Mar 27 2012 11:52am

Lost Girl Episode 11: Succubus on a Mission

Dyson being tortured in Lost Girl episode 11, Faetal JusticeCan’t get enough of SyFy’s new show Lost Girl? Neither can we, so we’ve begun a weekly recap. Don’t miss any of Kiersten Krum’s episode reviews: episode 4episode 5episode 6episode 7episode 8, episode 9, and episode 10.

And now, on to the recap of episode 11, “Faetal Justice"...


We open on a Goth club scene. There’s a skull tapestry decorating the back wall. Smoke fills the room, pierced by the flashing neon floodlights. The camera pans back from a woman doing acrobatics in a spinning metal circle that dangles from the ceiling. Apparently, Cirque du Soleil now does the club scene. Hey, if they’re gonna play The Oscars…

Dyson is in Vex’s club. That sentence alone instantly confirms this episode is going to kick ass 12 ways to Sunday. He is “interviewing” a burly black man who is wearing a red cap and it is not going well. “You’re in the wrong place,” Red Cap snarls, “and you’re making the wrong conversation.” He turns away but Dyson grabs his bulky arm. “I’m not done with you,” Dyson growls, and the wolf seems unusually close to the surface, especially for someone as emotionally restrained as Dyson. Looks like somebody is out swinging his big, manly night stick all over the place. Red Cap reminds Dyson of how it ended the last time they danced. “Do you think it’s going to turn out any better if we play again?”

Dyson grabs the back of Red Cap’s neck and wolfs out a bit with the fangs and the golden eyes and what I can only guess by Red Cap’s expression is fairly noisome breath. “This time, you won’t even see it coming!” As he tosses Red Cap aside, Vex dances between them and is all–well –Vex. “Imagine, a light fae lawman coming into a club owned by the dark and issuing threats? I can make you do some very bad things to yourself and no one would fault me.” Dyson reminds Vex he can’t control an animal. “I’d have your throat out before your first thought.” Vex points out the club full of witnesses and Dyson dares Vex to try him. Vex suggests Dyson leave nonetheless and with a last posturing “thanks for the drink” sneer, he does.

At Hilton Hovel, (drink!), Bo and Kenzi are cooking, sort of, adding chili powder and ground cumin to a pot on a hotplate. Bo mentions that she didn’t know Kenzi could cook. Kenzi reveals she spent a whole month running a con as a high-society caterer, which Bo also didn’t know. Kenzi: “Sometimes we know the least about the peeps that are closest to you. It’s like so sad.” Bo: “Thank you, Dr. Kenzi.” Bo wonders playfully what deep, dark secrets Dyson’s is hiding. So do we all, sweetie. Kenzi, mixing the pot: “Now that is a diary I would kill to get my hands on.” Bo: “Knowing him, you probably would have to.” They decide the soup or whatever is ready and take a moment of truth taste. Revolted, they instantly spit it back into the pot and grab their wine glasses. Kenzi hysterically swishes the wine like mouthwash before swallowing. Must have been some con. “All right. Grilled cheese it is!” I could love these ladies for that alone.

Red Cap is exiting Vex’s club, which is fantastically named Carpe Noctem. In the shadows, a wolf with golden eyes watches him and growls. Red Cap immediately goes on the defensive, pulling a pair of knifes from their hidden sheaths as he backs into an alley. We hear growling and are suddenly in the perspective of the rapidly-advancing attacker. Red Cap goes down beneath it, screaming as blood splatters the alley wall.


In the alley, Dyson is waking up slowly, shirtless, furry face and mildly furry chest covered in blood, and—wait a second—OK, I’m back. Sorry. Needed to splash some water on my face. Already, I sense this is going to be a very wet episode—not like that!

Dyson is sporting a monster headache and, grossly, is lying in a heap of trash. He studies himself, clearly confused, and slowly looks down to see Red Cap dead at his feet. Ruh roh. With a shout, he leaps into a crouch and growls (probably my favorite CGI in this show, along with the golden wolf eyes and Bo’s glowing blue eyes of power), as he contemplates the kill.

At the Dal (drink!), Bo picks Trick’s brain about Dyson. “After Spain, where did Dyson live?” Trick thinks back and says Dyson spent 50 years in Iceland and when Bo clarifies that he was always a cop, Trick corrects her: not always. “What’s with all the questions all of a sudden??” Kenzi explains that Bo’s suddenly obsessed with learning all of Dyson’s deep, dark secrets. “Just hope she doesn’t get into yours, Trickster,” she teases and there’s this lovely little silent moment between Trick and Kenzi that totally sums up all they went through and discovered about each other in last week’s “The Mourning After.” Bo, oblivious as usual to anything not directly concerning her until it hits her over the head: “You can’t blame me for being curious about a guy I’m involved with.” Oh yeah? Whatever happened to being in limbo and taking it slow, hmmm? Trick warns her that curiosity killing the cat is more than just an empty saying. Yeah, but this is a wolf issue, so no worries.

Speaking of the wolf…before Trick can elaborate, something behind the girl’s back catches his eye, and it is not good. The women turn around to see Dyson swaying on his feet, still bloody and half naked, pants low on his hips. Really low. We’re talking Adonis belt low. Splash. Oh good grief, lemme just go get a bowl full.

It has to be said—Wow. Thank you, KH-R. No, really. Thank you.

