point I was about to state. I'm not a fan of them myself. And I feel like Ward has been pressured by her fans to put them together. And too me that just seem forced. I don't want to read about a forced relationship.
Terree L
22. Jason's Mom
I can't wait for this book to come out! This is going to be such a long year. I love the whole Qhuay thing. They are perfect for each other and Layla is the best female to be in the mix.
Faye Lim
23. Faye101
How is this possibly a spoiler? You could see this coming a mile away. I thought Ward was a little heavy handed with the set-up of the next book.
Terree L
24. Knel
I was hoping for a " Tri-Bond" for Quinn, Blay and Layla ( or even another female )
rachel sternberg
25. rae70
i am so not with the gay storyline and now a baby? just feels to me like she is trying to keep all kinds of possible fans happy...
Rachel Immel
26. 715helva
Sorry, rae70, but I think the gay story line is just fine. (My husband and I have too many gay friends to ignore people born this way.) Ward gave us a "kinda" M/M with V and B, but then (rightly) let that slide. Now she, and I, are ready for a real M/M. Whether it has Layla in it in a major position isn't important. I think Layla will end up with whatshisname, Xcor. (Talk about someone needing redemption! Put out a call for Lassiter, here.) But, I do agree with everyone who's going to have a long, hard wait for next year. Better start re-reading all the BDB books from the beginning! :]
Caitlyn Wilson
27. armywife
I'm a fan of Qhuay, I've been a fan of Qhuay from the very beginning and I can't wait for this book to come out. I understand people have their opinions on the whole gay aspect and that's fine, but to say you think JR Ward caved to her fans on the whole Qhuinn and Blay relationship, I don't believe that for a minute. JR Ward has a mind of her own and I don't believe she would just write a book to appease her fans. But, like I said, everyone has their opinions, that's just mine. I love Qhuay and I'm super excited to read it!!
Terree L
28. rdsangel127117
I have to agree with several other posts here. I'm tired of Qhuay for the simple reason that it's been drug on forever! Now a baby?! I like Layla, but I have to say she's more naive than I thought to have a baby and give it to these guys to raise. She's done enough for The Brotherhood. Now giving Qhuinn & Blay a baby to raise is too much. Qhuinn can't even take care of himself. Blay, I'd trust with one more than him. Layla never struck me as the type of character to give up her baby. All J.R. Ward does is use the character of Layla. When is a love for Layla coming? It's way past time. I'd like to see her and Xcor together. If not him, SOMEONE ELSE ... PLEASE!!!
Terree L
29. Harmany
I read romance for female/male romance. If I wanted to read gay romance I'd read gay romance. And I have no problem with anyone who wants to read gay romance. I read for my own pleasure, I don't need a lesson in different loves, gay sex, open minds or being politically correct, thanks. I don't care what other people are into, go for it. But switching teams in the middle of a series feels like being tricked. This is JR Ward trying to sell to everyone, she just should of wrote a separate series. I'm done with the series and JR Ward.
Terree L
30. Chris Milway
Ok. I think the horse has literally been whipped to death. I am not passing judgement on anyone's opinion. We have to remeber that we are following a storyline. JR doesn't seem the type person to change a story to sell to or cater to anyone. Maybe this story will have a darker tone to it. Xcor kills Lyla for helping Xhex? I don't see Blay and Quinn ending up together. (as much as I would LOVE to see them together) Lyla doesn't seem the type to give up a baby. A baby is just the thing that will make them GROW up and become the people they are meant to be. Does anyone think Xcor is either Wrath or Toher's illegitamite brother?
Lege Artis
31. LegeArtis
Ok, some of you turned my question into a gay thing. First of all, I don't mind same sex pairs in my romance. I read m/m books, own them, and some of them are even my favorite. :)
My question was why she hate Qhuay, meaning whose book did she wanted to be next, because I thought that everybody wanted to see their story. To me Blay and Qhuinn are like every other couple in BDB series, one of them could have been a woman for all I care, it was not the point at all. Their relationship was buliding a long time and when Ward announced that their story is next, I understand that it was what majority of her fans hoped for. She introduced the characters, made me care for them or not and if she gives them finally their happy end, I don't think of it as a lesson in what's politically correct. I think of it as romance fiction.
Terree L
32. Laura Wareham
@criss milway didn't it say that xcor is the bloodlettes son that makes hin brother to V and payne doesn't it?
Terree L
33. Gigi83
