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Once Upon a Time Season 1, Episode 15: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

David, Emma, and RedWhat first drew me into Once Upon a Time was seeing Little Red Skanking Hood in the first episode. I knew I had to stick with the show just to get her back-story, regardless of how bored I might become (and I have been!). I was hella excited to be the one recapping this episode for you all!

Let’s start out with the blah parts for me: David, Katherine and Mary Margaret’s love triangle.  We all know Katherine is still missing, and David is the prime suspect.  Emma is investigating, but because they can’t find Katherine, technically no crime has been committed thus David can’t be arrested.

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Mary Margaret, of course, can’t just sit still and sets out to find Katherine herself; apparently she’s better than the police at this point. The whole running into David in the woods in my opinion was cheese; all of the sudden he’s having blackouts again but was fine the entire time Katherine was around?

David and Mary Margaret meet in the forestI wasn’t interested in the storyline. I feel like I have invested so much into this couple’s triangle and am totally over them and every situation they get into. Make it end already!

The rest of the episode was awesome, though! Honestly, Red/Ruby (actress Meghan Ory) totally steals the show; her acting in the episode blew everyone out of the park! Girl has the BEST outfits on the show, awesome makeup, and she snarks. Of course I fell in love with her!

In the past, Red Riding Hood lives with her Gran and there’s a wolf terrorizing the small town they live in. Every night it comes out and massacres whatever idiot decides to try and hunt it. Of course, Gran is in over protective control freak mode and hardly lets Red out of her sight, never mind the house. She basically is living in a gilded cage, but somehow she ends up meeting Peter, the town hottie. He wants her to run away with him, but she’s still attached to Granny and doesn’t really make up her mind.

Long story short, Red ends up meeting Snow (who says her name is Frosty, I mean Margaret, I mean Mary) while in the barn getting eggs. Snow hid in there from the wolf and was totally thieving the eggs and got busted!

Side Note

Red’s clothing is made of awesome this entire episode! From the red cloak down to her wickedly well done fake eyelashes! I could kiss the wardrobe department for their genius. Especially since I’ve hated on them ever since Emma showed up in her first leather jacket.

In the present, we have Ruby struggling with life. Gran is really no different from past time; she’s still overprotective and anal retentive where Ruby is concerned. Thus Ruby acts out, dressing like a slore (slut + whore) and flirting with customers. Such a situation happens and it ends up with Ruby telling Gran to shove it and quitting her job at the diner. Long story short, she ends up working for Emma doing odd jobs at the police station. I may have spaced out a little here and stared in awe at Red’s eye shadow, was it not fantastic?

Red Riding Hood and Snow White in Once Upon a TimeBack in past landia, Snow and Red set off to the well to get some water. Red asks that Snow help her pull the rope out, but Snow freezes in horror and it’s then that Red sees that the water they pulled up isn’t quite crystal clear. DON’T DRINK THE WATER, even Dave Matthews warned you all! Red turns to see why Snow isn’t talking and discovers that the wolf massacred all the huntsmen. We get a town hall meeting as well, where Gran explains she was attacked by a descendant of this wolf and shows off the mean looking scars on her arm! This prompts our ladies (Snow and Red) to set out and find the wolf, because Granny won’t let Red live her life unless the wolf is dead. So off they go following bloody paw prints until Snow utters my all time favorite line of the show: “Wolves don’t wear boots!” I actually had to pause the DVR and cackle whilst writing that line down. See, the paw prints all of the sudden turn into hybrid claw/boot prints.

The paw prints end up leading them to a house and they assume that the wolf is Peter! Snow convinces Red to go warn Peter, but Red is worried Gran is gonna freak her shit out. So Snow swaps cloaks and goes to pretend she is Red. After explaining to Peter, Red goes all BDSM and ties his ass to a tree with chains so that he can’t attack anyone. This happens to be around the time Gran discovers it’s not Red in bed, it.s Snow, and this is when shit gets trippy as hell. Peter isn’t the wolf, RED IS THE WOLF! I just about fell off the couch when that came out! I might be dense, but I didn’t see that coming at all! Gran kept it hush hush so Red wouldn’t feel bad, umm IDIOT!