The women rush over to him: “D-man, you’re bleeding,” Kenzi exclaims. He assures them he’s OK and Bo grabs hold of him to find out for herself. He sways briefly, exhausted, almost like he ran the whole way (he probably did), and it’s clear he’s on his last legs. “Sanctuary,” he calls to Trick, still behind the bar. “I ask for sanctuary.” Trick immediately clears the bar, with the announcement that sanctuary has been invoked (in case they didn’t hear Dyson shout it twice), and everyone scurries out like a New York Mega Millions advert.

Bo wonders what kind of trouble Dyson is in and he says he doesn’t know. She worries that he’s hurt but Dyson assures her that the blood isn’t his. “It’s a psycho named Ba’al. Dark fae.” Kenzi: “Guess he’ll think twice about messing with the Dyson.” Dyson gravely informs them that Ba’al is dead and they all pause to consider the massive shit storm that’s about to come down on all their heads. Into this comes the delayed ring of a cell phone and Dyson pulls his mobile from his back pants pocket. Hang on. He supposedly wolfed out and kill Ba’al, but woke up not only (sadly) dressed again in his pants, (which we know come off for wolfing out from Kenzi’s delicious commentary on the process in Oh Kappa, My Kappa) but with his phone intact too?! Say it with me: whatever.

Hale! Hale is on the phone, calling from the cop shop. He warns there are a lot of people looking for Dyson. “We got a dark fae who looks like he was a chew toy for a wolf.” Three witnesses saw Dyson threaten Red Cap an hour before his death. Dyson tells Hale he’s being set up. Hale wonders what the hell Dyson was doing at Carpe Noctem in the first place. Dyson exclaims he doesn’t know. “I don’t remember anything after I quit work yesterday!” The Ash wants Dyson to turn himself in pronto. Dyson tells Hale he has to stall for him and when Hale wonders what Dyson is going to do, Dyson admits he doesn’t know and hangs up.

Trick in Lost GirlTrick immediately says Dyson absolutely cannot turn himself it to The Ash. “First thing he’ll do is turn you over to the dark.” Bo wonders what happened to due process. Trick: “You still have a lot to learn about the way our world works.” Bo thinks sometimes she’d like to forget about the fae world.

Intent, she grabs Dyson by neck and shoulder again. “Look, you tell me what you know and I will find out who set you up.” Dyson, softly: “I don’t want you anywhere near this, Bo.” Kenzi, the one who sees all, calls him on his shit. “Hey, macho man. You’ve saved our lives like a million times. We owe you.”

Dyson explains it’s not about that. He looks at Bo and puts himself right in her crosshairs, because this isn’t the time to pussyfoot around the crap that still lies between them. “This Ba’al. He’s one of Vex’s guys.” Bo: “I thought Vex was gone.” Dyson pauses then admits a little guiltily, “Well, he came back a few weeks ago.” Bo: “And you didn’t think that was important to tell me?!”

For a quick second, Dyson’s face is an epic. Yeah he knew and he wanted to protect her, and he was afraid she’d go off half cocked again, and he really didn’t want her to get hurt, not even just by knowing Vex was back. It’s totally asshat, alphahole behavior, but it came out of his love for her. Doctor Lauren did much the same thing for similar reasons back in “Vexed”, yes, but she did it under The Ash’s orders and then she used the most intimate thing between her and Bo to get Bo to heel for the light fae. Whole different ball of wax there.

Trick interrupts all this subtext to agree that Bo is their best bet for finding out what happened. Bo suggests she and Hale can pool resources. “Don’t put yourself in Vex’s way,” Dyson entreats. “There’s nothing he would love more than another chance to get at you.” Bo insists that she’s not going to do anything stupid. “Yeah,” Kenzi inserts, “and I’ll be there to make sure of it.” Dyson, snarky: “Oh yeah? And who’s gonna make sure you don’t do anything stupid?”

“You know, for a guy who needs our help,” Bo points out, “you’re making this really tough.” She is so worried about him, her voice almost cracks. She needs to go and do something, anything, even confront her greatest enemy to date in order to help Dyson. Man, I love these two together.

Dyson looks at them each in turn, Kenzi, the Goth Chick who’s wormed her way into his heart, Trick, probably his oldest friend who knows his darkest secrets, and finally Bo, literally the love of his life. This is their unit (not like that!), their core. Whatever crap is going on between them, when the shit hits the fan, this is their center. And right now, he needs them more than anything. “Thanks,” Dyson finally allows.

Bo turns to Trick. “Since I’m going into Vex’s living room, I should probably be packing. Can I borrow that siracon again?” Trick explains, with apology, that it’s a restricted weapon and when The Ash learned he’d leant it to Bo to use against Vex, “I got a visit. It’s been confiscated.” I’m shocked to hear she returned it in the first place.

“Fantastic,” Bo sighs. “Well, I guess we’ll have to do this the old-fashioned way.” With tea and cucumber sandwiches? Kenzi links her hands beneath her chin. “We’re going to get our asses kicked, aren’t we?” Bo sighs and rolls her eyes, but yeah, that’s pretty much what they’re looking at. Kenzi is wearing a choker that is fastened in front by a luggage lock complete with dangling dual keys. I really, really like it. The package stuffing she’s wearing on the back of her head though, not so much.

As she turns to leave, Dyson grabs her arm to stop her. “Bo,” he begins, but she immediately reassures him that she’s going to be fine. “I promise.”  Dyson: “You’d better be.” It is killing him to let her go out there and put herself in danger on his behalf, particularly as he can’t protect her himself.

The women leave and Dyson and Trick exchange speaking looks. Trick: “Let’s get you cleaned up.” NOOOOOOOO!! Looking after Bo, Dyson clenches his jaw and does that frustrated man neck jerk before following in Trick’s wake.

