Mar 6 2012 9:59am

Lost Girl Episode 8: Succubus Vexed (Spoilers)

Anna Silk as Bo in Lost GirlCan’t get enough of SyFy’s new show Lost Girl? Neither can we, so we’ve begun a weekly recap. Don’t miss Heather Waters’s thoughts on episodes 1-3 or Kiersten Krum’s recaps of episode 4episode 5, episode 6, and episode 7.

And now, on to the recap of episode 8, “Vexed”...

**********Episode Spoilers Within!**********

We open with a bang as an industrial elevator begins its slow rise to the dirty, driving rock beat of “Sour Candy” by The Kills. Oh, shout when you wanna get off the ride. In the darkened lift, Bo is in shadowed profile and as the elevator rises, the camera pans down her belted micro skirt and bare legs to some fabulous stiletto shoes ending on the blood that’s dripping from her arm to form pools on the floor.

Quick cut to Dyson in a loft apartment, stripped to the waist and bouncing on bare feet as he hits the crap out of a heavy bag and all the air in my lungs whooshes out of my chest (few things IMO are as hot as a bare-chested, barefoot man in jeans and that’s before he starts hitting things. Hoo. Shah.)

Quick cut back to Bo stumbling down a dark hallway. Oh, make my heart beat 7, 8, 9.

Punch punch! Dyson hits the heavy bag–hard–a quick jab/cross – one/two.

Make my heart beat double time.

Bo walks down the hallway. The camera slowly rises up the back of her really cool leather jerkin. We see the arm and shoulder is soaked with blood. She proceeds with great caution as though barely able to hold herself upright.

Now I’m the only sour cherry on the fruit stand, right? Dyson in full profile throws a hard elbow cross in such perfect form that my stomach clenches.

Bo’s bloody hand slams into the wall. Am I the only sour cherry on the fruit stand?  She presses her other hand against her side and stumbles forward.

Dyson pounds the heavy bag. Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh, oh oh oh

Bo collapses against the wall, panting and moaning. Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh, oh oh oh

With a guttural shout, Dyson jabs, jabs, and jabs again, pursuing the heavy bag, punishing it. I get the feeling it’s no longer the heavy bag he sees.

Bo looks down the hall, almost there, and forces herself onward.

Dyson jabs at the bag but stops abruptly when he’s interrupted by the insistent buzz of his doorbell. He grabs his shirt (NO!) and takes a long, slow amble over to the door as he shrugs into it. Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz.

He opens the door and Bo just looks at him. She has a large cut between her eyes and bloody patches all over her face and neck.

Dyson takes a quick inventory—a bloody booty call. Clearly, this is not what he wants. “I’m busy,” he snits, buttoning his cuffs.

Bo’s look is perfect you are frickin’ kidding me. “Seriously,” she says, voice dripping disbelief that he’d leave her in this condition just because he’s still pissed at her. “Come on.” I’m a little distracted because it’s the first time they haven’t pulled her hair back from her brow and I’m lovin’ the layered bangs. The woman is gorgeous, y’all. Full stop.

Dyson inhales sharply. “We talked about this, Bo.”

“Last time,” she swears, stepping forward.  “I promise.” She presses against his bare chest breathing him in deep. He tilts his chin up, inhaling her, gritting his teeth, already knowing he’s a goner and though he doesn’t touch her, he doesn’t push her away either.

“Please,” she whispers, kissing his throat. She lifts her face to his and begs. “Please.”

Dyson breaks.

G-g-go home, it’s over, o-vah.  G-g-go home, it’s over, o-vah

He picks Bo up and slams her back against the wall, kissing her deeply. He’s so angry with her for making him cave and she’s so pissed with him for making her beg and yet their need for each other (injuries not withstanding) can’t be denied. She brushes her hair back from her face (because it’s blocking the camera shot, I’m sure), and amidst all the passion and blood and need there’s an extremely quick moment of brief tenderness when he sidles in between her thighs as they’re kissing and it’s like they’re relearning each other’s taste and feel. There you are. Or maybe that’s just me.

He swings her over and dumps her hard on the table. He may go down, but she’s coming with him. Devouring one another (really, there’s no other word for it), greedy for flesh, she strips off his shirt (yay!) as he shoves hers up and grabs her breast, kissing the center of her chest.

Everybody OK? Still with me? All-righty then.

Bo reverses their position, pushing him back against the wall, and Dyson takes the hit with her hand at his throat, her thumb pushing up under his chin.

Back to the table. They kiss again; her hand grips his jaw as if afraid he’ll leave if she lets go. His mouth is on her neck. She moans and her bloody fingers dig into his shoulders as his back flexes and the insanely hot tattoo ripples. She bites his shoulder, flinging him backward, fighting to dominate and, holy shit, he bares his teeth and growls. Cut back to her fingers clawing his back with the tattoo rippling (hey, when the word is right, it’s right). Cut forward to her finishing the fling back, her hand griping his clavicle and we can see a huge gash slicing down her shoulder blade. Mid-growl, his back hits the pillar.

Cut to her hand yanking his jeans away from his waist. His hips flex toward her and she shoves her hand down the front of his pants. The camera cuts back to his face as once again he bears his teeth and growls and poof! all the moisture in my mouth instantly dries up.

Overcome, he crouches before her, his nose at the top of her thighs, and her hand clenches his hair as he slowly drags the wisp of her panties out from under her skirt and down her legs. Rising, he moves behind her, shoving her up against the pillar as she moans, pressing against her from behind –

The camera cuts to them naked in bed, and gives a quick, full and glorious rear view of Dyson and his tight butt before he rolls over so Bo is on top. She rides him mercilessly as he flexes and thrusts beneath her. The camera angle shifts to behind Bo to show the gash in her shoulder again. Bo’s face is awash with power; her eyes turn black from it. Cut again to her shoulder blade as the gash heals in a way that would make Wolverine proud.

Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh, oh oh oh

Dyson grits his teeth, trying to give her what she needs (in more ways than one), but the pain is getting too great even for the big bad wolf boy. This is no inhaling the ethereal blue smoke of sexual aura. This is raw fae power feeding and it’s sucking the life force from Dyson. He rears up beneath her, growling, clutching her close as she rides the power high–and Dyson– to climax.

“OK, Bo,” he grits out, “that’s enough.” Bo ignores him, too far gone to know what she’s doing. He falls back on the bed – “that’s enough!” – and bucks her loose. She collapses on him, panting, head hanging low, her hair a dark curtain shielding her face. Dyson gasps beneath her with one final oh my giddy aunt growl.

Go-go home, it’s o-vah.

Later, Bo is sleeping on her side, wearing her unbuttoned shirt. She rouses and rolls over, reaching for Dyson, but he’s sitting on the opposite edge of the bed, his back to her. His face is thoughtful, resigned, and, not surprisingly, much more peaceful than before. His head turns slightly toward her as Bo rises without touching him, and the most adhesive boob tape in the world keeps her open shirt in place. She moves slowly as though her completely drained body is still too heavy, and begins to dress. He steels himself and wanders over to her. “Do I even want to know what kind of trouble you got up to tonight?” he asks, not without affection. Bo brushes it off: she was following a guy for a client, thought he was along, and he wasn’t. “Violence ensued.”

Dyson brushes her hair away from her neck and examines her newly repaired flesh. There are visible claw marks on his pectoral. Excuse me while I pass out for a sec. “At least you’re healing faster,” he observes with some tenderness in THAT VOICE. She just nearly boned you to death to do it, wolf boy. Try not to sound so pleased.

Bo grabs hold of her shirt to keep him from pulling it down further. “Yeah,  thanks.” She delivers a payback shot for him denying her at first. “I’ve been working on that with Lauren.” Oh, low blow, lady.

He pauses then drops his hand and turns away. “I bet,” he snarks, casually. With some exasperation, Bo tells him to leave it, as though she wasn’t the one to bring Doctor Lauren into the room when her body is still warm from his. And yet, when she was in crisis, her first thought was to find Dyson, not go to Doctor Lauren’s lab. Hmmmmmm.

