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What’s the Filthiest Book You’ve Ever Read?

Regardless of your opinion of the book, romance readers know that E.L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey is not erotica, despite what mainstream media seems to think (“mommy porn?” What the heck?).

Anyway, we have asked recommendations for what to read after you’ve read Fifty; now we’re asking, what is the filthiest, most erotic book you’ve ever read?

And did you like it?

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
So back in the '70s, my mom read a lot (still does, but that's not at issue here), and a lot of what she read wasn't appropriate for my ten year-old eyes. Still, we didn't have a TV, we lived in northern New Hampshire, and there wasn't a lot to do, so I read everything I could find.
And one book scarred me for life: In it, a man was at some sort of orgy and on some sort of mind-altering substance, and was pouring honey onto his appendage while a dog licked it off.
That was the filthiest thing I've ever read. Ugh, shudder, etc.
2. Arthemise
Laurell K. Hamilton comes to mind. Still doesn't hold a candle to some of the things you come across on the Internet, though.
3. Melissa Stevens
Anne Rice's Beauty Trilogy. It was a bit hard core for an intro to the genre, may still be a bit hard core 10 years later.
4. Barbara W
It was just this past year and I'm too afraid to go look up the title again because I only just managed to wipe it out of my head a month or so ago. It was recommended as one of those "if you like this, you'll like that" sort of things when I bought an Annabel Joseph book but this was seriously hardcore BDSM. Terrifyingly hardcore.

Pony play over a weekend w/a lodge full of people "using" the "h" who was the pony & she was literally stabled, she had to clean her master's rear end orally, he used piercings to close her vagina when he wasn't using it. I'm horrifying myself all over again.
5. KT Grant
Not considered erotic but filled with many disturbing sex scene is American Psycho. I was scarred when the the protagonist Patrick put a starved rat in a tube and stuck it up a drugged up prostitute's hoo haa and watched while the rat ate the woman from the inside. Patrick found his own sexual release that way.

The only time I ran into the bathroom and almost vomited.
6. SeeDub
I recently read an erotic "romance" that I don't want to name (don't want to give it free advertising) but it contained a graphic rape fantasy. It's one thing to read a "rape" scene in a silly pirate romance but a hero (who works with children in his day job, no less) and who hides in the bushes outside the heroine's home and violently attacks her just turned my stomach. It wasn't something he asked her about beforehand either, and in fact he's later unsure if she even knew it was him. It bothered me for days.
Tori Benson
I can't remember the name of it (thank god) but it involved a couple that practiced BDSM slave role playing 24/7 and she was his "dog." Literally she lived like a dog 24/7. Slept in a doggie bed, had sex like a dog, had sex with other people who acted like dogs and real dogs. At 20 years old it scarred me for life. 0_O
9. JanineD.
In high school, I once read a book that rated the top ten most erotic books of the time and then proceeded to give the best scene out of each book. The number one scene involved a man sticking his fingers down the throat of the woman until she gagged and threw up into his mouth, which made him throw up into her mouth, which in turn made her throw up into his mouth. . . And round and round they went until they past out. I believe I threw up after reading that.
Megan Frampton
10. MFrampton
@JanineD: I read about that book in the Book of Lists, I think, and was so totally grossed out even just reading about it, not the scene itself. Ugh!!
11. Miss D.
I scarred y'all on twitter with this news, but I read Anne Rice's 'Sleeping Beauty' books when I was 16. That came about because my mom was reading the Lestat series and I'd already borrowed her 'Exit To Eden' and 'Cry to Heaven' books to read so I was like "oh I know that author and like her stuff!". IF I'D ONLY KNOWN!!