Keniz in Lost Girl episode 11Bo and Kenzi enter the cop shop and Hale is decidedly not glad to see them. “Oh, you’re all this circus needs right now.” Bo wonders if that means he’s happy to see them. “It means our boy would be better off if people didn’t start rootin’ around where they don’t belong.” Bo says he should tell her what he knows and she’ll do a lot less damage that if she’s out there flailing around blind Kenzi: “Trust me. I’ve seen her flail.” Snort. Bo reminds Hale that they can go into dark fae territory where he cannot. “We might be the only ones who can help Dyson.” Reluctantly, Hale agrees to give them what he’s got.

The Morrigan has already sent over the evidence and Doctor Lauren is already examining it all. The security feed shows the three people who heard Dyson threatened Ba’al: the bartender, a club girl named Portia, and Vex. Hale: “You already had the pleasure.” Kenzi: “Yeah and the pleasure just about killed her.” Hale observes that even so, Bo still wants to go chasing after him? “You’re crazier than I thought.” Bo takes that as a compliment, and I don’t blame her. It takes a lot of work to be functionally crazy. Trust me.

The women begin to leave by Hale calls them back, warning them that “they” know he and Dyson are tight and thus are watching Hale closely, but he’ll help in any way he can. “Tell Dyson I still got his back.” Bo smiles. “He knows.”

At Carpe Noctem, Bo and Kenzi approach the bartender witness and order “a pair of black orgasms and some conversation,” as Bo subtly slides a bill across the bar, all Sam Spade like. Kenzi: “You are totally rocking the PI right now!” The bartender tells them tonight is they’re lucky night as he can give them both and posits that this is about that fae cop that killed Ba’al. Bo wonders why he’s so sure this cop killed this Ba’al. Bartender thinks it’s pretty obvious and points out where Dyson and Ba’al were standing nearby arguing when Dyson said something about the last time they’d met and that Ba’al wouldn’t see it coming next time.

Enter Vex: “Lookee, lookee, lookee, loo! Look who’s come out clubbing! The unaligned love machine.” Bo immediately heats up, and not in a good way. “Love isn’t the first thing I think of when I see you!” Vex can’t believe that Bo is still carrying a grudge from their last meeting as though making Bo shove a knife into herself happened over cocktails. Actually, it kinda did on Vex’s part. Kenzi: “A girl doesn’t usually forget somebody trying to make her kill herself.” Vex: “Oh yeah, right. Bad move. I’ll make her kill you next time.” I admit, I am amused. Kenzi doesn’t usually go up against someone who can meet her toe to toe with the snark. I think Vex might even be out of her league.

Speaking of killing…Vex claims Dyson offed a good friend of his and Kenzi snits that they hear his “dear friend” was a real psycho. Bo, for her part, is glaring daggers at the mesmer. Vex: “Yeah, well it’s not nice to speak ill of the dead!” He wonders if Dyson has updated them yet on his personal history with Ba’al before last night. “If I was a police officer, I might call that motive.” Bo asks after the missing third witness, Portia, and wonders what she saw. Vex, gleeful: “She saw what we all saw: Dyson arguing with poor, poor Ba’al—and then killing him, apparently!” Bo demands he tell them where they can find Portia. “Oh come on,” he scoffs, “I’m not going to do your work for you!” He invites them to knock themselves out searching the club. “One more killer just adds to the excitement!” Kenzi immediately rises to Bo’s defense, but Vex scoffs at them both. “Oh come on! We should compare scores sometime. We don’t have to be enemies. I can be very friendly.” Bo: “Just as I think you’re as creepy as you can be, there you go getting creepier.”

She tries to stalk away but he stops her: “I’m serious about having you here. Look at all of the human pretties. Like a succubus buffet. You could have whoever you want, be as strong as you want. No hassle. No guilt.” Bo snits that she’ll keep that in mind and yanks free. Kenzi smacks Vex backwards and he giggles maniacally.

The ladies contemplate the club at large as Kenzi physically shakes off the Vex encounter. “Great, now all we have to do is find a girl dress in black in a Goth club.” Needle, have you met haystack? Kenzi notes that that’s pretty much everybody, “Including me in a pigeon-hole me and die sort of way.” She tells Bo not to worry, she will sniff out Portia. Bo wonders if Kenzi is OK with this. “It’s Friday night! Where better to be than a deadly, dark fae dance club?” Oh, like anywhere, and by the look on their faces, that’s pretty much what Bo and Kenzi think too. They nod reassuringly to each other and as Bo leaves, Kenzi swats her companionably on the ass.

At the Dal (drink!) Dyson is still shirtless (THANK YOU!) but Bo is handing him some clothes (DAMMIT!), adding that she grabbed the first thing she found in his closet. Hmmmmm. Dyson, trying to lighten the mood: “Anything without blood on it is the style of the day.” He turns to lay the clothes on the bar and we get a loverly shot of his admirable back and hot tattoo alert! Bo, too, notices the tattoo, as you do, so detailed and blue, and we all whoo hoo.

All right, I’m woman enough to admit I paused the screen here and studied that damn thing with intent, some might even say fell intent, and I cannot figure out how that is contrived out of English as reported. So, huzzah KH-R for mad design skillz, cause that tattoo is a thing of beauty, no question [ed.: Actor Kris Holden-Ried really does have that tattoo in real life.]