I hope Layla and Xcor are together, not sure if he can be redeemed, but I am hopeful. I see her as his redemption and Layla needs the awe and worship after so long neglected. She also needs to toughen up, which seeing her with Xhex made me hopeful, too. We know that Quay and Layla were together for purpose. I see Quay being the next Primale, as a "wahlker" and his dreams and seeing his daughter. I think that is what that all means. There is a sentence from the Scribe Virgin where she expected Phury to step down as another was seen on the path of Primale. Quay is certainly willing to service in general, and I am ok if he doesn't make a permanent attachment to some 40 chosen, he can have his bond with his best friend and still service the race. As much as he has felt a reject and less than nothing, this step would bring to the center of the race and all import. But yeah, what do I know, I am not the writer. I am not even a cellie board slummer,;I just like the stories. I love the craft of telling a good story, despite will all the best efforts there always seem to be typos.
Diane Matters
34. Diane056
I think the Primal switch mentioned by Gigi83 interesting. Quinn and Blay getting with Layla as a parenting circle seems the way Ward is veering though I also see Layla hooking up with Xzor in a future book. Quinn is not the Bloodletters son though it was stated clearly he was the only father figure he had ever known.
Terree L
35. evie73
*climbing on soapbox* this is directed to the fans that are ranting and raving against a quay hook can anyone who reads this series not see the two of them getting together...blay is gay and at this point we all know quinn is at least bi. they are best friends and the only reason quinn has been going on about a female is so that he can be perceived as 'NORMAL' the only way he is ever going to feel normal is by following his heart and being with the one person he truly loves and wants HELLO....that would be blay. My only worry about this whole thing is that the romance scenes will be downplayed so as not to offend any readers that have serious problems with the gay community. Come on ppl get over yourselves....JR writes on the fringe in a really great way. *stepping off soapbox*
Terree L
36. BridgetA
Personally I'm TOTALLY in favor of the M/M mating of Blay and Quinn! It's about time that romance novels woke up and came into the 21 century where everything does NOT revolve around heterosexual pairings. Sheesh! I'm so bored with reading the traditional M/F HEA, that i gag when i think of it. A new contemporary writer, DAMON SUEDE, has written a phenominal M/M romance entitled "Hot Head". It's about a hot, muscle-bound, beautiful FDNY fireman who's suffering from unrequited love with his co-firefighter. This book is sweet, hilarious, sarcastic, witty, tearful, and rough & tough at various times; it's a wonderful read for those of you who are open to the terrific writings from authors who detail the the non-het world. Brava to mainstream writers like J.R. Ward & Suz Brockmann for daring to dip a toe into more interesting waters so they can include AAALLLLL interested readers, Hetero and non-Hetero alike.
Caitlyn Wilson
37. armywife
@evie73 and BridgetA, I couldn't have said it better myself!! Everybody needs to relax, if you don't like the M/M aspect, then don't read it. JR Ward isn't your typical writer, so for anyone to be shocked that she's writing a book about 2 men, I mean really? She set this up from the very beginning with Blay being gay and Qhuinn being bisexual, plus they've always had this crazy attraction between each other. I don't know why a lot of people seemed to be so surprised that she's taking the next step to give them their own book. As I said before, if you don't want to read about 2 men, then don't.
Terree L
38. BVA
I personally like the Quay pairing. I also thought she could have gone further with V and Butch. Loved the dynamic. Think it was kind of a copout to not have anything happen. But what is done is done.
Terree L
39. SassyT
I don't have a problem with Blay and Qhinn being gay (or in Qhinn's case being bi...I really enjoyed Saxton). My problem is all the whinning, angsty-ness (is that a word???LOL). It's like Butch and Marissa all over again (I didn't enjoy that book). At least V and Butch were interesting (they had that SOMETHING). I think my problem is that J.R. just drug this out so long I'm no longer interested in whether they get together or not. If she had done this say a couple of books ago, okay I might still be on-board. But now I'm kind of just, Meh. I agree Layla needs to buck up. She's kind of pathetic up to this point (kind of like Cormia except Cormia got her man). I thought J.R. had started to regained her stride when she came out with Rhevenge's book (he's so awesome). Now, I feel like she's going back down hill. For me it's not the gay part, it's the "I love you, I can't be with, oh, I love you, wait, no....". Make up your mind already.
Terree L
40. BridgetA
@BVA: I empathize with your thinking about the sooooo delicious pairing of V & Butch. What a HOT storyline that would've been! When JR had them in that full-body hug during Butch's BDB inititiation and Butch put his hand on a very naked V's hip????....I thought I had died and gone to BDB heaven. I was very disappointed when it just fizzled out and Doc Jane became the permanent object of his affections. Those two brothers were off the charts with chemistry... . So now I continue to hold out hope for Blay and Qhinn. I'm praying to whatever god is out there that JR doesn't skimp on the detailed hot sex I'm expecting to read about from these two.
Terree L
41. Jols
I can't wait for the next book, I think Quinn (and hopefully John and Blay) will be officiallly inducted into the Brotherhood, and I will be glad when Q and B get together, finally!!!