Before that, I'd read Jean Auel's 'Valley of Horses' & 'Mammoth Hunters' when I was 11 (Thank you, Beverly Hill public library) after reading 'Clan of The Cave Bear' the prior year. Those has some pretty detailed sex scenes though nothing on 'Sleeping Beauty'. ::shudders::
Melanie Thomas
12. missmelthomas
I'm a very open-minded person and I'm not gonna deny that I loves me some smut on occasion. Jayne Rylon's Powertools series is pervtastic goodness. When I'm in the mood for a little mindless book porn, I usually turn to her. Her most recent book in the series Devon's Pair was the filthiest book I've read. Did I like it? Oh. Hell. Yeah.
Vanessa Ouadi
13. Lafka
As I said in another comment (probably on "What to read after Fifty Shades of Grey" article, actually), my first approach to "erotic literature" was with the Marquis de Sade's books. I was 14 at the time but, even if I've read some pretty twisted things since then, I must say that Sade's 120 Days of Sodom is still kind of a filthy book my most standards.
Basically, 4 libertine psychopath men lock themselves into a castle with 42 "victims" (their wives + young kidnapped boys and girls) and proceed to torture them following the stories told by 4 brothel keepers. The torture acts get worse and worse throughout the book and end basically in murdering every victim, one way or another. Of course, it's typical Sade style : well written, sometimes funny, most of the time disgusting, always clever. I loved it, though I was glad that the book remained unfinished, I really dread to think what more could have been done to the victims, brr. Pasolini's film adaptation wasn't as good as the book (libertine philosophy being replaced by political considerations).
Rakisha Kearns-White
14. BrooklynShoeBabe
I used to read a books from a publisher called Blue Moon Books. Most of them dealt with "pony play," S&M, and BSDM play. The wildest one I read had to do with two teenage girls summering across Europe and who end up getting kidnapped by a shiek (or something like that) in a weird slave girl/harem. I can't remember any of the specifics but I do believe they might have been some red hot chilli peppers in the hoo hah. *shiver*
15. BeretBrenckman
I somehow ended up reading a book from Smashwords by Jay Mershon. Bad.
16. EvangelineHolland
Does Jackie Collins' Hollywood Husbands count? I found that somewhere when I was 10 and...o.O

Other than that, Anne Rice wrote some delicious smut under the names Anne Rampling and A.N. Roquelaure.
17. Joyce M. Coomer
I believe the Hot Blood series would have to count for me -- way out of my comfort zone and I have read some really trashy, steamy, graphic, etc., things in my life . . .
kim eilerman
18. kae0013
In my young teens I read the book version of The Omen.
It was actually the 3rd movie, when he is all grown up.
Taking into consideration who he was supposed to be the book
probably wasn't that bad but at that time in life I found the scene
where he sodomized her very disturbing ... i still think about it
at odd moments.....
19. Rose In RoseBear
@Lafka: Yeah, the Marquis wrote the most disturbing stuff I've ever read, and I used to read those icky nasty porn books that booksellers kept behind the counter.

de Sade's books were just disgusting. The sexual activities depicted were pretty awful, but it's the philosophy expressed in the thoughtful, contemplative breaks in the torture routine that squicked me.

I read Juliette, and I somehow read most of Justine. 120 Days Of Sodom just turned me right off; I did my read-in-reverse thing, and after reading the last few pages, just walked away and never went back to the Marquis.
andrea connors
20. connors21
Well I believe hands down the book Wildcard by Lora Leigh! I mean talk about hard core porn! But the characters were soooo wonderful, and I mean sure it was vivid and wild se scenes, but I loved the book!
21. Joanna Shupe
I am scarred just from reading some of these recaps. Clean him from behind with her tongue?! Throw up in each other's mouths?! OMG.

For me, the Beauty series by Anne Rice, which I loved. But it's not for everyone.
Vanessa Ouadi
22. Lafka
@ Rose In RoseBear _ I actually like the Marquis de Sade's books. I mean, he was obviously twisted, but he's also a great philosopher _ his opinions on freedom or religious matters, for instance, are quite fascinating, whether you share them or not. Besides his clandestine books (such as 120 days, Justine...), he also wrote very interesting "official books", sometimes erotic but not as pornographic as the said clandestine books.
The sex scenes he wrote, oh yes, definitely disgusting and freakish. He got imprisonned for that, for more than 25 years. His books are certainly not for the faint heart, nor for impressionable minds. When you read his books, you certainly understand why he gave his name to a sexual perversion. So far, even the most "hardcore" BDSM romance or not books I've read _ including Anne Rice's Beauty trilogy, or Annabel Joseph and Anneke Jacob's books (which involve pony play, piercings, total power exchange, and so on), don't come anywhere close to Sade's in terms of perversion. Ick.
Shannon Gleichmann
23. Shazzy71
Good smutty, smutt-smutt? Allex K. Bell- My Initiation or My First Time, fair writing, zero plot, sex sex sex(please note that they are m/m/m/m/m/m). Or for something with a plot, Sin by Sharon Page.

Chayton's Twins from The Six Master's Island series by Candance Smith, squicked me out. Kidnapping, rape, permanent body modification(involuntary), it still makes me nauseous.
24. joyofbean
the "Wolf Tales" series, by Kate Douglas gets pretty filthy. I don't enjoy books that simply go from sex scene to sex scene. I like some good plot with my filth.
25. The Wife
For some reason my post didn't go through. :(

