Mar 2 2012 11:51am

Team H&H Rants! Dr. Drew is Wrong About E.L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey

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This morning’s Today show discussed E.L. James’s book Fifty Shades of Grey, and the Fifty Shades trilogy in general.

There’s so much wrong with what was said. Where do we start?


First they say, “there is a dirty little secret in the suburbs.” Okay, about that: Fifty Shades was never a whisper, there’s been us actual readers talking about it for months now, and on the other hand we have Twilight fans screaming their discontent because the trilogy started out as Twilight fan-fiction.

The research that the Today Show did on this story was horrible. They interview a bunch of “Book Club Members” who really don’t have a clue, sorry, but telling us you are in a book club and then stating you haven’t read a book in nine years, does not a book club make. And to the mother that downloaded it to her daughter’s Kindle, yes I DO see a problem with that. *Shudder* They didn’t even have a statement from E.L. James.

That aside, we have a more serious issue: Dr. Drew.

We all know Dr Drew; he comes out in the middle of a celebrity storm and opens his mouth, regardless of anything. For the most part we ignore him, but today he screwed up, big time. So much so a few of us at Team H&H had steam coming out of our ears. Please note, Dr. Drew says clearly that he hasn’t read the book, but of course this didn’t stop his mouth from moving. Had he read it, he might have had some better things to say, but since he didn’t, he left us all going WTF?!

“We are going beyond the issue of when people often start by saying men are aroused with visual material. Women are aroused by using more of the brain. But this is going beyond that. As laura berman said in the piece, the swept away fantasy is common. But it’s going beyond that into actual violence against women. I have to tell you. This is the part maybe I’ll get heat for. But there is a lot of violence against children in this country. there are various kinds of physical abuse. People subjected to those experiences are especially aroused by these images.I’m not saying the average women can’t be, but it’s especially arousing for them.”

Dr. Drew makes the leap from Fifty Shades to violence against women and children. SAY WHAT? That’s right, people, according to Dr. Drew, if you’ve read Fifty Shades it’s possible you are aroused by violence against women and children. I know, I know I damn near went through the TV screen at that one. We all know, Fifty Shades of Grey is vanilla, not real BDSM. Can you imagine if it was a real hardcore erotica? Dr Drew might say we all want to be cannibals!

“That’s good. Particularly women who may be having a drop in libido, don’t take medication, read a book. It says something socially about us that’s a little bit disturbing.”

He then goes on to say that it’s “good” that it’s spicing up some marriages. Wait, now it’s okay for us to get turned on by erotica and have our way with our significant other? Color me confused. Oh wait, now he’s saying its saying something about us socially. What is it saying other than it’s FICTION, it’s hot and it passes the time.

Heaven forbid us women want a little roll reversal in our FICTION. I’ll be completely honest with you all, if a man wanted a BDSM relationship with me in REAL LIFE, I’d be the Dom. I don’t take shit, so I can’t see myself submitting to anyone. But in my fiction, tie me down with a tie, please.

What the Today Show failed to do was have EL James on, fail number one. Fail number two, to have someone uneducated on the novel, hey there Dr. Drew, to even open his big mouth in the first place. So Dr Drew, if by some weird chance you find this post, kindly read the book and get back to us.  


Like Natasha said. What I find most offensive about Dr. Drew’s comments is that he doesn’t even acknowledge that women are devouring this book in droves, thereby negating any comment he might have about the kind of behavior the book appears to promote. What it says? Besides that it’s fiction, as Natasha points out? Is that we like to read romance. And some people who haven’t read a book in years are reading this one.

I don’t take issue with the fact that he hasn’t read it; all of us make assumptions based on things we haven’t ourselves experienced, based on anecdotal evidence. I don’t think he’d like it very much if he did read it. I do take issue with what he assumes about the book, the people who read the book, and the BDSM lifestyle. Basically, he’s assuming someone who reads and enjoys this book also would enjoy violence against women and children. He’s making as sweeping a generalization as anyone ever has about people who read romance. That is so offensive and ignorant it’s still hard for me to generate a coherent thought.

Take it down a notch, Dr. Drew: People who read and enjoy this book like reading about relationships of a certain kind. That is ALL that says about this book, and the people reading it.

How would you respond to Dr. Drew’s comments?