I also want to hear more about the band of bastards, I would like the group to turn around and be in legion with the Brotherhood as I don't want Wrath killed off but that would be another change in the storyline, then Layla can be with Xcor.

Otherwise Throe from the band of bastards to be the Primale as he respects women and does not like them to be badly treated and I really want the Shadow brothers to have their own book, I want to know more about Trez and iAm
Terree L
42. Heather313
Can't wait to read about Quinn and Blay, finally! Love that they may raise the baby! With so much testosterone in this series I'm glad Ward has included a gay couple. Especially a couple of strong men. Maybe the world will realize you dont have to be effeminate just because you are gay! My grandchild has a gay married couple as godparents, and they are just super! Worst part is having to wait until 2013!
rachel sternberg
43. rae70
Sorry 715helva, I have plenty of "gayness" in my family so its not a big deal to me... I am more with SassyT, I am just tired of their whining (or at least Quinns) the boy has issues about himself and his family. He could be confusing the feelings of a loving close friendship (something that he was missing with his own family life & they did share many sexually charged exploits together at the club) with sexual love because his friend is now admittedly gay (because I love my friend, does that make me gay?) Also, I do like Saxton, don't want to see him hurt...

As for Layla, she needs stop being so subserving and get a life.. 2 men and a baby just sounds like a tired sitcom to me.. if they had a movie, maybe they could get Debra Messing to play Layla...
Terree L
44. teeh5445h
I have never agreed with the Qhuinn/Blay relationship. I think that Qhuinn is as self invested as they come and he has know all these years that Blay has been in love with him yet continued to flaunt his sexual play with females and males in front of Blay. Warden did say there would not be a Quinn/Blay and I finally thought she followed the direction her character wanted her to go, because we all know she say's they direct her writing. Well, she caved and instead of putting the proper people together (Blay and Saxton) she went the other way....AND, she had Quinn service Layla after all this time of Layla wanting to mate with a male of worth???? and then she wrote that it was ok for male slut Qhuinn to service her even though they did not love each other...what is this brothers with about wrong moral judgement she wiped the rug with Layla who is a very important character by doing this terrible thing to her...very dispointed in her decisions......

Beyond anything I know writing is so hard and to make everyone happy is impossible, but I really bought into her moral equation of the characters speaking for them selfs....

Just another pass the buck to make a buck!!!
45. Letty
I'm with you teeh5445h, provided she is a Chosen... and they are suppose to serve the brothers, Layla from what it looks like she have serve all the brothers that need blood, the Warden could put others to serve them, but it was always Layla. And now she gets to just wiped the rug with her. I hope she fix this in some way.
Caitlyn Wilson
46. armywife
I don't know why people feel the need to bash the author?! If you don't like the way the books are progressing, that's fine, but I wish people would stop saying that she caved to the audience and she's only putting Qhuinn and Blay together to make her fans happy and to make money. You don't know that and you insult her by saying that, so can we just talk about the books and leave the integrity of the author out of it.
Ginny Doremus
47. FaeRhi
I agree with many of you on here, including @armywife. If you don't like the way it's going, STOP READING! No one is forcing you to. I, for one, think that Blay & Qhuinn deserve all the happiness in the world for all they've lost and I don't think she's "caving" to her audience at all. I think she's helping two characters that I'm sure she's grown close to, get together and be happy. And I'm sure Layla will be thrilled with it because she is a huge giver as well. I LOVE this idea!!
So let's all take a lesson from "Bambi":
If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.
Terree L
48. Bek
I wrote on JR Wards facebook page asking this exact question a few weeks ago, and got completely smacked down by one of the Mods (was warned to calm down or I would be kicked off the site - wtf!). So I don't know whether the info is wrong, or whether the Mod was just being a bitch that day?......... anyways...

