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What to Read After Finishing Fifty Shades of Grey: Your Suggestions!

Club Shadowlands by Cherise SinclairRecently, Megan Frampton asked: What other books would you suggest for people wanting to read more of the same type of book? and boy, did you guys answer! Below is a list of the authors and books you recommended trying after E. L. James’s Fifty Shades trilogy:

Lauren Dane (especially the Brown Siblings series)
Anya Bast
Dana Marie Bell
Selena Blake
Bianca D’Arc
Lori Foster
Cheyenne McCray
Tymber Dalton
Cherise Sinclair (especially the Masters of the Shadowlands series and the connected Master of the Mountain/Master of the Abyss pair)
Joey W. Hill (especially Ice Queen, Mirror of My Soul, Natural Law, and The Vampire Queen’s Servant)

Willing Victim by Cara McKennaBooks/Series
Willing Victim by Cara McKenna
Sweet series by Maya Banks
Pleasure books by Lora Leigh (Dangerous Pleasure, Only Pleasure, Guilty Pleasure, Shameless Embraces)
Lethal Choices by KC Youngblood
A Tall, Dark, Cowboy by Mackenzie McKade
Promises Linger by Sarah McCarty
Wild Riders series by Jaci Burton
Sleeping Beauty trilogy by A.N. Roqueluare
Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia
Generational Sins by Samantha Blair
Raw Desires by Kate Pearce 
Wicked Ties by Shayla Black
Tie Me Down by Tracy Wolff
Star series by Morgan Hawkes
Heart of the West series by Ann Jacobs
An Ordinary Girl by Barbara Elsborg
Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye
Rock me by Cherrie Lynn
Insufferable Proximity by Z Stefani
Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuireBeautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
Provoke me by Cari Quinn
Liberating Lacey
Shugar and Spice by Mari Carr
Mercy by Annabel Joseph
The Wicked West by Victoria Dahl
Top of Her Game by Emma Holly
Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard
Broken by Megan Hart
The Principal’s Office by Jasmine Haynes
Sweet as Sin by Inez Kelley
The Taker by Alma Katsu

Have you thought of any new recommendations? Do share!

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Janine D.
1. Janine D.
This list is awesome. You have all of my faves in there - Maya Banks, Dana Marie Bell, the incomparable Shayla Black, Emma Holly, Lauren Dane, Megan Hart. . . These all make for some hot, hot reads. I am going to have to start on some of the other suggestions. . .
Janine D.
2. Pam C
INCOGNITO Series by Madison Layle and Anna Leigh Keaton, especially SEDUCING OLIVIA & OWNING RACHEL.
Janine D.
3. margot
If you liked "Fifty" but are looking for a book with a little 'more'- more as in plot, romance, suspense, and fantastic writing- I'd read 'Grave Refrain' from Sarah M. Glover. It's one of those books you simply can't put down- I stayed up all night reading to get to the end! It's gotten rave reviews on Amazon and goodreads:
Janine D.
4. JanetW
As someone who has read both, I don't see the allure of Beautiful Disaster after 50. Where's the emo connection?

SuperWendy, very fortuitously, just blogged about a collection that might give newbies a fun, fast intro to the genre:

Lastly, Lauren Dane, the author of Liberating Lacey and oh so many others, is an author who is both steamy and satisfying (that is, there's is character development that intrigues and explains).
Janine D.
5. Marilyn A
Kallypso Masters!!!! "Nobody's Hero" and the other 2 books in her series.
Janine D.
6. Carolann
How about JJ Argus or is he just a sick muthafuckr?
Janine D.
7. Author_PJParker
What else can I say but ROXELANA AND SULEYMAN by P.J.Parker. This is Fifty Shades of Grey with a storyline that makes the former appear quite tame...