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Lorelei James
1. Lorelei James
I would tell Dr. Drew to do his damn research and NOT to try and talk over a woman who actually knows what the hell she's talking about, and has read the book in question!
3. ChelseaMueller
Hear, hear.

I'd like to add some blame on the Today Show as well, though. They went into that interview calling the books "disturbing." Those in the romance community know, BDSM -- or in Fifty's case BDSM light -- isn't about violence but control. That sexualized release does not translate into abuse against women and children.

Because you two said it all about Dr. Drew's asshat comments. I'll add one more on the Today Show team: How idiotic is it to ask the question "Do women really like fantasizing about ?" on the story about how tons of women are devouring books about the very topic because -- as the previous segment just explained -- they like fantasizing about just that?
4. EvangelineHolland
I don't know if I'd even want an "expert" who read the book to comment on it! Everytime some mainstream media outlet focuses on romance novels, or even what women are reading (unless it's some "uplifting, heartwarming, inspiring" blah blah blah--basically, "good" stuff women should read since it "edifies" the mind), it's always negative, as though books popular with or targeted to women should have warning labels placed on the cover. And heaven forbid a woman wants to explore sexual fantasies--we need to be coaxed into everything sex-related by men (and I can't think of any movies or TV shows where the heroine wanted to try a threesome or do some light bondage, etc etc that wasn't sparked by her feeling threatened by her SO's interest in another woman, or being accused of being a prude, and so on)!
5. ChelseaMueller
@EvangelineHolland - That's such a good point. And interesting because they really did have a male "expert" talking over the female "expert."
Lorelei James
6. Miss D.
I saw this on The Today Show when I was getting dressed for work this morning. I found the whole thing really weird. It was like people were acting like titillated 13 yr olds over the book. Maybe it's because I read so many romance books that have erotica in them that I was wondering why so many folks were giggling over it like they'd never had sex, never mind getting a little kinky.

I was rather put off by the reaction of folks on the segment to the book. Kinda creepy in the responses to it.
Tori Benson
Wow. I'm not even sure where to start. The whole show was offensive on so many levels. From the non readers (who admits they are in a book club but hasn't read abook in 9 years) to Dr. Drew's ignorant and biased remarks. Especially based on the fact he never read the trilogy. I'm not sure why so many people feel that fiction carries over into real life. I am a heavy reader yet never in my life have I gone in search of pirates, I don't believe Curran the beast lord resides in Atlanta, GA, and reading BDSM doesn't have me planning to build a playroom or investing in latex bodysuits. It's fiction. Not real. There is no underlying issues that cause me or alot of others to read certain genres. We just happen to like them. Some poeple jog-I read.

Dr Drew's remarks are particularly offensive because he uses his "Dr" creed as the certification in which he bases his opinions. I am a doctor therefore what I say is the truth. Had he stepped off his high horse and actually read the trilogy, he would have instantly seen that A. the BDSM is a minor storyline and not a factual one at that. And B. the story revolves more around the hero and heroine journey into a real first time relationship (for both of them) and the emotional turmoil that surrounds it.

Frankly, I'm diappointed in the Today Show for pandering this crap. AND mentioning Fabio. Nobody should ever mention Fabio and romance together.
Marquetta Whitmore
8. lovetoreadforfun
Big Today Show #fail. First, the book club looked like something from out of Sex and the City. Why would they interview a bunch of women who are not avid readers? Women who read a variety of genres, who know what is good erotica vs bad; what's the difference between hardcore BDSM and light? I guess that would actually require some true journalism and research. Dr. Drew is a quack and his sweeping generalizations about women who get turned on by the series is dangerous and something a real doctor would know not to make. And to make the segment even more cheesy and fluffy, the Kenny G and Barry White playing in the background. Thumbs down.
Lorelei James
9. CdnMrs
Another thing we can take out of the Today Show segment is the concept that people, women especially, don't know what's good for themselves. If Fifty Shades of Grey was a YA and the Today Show was alerting parents to it's very adult content that would be one thing, but this is an adult book, marketed to adults. It is also fiction, something those who are actively part of the BDSM lifestyle will tell you. As an adult it's assumed that I can make choices for myself and determine what's best for me. Whether this is a well-written, accurate book is beyond the point I want to read it and as an adult I will determine if it works for me. So lay off my books and report on something important like leggings being worn as pants or something.
Lorelei James
10. Tiah
This morning between Dr. Drew and Rush Limbaugh, I have been pacing around my house this morning in super pissed off rant mode. Lord help my husband when he get home.

