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The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 17: Three Vampires, One Bed

Meredith Fell in The Vampire DiariesPreviously on The Vampire Diaries we saw Stefan try to go cold turkey on blood. He didn’t succeed. Alaric blacked out and went all Poltergiest killer. Maybe. Damon and Stefan went out for drinks and Rebekkah tagged along. Bonnie’s mom became a vampire.

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This week’s episode had zero flashbacks and lots of shirtless Ian Somerhalder. So, you know, reason to watch it right there. It also had relationship progress for Stefan and Elena and Alaric looking creepy as hell.



Creepy Alaric. Some of this facial expressions when he’s possessed remind me of when we first met Klaus. Creepy and malicious. Love it.

Elena and Meredith in TVD’s Break on ThroughAs Creepy Alaric he’s out to cleanse the Founder’s Council. They’ve been sitting by while vampires live and he plans to take care of things by killing them off. This means he does his damnedest to murder his love interest Meredith while she tries to make him some coffee.

Caroline! Arrives in normal hostess mode at the Bennett place, bringing plenty of bagged blood for Bonnie’s newly-turned mother. Abby isn’t handling the transition from witch to vampire well. We get to see once flighty Caroline be the voice of reason. I love her character progression.


Damon tries to get into Rebekkah’s head after Sage’s advice. His method is suggesting a threesome with him and Sage. Really, I think most of us would rather a Salvatore sandwich. At least I would.

Rebekah and Damon in TVDI may hate Rebekkah, but she brings the hottest scenes with Damon. After Sage/Damon Dance Party, Damon gives Rebekkah the predatory look and tempers it with an “I want you” kiss. Damn.


Not just shirtless, but in a bed, then in a shower (with Sage) and then walking around in a towel. Oh, thank you, Julie Plec.

Stefan and Elena continue their awkward standoff. She tries to be helpful; he remains cold. And everyone is frustrated. But it’s interesting frustration.

Stefan stops by Alaric’s place to meet up with Elena and tell her he can’t be who she wants him to be right now. It may make for good drama, but it’s one of the reasons I’m Team Damon. Stefan is just so damn emo.

That said, watching him struggle to give blood and not take it when they find a wounded Meredith was damn good. His struggle to be the good one isn’t going to be clichéd, and I want to watch more.

Sage in The Vampire DiariesSAGE RETURNS!

The spitfire vampire we saw in Damon’s flashbacks last week returns to Mystic Falls present day. She distracts me from my constant Damon/Elena quest, because I really love her with Damon. What makes it more interesting is she is in love (and was turned by) one of the originals, Finn. Rebekkah has always hated her and seeing the original sister go after someone new is entertaining.

Sage has been waiting for him to be freed from Klaus. More love divided by the originals. *gasp*

Damon agrees to let Sage ride off into the sunset with Finn, if she helps him murder Rebekkah. They make the deal to find the second Ash tree together to kill the other originals. Sage makes it there first and burns it down. She knows that if you kill one original, you kill them all. She will not risk her Finn. In fairness, the girl has been waiting 900 years for him.


1. Elena blamed Damon for Stefan drinking blood. While, yes, he did actually force it (which he admitted). Really, Elena? It’s not like she didn’t know they were vampires. She was fine with Stefan drinking her blood before. This seems like just a reason to be mad at Damon because she can’t handle her feelings for him. (Or I’m projecting.)

Damon and Sage in The Vampire Diaries2. Alaric is being incredibly trusting of Meredith. She already thinks he’s killing people (and he probably is), but he goes ahead and fills her in on how he killed her cousin Logan after he turned vamp. And that Damon killed him once. Really? Ric’s puppy love trust thing makes me queasy.

3. No Tyler. Again. Boo.

4. The whole Abby storyline. I still just don’t care.


Elena to Damon: “How could you go out feeding with Stefan like some vampire pub crawl?”

Damon: “Ric, the world can’t stop because you’re an accidental psycho killer.”

Sage: “Please tell me you’re not friends with Rebekkah.”
Damon: “Only if you count hate sex.”

Damon to Rebekkah (on why she likes him): “You like mean.”

Alaric: “Everyone needs to find a way to deal with their dark side. Some people meditate. I became a vampire hunter.”


While Chelsea Mueller runs Vampire Book Club, she won’t turn down a sexy werewolf, demon or faerie. (Her husband often reminds her that she’s taken.)

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Rachel Caine
1. Rachel Caine
Love it. Thanks for the recap! :)
Laurie Kenley
2. eridani99
Okay, so, I got my Originals confused. When Sage said her man was Finn, I thought she meant the psycho brother, which is actually Kol. So now I'm confused. Because Finn seems like a good guy - he hates being a vampire, he's remorseful for his actions, he's willing to kill his entire family and die with them to fix what they've done. Him being sweet on someone like Sage who embraces everything hedonistic and violent about vampirism seems odd. Maybe she's what convinced him vampires are bad? I am very interested in seeing how that plays out.
3. wsl0612
I really wish they had shown Rebekkah and Sage together in bed with Damon, but oh the HEAT that would've generated would probably have burned up the set!!! I'll be there's some great fanfic to be had about those three ;-)
4. ChelseaMueller
@Rachel Caine - Glad you liked it!