I think it's great seeing everyone's opinions on here. Some of them are so opposite to what I'm feeling its a real eye opener to how many of us read the BDB series. Now, here's my two cents (lol)........ I LOVE Qhuay.
Well, I should say, I did love them.
Now I'm angry and bitter and heart broken and want nothing more to do with the BDB books. It never bothered me that they are two males, in fact, it was probably more exciting because its still kind of taboo in main stream books. (erotica fiction is a whole other story, lol)

They have been drawn out for so long but I personally think the build up has been worth it. Or so I thought until I read Lover Reborn. Now, I'm just f*ck*ng angry at the whole 'Qhuinn servicing Layla' saga. (don't get me started on how pathetic Layla is)
The main character of a love story ( being Qhuinn, since we're talking about Qhuinn and Blay) does not go and f*ck someone else for 12 hrs plus (so hard that the chandeliers shake) with the full knowledge that they WILL fall pregnant, (not to mention full well knowing that Blay would be in the house LISTENING!!) and sill expect to have the the other main (Blay) to fall head over heels for them - that not a romance story!!! (not in my eyes anyway!!!).

Talk about having your cake and eating it.

I understand some readers are happy at the fact that there is a female involved, but for me having Layla there is the ultimate 'spit in the face' for Blay.
He was one of my fav characters (really don't like Qhuinn at all!) and to see him get sh*t on by Qhuinn time and time again has just turned me off.

I really can't see Layla handing over the child to Qhuinn and Blay, and not having anything to do with it.... that's if she makes it all the way and doesn't lose the child. (honestly, I imagined her losing the child and the grief causing her to run to Xcor, and Qhuinn turning to Blay - but I also thought Qhuinn would love Blay too much to go and have a child with Layla... how wrong was I!!!)

I was such an obsessive fan that I would go back to Wraths book every few weeks and re-read the entire series from scratch, in between other book series'. Since reading LR I haven't been able to pick up a single BDB book.
I just don't understand where the Warden is going with this story line. It will be interesting to see how she is going to write a HEA out of all the crap. It doesn't matter to me any more, whether Layla has the child or not, the fact that Qhuinn went there in the first place is the ultimate betrayal. He knew Blay loved him, he confessed to him years before.

The books used to be such a gift for me to escape the crap reality that is life, but now the bubble has burst and its very upsetting for me. I became so upset by the turn of events that I began to lose my hair. (that's how much of a pathetic fan I was, lolol)

I've taken the advice of some of the people on here and stopped reading. I packed up the series into a box and put them away. I'm not sure whether I am going to buy their book anymore. I will probably wait for a few weeks after its been released, to read all the spoilers online and decide whether I want to go there or not.

Also, I think it's okay for people to say whether they liked it or not. Its a good outlet for fans to get excited or to vent (like me). We've spent our money on JR's books, and are keeping her in business, so I think it's alright for us to have opinions :)
Terree L
50. Gigi83
Ah, now that I am awake. I see I blending Quinn and Quay together beyond the Quinn and Blay bond. Typo's as always. I still like my idea of Quinn being Primale and thinking back, as far as I am concerned., If Quinn and Blay want to be nursemaids to all the children in Sanctuary, it would be ok with me. They could all be Quinn's and if Blay loves him so much they can still have the bond of best friends and then some. Some folks here have suggested that Quinn being with Layla was a betrayal. I don't see it at all, maybe if they had both been celebate, and Quinn did this. Layla had no thought what so ever of suffering through the needing like No'One did. She was fulfilling her purpose as a Chosen, if not with the Primale (bonded primale, that so just shouldn't be) then with a male of worth. Quinn, is a male of worth he took on Xcor and almost single handedly saved the king by giving them time to get the King to safety. He will inducted to the Brotherhood (another plus for being the Primale) A comparison with his eyes and the kings....that would be an interesting essay. How the author uses Green eyes or purity of blood lines and recessive genetic traits as a mark of purity of the Vampire blood lines and also as a weakness (the King is blind, Quinn is color blind). No one has ever said that Quinn came from bad blood;he was rejected because of a genetic mix of genes. One thing about asking the Author what she plans to do with her characters. It is her story, her books and if fans don't like the way she answers or writes them, it's really unfair to the creative process to pigeon hole the author into corner about that. I remember her apologizing for V's book saying it was so hard. If you read he book and then skip to his sister's book it becomes a complete finish. I wish she had just said, his story isn't finished yet and left it like that. (BTW, I am still not satisfied by ghost Jane, to me he is still alone, it's the hole demi-god that some how makes it work)
Robbie Thornton
51. Button
@bek- I too was a fairly devoted fan until reading Lover Reborn. I may be coming from a slightly different angle than you with my disappointments in the way the plot is headed, but still, it seems to me something (perhaps an undefinable something) has gone off the rails with the BDB series.