Bo traces her hand down the tattoo. SPLASH. She notes that she’s never asked him about it before and wonders what it means. Dyson: “Souvenirs of battles I’ve been in. Lords I’ve had fealty to.” Bo wonders what language it’s in and Dyson calls it lycanthrope, a language wolf shifters both dark and light have used for millennium. Tragically, Dyson is putting on the shirt Bo brought him while they’re having this conversation. “It’s a lot of ink,” Bo observes, “Must have killed a lot of people.” Dyson flinches ever so slightly and there’s an air of disappointment. “You’re starting to think I did it.” Bo rapidly reassures him. “No. I know you didn’t do it. I just want to get to know you better.”

She goes on to download him that both Vex and Silas the bartender swear Dyson was threatening Ba’al at the bar and Vex even said Dyson had a reason for wanting Ba’al dead. Trick, polishing glasses behind the bar, looks at them from the corner of his eye. Dyson counters that he wouldn’t have done it like this, threatening him in public and killing him an hour later. Bo wonders what Ba’al did to piss Dyson off so much. Dyson tells her it happened years ago when his then partner and he were tracking a bunch of dark fae who were leaving bodies all around town. They followed up on a tip and found a husband and wife butchered in their own home. The sink nearby was filled with their blood, which is when Dyson realized that the killer was a Red Cap, dark fae who use their victim’s blood to dye their hats. “They’re the street gangs of the fae world.” Bo asks why the dark didn’t do something about him; even they don’t like messy kills. Dyson says they let it slide, so he went after Ba’al to get some justice, but Ba’al got the drop on Dyson and stuck him with a silver blade. “I almost bled out while he just stood there, watching.” Bo can’t believe the dark didn’t do something about Ba’al, and Dyson reminds her that the dead were humans, fair game as far as the light and dark fae are concerned. “And my going up against him was unsanctioned. As far as they’re concerned, it was just self defense.” Bo: “Jeffrey Dahmer could plead self defense with these guys.”

Dyson admits he had a reason to kill Ba’al and that he wanted to kill Ba’al. He’s so intent. Strewth. “But why yesterday? Why would I do it in front of the whole world?” Bo puts her hands on his chest to reassure him and he clasps one in his own. Sigh. She asserts that someone out there knows and they know why they set you up. “We’re gonna find them. And we’re gonna bring justice to fae town.” I’m sorry, but that line is so deliciously cheesy. I have to wonder how many takes they went through before Anna Silk was able to deliver it without laughing. I dig that Dyson appears amused by the line and, I think, by Bo’s vehemence too.

The MorriganSardonic applause erupts behind them as The Morrigan and two goons enter The Dal. I love Emmanuelle Vaugnier. She is gorgeous, though so frighteningly skinny, I swear I can see her spleen in that glorious tight, red dress, and she takes utter delight in her every line. It’s a trip.

“So noble,” she coos. “Such a heroic call to arms. So adorably goofy.” Trick informs her that the bar is closed and The Morrigan snaps that he should think of her as a VIP. “I do!” Hee. Trick snits that he doesn’t see her in The Dal that often. “I never developed the taste for stale beer and ptomaine poisoning.” With the niceties taken care of, she drops the not-so-pleasant veneer and demands they hand over Dyson. Bo objects. Strenuously. “He’s not going anywhere.” The Morrigan, smiling: “I hoped someone would say that,” and she gestures for her goons to take him.

Dyson growls (splash!) but without wolfing out and grabs the neck of Goon One, who returns the favor. Bo takes on the smaller Goon Two, but as she hits his chest, her hand goes right through him. She pulls back nonplussed, staring at her hand and barely managed to block his jab. She swings at him again, but gets nothing but air. Goon Two slams his fist into her belly and she goes down hard.

Immediately, Dyson shoves Goon One back and goes for Goon Two, ducking his punch and taking him down with a solid cross jab to the jaw. As he turns back to Goon One, the fae exhales cloudy air into Dyson’s face as apparently his superpower is the ability to knock his opponents out with bad breath. Goon One raises his large, leather-gloved hand to deliver a final knockout blow to Dyson, but is stop by the ratcheting sound of a shotgun shell being chambered. Trick takes aim at Goon One. “Double load of iron and silver,” he warns. “Not the most pleasant way for a fae to pass.” The Morrigan can’t believe that they really expect to keep Dyson from her clutches. “Sanctuary is sanctuary,” Trick points out. It’s also redundant there, Tickster. “It’ll take a higher power than you to pry him loose.”

Bo is about three feet behind Dyson and the visual cue of him standing in front of her ready and eager to rumble is primal and telling. Both of them are panting from getting the snot smacked out of them—or into them in Dyson’s case—but they’re clearly ready to go again if needed. As the Morrigan and Trick trade quips, Dyson’s fingers twitch as though itching to get around Goon One’s neck again.

Trick, Dyson, and Bo in Lost GirlThe Morrigan concedes for the moment. “You want to play by the rules, we will for now. But when all the games are played out, I’ll have Dyson’s head for my wall.” As she and Goon Two exit, Goon One sneers at Dyson and they face off in that silent, male way that makes my heart go pitter pat. As Goon One follows his master, Dyson moves to pursue him, but Bo’s hand on his arm holds him back. Man, the whole thing is emotional and hot and there’s so much subtext, and then the fighting, and I am giddy, giddy I tell you, to see them together and unified again. And all it took was mortal danger and impending death. Easy peasy.

In the aftermath, Dyson admonishes Trick for doing that. Trick: “What, upholding the tradition of sanctuary?” Dyson warns if The Morrigan gets Trick in her sights, she’s going to make Trick her special project and Bo adds that it doesn’t seem to take much for her to get her kill on. Dyson insists that he doesn’t want anyone else suffering for this. “So what, we’re supposed to let them execute you for something you didn’t do?” Bo asks. Aggravated, Dyson yells that he should be “out there” finding out what happened. Bo reminds him that every fae on the streets is looking for him and The Morrigan has probably already offered a reward. “You’re staying here and that’s that,” Trick orders and moves to the end of the bar to polish a glass or fill a shotgun shell or something.