Anyway, what I said was that Victorian Era "romance" novels are the filthiest things I've ever read. Zoophilia (of all sorts), pedophilia (of all sorts), incest (of all sorts), m/m (+ and all variations of), f/f (+ and all variations of), BDSM (of all kinds), fecalphilia, urolagnia... and anything else you can imagine! They're mostly written by upper class brits, though there are some by americans (all can usually be found under the pen-name "Anonymous"). And a lot of them care available for free download -- often from the National Archives!
Ann Lee
26. Leelee
MFrampton hi do you remember the title of the book or author you listed I also can recall reading this book but for the life of me can't remember the title. Thanks
27. plush
During the late 60's and in the 1970's adult book stores sprung up all over the USA. As a young adult I would visit these establishments and normally I would leave with a purchase of at least one so called "one handed novel" these books had slick provocative covers depicting the subject matter of the book which covered all sex activities from A to Z. I still visit these stores from time to time but the adult novel book area of the stores have dwindled to almost nothing.Now days most older books of this type are sold as collector items and demand high prices.
Megan Frampton
28. MFrampton
@Leelee, I wish I did! I wouldn't advise googling for it--the results might be way worse than the book.
I did think it might be titled Majorca? Does that ring a bell at all?
Rosa Carver
29. mscarver
Thanks to all...I'm looking forward to reading the ones you listed...and for the ones who didn't list their book which by the way makes me more is my send me that
Thanks again!
30. Maz
Robin Schone's The Lady's Tutor & Gabriel's Woman were both amazing books, well-written, humorous & lots of fun being had by all :)
31. ebkita
In jr. high in the mid 70's I read a book about a girl whose grandfather raped her, she ended up being a porn star. In one scene she earns money for ice cream but letting guys gang bang her for a quarter a pop. The ice cream truck driver set up the "session" for her. Can't remember the name of it for sure but I think it was called "I". You can't google "I". It doesn't work lol. Would love to find a copy of this again. Does this ring a bell for anyone?
32. KeriC
I read a book as a teenager in the 80s that involved a girl of 13 who has a baby, ends up a prostitute and commits suicide in a salt water chamber. Can't remember the name at all. Was probably written in 70s and the gang rape scene was unbelievable. Anyone know of this book?
33. Sodachix
I also read the book Imabout the girl that had sex for quaters I didn't think anyone else had read it. I found in on amazon and brought it.
The book I'd number is
Book seller number s:0099-31020-1
Is you put that in amazon the book will come up. Happy reading ;)
34. Bryon
I read part of a paperback in 1977, about a girl sent on a trip around the world to explore and learn about sex... I guess. I only read a couple of chapters. It starts with the dad coming to his daughter in the morning, and smelling her, to see if she's "ready". This one morning he deems her ready to learn. Anyone recall a title? Does this ring a bell for anyone?
35. sweetrene
Ive been looking for a book that i read in the 80s, im guessing it is from the 70s. Anyhow, it was about how the high society families would send their children off for pony training at a very impressive farm. If they completed the training in good standing this seemed to put their families up higher on the society ladder. Any help on this is greatly appreciated
Erik Dolson
36. cheddar151
I just read one that's just released. "Exposed" by Jessica Love. I thought it was erotic, but mostly because of her willingness. There was some group sex, but wasn't "filthy." Where's that line between the erotic and filth?
37. reijohn
BDSM Romance by J.R. Luxor, porn written with comedy. It's part of a four book series including Wearing His Collar, Submissives Caught On Camera, and A Unicorns' Book of Threesome Sex Stories.
38. german
i writte also erotica, one of my book is called: Akiko's lust...and is about a woman who constantly tries to rape another woman....
39. Ian Parsons
Can't remember the name of the book. It starts off on a Greyhound Bus and this guy seduces a girl. The book is all about this nasty guy, but the book revolves around other characters. A man meets his long lost daughter and they end up committing incest. There is also a girl who watches her mother getting blackmailed into sex by a bank manager. There is a man suffering from low intelligence who eventually kills the bad guy and ends up shot and killed at same time.
40. Nuls
@Sodachix .. can you tell me the name of the book you mentioned, the one about the girl having sex for quarters? I think I read this at my aunt's place and it also had a 18 year old guy or something in it too, discovering various sex adventure ... I only read a few chapters, always was curious about the rest of the story! Thanks
41. peter1989
I've recently read "Angell", by Gary Common.
It's about rape and captivity, it's very hardcore and filthy, it's more like a porn story, every scene is really hot and explicit.
And there is a plot that has some unique points, different characters, some elements of sfi-fi and a promising ending.
Sex, drugs, guns, rock-n-roll, everything included.
42. ymouszanon
By far the dirtiest, nay more! the sick and twisted and murderous bdsm book De Sade's "Justine", circa late 18th century. It includes snuff sex. I am no saint but i am sympathetic and ethical and to kill is the worst "sin"(digression, war is the worst type of homicide because those not involved in it think of it as a football match. look up Smedley Butler, the most decorated general wrote a book in retirement called "War is a Rackett: I went to war for the corporations". The only thing worse i have heard of are the snuff (real actors whose bdsm leads to real murders)films of the 1970's
43. chitownnicki
By far it has to be this new book I read called "Madame Broussard's Incredibly Disturbing House of Whores". It's a short story with like every type of naughty and taboo sex you can imagine. It's hard to get past page 2! You can get a free sample on Smashwords and I think it's also on Amazon.
44. chitownnicki
Oh and I forgot about Under Mr. Nolan's Bed! That one was also a WTF sicko journey with incest and whatnot. You feel so ashamed about being turned on by this nastiness.
45. MorganIsle
I just recently got into the erotic section of Twitter (yes I'm over 18 lol) I'm 20 and I'd never read an erotica/smut genre book that also included hardcore lesbian scenes and a lot of bdsm.