First off, I don't mind reading M/M romance or M/M sex as a side dish, but I don't really want it to be the main course. Why? Because I'm not a man, much less a gay one. I come equipped with different feelings, hormones and different physical attributes. I can only relate to M/M romance to a point. I can sympathize perhaps, but I can never, ever empathize. To put it succinctly, I know how it feels for a woman to have sex with a man, but I don't know how it feels for a man to have sex with a man, and I never will. That very fact suspends my enjoyment of M/M sexual relationships. Even their emotional relationship is something I can only guess at, given the still at least marginally taboo nature of M/M relationships. (It seems they happen in the bedrooms of the compound, but is then left at the bedroom door and not "paraded in public", unlike the M/F relationships, which are carried out openly.) If I wanted to read a M/M romance, I would. There are so many books out there these days that it wouldn't be hard. It doesn't interest me, so I don't.

Having said all this, after reading Lover Reborn, I'm pretty sure I'm not going any further in this series regardless of what goes on in the next book. Since probably Butch's book, things have been downhill, except for Rev's book, which briefly restored my faith in the series and kept me reading through another couple of flops. Lover Reborn, though, put the nail in my BDB coffin.

What I didn't like about Lover Reborn:
1) Changing the heroines name midbook? Huh? It sounds petty, but the whole thing seemed contrived to me.
2) Tor treats her like crap. Really. 90% of the time. He fed her, had sex with her, and otherwise, pretty much ignored her and expected her to be where he left her. Alternately, he would tell her how he was only having being with her so that he could free his dead wife from "the inbetween" because that's who he loves and always wil. How is this building a relationship? How am I supposed to feel like he's falling in love with her? Apparently, it's when he happens to notice she's not where he left her.
3) When he does tell her he loves her, I just don't believe it. I don't feel it. It just wasn't there for me. (This problem is the one I seem to have with all the dud's. I don't feel the love.)
4) After being blackmailed into "moving on" with his life by the potential fate of his dead mate and son, he interprets this moving on to mean he is forced to have sex with someone else, maybe be nice to her occasionally, instead of thinking "duh, maybe I should get rid of Wellsey's stuff and have a funeral for her". I don't know. This seems to me it should have been the first thing he thought of.
5) I like Layla. Actually, I feel a bit sorry for her. I mean, poor thing, she's been offered up more than meatloaf to more men than I can remember and they all turn her down. This is enough to give a girl some serious issues. To have her meet a potential Mister Right (Xcor) and then have her lose her virginity and get pregnant by someone she's only friends with is like some set up to Quinn and Blay's story, some politically correct Hollywood version of "2 gay men and a baby".
6) Xhex and John Matthew's side story irritated me. This bonded mate thing is supposed to be super strong, but apparently after a month or so of separation, they sort of got busy and forgot about each other for a few months. Like with Wrath and Beth, separation seems to be the only answer for any sort of domestic "less than bliss". Do the women stand up for themselves, toe to toe with their man and hash it out (day after day if necessary...after all, that's what us married folk do in real life)? No, these women run. They move out. I don't get it. I'm a marshmallow. Not a tough bone in my body. But I don't run from relationship problems. Hash it out or end it, those are your options. Putting all that off by running only wastes time and delays the inevitable.