Roxelana was the most seductive, powerful, egotistical, intriguing, manipulative and enigmatic woman of the early sixteenth century. History had never known anyone of such beauty and cunning. She was fabulous. Yet very few know her story... Europe is in turmoil under the oppressive rule of the Hapsburgs and the incessent raids of marauding Tartar Warriors. Can the forces of The Ottoman Empire ensure the promised Renaissance? Istanbul, the eye of the Ottoman Sultanate and considered to be the centre of the Universe is the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the world. It is intoxicating and vibrant. But it is also a metropolis of mis-placed trust, of decadence, run by a sexually-charged, sexually-ambiguous drug-riddled beaurocracy. And in the middle of this city, high on an imposing promontory is the fabled Topkapi Palace - the Seraglio of Sultan Suleyman Khan - the Shadow of God on Earth. Within its multitude of gazel-filled courtyards, along its secluded arcades and twisting down through its labyrinth of corridors to the solidly locked doors of the Sultan's Harem are secrets and whispers that promise death by strangulation to some - and absolute power to others. It is in this world that a simple peasant girl, abducted by Tartars and sold into slavery, captured the heart of the greatest Ottoman Sultan and rose to control the largest armies on Earth from within the gilded cage of Topkapi Harem. But does she know that there are those who would see her dead? And yet another, who's undying love, if revealed, would lead to the destruction of all her well laid plans? The story of Roxelana has remained hidden for centuries and needs to be told. It is about someone we should all be acquainted with intimately
Janine D.
8. april summers
Dear Sir, I'm Yours by joely sue burkhart and YES, lora leigh's Bound Heart series!!!!
Leslie C Ferdinand
9. LeslieF
I can't help but suggest Wicked Allure by Leslie C. Ferdinand. I co-wrote the book with my mom and Like 50 Shades, Wicked Allure is self-published. Zachary Steele is a man who betrayed the one woman he's ever loved and can't stop loving. Three years ago, he simply refused to entertain thoughts of permanency with any woman. A hedonist at heart, he didn’t want to corrupt the much younger, Madigan DeLeon, by continuing his affair with her. With the hidden scars of his past, he didn’t believe in happily-ever-after. By the time he realized how much Madigan meant to him, he’d driven her away. Then, one night, after being clean for a number of years, Zach briefly falls off the bandwagon. He believes his lovemaking to Madi is a drug-induced hallucination. The resulting consequences tell another story.
Zach is the only man Madi has ever loved but he hurt her so deeply she feared she'd never recover. Suddenly, Madi is thrust back into Zach’s life by her mother’s machinations. Brought home under the false pretenses of repairing her damaged relationship with her mother, Madi instead finds herself running a private sex club called Wicked Allure. Forced to confront her anger at his betrayal and grief at the loss of what might’ve been, Madi faces the realization that she’s never stopped loving Zach. Searching the deepest recesses of their hearts, in a place where pride and pain has no room, Madi and Zach must decide if their bond is strong enough to take a second chance at love. Or if resuming their sexual relationship is an irresistible wicked allure and the ghosts of their former relationship will finally, and forever, sever all ties between them. I'm doing a promotion and have a coupon for a free smashwords ebook for anyone who's interested.
Janine D.
10. BookieReader
What a great idea, I have read most of them. I just finished Beautiful Disaster / Jamie McGuire (Hot) and Loving David/ Gina Hummer (REALLY HOT) Add to your summer reading lists!!!
Jessica O'Brien
11. JLOBrien

I checked out the sample of your book on that the only place it's available?
Janine D.
12. Scott
WITHOUT a doubt, read the Anne Rice ( written under the pen name A.N Roquelaure) Beauty The Claiming of Sleeping beauty Beautys Punishment Beautys Release. If 50 shades got you hot, Beauty will cause an inferno!
Janine D.
13. Stephanie71
Blackdagger Brotherhood by JR Ward and also her Fallen Angel series OMG sooo good! And also Feverseries by Karen Moning is GREAT!
Janine D.
14. MWG
After reading the 50 Shaades Series I was so disapointed that I had nothing left to read. I LOVED the books, but found myself searching the internet to find my next book just as good. I found this page and saw Beautiful Disaster. I decided to read it, and also LOVED it. I've read it about 5 times now. Now I'm on the search again for the next book that will be just as good as those!!!!
Peggy Walgren
15. Debasement
I just read Beautiful Disaster in one sitting...LOVED it!. I really didn't feel a connection at all to Fifty, but was an amazing read that I couldn't put down.
Janine D.
16. danyelmo
Sasha White's Bound series was great! And so is Megan Hart's Dirty/Broken series!
Janine D.
17. Tita Mirra
Thoughtless must be on the list! I know it's not erotic but it's hot and even better than Beautiful Disaster, IMO :)
Janine D.
18. Gita
Thoughtless and Effortless have to be read. Beautiful books and a must read !!!!
Janine D.
Janine D.
20. Sydney girl
These are great suggestions, and unless ive missed it, i cant believe that nobody suggested the wicked series by shayla black!! There are 8 books in the series and she is currently writing two more additions(according to her website) Ive read many of the suggestions here given my addiction to fifty shades....shayla black, maya banks and sylvia day leave fifty shades for dead. The wicked ties series, whilst not a continuation, has all the characters intertwined and each book has the characters making cameo appearances. Storylines are as great as fiction can be, sex scenes are incredibly well written and the characters are much more complex. Ive read about 35 books since fifty shades and wicked ties wins hands down! Ps. I found beautiful disaster boring btw.
Janine D.
21. jennifer almazan
if you loved fifty shades you will love release me by j. kenner and claim me, and compleate me
Janine D.
22. Faritah de Palm
OMG, So much to chose from. I don't even know which one to pick next,soooo hooked on reading again.
Janine D.
23. ask4sebrina
someone please help me pick a good graphic erotic detailed book to read to keep me interested and also it also makes my husband very happy fifty shades was good but I didnt think it was that great i read better. I have been trying to find this book called the back door but i can not seem to find it since it has been a few yrs back i was told bout it and dont remember the author please help and sujestion will help
Debbs C
24. Debbs C
I've just finished Hollywood Blue by Jessica Logan. OMG, it blows Fifty Shades right out of the water! It gets quite dark in parts but she does a great job of explaining how someone gets drawn into porn and a lot of the sex scenes are really hot.
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