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Man Oh Man! The Top Five M/M Couples

The Hell You Say by Josh LanyonGay male romantic fiction continues to be a top read for me—I find myself more emotionally vested in their lives, as opposed to the heterosexual counterparts. I watch these couples meet, fall in love, and attempt to have a relationship amidst the insecurity, prejudice, and fear that often taints their lives, regardless of setting. I love watching them come to terms with themselves and each other beyond the bedroom. More often then not, the trope is a gay or bisexual man who is comfortably out of the closet who falls in love with a straight man who is so far in the closet he can’t find his way out. There is a faint forbidden vibe that clings these stories that only adds to the excitement.

Here are five hot male couples that hooked me as I followed their path from lust to love:

Josh Lanyon’s Adrien English and Jake Roirdan, from The Adrien English Mysteries, caused a lot of heartbreak and anxiety as I watched the story and romance unfold. There are five books in the series:

Fatal Shadows
A Dangerous Thing
The Hell You Say
Death Of A Pirate King
The Dark Tide

A classic gay love story/mystery series about a gay bookstore owner, Adrien English, whose penchant for mysteries places him in the hot seat when he is suspected of killing his best friend. Detective Jake Roirdan is one of the detectives in charge of the investigation, and the sparks fly when he and Adrien meet. While Adrien is openly gay, Jake is firmly in the closet and views his biexuality and attraction to Adrien as an affront to himself and his sensibilities. The series follows their on- and off-again relationship as Adrien falls in love with Jake, who bpoth embraces and rebuffs him. You will find yourself laughing and falling in love with Adrien as you plan the murder of Jake, repeatedly through out the series.

“He never lied to me. I just didn’t ask the questions I didn’t want to know the answers to.”

Cut & Run by Madeleine Urban and Abigail RouxAbigail Roux and Madeleine Urban’s Ty Grady and Zack Garrett, from the Cut & Run series, is a favorite of my partner’s, Mandi from Smexybooks. The series are romantic suspense with action-packed plots, along with an emotional romance that tears at the heart. There are four books in the series with more to come.

Cut & Run
Sticks & Stones
Fish & Chips
Divide & Conquer

Here we meet sexy, sexy FBI agents Ty Grady and Zane Garrett. Ty and Zack are the exact opposites in every way, yet they are put together on an important case when two fellow FBI agents are killed. Both Ty and Zane carry deep emotional scars that have them behaving towards each other in the most obnoxious and hilarious ways. You want to hug and smack them both. Ty is suffering from PTSD, while Zane is still mourning the passing of his wife and is a recovering alcohol and drug addict. Neither deals well with their emotions, and when their attraction for each other becomes the elephant in the room, we watch as two very dominant men struggle against their feelings for one another. As the series progresses, we watch in hope and agony as they fight their own individual demons in order to secure a life together.

“Zane was starting to piss him off again. Which was good, he supposed. It meant the urge to lick him all over was passing, at least.”

Trust Me If You Dare by LB GreggLB Gregg writes the very cute and funny couple, Caesar Romano and Dan Greene, in her Romero and Albright series. Gregg has a way of drawing you into the story and takes you down a well-written path filled with laughter, romance, and some extremely eccentric characters. There are currently two books in this series:

Catch Me If You Can
Trust Me If You Dare

Gallery assistant Caesar Romano is out of the closet and ready to take on the soon as he leaves his Nana’s spare room. Just out of a relationship, he swears off men for good. His galley is promoting a show that will either make or break him. When a valuable sculpture goes missing, he is greeted by the maddening, sexy, and “oh so available” PI Dan Greene, but Caesar ain’t buying. When Caesar finds himself up to his eyebrows in blackmail, glitter, and clowns....Caesar realizes that Dan may be the one for him after all.

“Warning: This book contains graphic language, sex, lies, intrigue, clowns, kleptomania, anal sex, oral sex, mutual masturbation, bad driving, good cooking, and the missing head of a Justin Timberlake statue. Not for the sour of disposition.”

Beyond Eden by Kele MoonKele Moon’s Eden series is an emotionally turbulent erotic romance that introduces us to lovers Danny Carlow and Paul Mattling. This story addresses the subject of abuse and the darker side of BDSM. so I will warn you that this series is not for those with triggers or the faint of heart. There are currently two books in the series, though Finding Eden is actually a prequel to Beyond Eden.

Beyond Eden
Finding Eden

Danny Carlow and Paul Mattling are best friends, yet complete opposites. Danny is an angry spoiled young man who struggles to find his place in life, while Paul is an all American, clean-cut young man whose life is seemingly perfect on the surface. Paul has a secret, though, that leaves him feeling ashamed and depraved. Danny’s lifelong attraction to Paul is only curtailed by his attraction to Eve Everton. When Eve leaves town to follow her dreams, Danny accidentally stumbles upon Paul’s secret, and soon the men embark on an intense passionate affair—an affair that threatens to destroy everything they hold dear. What drew me to this couple is the pain they have both suffered and how they each cope differently with it. Their journey is a long one, filled with many pitfalls. Your heart breaks for them over and over.