About Dr. Drew, @smexyz_sidekick on Twitter said it best. "BDSM is a consensual lifestyle that addresses sexual needs that BOTH partners have. Just because you don't get it doesn't make it wrong."
Natasha Carty
11. WickedLilPixie
@Chels - That is what set me off, the violence against women. Ugh. NO!
@EvangelineHolland - SO true! I didn't even think of that, but true!
@Miss D - It totally sounded very grade school, especially since the "research" was so shoddy.
@Tori - But Fabio is apparently the only reference they got right!
@Marq - YES! The "book club" looked like a bunch of Sex and the City ladies thinking they were all secret book club. The music made me snort, so tacky.
@Sara - We aren't allowed to be sexual empowered in our reading, didn't you get that memo?
@Tiah - I was the same! I kept grumbling to myself about the news today and then this came on and I damn near went through the TV.
Lorelei James
12. LF
The problem I have is that they keep saying it is "disturbing". If you don't like this kind of story, then don't read it. But to label this series that way just because it deals with BDSM is wrong. It also was trying to make those of us who like and read these stories to feel like we are doing something bad. Just because women have "come this far" doesn't mean we have to censure what we read. Just my thoughts
Lorelei James
13. Joanna Shupe
Oh, thank GOD you wrote this blog post. I was furious. Consentual BDSM does not--repeat, not--enourage violence against women. For a doctor, he sure doesn't know much.

AND he hasn't even read the book.

I wish women didn't feel the need to whisper about these kinds of books. It makes me sad, as if we're not as sexually liberated as proclaim ourselves to be.
Lorelei James
14. Lege Artis
Well said, Megan and Natasha! How can Dr. Dreadful Drew comment book he didn't even read!? Violence against women?!! That man's voice is violence against my ears and his gibberish is violence against my oh, so aroused mind!
K.M. Jackson
15. kwanawrites
I do take issue with Dr. Drew commenting and putting on is "exert"hat when he has not read the book. And at last call is he a sex therapist too? I didn't get that memo. He just burned me up. I tweeted the comment :
"Can women ever just have control over their own minds, bodies, thoughts w/o a man's 2 cents?" seems now more than ever we can't.

The today show did a poor job putting him up there one this one. SMH but really I'd have preferred to see Donny on this. Can't believe I'm saying that.

And yes I did notice they said book club but one of the ladies had not read a book in 9 years. Let's hope this is the start of things to come (no joke there).

I also had a problem with the reporter calling it disgusting and disturbing. I get that BDSM may not be your thing but I don't get that this is how you would describe the book. I can't imagine if it were a Hollywood movie than it would be described that way. Seems to be quite the double standard when it comes to sex and woman voicing a fantasy.

Let's hope they remedy things and have E.L. James on the show are are ready to remedy it with some real conversation.
Pamela Webb-Elliott
16. Spaz
*sobs* I may as well out myself... I've had the longest shameful crush on Dr Drew (please don't firebomb me!) and this just killed it with fire. I am so thoroughly upset by his behavior and ignorant misinformation. sad face.

Great post, as always, ladies.
Lorelei James
17. Dakota Cassidy
I have to ask myself, what kind of doctor, who BTW, touts himself an expert on every subject from A-Z, ISN'T aware that BDSM has nothing to do with abuse and everything to do with the reliinquishing of control? And as an aside--where has the esteemed Dr. Drew been all this time? If he were at all current, he'd know that women have been reading these books in various shades of all colors forever and a day. If he did a little research, he could find a zillion e-pubs with just this kind of subject matter.
Shame on the Today show for bringing in someone who is as informed as a ten year old. It's like inviting a toddler to talk about the Theory of Relativity.
Lorelei James
19. KT Grant
The only positive thing that can come out of this is that readers will want to read more and look elsewhere for books much like they did after reading Twilight. Let's hope this can turn into a positive thing and maybe The Today Show will start highlighting more romances and those authors who are the superstars of this genre.
Lorelei James
20. Seleste deLaney
(I haven't read the books, I read the first few pages online and said no because of issues other than the plot)

First, considering the way Dr. Drew talked over the female expert time and time again, I'm pretty sure he's a closet Dim-Dom and therefore gets off on the abuse of women and children (by his logic).