“She’s just leading you on,” he tells her. “She’s never gonna love you.”

“Who said anything about love?” Bo scoffs. She aims a parting shot as she walks past. “And you don’t know that.” She picks up her things as Dyson regroups. “I meant what I said. This was the last time. For your own good. You gotta start handling your healing on your own.” She smirks at him – uh huh, yeah right—and they both know he’ll never turn her away.

Y’all, we’re only 3:25 into the episode. Hang on tight. Gonna be a bumpy ride.

Ksenia Solo as KenziBo and Kenzi, festooned in what I think is the actress’s natural blonde, curly hair, break into a rundown apartment building to meet Bo’s source. How many condemned buildings are there in Toronto? Because this show seems to have a sniffer nose for them. Bo is complaining about Dyson. “He is being such a girl!” I kinda have to give her that one. Kenzi: “Why, ’cause wolf boy’s getting tired of you life sucking him whenever the mood hits? You’re right! What an asshole.” Hey, she used my nickname for him! Not that it was terribly original, I admit.

Bo insists Dyson is getting plenty out of it himself. Kenzi points out that Bo has to face she can no longer have Dyson and chase after “Doctor Hot pants” too. “Time to pick a team, dude.”  And before I can yell “Team Dyson has t-shirts!” Bo says teams are stupid, and I’d agree if it wasn’t for big bad wolf boy himself.

They wander through the building’s first floor, dodging sheets of hanging plastic and debris. Kenzi wonders if this is really where they’re supposed to meet the guy. Bo brushes aside some plastic and her face gets hard. She notes it’s the right place but talking to the guy just got a lot harder as he’s hanging from the ceiling by a rope. Kenzi: “We gotta start hanging out with a better class of people.”


Bo and Kenzi stand before the hanging guy. Kenzi: “If it’s suicide, I think he should’ve seriously rethought his last outfit.” The chubby Goth guy takes that moment to wake up and bare his vampiric teeth, startling both women. Kenzi draws her sword. Bo restrains her as the vamp insists he’s on their side and asks Bo to restrain her human. “Sorry,” Bo smarms, “we thought you were dead. What’s with the noose?” The vamp shrugs it off as an unrelated business disagreement as he frees himself from the rope and drops to the ground. “As if a little lynching could kill me.”

Bo drops a gym bag at his feet wondering what information he has that she’s supposed to be dying to hear. The vamp falls on it greedily, pulling out hospital bags of blood. “What if I said I’d found your mother,” he taunts. Bo is in no mood and immediately grabs his throat and it bears absolutely no resemblance to the way she’d clutched Dyson’s moments earlier. “I’d say you’d better not be messing with me, Siegfried,” she snarls, a nice call back to the phone covo she had with “Siegfried” in Arachnofaebia. Gasping for breath, Siegfried hands over an envelope, inside of which is a newspaper clipping about the upcoming execution of Luanne for being a baby killer. I don’t know why he’s choking; it’s not like vampires breathe, but whatever. This isn’t the first show to forget that.

Bo wonders if this is about her mother. “For 20 blood bags?” Siegfried scoffs. “You wish.” He says that’s as far as he got on the trail and it’s now up to Bo as the woman is out of his reach. “Come on,” says Kenzi. “Short, fat, and fangy here is playing us.” Luanne is all over the news, Kenzi explains because not only is her execution in three days, but she’s also on the other side of the border. “I said she had the answers,” smarms Siegfried, “I didn’t say you had a lot of time to get them.”

Lauren in Lost GirlAt the lab, Doctor Lauren is examining Bo, which pretty much amounts to fondling her neck. Bo plays with the charm necklace Doctor Lauren wielded to gain entrance into Gypsy Granny’s house in Food for Thought and compliments it. Bo wonders if Doctor Lauren ever misses working on normal people and Doctor Lauren admits that humans seem pedestrian after working on the fae. “Once you go fae, you never go back, huh,” Bo quips. “So I hear,” Doctor Lauren flirts back. Doctor Lauren wonders if Bo has had any luck with human herself on a sexual front. “Still a little scared to try to whole meal deal,” Bo admits. She suggests that there’s no rush and Doctor Lauren is quick to agree, “you should take your time,” and obviously, they’re no longer talking about some random human for Bo. Bo continues that she was thinking that taking it slow would be good for everyone if “everyone” was okay with that. Doctor Lauren smiles, clearly getting the message, but plays devil’s advocate and points out that a succubus needs a healthy sex life in order to be stable and that Bo herself is still going to need to feed in order to heal when wounded. Bo confesses that she’s kind of got that covered, “Or I did, anyway,” she equivocates, no doubt remembering Dyson’s parting shot.

Doctor Lauren’s head snaps up and her smile drops away. She does not like that and her attempt at a casual “oh, really? With who?” (it’s whom, you twit) fails spectacularly.  Bo recognizes Doctor Lauren’s change in demeanor, but still confesses that it’s Dyson, which makes Doctor Lauren even more stiff and short (don’t say it!). Bo continues that she trusts him (even after the shit he’s pulled? Interesting) and he’s fae so she doesn’t have to worry about draining him to death, ignoring that fact that she came damn close the night before. “Everybody wins,” she says deliberately, pointedly, her message plain.

“Well, that’s good to know,” Doctor Lauren admits, and she doesn’t mean medically. “As your doctor I would be more comfortable with you choosing someone slightly less—well travelled,” Oh, major low blow, Doc! The man’s a couple hundred years old. He hasn’t exactly spent them isolated in a pristine lab like some people. “But, um,” she continues unhappily and her voice catches, “it’s your choice.”

OK, especially after the threesome couch in Arachnofaebia, Doctor Lauren has to be the worst people observer ever not to have already figured out that Bo and Dyson were scorching the sheets together. I mean, they are really bad at hiding it. Maybe she’s just surprised with Bo being so up front about it, but I think Bo is finally tired of dancing around the issue and wants to know who wants what (and whom) once and for all. Also, I really don’t like Doctor Lauren.

Bo and Kenzi walk down a prison hallway with Bo complaining that now Doctor Lauren is getting all jealous. Gee, wonder why. Kenzi: “The three of you should just get a room already,” and the Internet explodes from the millions of people screaming in agreement. (I am not one of them.) Kenzi, looking frighteningly normal in a professional suit, passes over fake ID explaining that she owes a million favors for the rush job. Bo flashes a badge at the check-in guard and impersonates an FBI agent as she claims to be at the prison to conduct a final profile. When the guard balks, she succubuses him into believing that he sees her fake name on the checklist. Kenzi: “I bet you’ve never paid for a single speeding ticket. Bitch.” Bo waits for the barred gate to retract. Her face is nearly devoid of makeup as opposed to the metric ton of eyeliner they usually shellac onto her (though I’m from Jersey and ergo hardly in a position to judge), and her face is blank and pale and hard and angry. Woman is done playing around.

Luanne is escorted into the visitor’s room where Bo and Kenzi wait. “What do you want?” she asks and Bo takes her measure, re-evaluating. Kenzi begins by admitting that they aren’t really cops, but Bo interrupts her in a flat voice. “She knows. She’s fae.” Bo goes for the direct approach again, admitting she’s looking for her mother and thinks that Luanne might know who she is. Luanne snaps that she doesn’t even know who Bo is. Bo: “She sent me to be raised by humans, if that triggers anything.” By the look on Luanne’s face, it triggers a whole lotta nasty things all right.

“You’re the foundling,” she states clearly shocked but she almost immediately regroups. She says she’s heard about Bo, even in prison, and that while there are lots of rumors, she hasn’t heard anything specific that might help Bo in her quest. She’s clearly lying and just as clearly prepared to be stubborn about it too. Kenzi is watching Bo like a tiny, fiercely protective hawk.