By the time they get to where Red has tied Peter, he’s been eaten. Whoops. Gran arrows Wolf Red and throws the wizard spelled cloak on her, and she wakes up. Can I just say, Red’s acting was AMAZING. Her reaction to finding this out, brilliant. Well done! Gran and Snow convince Red she’s got to run away, because the hunters are coming and she takes off.

Back in the real world, Emma sends Ruby out on a mission. Ruby is a receptionist, but somehow Emma thinks it’s a good idea to send her out to a potential crime scene where she ends up damaging evidence. In any case, she finds a box buried by the water and inside said box is a heart. After that drama, Emma gets superspeed fingerprints in little Storybrooke and goes to tell Mary and David what they found. David immediately asks to be arrested but that’s when we find out the fingerprints were Mary’s. Dun Dun DUUUUUUUN.

This was my FAVORITE episode of the season, it made me remember why I liked Once Upon a Time when I first saw it!


Natasha Carty reviews Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy on her website Wicked Little Pixie and lives in Toronto, Canada, with her cat, Seamus.

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Darlene Marshall
1. DarleneMarshall
Ruby is a receptionist, but somehow Emma thinks it’s a good idea to send her out to a potential crime scene where she ends up damaging evidence.
OMG, Yes! This so had me yelling at Emma and the tv set. I am over Emma and M.Margaret and sappy David! I would be quite content at this point to crank up the popcorn popper and settle in for nothing but Mr. Gold, Regina and Red moving to the front of the storyline.

It was an excellent episode. I thought Peter was the wolf.
K.M. Jackson
2. kwanawrites
I like you, love Red. Love her look and her acting. I also loved over the top crabby Granny. The BIG problem with the show for me and it pulls me out every time is Emma. The casting was wrong from the beginning and I find myself annoyed and wanting to turn whenever she comes on. She is too old looking for the character, her hair, mannerisms just everything is off and she does not sell the scenes. I never believe her.
I was also so mad that she sent the new receptionist out to the crime scene. And this is the sheriff? Come on.

I find myself wishing they would go all soap and just recast her now. I know that is terrible but she does not do it for me and she is such a pivotal character.

The thing I find myself wondering is how this moved the story forward besides finding the box.
Glass Slipper
3. GlassSlipper
This epi was excellent! I had no idea Red was the wolf. The atmosphere they created here is my favorite to date. Beautifully haunting and creepy. Stunning use of color.

I agree Red's acting at the pivotal scene was terrific. I couldn't believe they actually showed her chowing down on Peter. Poor Peter. :(

I though Red look really beautiful at the end of the episode. I liked her funky makeup before, but they softened her up a bit, so her beauty had a chance to shine.

Can't wait for next week!
Natasha Carty
4. WickedLilPixie
@Darlene - I was so irritated when Emma sent Ruby out to destroy evidence and I totally thought Peter was the wolf so that threw me hardcore and I loved it!

@Kwana - I know! I totally think the Emma, David, MM plotline is Days of Our Lives.

@Glass Slipper - I want her entire wardrobe including make up! The leggings, the cape. And when she realized she was the wolf, AMAZING.
I totally bailed on the episode last night, having lost valuable hours watching it in the weeks prior (hours I won't ever get back :p ). Damn! Off to watch it online now...
6. Tikiipo
There's quite a few people over on Facebook who think the heart is David's. I 'm pretty sure the heart belongs to Peter and MM put it in the box and her and Red buried it in Fariytale land. After all it was MM who came to the conclusion that Peter was the wolf. Which by the way I thought so too from the moment he said he would huff, then he'll puff and blow her house down! The writers did a great job of tying in The Big Bad Wolf, Red Riding Hood and Peter and the wolf! Gotta give credit where credit is due!
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