Oh well, I'm sure I have more to rant about, but this is plenty long enough. I hope Ms Ward writes many more books in the series and has tons of success. For me, I'll keep reading her Fallen Angels series, which I'm still enjoying, but I think it's time to put my BDB books on the shelf and call it done.
Jamie barnett
52. jamesmama08
I'll be honest I didn't think that Quinn and Blay would get their own book. I really expected her to wrap it up as a sub plot in John Matthews book. When she didn't do it then I was thinking maybe in Thor's book. Then that didn't happen either. I don't care about the M/M. I'm not sure how'll I do with a whole book of Quinn being unsure of his feelings and Blay pinning away, but I have faith in Ms. Ward. These are her charecters and she knows them better then anyone. For the post left earlier. So what if she said that Quinn and Blay would never get together. Charecters are allowed to change. She is most likely letting her charecters lead her. People change all the time so can charecters. The thing I find with Layla is that she thought she found someone in Xcor, but everything she has done in her life was flipped when she found out who he was. That's why I think she gave into letting Quinn servies her. My last thing is I don't really want to see a whole book about anyone of the band of basterds. I WANT A BOOK ABOUT MURHDOR!!!!! COME ON!!! I CAN'T TAKE MANY MORE BOOKS!!!!
Terree L
53. macphes
I am so excited about Quinn & Blay and them getting the baby and being together!!!! March 2013 is waaayy too far away.
Terree L
54. epona65
I love the Brotherhood books, but I've been reading all the comments about Quinn and Blay and if put me off reading Lover Reborn. But yesterday I went for it, can't believe I waited, I loved it , it had everything that makes the series so special. Blay and Quinn were a small part of it, a taster of things to come and I for one can't wait! The thing about these books is that they are about the Brotherhood as a whole and not just the individual characters, so yes the next one will be their love story but also Layla's, and the continuing struggle of Wrath. So hurry up please Miss Ward!!!
Terree L
55. Optimistic, but cautious
First, I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I was rather disappointed with Payne's story. I thought she had potential to be so much stronger as her own storyline and she was tougher when fighting Wrath. I was completely hooked with Thor's transformation and can't wait to learn more about Lassiter. I didn't mind the Blay and Quinn side story because I thought it was going in a different direction. More of a Blay letting go of Quinn and truly devoting to his relationship with Saxton. I thought Quinn would end up with Layla, especially given his past vision. However reading the spoiler I cannot say that is a storyline i would be remotely interested in. I will always read because there is so much more in every book that I wouldn't want to chance missing other things I would really enjoy. I loved Quinn's original direction...not feeling the " I wish I could love him" role he his playing now. Why does acknowledging he loves his bestfriend have to equate to sexual interest? I do feel JR pushes the envelope on many aspects of sexuality and that's what makes her books so appealing and fun to read. It's what made V and Butch intriguing but not overboard. Long story short, loved this book, so hoping I'm not waiting a year to see Quinn and Blay. that would be predictable.... predictable JR Ward is not and I love that!
Terree L
56. AmethystOrnella
Ugh, I'm so irritated with the Quay haters! If u have a problem with the gay relationship between Blay and Quinn, SKIP THE BOOK. It just sounds disgustingly homophobic. Geeze, there's some of us that have been waiting four books ago for this to happen. They should be together, they love eachother.
P.S: I don't like Layla too much, she's a little too prissy perfect. A baby's a perfect idea since it'll force Quinn to grow up, and they can be a family. Man, the too close gay vibe between V and Butch, it was awful to watch it not work out, so this should happen. I'll give up the series if this turns out to be another sitch like that,
Terree L
57. Kbwrob
Ok. I dont usually post comments on these sites, but I feel compelled to at least share my opinion on this one. First off, lets lay aside the fact that Quinn and Blay are both male. As soon as these two characters came onto the scene Ward has penned them beautifully and I fell in love with both characters from the start. Their loyalty to John Matthew made me love them all the more. The turmoil that they both have experienced since Blay came out and called Quinn on his mutual attraction has been builiding and its written so well that you cant help but feel for these guys. I'm not usually a fan of M/M relationships either, but I want to see Quinn have some peace and happiness. Its been a long time coming and I cant wait to read it. I am a little miffed that I have to wait until next year to read it, but that is not gonna stop me from devouring the book as soon as it comes out. I have enjoyed all of the other books (Lover Mine being my favorite), so Come on Ward, dont disappoint on this one.