Bo asks if Luanne’s sure she doesn’t know anything and Luanne promises that believe it or not, she’s the last person who would want to keep a mother from her child. “Someone’s wasting your time. And you’re wasting mine.” Luanne gets up and leaves, but as the guard opens the door, Bo tosses out, “Siegfried sends his best,” and Luanne’s head whips around before she can control her reaction. “Never heard of him,” she says and exits.

Kenzi sighs. “Well, that was rude and anticlimactic,” but Bo knows something is wrong. She doesn’t believe Siegfried would’ve lied to her this badly. “Why,” Kenzi asks, “did he find vampire Jesus?” Bo says Siegfried knows she’ll just turn around and kick his ass when she finds out he lied to her. “There are easier ways to score blood. Something else is going on here.”

Cut to Siegfried’s apartment as he places the needle down on a record and a truly excretable rendition of La Habanera screeches out. I did a better job as a sixteen-year-old in high school and I was not very good. He dances around, cutting tomatoes and singing along, giggling when the microwave beeps. He removes a hot blood bag, juggling it in his hands as he turns back to the chopping block. He shouts at the sight of the man standing silently behind him who looks a little like Russell Brand with a short hair-cut that stands on end. He also has a goatee, so clearly he must be evil. In a Cockney accent, new guy accuses Siegfried of sharing family business with an outsider. Clearly terrified, Siegfried denies it, than gives in, claiming a man has to make a living. He begs new guy not to hurt him. New guy tsks and wags a finger at Siegfried. “No talking!” he commands, and immediately Siegfried loses his voice. “Oh balls!” new guy exclaims, “am I interrupting a meal? Please, don’t let me stop ya!” He waves his arms around and, struggling and grunting but unable to resist, Siegfried picks up the tomato knife, turns back to the sink, and drops the knife into the garbage compactor. “You be a dove and pick that up for me, wontcha,” new guy asks, dancing around the apartment and kicking the warbling La Habanera into high gear. Siegfried shoves his hand down the compactor after the knife. Haltingly, his hand is forced over to the compactor switch even while new guy is on the other side of the room until Siegfried flips the compactor on, screaming as bone crunches and blood bursts around the sink and La Habanera concludes (flat and seriously off key) si je t’aime, prends garde à toi!

Well, that was gross.

Dyson examines the bloodied corpse of Siegfried sans hand. As he leaves the apartment, Bo ducks under the crime scene tape, still in suit and heels attire from the prison, and demands to know if Siegfried is dead. Dyson is seriously pissed that she’s at his crime scene, and she demands that he just tell her if Siegfried is dead. “So you do know him,” he concludes and I swear for the first time looks at her as though she’s a murder suspect and not Bo. She admits that he was helping her with something personal. “Bo, please don’t tell me this was another tip on your mother,” Dyson pleads. Her expression is all guilty defiance. He hustles her down the stairs as the coroner arrives. Bo yells at him that he doesn’t get to judge her on this. “You didn’t spend the last 10 years a raging freak with a body count. I’m entitled to some damn answers.” He asks about the incredibly important tip and Bo explains about Luanne, wondering if Dyson knew that she was fae. He admits that she’s dark fae and that he hopes Bo will drop the matter now. She claims that she would have if she could’ve gotten closure from Siegfried but now someone’s made that impossible.

Bo demands Dyson get her Luanne’s original police report promising she’ll drop the whole thing if there’s nothing useful in the report. His jaw clenches, angry that she’s still asking for favors after last night and yet amused that she has the balls to do it, balls that are now in his court. “Ask nicely,” he demands being a bit of a shit, but Bo has it coming. Her gaze narrows; she knows exactly what he’s doing. “Pretty please,” she sneers, and they are both thinking about the way she begged him the night before and what came after that. The difference between then and now is telling. “With Siegfried’s rushed autopsy on top.”

He scoffs at her attitude. Bo’s not the only one who has reached her limit this episode. “You just used up your last favor, Bo. I hope it’s worth it.”

Back at Hilton Hovel, Kenzi is dipping chips into a huge bowl of salsa while flipping through four-colored glossies of Siegfried bleeding out with a mutilated hand. (Why isn’t he a poof of dust on the ground again? Eh, never mind.) She observes that he didn’t go easy. “Someone made an amusement park out of his pain receptors.” Bo is flipping through Luanne’s file, but can’t find anything linked to her or Siegfried. She runs down the forensics with Kenzi: Luanne drowned her step kids and set the house on fire to cover it. Bo notes that Siegfried didn’t drown and Kenzi confirms he had his heart cut out while he was still alive (and still no poof of dust?! Come on!). Bo examines Siegfried’s autopsy report. No way a human gets close enough to do that to Siegfried, plus there are no defensive wounds and he wasn’t drugged or restrained either.

Back at the prison, Bo tells Luanne that she didn’t do it, that something made her kill those kids. Luanne name checks each child, clearly mourning her lost children, and wonders why it matters to Bo. She insists that they are connected somehow and just need more time to figure out how. Bo asks for her story and Luanne confesses that she fell in love with a human, even knowing the rules, knowing that it sounds crazy. Bo insists it’s not so crazy and it’s not hard to see she’s thinking about Doctor Lauren. Luanne says that her husband didn’t know she was fae and she did everything she could to protect her family by cutting herself off from the fae. Bo concludes that the children were killed to punish Luanne and insists that her friend aka Doctor Lauren can get Bo an audience with The Ash where Bo will beg for him to intervene. She vows to get Luanne out of prison.

Lauren and BoDoctor Lauren escorts Bo into The Ash’s inner atrium. Doctor Lauren is very anxious. She entreats that Bo be brief and respectful and say nothing about her treatments with Doctor Lauren. “Should I also curtsey?” Bo asks and implores Doctor Lauren to relax.

The Ash wonders if Bo is there to finally pledge allegiance. Bo: “It has come to my attention that a fae is about to be executed under human law for a crime she didn’t commit.” The Ash is aware of Luanne’s situation, but as she is dark fae, she is not under his protection and to interfere would be “madness”. Bo shoots a look at Doctor Lauren and it’s obvious that she knew Bo’s request was futile from the start.

Bo points out that it’s the dark fae that has betrayed Luanne in the first place. The Ash doesn’t care, since lesser things have started wars in the past. Bo can’t believe they’re all going to let Luanne rot for a crime she didn’t commit simply to keep the peace. She insists it would be so easy for The Ash to use his power to influence the human world. “Perhaps you should have thought of that before declining to join us,” he smarms and the implication is heavy that if Bo chooses now, he might be moved to intervene. With some gentleness, he tells Bo she means well but toys with elements she doesn’t understand. “So do you,” Bo spits, hard and furious. “I’ll let myself out,” she says deliberately to Doctor Lauren, who stands quietly without moving before her master until The Ash dismisses her.

Doctor Lauren rushes after Bo. “How can you work for that jackhole?” Bo wonders. “He’s as bad as the dark fae.” Doctor Lauren exclaims that just by saying that proves Bo has no idea what she’s talking about. She pulls Bo to a halt, insisting that this is dangerous, that she, Doctor Lauren, has absolutely no influence with the dark fae and cannot help Bo if she gets into trouble. Bo argues that she’s not asking for it and that Doctor Lauren should tell her boss that he’s not the only connection she has.

Bo stalks in to see Meyer from Dead Lucky at his Chinese restaurant, which he apparently doesn’t own, merely eats at “every damn day.” She tells him she has a friend in jail trouble need his help to get her out. He’s flattered, but she quickly tells him not to be as he’s the only contact she has who works in both the human criminal and dark fae worlds. “Even I’m not so good on death row,” he states. Bo is shocked that he already knows why she’s there. “Sweetheart, you’re not so good with subtlety,” he points out in the understatement of the season, and advises her to let this one go. Bo can’t understand why no one wants to help Luanne and Meyer says he wants to climb Mt Everest, but it’s not so good for his health. Bo takes that to mean that the fae will try to physical stop her from interfering. Meyer corrects that light fae or dark, they all must abide by the one rule.  Bo yeah, yeahs, the rule about never revealing their existence to humans but doesn’t see how that applies. Meyer explains that Luanne’s case is too high-profile in the human world. She chose humans over her own fae family “who wouldn’t feel slighted? So, we made an example of her. Family business. End of story.”

