Mar 21 2012 8:24am

Mad Men’s Don Draper is the Ultimate Rake

Are you watching on Sunday? After a hiatus of over a year, Mad Men—and its iconic rake, Don Draper—return to our television sets.

Draper epitomizes the hypocrisy of If He’s Hot, He’s an Anti-Hero—imagine, if Draper were less good-looking (because honestly, could there be a better-looking man than Jon Hamm?) then no-one would tolerate his behavior, neither within the series nor viewing at home. Don is a scoundrel, albeit a tortured one, and his choices in life are often despicable.

But for myriad reasons—the writing, the acting, the characters and their relationships—we watch, and we sympathize, and we hope against hope that someday Don will be happy.

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Lege Artis
1. Lege Artis
John Hamm is soooo handsome...!
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
I am almost as excited to see this return as I am to see Game of Thrones (because GoT has dragons, hence more excited).

The character relationship stuff is just so well done. Plus that Jon Hamm, as you say, @Lege Artis--way easy on the eyes.
Lege Artis
3. ksb36
I love Mad Men, but I hate Don Draper. In fact, at this point, I'm only watching because I want him to get TAKEN DOWN--HARD.
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