nata holland
58. lcat
to the haters REALLY!!!! they are not the norm. why are you reading books that have erotica in them DUH! Ward did an amazing job on this"sci-fi, erotic, romance, paranormal" series. im not into the gay thing but her writing made them so sexy and and wouldnt mind being one of the girls at the club for the bdb's only club. I have a friend who has over 200 crime investigation books ad not one romance, i made her read bdb she listend to all books in 7 days loved it! and by way mominline its ok to take five relax, drop the shoulders. and for the angry, well that says it all she a realky good writer, if it was all ooh and awes and being proper and making sure to dot your i's you would stop reading because of same o same o and would not be a series and would of ended with the first book
Terree L
59. Stranger
Really wished she had went through with the original plan and made their story a novella instead of the book. She'll put an old character subplot in, like she has since Paynes book, to have some strife in an old couple to get those who don't want to read Qhuay to buy the book. I honestly think Layla who is supposed to get a non traditional hea is getting boned after being pretty much a doormat.
Cheryl King
60. fotofix
I know what will be hurled my way but I'm going to voice my opinion anyway. Like a few other brave souls have expressed I do not read M/M romance. I do not condemn those who do and enjoy it. But your suggestion that we should "get over ourselves " and just "don't read the next book " is offensive to me. As you know, the way the Warden writes, each book is not just about the HEA couple. Complex plotlines are woven through from the very first book and built upon with each successive book. You can't skip "Quay" (stupid name that demeans both warriors) without losing valuable plot information about all the rest. And what is this "JR Ward writes outside the box" about? I've been with the series since the beginning and never got the impression that this was or would ever be a M/M romance series. It's a little bit late to make the switch. When we first met Quin and Blay there was no sexual tension between them at all. That came later. When it first started I thought she would handle it like she did with V and Butch. There would be lots of heartache and drama and
skillful writing would bring a happy solution. So no, I'm not thrilled that my favorite writer, of my most favorite series, is writing the next book as a M/M romance. I don't believe that makes me ignorant nor evil and I don't believe it makes her brave or courageous. I'll bet most of the examples given of "great M/M romances " are pretty up front about their content and are not long standing M/F series that suddenly throw a M/M in the mix. But since I don't read those I could wrong and may be corrected.
Elizabeth Halliday
61. Ibbitts
Yeah, the genre of paranormal romance is, like, so totally believable anyway. A gay couple? A 3-person relationship? Who would have thought it could veer so completely off course?
I'll make it simple here: J. R. Ward writes; I read.
Terree L
63. wardfan
It has been done before, for example, Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters series, which is one of my favorite series of all time. It was done extremely classy and not in your face at all. Just real life relationships. I have to say that I also don't agree at all that you should have been surprised by this? There has been potential all along for the love between these 2 characters, as well as the sexual tension leading to this. I think it is possible you were choosing to ignore or deny this. Homosexuality in their world is not looked upon as it is in yours and that has been stated point blank in one of the earlier books. You could read the entire book and possibly surprise yourself by enjoying it as much as all of her other books or just skim the portions that are theirs alone and still stay caught up on what is happening in all the other characters lives.
Terree L
64. Gigi83
IMO, alot of J.R Ward's books have been about what is the traditional rules or traditional (this is the way's it's always been done) and then taking that world building precept and finding the exception and making that work as a book vehicle.
The Glymera Vampire world is not much different then our own. With socialites/elites stuck somewhere between 1800-1950 in how the world should be attitudes. Homosexuality, is on the "down-low" do what you wnat but don't fluant it, that's not the way it's done.
So, you have a wife you procreate with, a mistress, a mister, and all it according to propriety.
Our society is moving to where instead of this "in the closet and judgemental society", to a where people can and should live their lives authentically. It will take more time and we still are not at the end to know the outcome if we will ever arrive to this state and it will come with most people kicking and screaming.
Terree L
65. Figmentation
A thought came to me...