Second, they apparently missed where the plagiarism issue really lies, but whatever.

Third, the entire idea that BDSM is"wrong" or "disturbing"or whatever-negative-word-they-want-to-use pisses me off. It would be like me standing up and saying that a monogamous-Christian-based-marriage is "wrong" or "disturbing" because it goes against evolution (I won't even get into the fact that as far as my understanding and recollection goes, the bible says sex is for procreation only). It's not wrong, it's a choice. You like it missionary with one person from the time you say "I do" until the time you die? Good for you. Person X likes it to involve a St. Andrew's cross, a flogger, latex and the word "Master/Mistress" (or whatever the Dom/Domme prefers)? Guess what... good for them. BDSM isn't about abuse, and if Dr. Drew bothered to actually learn anything about the lifestyle, he'd understand that.

I'm all snarly now.
Natasha Carty
21. WickedLilPixie
@LF - That's it exactly. You don't like it, don't read it. Simple!
@Joanna - I am so with you! Why must we keep everything to a whisper, I wanted to roar at the TV "I LIKED THESE BOOKS!"
@Lege - I don't think he should have been considered an "expert" when he has no expereince with the book.
@Kwana - They rushed this "episode" for nothing more than to have a book to bash. It's sad.
Natasha Carty
22. WickedLilPixie
@Pam - I'm ashamed of you. LOL
@Dakota - You know he just wanted the TV time. He jumps on anything that might cause a contraversy and that sickens me.
@Miss D - Thanks for the link! Even they think it's nuts!
@KT - I have seen a TON of tweets of people buying Fifty today and that makes me laugh. Backfire!
@Sel - You should have heard Megan and I when we first saw this!
Lorelei James
23. KT Grant
What's worse is 50 is no longer in print so some big publisher is going to bend over backwards to get the print rights. Cha-ching for EL James.
Natasha Carty
24. WickedLilPixie
@KT - It's out of print? Since when? E-Copies are still available and they're selling hard today
Lorelei James
25. Annabel Joseph
Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting.

Was it just me or was that whole segment basically wholesale slut shaming and kink shaming? Oooh, women get turned on by force and submission fantasies? What misguided whores they must be. GAH!!!! SO IRRITATING!

I am so tweaked off by this whole thing. My only hope is that tons more women just learned these books are out there, and since I write in the same genre/same type of stuff, maybe my sales will improve. And Dr. Drew can stick that in his pipe and smoke it. Women, EVEN FEMINISTS, are turned on BY WHAT TURNS THEM ON and unless it's pedophilia or something else illegal, let them be!! No kink shaming! Gah!!
Elizabeth Halliday
26. Ibbitts
Yes, that's the right word.
It is very disturbing that a nationally acclaimed morning news & entertainment forum, such as the Today Show, would air a segment based upon hearsay from a person like Dr. Drew Pinsky. One point in favor of Dr. Pinsky: he admits he hasn't read the material he is so strongly opposed to. So he isn't a fraud, just an ignorant, self-serving, publicity-seeking jerk.
Yes. I agree 100%.
I hope E. L. James sells another 100,000 books based upon this "book review"...
Lorelei James
27. Alizamann1
I am so glad I missed this segment this morning! I can't believe that he would paint a picture of erotic romance readers as something other than the normal, decent people that just happen to like a little raunchy in their plot.
Wait, wait... yes I can. Romance readers are always put on the spot due to our choice in reading material. It is deplorable. And Dr. Drew sucks sweaty gym socks.
Jessica O'Brien
28. JLOBrien
I think the bottom line for me is..don't talk about something you know nothing about. Not like reading the books actually makes you an expert, but it takes a slight edge off your jackassness (not a real word but I like it) and makes your opinion (because that's what it is) seem at least marginally informed.