“Tasting what could have been—what should have been—didn’t make it easier.”

Faith & Fidelity by Tere MichaelsTere Michaels’s Evan Cerelli and Matt Haight have to be my favorite m/m couple out there. First introduced in Faith and Fidelity (#1 in her Faith, Love, and Devotion series), Detective Evan Cerelli has recently lost his wife and finds himself unable to cope with the grief of losing the only person he has ever loved. Former detective Matt Haight is a ladies’ man—a real “love ’em and leave ’em” kind of guy who develops a midlife crisis when he retires from the force. When they start getting together and talk, the friendship begins to morph into something deeper, something that scares both men and turns their lives upside down. There are three stories in the series:

Faith and Fidelity
Love And Loyalty
Duty and Devotion

The appeal of these books are their genuine realism: Two police detectives, both straight, who find themselves attracted to one another. An attraction that builds from friendship. Evan’s family and friends are viable presences and each bring something to this burgeoning relationship.

“Helena caught the look that passed between the two men and it was beautiful…the only word she could think of was beautiful. It was love and lust and such a tender expression of care she wondered if they had any clue how lovely it was to see...”

So tell me, what gay male couples have a permanent spot on your bookshelf and/or e-reader?


Tori Benson, Smexybooks and at Twitter.

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1. jsmom2
D and Jack from 'Zero at the Bone' by Jane Seville. Hitman rescues his hired hit and they go on the run. There's more angst than I usually like in a book, but it's compelling.
2. MinnChica
Great post Tori!! I have to agree that Ty & Zane are definitly at the top of my list!! And I absolutely adored Evan & Matt as well!!

I'll have to check out the Kele Moon books, I've liked some of her other stuff, so I'm sure I'll like those too!!
Felicia Smith
3. Ferishia
Great list. I've read 3 from it, I'll have to check out Trust Me if You Dare and Beyond Eden.

I agree w/jsmom2 re: Zero at the Bone. That was an AWESOME read!
4. CatW
I'm actually not all that into m/m, but I got completely hooked on the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series by Ally Blue. The first several books (beginning with Oleander House) have a wonderful angsty couple, Sam Raintree and Bo Broussard. Creatures from beyond, emotional turmoil, and hot smex. Ooh yeah.
5. Lege Artis
I have a soft spot for Ty and Zane, too :) Can't wait for book #5... Great post,Tori!
Vanessa Ouadi
6. Lafka
Very great post, giving me some new books to discover !

I have a real fondness for Danny and Paul in Kele Moon’s Eden series! Theirs is such a breathtaking love story :)

Ty and Zack are also definitely one of my favourite gay couples ever!

I often read Carol Lynn and Stormy Glenn's books, though I couldn't quote one particular couple I prefer.

I also love Nathaniel and Aiden in J.L. Langley's My Fair Captain - very
great book, very great couple, loved it all (which is weird when you
consider it, because I'm usually not very much into sci-fi romance)!

But if I was to quote one couple who left its mark on my memory, that
would be Vincent Prescot and Oliver Marsden in Ava March's Bound series. Their story combines so many elements I love, it's almost as if it was written for me : it is set in the regency era, it is erotic, it contains
some BDSM elements, and most of all the 2 main characters are adorable! I've become an avid reader of Ava March's books since then :-) J'adore!
Tori Benson
jsmom2- i really need to read ZeroAt The Bone. Have heard it was fab.

Minnchica-Kele Moon is so dark and sexy. *whew*

fniemritz-I love LB Gregg because there is so much humor in the stories.

CatW- I really enjopyed the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series by Ally Blue. The m/m romance was nicely balanced by the creepy plot. :)

Lege Artis-They are such bad boys. I loves them.

Lafka-I have Lanyon's Moriety series waiting on me. Have heard they are very good also. And yes...Ava March's Bound series. OMG so emotionally drugging. I loved Oliver & Vincent. The BDSM just adds to the spark this couple has.
8. Siobhan Muir
There are two stories that I've really enjoyed for their wonderful romance: When Tony Met Adam by Suzanne Brockmann, and All the Gear, No Idea by Kim Dare. The second story is a BDSM tale, but the rough-and-tough Dom is remarkably compassionate and kind to the new sub. I was really impressed. Both these stories touched my heart and were some of the best romantic stories I've read in a while. :)
9. Signe' C.
Victor Bayne and Jacob Marks in the Psycop Novels by Jordan Castillo Price.
James and Bram in A bit of rough and Rough-housing by Laura Baumbach.
10. cathy brockman
I love the brothers in Lee Brazils truth or Dare series,each one has his own story and they are all very awesom--I also fell in love wiht Tommy and Lila(yes Lila is a man) in a Cowboys Heartby JM Snyder.I odnt htink anyone that loves romance could resist falling in love with these two.
11. Lee Brazil
Have to agree, you picked out some of my all time favorite couples as well!
12. Dawn R
Love LOVE Andrew Grey's Bottled Up series....Each book is a different couple but all are awesome. Can't pick just one couple that I fellin love with.