@eridani99 - I was surprised that Finn was the self-sacrificing original, too. It's possible she turned more ruthless after hundreds of years solo, though. Maybe she was a remorseful vamp in the day. Curious to see what their reunion might be like. The story line definitely has potential.

@wslo612 - Sage acted like she was ready to climb into bed. However, if she had we might not have gotten the shower and then all those towel scenes with Damon. So, I'm still calling it a win.
5. wsl0612
@ChelseaMueller - well if I were writing it I would've shown them in bed first, then had Sage get up to go to the shower and Damon following her there :-)
Shannon Bastian
6. shannonB.
My thoughts on this episode:

#1. Ian Somerhalder is a bad dancer.
#2. But OMG he is so hot!

The only other thing I took from this episode is continuing sadness that they are trying their best to kill my fave character. * (beginning of rant) * I don't care if Alaric goes down is some awesome blaze of glory...if I don't get my occasional doses of Damon/Alaric semi-flirty bros before hoes hotness I'll be super pissed. I don't care if he got cast as the lead in a pilot, I don't care if it's the most awesome show on earth, I don't want him to be gone from THIS show. *(rant over)*

ps. Is it bad that I don't really miss Jeremy?
pps. Or Tyler?
ppps. This thing with Bonnie and her mama is LAME.
pppps. I do miss Caroline.
Rachel Caine
7. Angi Black
First off - I really love this show. I love the pace, the complete divergence from the books on which it's based and even the cheesy soapiness of it. Mostly I love Damon because he is played by Ian Somerhalder. I love his snark and wittiness almost as much as his smoldering and nakedness...almost. Having said all that, I have some issues.

In the plus column, I love Cassidy Freeman. I loved her on Smallville and I love her here. I'm almost more interested in her and Finn's romance than Elena/Stefan. But Stefan is a bore to me, but maybe that's because Elena is a bit self righteous. When Damon siad "You two deserve each other. Your pining, moping." I think that hits the nail on the head.
"I can't be the man you want me to be right now." Good for you, Stef! But really, if you're going to go back to Supermoper, then who really cares if you get where she wants you to be? Seriously, it's as lame as Bonnie's mother or that fact that for all of Julie Plec's awesomeness she won't give Bonnie a boyfriend that doesn't die or who we actually see them make out once in a while.
Secondly, I do this every week, but I call BS on the Elena holding out on Damon card. I mean, he looks at Rebekkah, Sage and any other woman in a ten mile radius and their clothes fall off in a blaze of glory - but not self -righteous Elena. So yes...this bugs me. I agree that it seems she needs a reason to be mad to fight her feelings for him - you're not projecting...or maybe I am too. Yikes!

Plot holes - 1) Why did no one tell Jeremy to take off his ring?
2) I'm still not completely convinced it's Alaric or his solo actions. I think the doctor is involved. (I have no real proof of this, I just know nothing is ever of face value on this show.)
3)Are the originals still linked since Damon turned Mama witch into a Vamp? I thought that broke something with the spell.
4)Are all the hybrids still compelled to come kill everyone after Klaus dies? Just a thought...

Let's talk about the good stuff - Naked Damon. I heart you! I did not see the ending coming that Damon knew what was up and had the sign to use as a weapon. (Seee? Damon even makes me miss vital clues!) And I am glad that Stefan's struggle doesn't seem flat and predictable. There was a lot of good stuff in the episode but I think Chelsea covered it all.

And now for this - I think, and kinda hope, that Abby is going to die - not soon enough - but I see it coming. I think this will drive Bonnie over the edge and push her into dark magic since it was brought up for the first time on the show last night. I am looking forward to that if it happens.

So since this long post let's everyone know I have way too much time on my hands, I'll go now. Thanks for your blog. I enjoy it!
8. wsl0612
@Angi - I agree with your thoughts on Stefan/Elena/Bonnie. Hope Bonnie gets to be eeeevvilllll :-) Also I hope you're right that Dr. Fell is really more involved in the murders and somehow manipulating things to that Ric looks guilty. I do not like her!
Rachel Caine
9. Lucy D
I agreed with ShannonB. I love Alaric and I will be pissed if he is killed off. Plus I love the Damon/Alaric Bro-fest. Who will be Damon's new BFF if he looses Alaric? I think Damon would miss Alaric more than Stefan or Elena.
Caitlyn Wilson
10. armywife
Does anybody else want Elena and Damon to have a crazy love affair? I love me some Damon and I was super excited when he kissed Elena, Stefan and Elena bore me but I think Elena and Damon would be a big pile of hottness, every bad boy needs his happy ending...
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