Dyson and Bo in Faetal JusticeBo to Dyson: “Look, I know that not doing anything is killing you and watching it isn’t much easier for me, but I’m going to sort this out and you are going to stay here and you’re going to trust me!” Her hand cradles his face. “Or do I have to suck you into submission, huh?” Oh, pretty please? He laughs weakly and as he reaches up to hold her hand, the tension seeps from him. “Threats, threats,” he murmurs and they kiss and there’s no blue power swap and no healing, it’s just Bo and Dyson, together.

Man, they are so totally doomed. Look, I am not spoiling here. But I’ve been well schooled in the ways of Whedon-esque. Happiness=death. Or losing a soul. Or being sucked into a hell dimension. Or acing the SATs. It’s a wonky demarcation line.

They come up for air and Dyson warns that if Bo goes back to Vex’s club she’s just walking into his hands. Bo: “Hey, he’s the one that invited me to spend some time there. He might even be sweet on me.” Oh, there’s something that would keep me up at night. Dyson: “Just watch yourself, OK?”

Bo asks Trick if things will be OK till she gets back. Trick says The Morrigan won’t make a move until she gets support from the elders, but if she does that, there won’t be much Trick can do. Everybody sighs so heavily in this show. Either that or the boom mikes are right in their faces. Trick reminds her that Vex can get into her head, but there are ways that she can get into his too, and Bo says she knows this. How? Has she been taking anti-Vex classes in the interim?

With a final speaking look to Dyson, Bo leaves the Dal. Trick makes his way down the bar so the men can brood together. “What do you know about kirins?” Dyson asks. Trick says they can reach into your mind and retrieve memories that you thought were lost. They’re also dangerous. Dyson says he can’t remember anything about last night and it’s only a matter of time before The Morrigan gets what she wants. “Gotta try.” Trick agrees to try and find someone. “Till then, keep your hands off my taps,” which is a phrase you would never hear me say to Dyson.

At Carpe Noctem, Kenzi is still searching for the missing Portia. A wannabe named Tennabrae comes on to her all dark make up and chain necklace. “We could leave here and spend an evening of dark delights back in my inner sanctum.” The fact that he is cute and sweet and sad and hysterical all at the same time is just one of the special perks of watching this show. Kenzi: “What makes me think your inner sanctum is your mom’s basement?” “I like to think of it as the dark core of the home,” Tennabrae grits out. Heeee.

Kenzi asks him about Portia, and Tennabrae informs her that Portia is in thrall to Vex and his deadly cabal and Kenzi should leave her alone “unless you want their terrible gaze to fall upon you.” Kenzi just wants her terrible gaze to fall upon Portia, so pony up already and Tennabrae points the girl out. Kenzi pauses: “Word of advice. You ever want to get a girl back to your ‘inner sanctum,’ you gotta lighten up your game.” Tennabrae tries to regroup as she ditches him. “Sad now. But we shall meet again in the eternal void!” Dude flashes the most adorable dimples as he says this, and I just want to pat him on the head. Sure you will, honey.

Hale and Bo are walking through the cop shop hallway. Hale tells Bo that this Ba’al had a ton of enemies on both the light and dark sides. Bo wonders if maybe one of Dyson’s enemies set him up. Hale points out that Dyson might have even more enemies than Ba’al. “In case you haven’t notice, our boy has a short fuse…and big teeth.” Bo concludes that he’s killed like this before then. Hale: “Man was a stone warrior for a couple hundred years. He’s only been a cop for the last 50.” I really want to know what made him become a cop. Can you see Dyson attending the Academy? Me neither. Bo asks Hale if he thinks Dyson did it. “Not without a good reason,” Hale hedges.

Hale informs Bo that the bartender has no sheet, but Portia comes up as a runaway who’s bounced around on the streets before ending up at Carpe Noctem. “Which means it’s only a matter of time before she’s on the menu for Vex or one of his friends.” Oh, I think that time has passed, sweetie. Hale agrees that’s not good, but also reminds Bo that it’s not their business either. Bo sums up that Vex looks more like a suspect than a witness. Except all reports are that Ba’al was pretty loyal to Vex. “I don’t think loyalty means anything to guys like Vex.” Bo wonders if Hale has found out anything about where Dyson was last night, and he admits there’s still a gap between when he left work and when he was supposedly at the club.

Doctor Lauren comes in with the results from the work up on Ba’al’s autopsy. She enters tentatively, saying she didn’t know Bo would be there. Bo snits that she didn’t think to warn her but immediately regrets it and they both apologize, awkwardly. Hale watches their interaction with interest. “Is there something going on here I should know about?” but both women are quick to deny it. Too quick. Hale, smiling: “Yeah. OK.” Doctor Lauren plugs in a flash drive that pulls up pictures of dead Ba’al. She tells them that the teeth marks are consistent with a canine bite and not inconsistent with Dyson’s wolf shape. Hale points out that it also matches a lot of other shape shifters, not to mention actual canines, and Doctor Lauren admits that Dyson will have to turn himself in to get an impression made to rule him out. Bo protests that will not happen and the minute he leaves that bar, Dyson’s fair game. Doctor Lauren insists that while she and Dyson haven’t always rubbed along well together, she is in fact trying to help, and I buy it. She’s too deep in Bo’s shit house to mess with her wolf boy. And I think, at heart, the compassion that made her pursue medicine compels her to help wherever and whenever she can. Yes, I said something nice about Doctor Lauren. Try not to pass out from shock.