Bo doesn’t understand how everyone is OK with killing one of their own. Meyer says everyone wins. The dark fae avoid exposure and the humans have someone in jail and a closed case. “Leave it alone, already!” Bo snips that this is why she won’t join a side, light or dark. Meyer grins at her. “Not yet.” Bo sighs, resigns, and asks if Meyer won’t help her get Luanne out, he should at least help her find out who put Luanne in. Who did the real killings? Meyer considers her and then agrees to look into it but as Bo leaves, he offers a final warning to be careful with this one. “You’ve already made some enemies.” Bo: “Then I’m asking the right questions.” Sure, if dying in on your to do list today.

At Hilton Hovel, Kenzi is playing a single shooter game as Bo arrives, because every crack shack comes equipped with a flat screen and Play station 3. Bo yells over the music that she’s had the shittiest day and is going upstairs to go take the world’s longest, hottest bath. Kenzi: “And I will be saving the world from robot hookers." Well, somebody has to, I guess.

Bo in Lost GirlBo preps her bath. Kenzi plays her game as behind her, someone new slinks into Hilton Hovel and up the stairs. Somehow sensing something is amiss, Bo puts on her red, Asian-themed robe that I desperately covet, and takes out a dagger. Pretending to test the bathwater, she slips the dagger beneath the lip of the tub and listens to the intruder creep up on her. She whirls around, dagger raised, but there’s no one there. She stares for a puzzled moment, just long enough for the intruder to lunge at her from the far side of the tub, wrapping Bo in the shower curtain.

Downstairs, Kenzi blows the head off a robot hooker. Upstairs, an underfae creature with blonde dreadlocks and Austin Powers’s teeth, is drowning Bo in her own bath. Hey! Watch the robe, sister! Kenzi fires the video game guns and I guess it startles Dreadlocks because she’s suddenly gone. Bo stumbles from the bath, gasping for breath, searching for her attacking. Dreadlocks swoops out from nowhere again and slams Bo into the wall so hard that pieces of the ceiling fall down on Kenzi who finally realizes that something is Not Right. Hearing Bo scream, she grabs a sword and runs upstairs where Bo is fighting for her life as Dreadlocks throws her across the room and Bo catches some serious air before slamming into the wall.

Kenzi distracts Dreadlocks, giving Bo a needed moment to yank a pipe from the wall and as Dreadlocks turns back to her, she rams the pipe in the creature’s stomach and uses it to pin it to the wall. But Dreadlocks isn’t dead yet and starts to pull the pipe out. Bo glances to her right. “I’m not finished yet,” she says. She yanks a large cable from the wall shoves it onto the pipe, electrocuting Dreadlocks in a blaze of sparks. “Holy shit,” Kenzi gasps. “Fried bitch.”

Downstairs again, Dyson (who ya gonna call?!) strides past a quiet, hooded, observant Kenzi into the kitchen area where Bo is pouring herself a drink. Her face is banged up again and she does not look good. He insists that this wasn’t an elder-sanctioned assignation. “So she wasn’t coming to kill me, she was just in my shower to what, loofah me?” If it had been a sanctioned hit, he explains, they would have sent more than one. Bo’s powers are too unknown for anything less than a major assault. “Isn’t there a general fae rule about, I don’t know, not knocking each other off? Keeping peace between the sides?” Dyson: “But you don’t have a side.” He is seriously worried and more than a little afraid for her. He stresses this is what they’ve all been trying to get Bo to understand, why she needs to choose between the light and dark like everyone else. “You have no protection if you have no fealty.” Ah, we’re back to fealty again. Bo: “So I have to be owned to be free?” Dyson: “No. Just to stay breathin’.”

Bo refuses to accept that and wonders if maybe Dyson just never tried for something more and I don’t think we’re just talking about fealty to a side anymore. Dyson looks down and then back up at her “I’ve tried,” Dyson says, in THAT VOICE, low, deep, and with a wealth of emotion, and holy crap do I want his back story tout suite!

He moves away from her and exchanges concerned looks with Kenzi. “You can stay with me tonight,” he offers Bo. She stares at him in disbelief, not surprising considering his previous mandate against helping her heal. Kenzi ducks her head to examine the floor. “You need more healing that Lauren’s little needles can give you,” Dyson explains. Interesting that he assumes the healing Bo gets from Lauren comes from needles and not sex.

Bo’s face fills with scorn. “I needed your help tonight,” she sneers with a glare. “Not your pity.” Dyson absorbs the hit without reacting. He looks at Kenzi who rolls her eyes at how stupid they both are and looks away. Honestly, my heart is breaking over this scene. There is so much fettered emotion between these two and they just refuse to admit it to each other. Why can’t these crazy kids get their shit together? Oh right, then we’d have a boring show. Moving on.

Bo enters an empty Dal Riata where Trick is drying glasses. Hi Trick! They exchange half-hearted banter and Trick says she too early for a drink. “And probably too late for advice, but I’m here for it anyway. What’s a Morag?” Trick freezes, his back to Bo as resignation and worry stain his face. “Why?” he asks, always cautious. “Because I think one just tried to kill me,” Bo says and Trick invites her back into Tolkien’s Lair.

Doctor Lauren walks with The Ash through his atrium. He notes that their little succubus is quite persistent and tells Doctor Lauren that he knows she has been helping Bo with treatments. Doctor Lauren stutters over an explanation and The Ash gives her an out, saying he assumes she’s been getting close to Bo for the benefit of the Light Fae. Doctor Lauren lunges for the lifeline and says of course that’s her purpose and The Ash decides that they can now use that relationship. Doctor Lauren doesn’t look happy about that, but she doesn’t object either.

The Ash explains that the man Bo seeks is called Vex and he is a favorite of the Dark Fae. If Bo kills Vex, the Dark Fae will kill her and The Ash isn’t ready for that until he knows more about her. Doctor Lauren breathes a huge sigh of relief at that news and asks how she can help. The Ash will negotiate with The Morrigan and have Vex sent away. In the meantime, “you will keep Bo on a leash until he is gone,” he orders. Doctor Lauren wonders how she’s supposed to do that, she’s already tried to reason with Bo and nothing gets through to her.  “She a succubus,” he points out, his voice heavy with the you dummy subtext. “If you want to keep her alive, I’m sure you can find some way to distract her.” Doctor Lauren looks like that isn’t the best idea she’s heard all day, but not the worse one either. Bitch.

Trick leads Bo into his way back room and she’s notes that it looks like Antiques Road Show. She looks at a few pieces and notices a pendant that matches the one Doctor Lauren wears. Trick informs her that Doctor Lauren is ward of The Ash and wears his mark. “Because she works for him,” Bo clarifies, already knowing that’s not the answer. “Fae elders don’t employ humans,” Trick explains as though that’s the most ridiculous idea he’s ever heard. “They own them in return for their protection.” Bo isn’t happy to hear about more ownership, or the small fact that Doctor Lauren failed to mention any of that. This explains why Trick asked if Bo claimed Kenzi the first time she entered The Dal in Where There’s a Will There’s a Fae (before my debut as recapper) and then announced at large that she belonged to Bo.

She apologizes for bugging Trick with so many questions, and wishes there was a book to help her keep track of all the many kinds of fae. Of course, that’s when Trick thumps an ancient tome onto the coffee table behind her. She flips through the book, naming creatures and notes that she hasn’t heard of half of them. Trick says they wouldn’t be doing their job if she had. He flips to the page that describes the Morag.

Trick wonders what Bo feeds on as a succubus. Bo: “Nicotine and wishful thinking?” She explains that she feeds on chi or whatever he wants to call the human life force. Trick explains that it’s the nature of fae to feed on the humans in some way like blood, energy, or emotions. The Morag feeds on rage. Bo angered someone and they sent a Morag after her because of it. Bo wonders what she does if they send more of them after her. Trick: “You’re your own weapon.” He insists a succubus has power but Bo interrupts him to say that’s not an option as she doesn’t like losing control like that. Trick leans over her, intent that she understands what he’s saying. I note that he has a tattoo on his inner forearm that looks like a Transformer emblem. “At some point it’s not about losing control. It’s about taking it.” That appeals to Bo as she has felt nothing but out of control from the moment she save Kenzi in that bar.