I swear that man has a PhD in stupidity.
Natasha Carty
29. WickedLilPixie
@Annabel - 100% agree!
@Ibbitts - EL is laughing all the way to the bank today I'm sure!
@Aliza - The romance community get it from everyone but we sure are a kick ass community!
@JLO - YES! I might have to use jackassness for the rest of my life.
Amanda Bonilla
30. Amanda Bonilla
Great post, ladies. You said everything I was thinking. @Pamela, you're not alone in your Dr. Drew sadness. Cross him off my celeb crush list. The Today Show's coverage of the series is nothing but shameless sensationalism.
Lorelei James
31. Roni Loren
*head explodes* This set me off this morning big time. First, I'm thinking "Oh no, all these people who have never read BDSM romance are going to use this book as the example?" Which, as many have pointed out, is not really a BDSM book. But then Dr. Drew just put it over the top (and Dr. Berman, who is usually pretty good, says it's okay to fantasize but not act--wha???) Yes, clearly, anyone who practices BDSM or reads about it is mentally deranged in some way. And even though we see people getting murdered and blown up on TV and in movies and video games every day, it's these romances that are really promoting violence against women. Gah.

And how can you have a national TV program that I'm sure has many people to research stories act like this is the this NEW SCANDALOUS phenomonon? BDSM romance has been around for a long time and is a huge subgenre. This book didn't invent it.

And my guess is they went with that "we haven't read a book in a decade" book club because if they went to a real book club that reads erotic romance regularly, they woudn't have gotten grown women tittering about a sexy book like they were in middle school.

*sigh* Like KT, I'm just hoping this has the Twilight effect and draws new readers into the genre, so people can discover all the talented writers and great stories out there.
Lorelei James
32. steph scott
Thanks for posting this. So tired of lazy reporting. This might be expected On Fox News with those endless hours to fill. But the Today Show should have higher standards. I hope any of you/ us reading this will take time to write an email to NBC about it. You all have a voice, direct it to the source and let them hear it.
Lorelei James
33. KimSueMcBride
I loved reading these thoughts. I am reading through this series and loving it! It is just a break from real life! Of course, someone mentally unstable could read it and blah blah blah, but for the most of us out here, it is just light, fun reading that makes my husband extremely happy that he bought me that kindle for Christmas! :-)
Lorelei James
34. FNK
First let me start by saying that I was one of the women in the book club this morning on The Today Show. I am an avid reader, I loved these books and had so much to say about them.....There was ALOT of editing that went on, and I mean ALOT!!!!!! We were not high school girls, rather moms talking about a freakin hot guy and what fantasies one may have. My sex life was definetely influenced while reading these books. We all get so caught up in life. I do own all 3 books in paperback, I like to read the actual books, call me old school. Agreed on Dr.Drew, he is a complete ..... You cannot discuss something on which you have no information on. He should have shut his mouth, but I think the woman next to him did a pretty good job of saying what alot of women feel......
Carolyn Jewel
35. cjewel
@FNK Thanks for your comment here! I certainly appreciate you coming by. For my part, I loved the first book quite a lot. I had trouble with the 2nd and was unable to finish the 3rd, particularly once I realized the author was, indeed, proceeding with the premise that BDSM = broken. On the other hand, I definitely appreciated a series of books that made me think about such issues, even when, ultimately, I disagreed with where she took the story.
Christine Carmichael
36. Ceecee
@ Joanna Shupe - CC MacKenzie here darling!

Guys, Joanna mentioned 50 Shades to me last week as a book she couldn't put down so I've just finished reading one and two of the trilogy, about to start on number three. I LOVED it (once I got over 1st person present.) The author is a superb character developer. Christian and Anastasia have haunted me for days. I can't say that for many books I've read in the recent past. And I read voraciously since I'm a writer too. And not just for the sex scenes! They hit the spot! It's funny, warm and the emails between the h/h are very well done and show how the characters develop and change in their character arcs. And Anastasia, who's sexually inexperienced, finds her feet and doesn't put up with any nonsense. She'd kick Dr. Drew's butt, lol!

But, seriously. For Dr. Drew to attempt to have an opinion about a book he hasn't read is the height of utter stupidity. And for a Doctor to make assumptions about women who read 'romance' as if we're a bunch of easily led, intellectually challenged bimbos says as much about the narrow view of his closed mind than it does about us as readers. I am absolutely sick and tired of the judgemental attitude of a certain type of person who's never read a romance in their lives.