Bo doesn’t understand how turning Dyson over to the dark is helping. Doctor Lauren says they’re still waiting for analysis on the animal hairs found on Ba’al’s body and hopefully they won’t match Dyson’s DNA and hopefully they’ll get them on time. Bo: “That’s way too many hopefullies.” Dejected by Bo’s dismissal of her, Doctor Lauren says she’ll keep working and leaves. Hale notes that Bo isn’t going to give this up. Hale: “You know, Dyson’s a particular kind of man.  A man like him will give up too much for someone he cares for. Sometimes everything. I worry about him getting in too deep. Thought maybe you’d be bad for him.” Bo worries that Hale might be right. Hale: “Nah. Not even. You’re the real thing.”

At Carpe Noctem, Kenzi strikes up a convo with a curly redhead in pigtails because everyone knows Goth clubs are populated by five-year-olds. Look, Portia annoys the crap out of me. I don’t know if it’s the flat monotone, or the “duh” expression, or the general extreme lack of common sense, but the girl hits all my “oh please!” buttons, so I’m going to sum up her scenes as quickly as I can.

Kenzi and Portia bound over being runaways and “playing them before you get played.” Kenzi segues into asking about “the guy who got murdered here last night,” and Portia shows some spirit in smack talking Ba’al, calling him a dick and saying that everyone who works there sux except Silas, the bartender. Hey, it only took till 20:25 to get the guy’s name. Way to step it up, show. Kenzi guesses there must be a line of suspects if everyone hated Ba’al that much, but Portia trots out an obviously rehearsed bit about how it was “that cop.” She rattles on about seeing Dyson go into the alley and then Ba’al went into the alley “and when I looked, some big ass wolf was eating Ba’al. I think that wolf was the cop.”

At The Dal (drink!), Trick is polishing the bar when The Ash wanders in. “Detective Dyson’s welfare is our first priority. We want to get this...difficult situation behind him as soon as possible.” Trick says that he’s wasting his time if he thinks Dyson is going to turn himself into the dark to be executed. “There’ll be a process,” The Ash insists. “But we all know how that process will end,” Dyson interrupts, wandering in from the back.

The Ash insists that there are many ways to structure a defense and Dyson wonders exactly to whose benefit that defense will be. Trick voices the fact that once Dyson is turned over, anything that follows will be just a formality. “He will be found guilty and he will be executed.” The Ash informs them that if they don’t turn Dyson over, the dark will find a way to take him anyway, and anything they do to try and prevent that will bring them all closer to the brink of war. “Dyson, you’re a reasonable man.” Ah, are we talking about the same wolf boy here? “You don’t want to be responsible for the suffering of so many fae.” Trick says he doesn’t want to commit suicide either. The Ash wonders incredulously if Trick is prepared to hold this position even if it means going against his direct order. “Sanctuary is sanctuary,” Trick reminds us, again. “Dyson remains here until he decides to leave.” The Ash points out that this could also be the end of whatever strange power position Trick occupies. Trick: “You should be very certain of your own grasp on power before you start attacking others.” Look at Trick going all bad ass on The Ash! I like it! The Ash: “Oooh. That. Was the wrong answer.”

This inside peek into fae politics is fascinating. I’m also delighted by Trick actually wielding his power and position even if The Ash doesn’t quite seem to understand where it stems from. And while you all know how much I dig THAT VOICE, I have to say, The Ash is no slouch with the pipes either.

Kenzi and Portia walk down the street from Carpe Noctem to meet Bo. Portia freaks out that this is the only reason Kenzi was talking to her, and the women tell her about Dyson being theirs (’cause he is!) and that they only want to ask Portia a few questions. Bo: “You are the only one who might be able to help our friend.” Annoyed, Portia gives in but only parrots the same story about Ba’al and Dyson again. “I wish I could tell you what you wanted to hear, but that’s what happened.”

Bo and Kenzi confab on the side. For the first time, Bo actually wonders whether Dyson could have done it, but even then only if he was forced somehow. Kenzi: “I can’t imagine anybody making Dyson do anything. Except for you. You could probably make him jump off a building.” Bo points out that Vex could make him do anything (I guess she doesn’t know about the wolf caveat) and Kenzi wonders if so, why would Vex kill his friend and what about the forgetting issue? Bo admits those are things they still need to figure out. Bo thanks Portia for well, pretty much nothing, and heads back into the club. Kenzi apologizes to Portia for lying to her, “I hate when peeps do that to me,” and offers to let her crash at Hilton Hovel. “It’s not a palace. It’s not even a shack, but it’s dry. Sometimes.” Hey, it has wifi and X box! I think it rates higher than “shack.”

Silas the bartender greets Bo warmly. She notes that he’s not afraid to be seen talking to her and Silas the bartender shrugs it off. “You’re what most fae dream of being—you’re unaligned.  Step outside all of these politics. The rest of us, we just do what they want.” She wonders if he can tell her why Vex had a beef with Ba’al. “I think sooner or later,” Silas observes. “Vex has a beef with everyone and when he does, they don’t stay healthy for long.” Bo, ruefully: “Yeah, I kinda got that impression.” Was it the knife to your gut that gave it away?