In the meantime…he passes her a wooden box. Inside is The Siracon, a weapon from the old times (is there any other?) that will hurt all fae and protect the bearer from corruption. Bo takes it out reverently – Ooh. Shiny – and as she slides her hand through the grip, some magical hijinks shake, rattle and roll until her hand is covered by a gauntlet that extends into in a double-bladed sword. Oh, it’s the Witchblade! I get it now. “Well whatever it is, I think it’s happy to see me,” says Bo. She asks what it’s made of. “Unicorn horn,” Trick answers, matter-of-fact. Bo laughs, but then realizes he’s serious. “Shit, really?” He nods. “I never know when to believe you.” Trick: “Probably better that way.”

At Hilton Hovel, Doctor Lauren wanders over to Bo who is standing in front of the couch pouring wine. She says she heard that Luanne dropped her appeal and thought that Bo wouldn’t want to be alone. For what it’s worth, Bo looks dressed for a date, not for mourning. Doctor Lauren wonders why Bo is taking this whole thing so personally when she barely knows Luanne. Bo says she and Luanne want the same thing. Before she knew she was fae, no matter how miserable she was she still had hope that she could someday live a normal human life. Doctor Lauren is surprised to hear Bo wants a normal life, the whole white-picket fence and kids thing. Bo admits she wants to know that it’s her choice to make, not there’s. Luanne made that choice and look at what the Dark Fae did to her for it. If Bo lets it go, if she doesn’t make them pay for what they did to Luanne, then what chance does she have of living a life of her own – and who would want to live it with her?

When Doctor Lauren fails to grab that obvious offer, Bo rises from the couch, determined to find whoever framed Luanne, but Doctor Lauren stops her and pulls Bo back down. She slowly leans in and kisses Bo, softly, sweetly, as the tentative strains of Clara Kleins’s Madman plays. “What are you doing?” Bo whispers. “I don’t know yet,” Doctor Lauren admits (I DO!). “Just let me.”

They kiss some more, getting into it, until Bo pulls back again and Doctor Lauren asks what’s wrong. Bo worries that she doesn’t want to hurt her and Doctor Lauren says the one thing guaranteed to hit Bo where it counts: “I trust you,” and they’re back to the races.

Bo and LaurenThe scene shifts to the bedroom where once again Bo is on top and it’s all gentle moans and deep kisses and it’s insipid and oh so bloody boring. And it’s not because there’s no blood and angst and anger, but because it’s so lacking in passion. Granted, gentle, sweet, sweet lovemaking has it’s time and place, but that doesn’t mean it should be without any fire at all and this bed is freezing over from its lack. I cannot stress enough the dichotomy between Bo making love to Doctor Lauren and Bo and Dyson tearing the walls down in the cold open, which is probably the point, but still. I’ll let you figure out which one I prefer…

Bo grabs Lauren’s necklaceDoctor Lauren rolls them so Bo is beneath her and as they come up for air, her pendant dangles between them. Bo grabs the mark, insisting that no one owns Doctor Lauren before she yanks it off and tosses it away. And the kissing and lovemaking continues. Look, I’m trying to be fair here and give as close to equal recap time to Bo and Doctor Lauren as I did to Bo and Dyson, whatever my personal feelings, but they just don’t do anything, which is probably due more to the censors than the characterization, but if the shoe fits…

We fade out of the scene and in on Bo zipping up her pants. All done there then, babe? She is such a guy! Doctor Lauren rouses and is alarmed to find Bo dressed and ready to rumble. She apologizes for waking Doctor Lauren with the most anemic peck I’ve ever seen anywhere, and admits that she can’t let the Luanne situation go. “There’s something I gotta take care of.”

“No,” Doctor Lauren insists in an unguarded moment. “No, you have to stay here,” and something of her desperation pings as off for Bo. She jokes that she didn’t peg Doctor Lauren for clingy but presses when she sees something is really wrong. Doctor Lauren begs her to let this go, “for me,” promising that she’s doing what she can, politically, and just needs a few more hours.

Starting to catch on, Bo wonders if that’s why Doctor Lauren is there with her, “you’re a diversion?” Guilty confirmation is all over Doctor Lauren’s face as she asks Bo to hear her out. “We have your best interests at heart,” she begins, all clinical and reasoning. “We?!” Bo repeats incredulous, her voice breaking as she begins to understand the depths of Doctor Lauren’s betrayal. “Who’s we?”

Lauren gets found outDoctor Lauren tries to calm her down, but Bo recoils and leaps up from the bed. “He you sent here?” she asks, yelling it again when Doctor Lauren asks to explain, until she finally cops to it, almost flippantly, with a few quick nods and a small smile and I want to reach through the screen and bitch slap her for that alone.

Bo stalks toward the door and Doctor Lauren scrambles from the bed, begging Bo to listen to her, that it’s not what she thinks. Bo spits that Doctor Lauren knows nothing about what she thinks and less of how she feels or she could never do something like this. Cluing in to the fact that she majorly screwed up here, Doctor Lauren swears she’s trying to protect Bo and yells that she hasn’t done anything wrong.

That’s enough to bring Bo back as she snarls “You are in my bed because he told you to be. Everything about that is wrong.”

She starts to leave again when a crying Doctor Lauren calls after her that it’s a suicide mission and that Vex is too strong for Bo. That’s the nail in her coffin as Bo realizes that Doctor Lauren has known the guy’s name and kept it from her. She demands to be told where he is, but in a rare show of backbone, Doctor Lauren denies her. As she exits, Doctor Lauren wonders where she’s going and Bo grits that she’s going to get answers. “I am through being nice.” Honey, if this whole episode has been you being nice, we should introduce you to some Care Bears, stat.

Noticing Doctor Lauren’s necklace on the floor, Bo picks it up. “Don’t forget your dog collar,” she spits, flinging the pendant back at Doctor Lauren who is totally falling apart now and I seriously do not give a good damn. Fortunately – FINALLY – neither does Bo.

She blazes into Meyer’s restaurant in a fury, knocking his goons out of her way with almost no effort. She calls in his debt, demanding on his blood honor that he give her what she wants – Vex’s location. He does it, warning her that it’s no favor he does her as he writes down the address. Vex is a favorite of the dark elders, the kind of trouble Bo doesn’t want. She snatches the paper from his hands and leaves.

Luanne is being strapped to the execution table. The scene shifts to Bo opening her weapons cabinet and arming up. A rubber bind is wrapped around Luanne’s ankle. Bo straps a dagger to her calf. Luanne is full on bound to the table and as the curtain rolls back to reveal the observation room, we see Trick in the back of the room. Bo carefully, reverently unveils The Siracon, sliding a sword into its sheath at her hip, and as she faces the camera, crossbow strapped to her back, her face is a stone mask of rage and death.

BoBo carefully enters an empty club and she looks a little like battle-bot Barbie, I’m not gonna lie. In the foreground, there’s a clear plastic stiletto with smears of blood lying near a pole, as if Cinderella danced for her supper before she lost her shoe.  There’s a soundtrack of thrash metal and the screams of women as a spotlight shines down on Bo. “Ladies and gentlemen!” announces a Cockney-accented male voice. “She’s classy! She’s lusty! Please welcome to the stage – Bo!!!!” She wonders if he’s going to show himself, and Vex, for it is he, remembers that they haven’t officially met, though he’s heard a lot about her. “You are a very confused little girl to care so much for the humans.” That’s what got Luanne killed. Bo tells him he’s actually the one who got Luanne killed and she’s there to make it right. She draws her dagger as he cackles, entertained, “I’ve got chills!” then wonders how she’s going to do that. Bo lunges forward, but Vex waves his arm and stops her in her tracks. “When you can’t even control your own weapon!” he finishes. Despite Bo’s considerable efforts, she can’t stop her own hand from turning the knife towards her and plunging into her side.