What the Whisky Tango Foxtrot do they know?

Would I snigger at what films they watch or what music they listen to? The tittering, wriggling behaviour forcibly reminded me of twelve year olds. Pitiful, it really was. I squirmed more watching them than I did reading 50 Shades.

And as for the BDSM and the violence in the book? Seriously? And as for the child abuse comment - it's okay for babies to be blown up in Syria but not okay for an author to explore the journey of a deeply troubled hero in a romance? Bearing in mind that this is a work of fiction ergo it is not real.

This was shoddy journalism. The producers of the Today programme should hang their heads in shame.

Okay, rant over. Great Post!
Lorelei James
37. Betty White
This story is a piece of crap. I read it when it was Twilight fanfiction and am disgusted it was published. Hey Icy - you're just plaigerizing Stephenie Meyer. All you fools who love it are delusional idiots who wouldn't know a good story if it smacked you in the face fifty times.
Megan Frampton
38. MFrampton
So Dr. Logan Levkoff wrote a good article for Huffington Post, which she alerted us to (thanks, Dr. Levkoff!). It's here.
Christine Carmichael
39. Ceecee
@MFrampton. Thank you very much for the link. Nice to know an 'expert' agrees with us.
Natasha Carty
40. WickedLilPixie
@FNK - Thanks for letting us know! We appreciate knowing it was heavily edited, it's a shame. I'll be sure to let EL know as well.
Jonetta Allen
41. Jonetta/Ejaygirl
We've all been beating Dr. Drew up (deservedly so) but who I hold responsible for an utterly terrible segment on this series is Savannah Guthrie. First, she didn't bother to read the whole series but felt competent to select the guests to speak on behalf of the stories. Then she presented the women of the book club as silly, tittilated women who weren't used to reading on a regular basis and, lastly, didn't defer to the one highly competent guest on the segment, Dr. Logan Levkoff, who struggled to keep everyone on point.

Let's lay the blame for the lousy coverage clearly where it belongs, with the journalist who made a rookie mistake (and she's no rookie) by reporting on something she wasn't properly informed about prior to airing. It was absolutely terrible and none of the discourse I'm used to hearing and participating in about this series made the light of day in the Today show studio. Let someone more seasoned do a follow up and have Savannah take her "disturbed" self on to something less controversial. Yes, I'm very perturbed because I feel I'm now branded as peculiar because I thought the series was extraordinary and loved its complexity.

Shame on Ms. Guthrie.
Lorelei James
42. Iheartreading
I am usually a really big fan of Dr. Drew. But, these comments are so disappointing to me. I admit I haven't read the book but I do read A LOT of Romance and Erotica and I think it's great that it's getting out to the mainstream audience. The whole piece is just disgusting in the fact that they are passing judgement on readers who liked the book and women who are confident enough to tell others that they liked it. Ugh.
Catwoman Felisamorata
43. Catwoman
I happened to hear about this just this week. Yes, I've been hiding under a mountain of paperwork and just came up for air. I hadn't heard anything about the trilogy yet and as soon as I saw this blog post, I warmed up the Nook and will be spending this weekend between those pages. I did find a copy of MofU and started that just a while ago. If the first pages are any indication then it's...get the hell outta the way Edward - there's a new guy in town!

Ahhhhh, Dr. of my very major pet peeves right along with Dr. Phil. Yeah, they have the alphabet soup after their names but that doesn't make them experts. Here's the thing....what we need to do is simply CONSIDER THE SOURCE. The sources in this case are so bogus it's comical. Gee, psych 101 teaches that if it happens between consenting adults, it's okay. I guess these boys never took the course or, if they did, they failed miserably. And let's not forget that the various media 'hos commenting on these books probably don't know the first thing about BDSM in particular and certainly nothing about erotica in general.

I look at it this way - I view the commentary from the Dr. Phils and Dr. Drews of this media age with the same light as if a 3-year-old child started dissecting Hawking's dissertation on cracking the black hole paradox.