Bo walks away but suddenly her right shoulder rolls back in a stripper dance move. Her mouth drops as she feels herself up and starts a bump and grind. Behind her left shoulder, Vex is giving her the come hither, mesmerizing her into a strip tease as she shucks her jacket and moves toward him and damn, that is some push-up bra Anna Silk is rockin’. He spins her around without touching her, as though pulling her invisible strings. “Stop this,” Bo demands even as she’s forced to comply. Vex: “Worst idea I’ve heard all night!”

“What do you want from me?” she asks, even as she grinds against him and continues to feel herself up. Vex giggles. “Judging from your little display, you obviously want something from me.” Bo is using all her strength to resist him and grits out “Let. Me. Go!” breaking free of his spell long enough to reach for his throat with succubus-juice infused hands, but Vex wraps her up in his power again quickly. He wonders why he should when she’s trying to help the man who killed his “friend." Bo asserts that Dyson didn’t do it and accuses Vex of killing Ba’al. She does this while rubbing her hands on his chest and even though they’re glowing with power, it has no effect on the mesmer as he’s directing her movements. Vex gets pissy. “Maybe I was wrong about our beautiful little romance. You think so badly of me.” He forces Bo’s hands around her own throat so that she begins to strangle herself. “If you were to die now, there’d be no clan to avenge you, would there?!” Vex chortles.

This is an interesting wrinkle to Bo’s lack of alignment that I didn’t quite get before now. Dyson keeps telling her that she has no protection without fealty, but this is the first time, I think, where he is unavailable to back her up or help her that Bo’s real danger is brought home to her.

Bo is choking to death in the middle of Carpe Noctem, which greatly entertains Vex until he notices that they are the center of attention of the whole club. “But that would just put a damper on the evening’s festivities,” he allows and releases Bo. She gasps for air as Vex delivers a parting, and oddly serious, shot. “Tell your boyfriend to take responsibility for his own crimes. I rack up enough of mine on my own.”

A schlubby man is downing a pint at The Dal (drink!) while Dyson looks on with no little skepticism. “This is the guy you got to go through my brain?” he asks Trick, dubiously. Seebeck, the kirin (thanks IMDB!): “When you’ve dredged as many heads as I have a little belt before work is mandatory. Two is even better.” He wonders if Dyson has worked with a kirin before and Dyson claims he knows the risks. Kyrian: “Listen, big boy,” Seebeck chides, hilariously.”Knowing the risks isn’t the same as living through it.” He warns that it will feel as though somebody is pouring battery acid in Dyson’s skull. Dyson: “Well, don’t sugarcoat it for me.” Seebeck requests Dyson open his head to him, advising that it’ll be easier for Dyson and make it less likely that he loses the memories he wants to keep. Dyson processes this for a second. “Forgetting isn’t so bad sometimes,” he decides, and I really, really want to know what makes him say that. Back story goodness!! With an arrogant wave of his fingers, he beckons for Seebeck to get on with it. “Let’s do it.” Splash. What?! Sometimes I am just that easy. I’m not proud of it—not too much, at least.

Seebeck puts his hands over his face and begins to breathe deeply. With no warning, he grabs Dyson’s head with both hands. Dyson goes bug-eyed, face contorting, and instantly starts to scream. It’s more than a little unnerving. We get some wonky graphics of the inside pathways of Dyson’s brain and as his face ripples with Seebeck’s power, the kirin orders that Dyson show him yesterday afternoon.  The camera pauses on a graphic and we see a blurry image of Hale at the cop shop from Dyson’s perspective. “Quitting time looks good on you, brother. Have one for me on the way home,” Hale says in Dyson’s head, and then a voice tells Dyson he has a call on line 1 and as he picks up the phone, he and Seebeck blasts apart from each other back at The Dal (drink!).

Seebeck reveals there’s nothing there in Dyson’s brain. Now that’s just mean. Eyes tearing, Dyson is almost literally trying to get his head back in the right place as Trick insists there has to be something, impressions or thoughts. Seebeck: “This isn’t some bullshit amnesia case. Somebody went into his head and scorched his brain clean for those few hours.” Dyson wonders how anyone would do that and Seebeck says it could be someone like him or something Dyson was given. “What, like a fae roofie?” Dyson asks, a little insulted. Seebeck says it’s exactly like that. “You sure got screwed, partner.” Sadly, not yet this episode.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Portia (oh please) is pouring wine (yay!). She says it must be nice living there with her and Bo looking after each other and Kenzi admits she’s still getting used to it herself. They commiserate over their shared need not to be noticed in their respective family homes. Kenzi suggests that there are better things than living on the streets though and anything is better than being a chew toy for Vex and his posse. Portia defends the club, saying the music is nice and Silas looks out for her. She fingers a bracelet as she says it, which has symbols that look suspiciously like the symbols that make up Dyson’s tattoo. Portia confirms that Silas “kinda” gave it to her. Kenzi again tries to pump her for info on the murder and again, Portia insists Dyson did it. Kenzi promises that they can help Portia if she’s being threatened, but Portia insists with attitude (eye roll) that she’s telling the truth and then begs off to sleep. Portia sheds her jacket as Kenzi goes off to look for clean sheets, offering to help Portia figure out a game plan. When Kenzi returns, she’s shocked to see Portia back painted with welts and bruises. “You look like you just lost a fight with Freddy Kruger! What the hell happened to you?” Portia twists in front of the full-length, standing mirror to see her scars. “I don’t know.”