Dyson and Kenzi are shooting pool at The Dal and Dyson is cleaning up so well, Kenzi wonders if he’s cheating. “No,” he teases, “just genetically superior,” and it’s nice to see him smile and mean it. Kenzi says that is cheating as Doctor Lauren rushes up claiming she didn’t know where to go and that she’s made a huge mistake. Dyson looks down on her furious and yet resigned as though he’s been waiting for this moment for a long time. “What did you do?” he asks and Doctor Lauren explains that Bo has gone after a mesmer named Vex. “He’s too strong for her, Dyson.” He asks where to find them and she says “we” think he’s at a strip club. Dyson curls his lip at her before running after Bo, Kenzi on his heels. Doctor Lauren ducks her head miserably as she should.

Blood drops down Bo’s side from the dagger and she falls to her knees struggling to yank out the knife. Vex giggles and drops down from his balcony perch to offer Bo a drink from a nearby bottle. Bo snarls that he’s the first person she’s going to enjoy killing. Vex minces towards her and says how that’s extreme since she doesn’t even know him. Bo inches a hand around to her back where she’s hooked The Siracon. “You cut out Siegfried’s heart and forced Luanne to drown her own children.” Vex: “Well, nobody’s perfect.”

Bo yanks the dagger from her side and pulls out The Siracon, using it as brass knuckles in an upper cut that knocks Vex across the room. He, naturally, is laughing. “Uh oh,” she snarks. “Puppet cut her strings.” Vex gets a little less cheery when she draws The Siracon to its full length. “I didn’t know we were bringing toys – and that one’s cheating by the way.”

Bo decides she can live with that, but Vex warns her to be careful. “I know things about you and about your mother!” She lunges forward with The Siracon, ordering him to shut up through clenched teeth, and it begins to glow red hot against his skin. Vex giggles that it’s why he took so much time killing Siegfried who was holding out on Bo, but Vex has all the goodies now. “Then I suggest you share,” Bo orders and she draws The Siracon back for a final strike as Dyson and Kenzi run in.

Dyson calls her name, but Bo spits that Vex will tell her what he knows or she will cut it out of him. Seeing she means it, Dyson picks her up and throws her behind him, standing between her and Vex as he orders the mesmer to go. Vex dances up to them all cheeky and smug, “To be continued then,” and Dyson tosses him away shouting “I said go!” as Vex giggles and flees.

“What are you doing?!” Bo demands fighting Dyson’s hold. “Saving your ass!” he yells as she pushes after Vex with enough force to knock Dyson back. They struggle, with Bo sobbing “Let me go!” and Dyson shouting “No!” as Kenzi watches helplessly. He pins her against the bar. “If you kill him they won’t stop until you’re dead!”

“I don’t care,” Bo swears and lifts The Siracon so its tip glows red against Dyson’s throat. Dyson instinctively recoils, his head lifting as it did in the cold open when she kissed his neck and begged him to love her (OK, to have sex, but the subtext was absolutely about love.) As she presses the blade into his skin, Dyson stares down into Bo’s eyes. “I do,” he whispers, breathing heavily.  She searches his face, a pivotal moment, as he waits for her decision, for once not hiding all that he feels for her.

Kenzi protests. “Bo!” Bo looks at the blade she’s holding on Dyson, and finally, she begins to break, dialing back from rage to mere colossal pain and betrayal as she lowers the weapon, her chin trembling with unshed tears. Dyson wipes away the blood from where the blade pricked him.

“He was the only lead I had to her,” she tells him in broken words. Dyson: “He was lying to you Bo. I wish I could tell you there was some grand conspiracy, but there isn’t. Vex, Siegfried, Luanne. They didn’t know anything about your mother.  Nobody does.”

He walks away. “Somebody knows!” Bo yells after him, battling back tears. Kenzi comes to her side. “Let’s go home.”

At the morgue, Luanne fights her way out of a body bag, gasping for air as she sits upright on the gurney. Trick sidles into the room and she gapes at him, utterly gobsmacked to be alive and equally shocked to find him to be behind it. “We need to talk,” Trick says with great portent.

Dun dun DUN!!!

Bo Feels BetrayedMy thoughts: Wow. WOW. Now THAT’S what I call a game-changing episode! Entwined A and B stories focused solely on Bo’s journey. Lots of great organic callbacks to the seven previously aired episodes, exploration both of the fae world and its politics plus the consequences of going against fae rules, rich character risks and consequences in the Dyson/Bo/Doctor Lauren triangle with forward motion both sexually and emotionally, tasty hints of Dyson and Trick back stories and what they may have given up to get where they are now, and a whole lotta focus on Bo’s mother and history and just who might know what about it. They fed us enough info to keep us happy with enough dangling plot points to keep us tuning in. As episode 8, this is a little bit past the halfway mark in the season but beautifully sets us up for the remaining five episodes of the season. I, for one, cannot wait.

New Fae Terms:

Mesmer: n. A type of fae who can mesmerize others, human and fae alike, to do his/her bidding. Usually dark fae and favored by the dark fae elders. Seriously scary hygiene. Tends to think highly of themselves.

Origin: unknown

Morragh: n. A lake monster. Underfae who feeds of the rage of humans and fae. Poor oral hygiene and hair care. Used as an assassin.

Origin: Scottish

The Siracon: n. obj. A double-bladed weapon from the old times that can harm all fae. It retracts into a roped grip until activated by the bearer. Tip glows red hot against the skin. Ownership is restricted.

A Ward: n. A human who is owed by a fae. Wards wear the symbols of their fae masters, ostensively to protect them whilst they’re in the fae world.

Best Lines of the Night:

With little Kenzi and no Hale, this was not a quip-heavy episode. The few worth mentioning have already been so.

Next Week: Fae Day


Kiersten Hallie Krum writes smart, sharp & sexy romantic suspense. Find her snarking her way across social media as @kierstenkrum and on her web site and blog at www.kierstenkrum.com.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
That opener was hot, hot, hot!

My roommate and I agreed last night that this was arguably the best episode yet (though my favorite scenes of all are still the Dyson and Kenzi ones in "Food for Thought"), and I actually kind of regret that it didn't get to be the pilot episode it was meant to be.

I like Kenzi's real hair! And I liked the shorter hair Bo sported in some scenes.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
2. Kiersten
Man, that cold open. Strewth. I've got Sour Cherry as my ringtone right now...

Definitely my favorite episode yet too! (That "Food for Thought" scene is fabu, though). Looking on it as a pilot episode, I really like the fact that they didn't front end it with a lot of the exposition we got it the actual first episode. Be in medias rex as it were from the get go charged it up. I also heard it described as the ep made to sell it to the network, which technically is a pilot, but I can see them wanting to show the network how extreme they were prepared to go once the season got its legs under it making it, ergo, only technically a pilot. I dunno. I've clearly thought way to much about it. ;-)
3. KrisQ
Wow. That was long... and detailed. And HOT. And it would have been perfect and my go to place for Lost Girl recaps if you weren't so biased towards Bo/Dyson. I understand you are not writing for NY Times, but Lauren and Bo/Lauren fans actually - surprisingly for some - constitute the majority of the shows fanbase so the least I expect is some objectivity when it comes to recaps and reviews.

It was still a decent read. "Vexed" is the show's best episode to date (and I'm Canadian, so having seen most of season 2, that is saying a lot).
Kiersten Hallie Krum
4. Kiersten
Hey KrisQ - welcome! Yeah, I definitely got a little carried away, but I've been waiting to recap this episode for weeks, so I was a tad excited.

I am well aware that there are plenty of Laren/Bo fans out there and actually, I applaud them. It doesn't at all surprise me that they make up the majority of the fan base. One of the things that makes Lost Girl such an intriguing show is its f/f/m triangle and that it treats each relationship as naturally and organically as the other. And that's one of the great things about a good genre show, IMO - something for everyone and true devotion from fans for those characters they love best.