Now, I've gotta get back to MofU......
Lorelei James
44. wendydnv
Ok, first I will state for the record that I have NOT read the trilogy in question. I also did not see the Today show segment we are dissecting. However, I DO read a lot of different genres, including Ms. Cassidy's books, and feel I can voice an opinion with impunity. For any alleged book club member to admit not reading any books in several years should have taken that person off the panel. For the supposed expert with the alphabet after his name, if you haven't read it or something similar you have NO LEGS TO STAND ON. I have read many tales that involve some BDSM (Allyson James you rock!) and the common thread is that it is consensual, and done in a loving manner. Loving meaning not with antagonism or hate towards either person involved. And NONE of the tales I have read involve children in any way. These stories NEVER promote violence towards women or children, but they do promote exploring your sexuality. So is Doc Drew saying I shouldn't fantasize or read something that might spark my imagination? Because if that's where he is heading, my husband will hit him over the head with my Kindle. My honey has been on the receiving end of those inspired fantasies, and he doesn't seem scared of them or me. This is almost the regression back to women can't be sexual creatures without being labelled as whores. Gods forbid if we find out something we like to read about, fantasize about or even enact. Quick, shove them in a bhurka and lock them up! Hooray if the sales of the trilogy spike, maybe it will lead to more widespread openess of sexuality and less closed mindedness. Read on, ladies!
Lorelei James
45. jolymac
Dr. Drew is a media whore. I equate him with the Kardashians. I don't care what he says or why he says it. His opinion means less than nothing the me.
Lorelei James
46. DLD
I was on the fence about reading this trilogy, but now I will rush to the store. In fact, I may just make it a rule that, if Dr. Drew has negative things to say about a book or series, I will put it on my must-read list! What a dolt...
Lorelei James
47. Carolann
He's probably a closet gay & doesn't give a flying fig about middle aged women's fantasies !!! hahahaha
I read the Master of the Universe fanfic version & totally fell in love with 50 Shades. I'm so glad EL James has gone 'bigtime' & BTW theres other Twilight fanfic which have also crossed over & some of their subject matter is alot more disturbing. Get over it people, its just a book!
Lorelei James
48. Shazzy71
Red!! I'm safe wording out of the dumb-assery and douche- perpetrated by The Today Show, NBC, & Dr. Pinheadsky.
I'll admit right up front that I didn't read this series, but bdsm is one of my favorite genres. I'm trusting you all that these are pretty light.

So many things wrong, where to start....
Did the reporter say 125k copies sold? They're treating this like it's some epidemic. 125k is less than .5% of the US population. I'm not trying to diminish Miss James' accomplishment, yeah for her success, but is this story really that big of a deal?

I'm still trying to figure out what Dr. Drew is disturbed by. He doesn't even know what's in the books. Is he disturbed by women reading? Have better sex lives? Communicating with their husbands? The Hunger Games and Unwind(I loved both) are disturbing.

Violence against women and children. I'm not even sure how he made the leap to include children. How does he even know that there is violence in the series? He's never read it. And if the majority of people reading this are women, does he think that woman on woman violence is going to increase? And just reading a story is going to make a person snap and start abusing others? Vanilla guys abuse their wives too!! Dr. Drew is sexist, too. Men could easily be the targets of violence from this.

I feel bad for the women in the book club. The Today Show edited their interaction and made them look like fools. But in the end don't they disprove Dr. Drew's theory. They talk about having better sex and how their husbands love it.
I also feel for Dr. Logan. She seems to be a very intelligent and articulate woman, if that asshat would just let her finish her thoughts!!

I challenge Dr. Drew first, to read the books, or others in the genre. And then go out into the community and meet people in the lifestyle, see what it's really like. It's a little thing we call research. Hell, I'd even volunteer my husband and myself(I'm sub to his Dom). We don't bite, unless you ask.
This just served to remind me why I don't watch news show much.

@Betty White - it's unfortunate that you didn't like this story, but isn't that the great thing about freedom of choice, you don't have to read anything you don't want to. You did go a little too far by being insulting.

@Annabel Joseph - Is that the name you write under? I'd like to check out your stuff.
Lorelei James
49. Rie @ Mission To Read
This interview with Dr. Drew bothers me. Did he just say that people in the BDSM scene are simply abused children that are turned on by it? Okay, yes there are people that get into for the wrong reasons, but you can NOT generalize like that and put such judgments on it and be a "good" psychologist.

I haven't read the book, but relationships (amazing relationships) are often built around this lifestyle. Let's stop making it a taboo. It's human nature.
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