Maybe because I've only recently been introduced that it made me blush and at times gave me that feeling of, well you know. I've read another but stopped halfway because after reading the first one, the second did not compare.

It is a book I chose honestly because I'm a girly girl and the cover was fancy and caught my eye. Its called Sugar Whipped written by Dez Marie who I believe was also a dominatrix (I had to look up exactly what a dominatrix did and I turned beet red) lol

It made me feel a bit dirty minded and I thought about it all day until I was back home in my room in private to induge in the graphic details.

I loved it and if this is what erotica is about, sight me up please!
46. Dez Marie
Thank you Miss MorganIsle for the lovely words!

Glad to get you outta the "box." :)

-Dez Marie
Author of Sugar Whipped Trilogy
47. Panda Monium
A female friend bought me a gift of an unexpurgated novel a few years ago. I've lost track of it and now can't even remember the title. If memory serves it wasn't originally in english, but this translation was. Very open ended question, I appreciate, but if anyone has a suggestion I'd be very grateful.
48. Sammi Foster
There's a novel called "Chateau Noir" by someone named Frank Watson. Originally an Olympia Press publication, re-issued in the 1990s as an e-book. Very "Story of O". Almost Victorian. A training academy/school for "future courtisans". Much bondage, lesbianism, and elaborate steampunk machinery. A matter of taste, I suppose.
49. KristaH
I can't get down with some of this really gross stuff, and I'm not a fan of dub-con or non-con in general. I'll chime in with everyone that named the Sleeping Beauty books and Jean Aul, as those were the first truly smutty books I ever read as a teen. Also Jayne Rylon, both the PowerTools books and the Hot Rods books. I'll also add in Kit Rocha, because those ladies know how to write some filthy sex.
50. EmilyAH
When I was about 14 I found a book in my parents' room... it was a collection of letters written by various women which had been sent to the editor, a woman (who was something like a sex therapist or agony aunt I guess), so it was about their real life sexual experiences, most of which had happened when they were really young... Definitely the filthiest thing I've ever read. Can't remember the name of it though, it's really bugging me... does it ring a bell for anyone? I guess it was published in the '80s, think it had a black cover...
51. RobbieD
Emily - could it have been a book by Xaviera Hollander? For me, it was a book called "Shack Ups," from the 1970s, and it told the story of 2 women, beginning with them in their teens (some of which was told through flashbacks), and their eventual sexuals promiscuity and down right debauchery. They eventually met, became friends, lovers, then owners of a motel where they spied on their guest with hidden cameras. Some of the most graphic and nastiest stuff I've ever read. I found this book in my Mom's room and took it to school once and some of the girls started reading it and blushing, but they couldn't put it down, either. That book was a huge turn-on for a 16-17 year old boy in a small town...whew!
52. NicoleS
@BarbaraW would you mind sharing the title? Curious as to what this book is that you're referring to. Not wanting to cause you trama by looking it up though.
53. MartinL
I remember reading my first ever erotic novel in the late 70's about a grup of people who want to orgnize a sex tour of the world so they go and seek sexual experiences in about 12 countries around the world that is particular to that country. I have read lot of erotica / porn since then, but that has to be my all time favorite book.
54. Cal
I'm looking for a book that I'm fairly sure was 1970s era and it was a mix of erotic short stories from all over time. There was a more modern story, one from either ancient Greece or Rome. I remember it had a blue cover, but that's all! Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
57. TLF
"The Romance of Lust" by Wiliam Lazenby definitely has extensive taboo activities in it. Bertrice Small was also more willing to introduce some extremes in her novels. In "Skye O'Malley" there was a scene where men raped some young girls and they were just barely saved from also being subjected to rape by dogs. I prefer Victorian era novels, but it is harder to find authors who will push the envelope in that genre. In just the past couple of weeks I found a series called "Lust in the Tudor Court" by Elizabeth Moss that pushed the edge a bit with one of the best mouth- f'ing scenes. I get the audible version of most novels, so it helps greatly to have a decent reader.
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