SJD Peterson's Whispering Pines Ranch Series is beautiful, emotional and endearing as well as hot as hades. LOL Lots of tissues for this series.

Sue Brown's Nothing Ever Happens-Andrew and Nathan go through so much and in the end they are meant to be together. LOVE it. *sighs*
13. Lavinia Lewis
Great article! I hadn't heard of Kele Moon's Eden series so I've added that to my tbr list. I have two favourite couples and books that I will read over and over - Danny and Miller from Shades of Gray.(Drug runner and FBI agent) I'd recommend that to anyone that loves Zero at the Bone. More recently Austin and Peter from Shattered Glass(Detective and male prostitute.) The PsyCop series is a favourite of mine too.
14. Stephanie K.
I love Adrien and Jake! I miss that series so much. You should check Lanyon's I Spy series with Mark and Stephen. It's really good!
15. goddessani
For me, the top two would be Jason & Ryan from Chris Owen's Adagio. Just love, love, love them. Wish she'd tell us what they're doing now. And Angelo & Zach from Marie Sexton's A-Z series. Can't wait to learn more about them.
16. JoyofBean
I have enjoyed Jules and Robin from Suzanne Brockmann's "Troubleshooter" series. They appear in a few of her books, but get their own book entitled, All Through the Night which is about their wedding. Brockmann has a son who is gay and I believe she has a good insight into the gay community. Looking forward to reading some of the other suggestions.
17. dragonsgrrrl
I love Tobias and Noah in the "Deviations" series by Chris Owen and Jodi Payne! I just reread the first 4 books and added both the short story and 5th book in the series that I didn't have into my library for future rereads.

I also love Jet Mykle's "Heaven Sent" series, they're yaoi and in addition to the main books the series has several short stories and one MMF.

I know I have a lot more MM books that I love and reread, but those are the two series that came to mind immediately.
18. kajoline
i really love zane and ty, they're my favorite couple, just before sam kage and jory harcourt in Mary Calmes'serie " a matter of time "
romance reader
19. bookstorecat
I really hope LB Gregg writes more books in the Romano&Albright mystery series. The first two were great. Very fun and funny.
20. Kareni
I've been reading through the Cut & Run series and have just finished book four, Divide & Conquer. What a fun series!
21. Leevora
Wow! I'm a couple years late on here but after reading Touch & Geaux I fell head-over-hills in love with Zane and Ty. I had to read the entire Cut & Run series after book 7.

My first loves though, will always be Matt & Kira from Point of No Return or PoNR series from N.R. Walker. Point of no Return was beautiful and magical to me and was the book that truly had me realizing MM romance was definitely what I prefer when it comes to romance. Nothing sexier than two strong men in my fantasies.

Breaking Point which is the second story for Matt and Kira was a bit more heart breaking. Although, if the story had been told from Kira's point of view, I believe the story would have been one point above Touch & Geaux for me. Anyway, not even Zane & Ty could take the place of Matt & Kira in my heart but they sure are a very, very close second.
22. Louis
Riley Hart's beautiful Mateo, Josiah and Tristan from Broken Pieces will stay with me for the rest of my life.
23. Traceyhop
I know I'm really late to this post but if you like Ty & Zane, you should like Tommy & Prophet from S E Jakes 'Hell or High Water' series. I love both series and am waiting not patiently at all for the next book in both of them.
24. Edub
I'm way late on here, but maybe I can add some newer good ones!

Logan and Tate from the temptation series. HOT.

Damon and Laurent from The Captive Prince series. It's brilliant. Really.

Hsin and Boyd from In the Company of Shadows. It's FREE and amazing. Well written, crazy storyline. It'll hook you.

Dan and Vadim from Special Forces. ALSO FREE! I really don't know why, because these last two series I've mentioned are better than the majority of the published stuff out there. About 60% through the Soldiers 1-3 and I have a feeling these guys will top my list. Sexy, addictive, and not a turn off your brain read.

Ty and Zane will always hold a special place in my heart. While the plot of the stories wasn't always so great, those were my two favorite characters. I adore them.

Along with anything Adrienne Wilder or Anyta Sunday writes.
25. Zac
Gabriel and Alex in The Guardian Chronicles: Rise of the Phoenix and the Guardian Chronicles: Edge of the Abyss are very entetaining and although there isn't any graphic sex there are some very tenderly written scenes.

Daylynn and Max in Legeds of Aldara: Omens is another couple that I really enjoy, athough I don't think they are officially together (yet) watching Max get all flustered when Daylynn is clearly hitting on him is pretty amusing.
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