Though I haven't seen S2 yet, I'm aware that Doctor Lauren gets a lot more depth and shading and I'm sure that makes her a more sympathetic character. I look forward to having my opinion altered to that end. In the meantime, I'll do my best to be a little more balanced when the opportunities arise...though totally objectivity may be a bit beyond me. ;-)

I really hope you return to join our conversation - (respectful) diverse opinions always enrich the discussion. Thanks so much for leaving such a great comment.
5. ChelseaMueller
That opening.

OMG, that opening.

Hot is right. Also, Dyson booty.

*fans self*
M Plum
7. MPlum
@Kiersten – You know I love your recaps. I do I do. And as thorough as this one was (and boy howdy it was), it simply cannot do justice to the first three minutes of this episode which goes down in history as the hottest three minutes I’ve ever seen – on TV or otherwise. I am not saying you did not do an awesome job… you REALLY really did. It was great to read (I’m still on the first 3 minutes here) and had I not already seen the clip, I would have been anxious to do so just off your recap. I just can’t get past how bloody freakin’ hot the scene itself was! I definitely know what the hushed and reverent tones were about now. Heads-up… I immediately went to Amazon.com and bought Sour Cherry by The Kills.
So, where to begin! Our beautiful long legged Dyson, barefoot, shirtless and oozing more than a little sex appeal dancing around the heavy bag showing it who’s boss. The man has dents and curves in all the right places. His long slow stroll across the warehouse gave us a great reverse peep show. I have to say – when he opens the door and says he’s BUSY, my jaw hit the floor. Mostly because everything we’ve seen to date indicates that her blood and pain tends to have a more galvanizing effect on him. But that VERY thing, the lack of “omg honey come here and let me feed you” attitude was everything that made the following 90 seconds as insanely hot as it was. He was so angry with her! So pissed that he couldn’t turn her down, wouldn’t ever turn her down.
All the teeth baring and growling and rippling back muscles set to that hard driving beat .. my head is starting to buzz a little even as I type this! By the third time I watched that first 4 minutes (no judging!) I finally got around to realizing that this scene was being shown on Television…. and not HBO or Skinimax. It is actually funny how sexy and down-right dirty the scene is with literally only 2 seconds of actual nudity. I thought the part where she basically is defibrillating Dyson (1stshot – when he bares his teeth and his shoulders raise a little, 2ndshot – he bares his teeth and raises to his elbows, 3rdshot – he sits upright and starts to realize that she’s really going to kill him this time if he doesn’t stop her) was crazy cool…. Ccrraaazzy cool.
Carmen Pinzon
8. bungluna
I have to figure out a way to watch that opening scene in slow mo while reading your description. Outstanding!

I figure that Kenzie has plenty of connections that keep her supplied with stuff that's fallen from the back of trucks somewhere.

As for Dr. Laura, I find her a wet rag. Maybe when they reveal her back story I'll change my mind, but for now she's too wishy washy for my taste.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
9. Kiersten
@MPlum - I'll be right back after I down this bottle of water...I know - I KNOW!! I honestly wondered if they'd trim it for the U.S. airing and was really glad to see they didn't. At one point when I was editing the recap, I realized it sounded like I was recapping Cinemax, but most of the time Bo/Dyson were still dressed and it was absolutely hotter and more emotionally charge than anything I've ever seen on pay cable.

It's really good piece of very careful filming. This was actually the scene that Silk and KHR auditioned together with and from the start he was tossing her around like that, which I think speaks again to the trust and the chemistry those 2 actors have together that makes them so dynamic.

I love th head jerk he makes during that long slow walk. It's the little things...
Oh man, when he turns her down - such a snit! - and yet...
By the third time I watched that first 4 minutes (no judging!)...
Honey, 4 is barely tipping the iceberg compared to how many times I've watched that 3:25.
I immediately went to Amazon.com and bought Sour Cherry by The Kills.
Ditto, w/itunes. It's now my ringtone...
M Plum
10. MPlum
Can we discuss the continuity issues with this episode just a bit? Your recap provided me with some great ways to do a little rationalizing about her hair and makeup but it seemed to me that they were intercutting new footage with the original footage. My understanding (please correct me if I’m wrong) is that episode 8 is what was shown to the producers to get the entire season green lit which means it was filmed first. Several interviews seem to indicate this as well. So, when her hair is shorter and layered (I LOVE IT) and her makeup is understated – that seems to be all the old stuff. And all throughout the episode Bo’s hair and makeup goes from shorter/lighter to longer/heavier to the point where it was actually distracting for me.

I personally think there still should have been some kind of energy transfer / electric blue eyes happening during the sex scene rather than her just getting possessed err um (wrong show), going all black eyed. I clutched at your explanation that it was basically raw Fae power because the change in mythology was so jarring that I desperately wanted something to help me rationalize the difference.

Keep in mind that these are minor and, in the grand scheme of things, inconsequential issues in an otherwise stellar episode chock full of all the things we love (naked Dyson, angst, naked Bo, angst, character development, naked Dyson).
M Plum
11. MPlum
Heads up Kiersten - I just realized you replied to MPlum.. In case its not obvious - I'm usually logged in under Plumco.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
14. Kiersten
@bungluna - Um, I did the slow mo last night...
Pause the DVR (if you have it) and hit FF while its paused and that should create a slo mo.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
15. Kiersten

Technically, I think that they 1st went with the black eyes
for when she's draining power and then transitioned into the blue Thematically/characterization-wise, I'm going with the fact that she'd gone so deep into her power that she went beyond blue into black.

As for the hair, digging the layered/shorter bits. But I'm not letting it distract me too much. I'd rather go (again) with it being linked to all that's going on in the episode. I like how she stripped down (heh) a little more. When you're consistently getting the crap knocked out of you (3 times this episode!), not to mention the emotional upheaval, it's hard to care about your makeup. Honestly, you deliver this level of richness in character and emotional journeys, and I'll find an excuse for just about any technical things that are a little wonky
M Plum
16. MPlum
I think it’s the fact that the transitions between hair and makeup were occurring where no transitions should be. She leaves Lauren in bed with Long hair and dark eyes and shows up at the restaurant with shorter hair and very little eyeliner. Again – it seems petty to pick on this part (especially considering that you are correct… why is our vampire not a pile of dust) and maybe its because I really like the shorter hair.

On the Bo/Dr. Lauren front – there were several times in the episode that I thought Dr. Lauren was actually as human and appealing as we’ve ever seen her. In particular – when she rushes in to the Dal and tells Dyson that she messed up. That whole scene – right down to the lip curl that Dyson gives her – was a great humanizing piece for her in my eyes. Right after she betrayed Bo (whether she sees it that way or not), when she is crying that she didn’t do anything wrong, I actually felt a little sympathetic toward her (no worries – I’m hoping it is just a rare, well timed incident LOL).

All of Lauren’s scenes had that same hair/makeup continuity issues that Bo’s did. Dyson is just Dyson so he’s insanely hot no matter what and Kenzie is a chameleon so it would be hard to judge if she was flipping back and forth but Lauren’s hair goes from golden blond in the early episodes to almost ash blond in this one and then back and forth.

My thoughts on the Bo/Lauren sex scene …. (Quick side note – how are they ever going to top this episode in terms of sex and character development is beyond me. I think I’m ruined for lfe) …. I seriously have no issues at all with the bisexual nature of Bo. Bo is just all sex and that’s what she’s supposed to be. That said – I don’t think I’ve seen two women kiss more awkwardly in my life. This has nothing to do with me being full on team Dyson. Bo and Lauren just seemed…. Awkward (there is no other word for it). The “anemic” peck you comment on was the most realistic part! However, I actually liked that entire scene in terms of what it did for the characters. Anna Silk did an amazing job when Bo asks Lauren if she was sent there as a diversion. The way the tears spring up when Bo realizes the extent of the betrayal was just incredibly well done. You really feel how panicky and ill at ease Lauren seems when she tells Bo that she has to stay (how very girly!).