Maybe it's not so much "Layla will give the baby to Qhuinn and Blay to raise." as they have set up time and time again the fact that childbirth is dangerous for the female vampires and maybe she wont make it, leaving Qhuinn no choice but to step up and allowing Blay to step in and be there for his bestfriend...and maybe allow the "co-parenting" to show Qhuinn AT LAST that they can be together.
Terree L
66. Opinionated
I personally cannot wait for the next book. To all the commenters who have complained about the next book for various reasons I just have a few simple observations.

1. although many readers are female and therefor maybe don't want to read m/m action there are possibly gay males reading too and females who enjoy this kind of writing...she has more than you to write for.

2. the ones who say "she has been swayed by the readers", well actually going right back to the introduction of Quinn and Blay, there has always been a very small spark there if you read between the lines.

3. you say she's dragged it out too long, okay granted she has pulled it through a couple of books, however in the actual context of storylines and the world, each book is usually only a few days/weeks. Therfore all she has really done is give a realistic time frame for different emotions and realisations to occur.

4. the layla thing, ok granted it could have been handled differently however a few things, for a start Quinn is a male of worth, yes he may sleep around but there again so did some of the brothers before finding their shellans. And finally, they are both confused about their feelings, Layla is confused about her reactions to the "enemy" and Quinn confused by his feelings for Blay. People do stupid things. All Ward is doing is adding a real life twist to her books.
Terree L
68. Someone
Does anyone know what the name of this next book is yet? And/or a site where I can wait for news of the release date? I love the BDB books, even the few people have generally said they weren't fans of and want to pre-order the moment it comes available. =)
Terree L
79. bethany beckett
to answer your question "someone"...lover at last
Terree L
80. M00ster
At the start of reading all this I was all for Blay and Quinn and I still am and still think this book is going to be awesome because Ward is an awesome writer.But after all somethings in my mind have changed.
Layla is just like any other chosen and I think that of she got together with Xcor then she would change for the better and really come into herself as a person. For all those people that say they didn't see anything happening with Quinn and Blay I can see how you would think that but there was always something going to happen. If you don't like the idea of M/M then don't just give up one the books or the story line with everything that is happening with Wrath and Lassiter and the B.o.B just skim over the parts you don't like and read the story line that's going on underneath you can't just skip out on a whole series just because you don't like oneof the books.
I have to say though as much as I love JR I don't think she handled everything with Layla and her needing well. She would have done it in so many other ways instead she has put a baby into the plot out of just friendship. I feel like this is not something Quinn would do either throughout the whole book you have him hurting because he can't have the person he wants who also used to be his best friend and then you go and have him have sex with just someone who he looks upon as his sister. HIS SISTER.
I am very interested to learn more about Lassiter and hope that Ward writes more about him if not in his own book then then with someone who has had a past with him and we get a lot more of his background.
I love this series and I think Ward is an amazing writer.
Terree L
81. Net83
Honestly Lover At Last is the first MM book that I’m actually dying to read (never thought I would say it). I’m probably going to read the whole series again a couple of times before its released as I NEED MY BDB FIX.

I only discovered the wonderful world of the BDB about six months ago and I bought and read the first 8 within a week. Got hold of Payne’s and Thor’s book as soon as I could and now have read and reread all ten book more times than I would like to reveal. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

What I love the most about this series is that all the books are interconnected and storylines flow through them all. So even though each book concentrates on the main characters, JR Ward created the BDB Vampire world and its history built on what all the characters (BDB, BOB, Soldiers, fallen angels, Shadows and more) are living through, where we can immerse ourselves in. All the characters feel real and realistic because they make mistakes, (Wrath – not telling Beth he was fighting, V – struggling to get a handle on his emo crap and taking it out on Jane) and have believable emotions (John – as a Bonded male being afraid to lose Xhex as his father figure lost his mate and then not giving her the space to be herself, Qhuin – having such a low self esteem that for most of his life he tried to live up to an ideal of what he THINK he should be and not what he actually is –HE GREW UP)

Yes it has taken a long time for the Qhuey storyline to come to a climax but the timing is perfect in the BDB world. Just look at what needed to be resolved before they could either be together or not.
- Qhuin saw vision when the crossed into the inbetween, of a female that looked like Layla but with his mismatched eyes – when the honour guard left him for dead. (this is the reason why he serviced Layla and was so certain she would be with young – He Saw It)
- Qhuin feels he has nowhere he really fits in and no-one off his own (being John bodyguard helped, but having a child by a chosen will make sure he always has someone that will call him theirs and visa versa)
- Even after admitting to himself what he truly feels – he doesn’t believe that he is good enough or good for Blay – this will change once he is made a full brother.
- After Qhuin sorts out his crap, Blay will have to get over all the hurt that Qhuin caused and believe that they have a future.

All in all - I love to read about these strong males strugling with love (because don't we all) and finally finding and believing they are worthy of that love.

Terree L
82. Fairly new reader
I've been reading these recently and I want to know more about the Shadows. Is there a novel devoted to them, their origin or are they just supporting cast? I've noticed that all the brothers sound black- I have no problem with this. It lends flavor, but, since you're using so much black slang, where are the black characters?
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