I had to watch the whole Sigfried/garbage disposal scene through my fingers. As soon as Vex made him pick up the knife, I cringed. When it got dropped in the garbage disposal I made a silent plea to just skip this part and move to his mangled body. I couldn't fast forward (the first time at least) in case Vex said something that I needed to know but I was very ready for that whole scene to be done. EWWWW.

I was both fascinated and depressed by the scene with Bo and Dyson where he tells her to "ask nicely". The look in his eyes is so bitter (?), pissy (?), domineering (?). Not to say Bo didn't deserve to be told to make nice instead of demanding everything all the time but my heart squeezed up a little at how ugly that little scene was. You can tell he's still pissed at her - big time.
M Plum
17. MPlum
Sorry to do all these at once! I get caught up in the action and start typing before I forget my "talking points" (as my boss calls them). I haven't been this obsessed about anything since Avatar (and yeah, I was one of THOSE people who saw it 30 times in the theater and went back another 5 times to see the extra 9 minutes).

As hot and seared into my brain as the first scene of the episode is (and can I say, once again – HOLY FREAKIN’ HELL was that hot), it’s the scene near the end, in the strip club, that turned this into my favorite episode to date. When Bo puts the Blade to Dyson’s neck and tells him she doesn’t care if they hunt her until she’s dead and he very quietly says “I Do”, the emotional impact was HUGE for me. His eyes open up to her so much. You can see the internal struggle he fights every minute against caring for her and he just lays it out, plain as day, for her to see. The line of blood dripping down the blade was so telling. I think he could easily have moved away from harm but his just stands there, heart metaphorically bleeding for her, showing her that she is important to him even as she hurts him.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
18. Kiersten
@MPlum/plumco - if you fixate on the hair/make up continuity, you're going to go batty in upcoming episodes esp w/Kenzi. Half the time, I can't figure if its morning or night/same day or new day and most of that time, I don't care. ;-)

I loved, loved, loved that moment in the club, loved how it called back to then end of Arachnofaebia when Bo snits that at least Lauren cares and asks if he can say the same and Dyson lays down the "fine. don't come to me for healing" law instead. They have definitely turned a cornere here. I agree that he could've totally moved away but chose not to and let her see how much he trusted her and cared for her. Great, great stuff.
M Plum
19. MPlum
@Kiersten - LOL I promise not to obsess about hair and makeup continuity going forward. Seriously, I think its because I REALLY like her hair a little shorter... and down (we never get to see it down).

This was a great episode. It was everything that everyone hinted at and then some. I don't think I'll ever look at my characters the same way again.
Carmen Pinzon
20. bungluna
@Kiersten - thanks for the tip. I tried it out and it didn't quite work, though I had fun pausing all my favorite bits.

I'm getting a nasty feeling that Bo and Dyson's relationship is being set up for a nasty fall. That's what I like about novels, they come to an end and I can be happy with my HEA. I guess series have to continue, sigh.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
21. Kiersten
@bungluna - Ah, the pause button. Such a good friend.

That's what always bugged me about Whedon shows (I love you, Joss!). I'm a romance writer/reader. I dig me some angst but then I like to see people/couples be happy together eventually- and stay that way. Throw in more conflict, by all means, so that the relationship and the characters (and the show!) can grow, but once together keep 'em together. Stop dickin' around with my poor Polish heart!

Unfortunately, as deliciously romance-heavy as Lost Girl is, it's essentially urban fantasy paranormal and ergo, I think, not guaranteed to prioritize the relationships. I guess we'll have to hang in there and see...(although if they wind up killing Dyson, all bets are off!) ;-)

(NO SPOILERS from the Great White North BTW, 'kay?! Thanks.)
Carmen Pinzon
22. bungluna
Bo and Kenzie are worth the price of admision by themselves. However, Dyson is an integral part of the aesthetics of this show; without him, (and his chest!) it wouldn't be quite as delicious.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
23. Kiersten
@bungluna I totally agree. I'm encouraged by fact that those 3 are the "leads" in the (initial) credits and promo but that probably me hanging onto crumbs. Either way, we love 'em!
24. ChelseaMueller
I'm apparently the only one who didn't like Kenzi's hair in this episode. At all. Her general wittiness made me let it go, but really?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
25. Kiersten
@ChelseaMueller - it's a weird thing as that's Ksenia Solo's natural look. I think we're so used to her having the straight black hair and then the wigs, that the blonde & curly was odd. I know when I started watching the show, I knew the black wasn't natural look but couldnt tell if dyed or a wig and for a while I was doing a head tilt every time it changed. They definitely have created a great if fluid look for Kenzi.
Carolyn Gage
26. cggirl
Hi Kiersten,
Just watched Monday's show, thanks to my goofy schedule, and all I can say is WOW!! You were right when you forewarned us a couple weeks ago. You have commented a plenty on all major points, so I won't rehash. Awesome opening scene...loved the song too. Thanks, by the way, for the song title mention. Bo looked great. I thought she was looking a little tan, even. I will eat some crow and admit the kiss between Bo and Dr. L looked very ackward...no sparks there, I'm afraid. That whole bedroom scene made me feel very bad for Bo. Will she find love? Will she find her mom?? Will Kenzi do something useful with that katana???
Kiersten Hallie Krum
27. Kiersten
cggirl - "Will she find love? Will she find her mom?? Will Kenzi do something useful with that katana???" Snort. In the end it's all about the sword, right?

So glad you enjoyed the episode!! Chemistry - in the end, you really can't fake it. The most positive thing I can say about the Bo/Doctor Lauren love scene is that it does show how a relationship where Bo is the uncontested alpha can offer her some attractive things not available in a more high-voltage relationship with another alpha like, say, Dyson. Doctor Lauren is a human in a fae world, so she's basically anyone's meat. Now we know she's owned by The Ash and is capable of betraying someone she really cares about because he orders it, whether she likes it or not. Gotta be something big behind that. But then here comes this succubus who's also fae and alpha but since Bo was raised by humans, she doesn't look at Doctor Lauren as a lower species. That's gotta be quite intoxicating for the doc. So I can see the appeal of the relationship to both parties, but in the end, I think, the power and character imbalance between them on several fronts is too much for long term. Plus, there's the wolf boy... ;-)

Something I find telling is that when it's Bo and Kenzi and Dyson together, they are a tight unit. Each pairing and the trio together are bonded and those bonds are strong. But when its Bo and Kenzi and Doctor Lauren, it's very much Bo and Kenzi and Bo and Doctor Lauren; there's no affection and very little friendship/camraderie between Kenzi and Doctor Lauren. Without Bo, there'd be nothing at all between them. Without Bo, Dyson and Kenzi find their own way together because they've passed the point where they're dependent on Bo's relationship with Dyson to have one with one another. Though, Kenzi will always pick Bo's side over Dyson, because that's what best friends do.
Nicole Leapheart
28. BoxyFrown
Ahhhh I love this show. I love the recaps. That is all.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
29. Kiersten
@BoxyFrown - and I love you for saying that!! (Psst. Check's in the mail)
30. Sidney Lockaby
Someone posted on my sister's (K Robins Symbolic Jewelry)FB page about this show. The pendant is her Radiance design. Do you have any idea about the history of how it got to the show? Thanks for any information.
Linda Losik
32. LindaL
A few thoughts on this episode: we all needed the credits after the opening scene just to catch our combined breathes. I think that I stop breathing at some point, still cannot decide when. But I do know that after the first few seconds of the credits, I was really breathing. Especially after the next scene with Lauren; Lord love a Duck, most women pretend more passion with their soon to be Exs than this! I really felt like yawning. And I think this is why I really don’t trust Lauren, the betrayal of Bo this way was just unconscionable. Kenzi has not forgotten or forgiven this betrayal.

After Siegfried’s death, I am sorry afraid that I will never listen to Carmen in the same way and was totally fascinated by Vex from the get go…
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