Bo returns to the Dal where Dyson is sitting at the bar making notes. She tells him she’s sure Vex did it but nobody at the club is going to tell her the truth. She wonders if the memory fae turned up anything and Dyson admits that he got back a few minutes, including remembering getting a call but not from whom. “The kirin says my memories are gone, and they’re not coming back.” She calls Hale who hasn’t find any light fae shapeshifters who look good for setting up Dyson, “but they don’t exactly check in with us.” Bo tells him about the call and he traces it, giving Bo the name and number of an art dealer, Lyle Harrison. “Since when did D start chasing art?” Good question. She asks Dyson about him, but he’s never heard of the man. As Bo goes off to track him down, Dyson stops her. “I feel useless just sitting here.” Ah, the worst fear of the alpha: powerlessness. “Look, I’m a shifter. My whole life has been about the hunt. I get the scent, I track my prey, it takes me where I need to go but with this!” He pounds the bar in frustration. “I don’t even remember. I don’t even know where to start!” Bo assures him that it’s just a couple more hours and he needs to “hang tight.” By the look of things, wolf boy has just about reached the end of his leash.

Kenzi returns to Hilton Hovel with bandages for Portia, but the girl is gone (yay!).

Bo follows a robed Lyle Harrison into his apartment. At the mention of Vex’s name, Harrison goes all smarmy. “Vex sent you?” Bo: “He put some stuff into play that got me here.” I really like how that’s phrased. When Harrison decides he shouldn’t be talking to Bo, she pours the succubus juice on him. Harrison called the police because he got scared “the games” had gone too far, and they sent him to Dyson. What games? Pain games that Ba’al had a special room for where he provided girls for VIPs. “You could play with them and it’s like they wouldn’t remember anything after.”  Harrison likes to dish the pain out. Bo: “Game’s different tonight.” She starts to strangle him while asking what Harrison told Dyson. He admits that the last girl was special, she had pink hair and when he hurt her, her eyes would glow. But Ba’al took it too far; Harrison never knew a person could take that much pain. Ba’al killed the pink lady and admitted to Harrison that he did that when he was tired with them. Harrison freaked and called Dyson. Bo is furious and feeds on Harrison, asking if Vex was part of this. “Vex took his fun other night,” Harrison admits. “Ba’al killed the girl.” Bo gives him one last warning: “You watch where you take your pleasure next time, or it might take you.”

Bo calls Hale. “Turns out our dark fae friends are running some kind of fun fair for guys who like pain in the basement of the club.” Hale wonders what that has to do with Dyson and Bo tells him about the pink lady. Hale recognizes the description and with a few clicks on the computer comes up with a light fae girl missing person. He wonders if that is why Dyson killed Ba’al, but Bo disagrees saying it would be too easy to turn Ba’al in for killing a light fae girl, “his own people would have killed him.” Hale: “None of this makes any sense.” Bo: “Well it’s gonna start to pretty soon.”

At The Dal (drink!), Trick is working the phone lines, trying to shore up support with the elders in preparation for The Ash’s inevitable challenge, while Dyson looks on. “Yes, I called you a coward. There should be a chicken on your clan crest!” HA! He expositions that The Ash needs to take it to a vote to break sanctuary and Trick needs to know that his friends are on his side. By the look on his face, he does not like the answer he gets and furiously terminates both the conversation and the relationship. It tickles me that Trick is using a black, old-school rotary phone.

“You have to stop doing that,” Dyson murmurs, wearily. “You can’t throw away your friendships for me.” Trick replies that he sees it as a chance to find out who’s worth calling a friend. Dyson believes they’re going to force the issue and force Trick to suffer for it too. Trick says it wouldn’t be the first time and won’t be the last either.

Dyson gets up and puts on his coat. Trick wonders with concern where he’s going. “I’m going to finish this, one way or another.” Trick: “Dammit!”

As Bo arrives at Hilton Hovel, Kenzi comes running down the stairs, babbling. “Bo, Bo, Bo, this is bad. This is like mega bad. Super-ultra- freaky town bad. She’s gone!” She explains about Portia’s back and Bo tells her Portia isn’t the only one and explains about the club. Kenzi doesn’t know why, but Portia doesn’t remember what was done to her. Bo: “There’s a lot of that going around these days. But it’s convenient how well she does remember what Dyson did.” No shit.

Dyson and his long-legged stride stalk into Vex’s now empty club. Oh Dyson, you beautiful dumb ass. He spies an open side door on the far side of the main dance floor and heads for it. Cautiously, he descends a stone staircase to the basement. He sees Vex closing the door of a lower room and with a howl, launches himself at the mesmer. Spritz. Dyson pins Vex to the door and traps his hand before Vex can ensnare him. “Tell me who took my memory!” he shouts. “Tell me who killed Ba’al!”

Dyson wolfs out in Lost Girl“Exactly what we wanted to ask you,” The Morrigan smarms, entering the corridor behind Dyson with her two goons. Still holding Vex against the door, Dyson wolfs out and growls at them. Splash. “Don’t even start,” she sneers. I love how she is totally unimpressed with the shows of power. Been there. Done it. Burnt it to a crisp in an unholy sacrifice. “Unless you want those who are protecting you to suffer as well.” Of course, this is Dyson’s weak spot, and as he turns back to Vex, the mesmer gives him a power zap, forcing a howling Dyson back until he’s caught in the goons clutches. Dyson howls and growls as he’s dragged away. Vex dances in place. “I just love to see justice done. Don’t you?”

Bo and Kenzi power walk into the club with Kenzi futilely hoping that Portia (oh please) wasn’t stupid enough to come back here. (psst— of course she is). Bo observes that the girl is an easy end to tie up. They survey the club as Bo recounts that Harrison said the secret parties were in the basement and they spy the same door Dyson entered. Bo: “You ready to go clubbing?” Kenzi: “Yeah.” She spins her brass knuckles into place. “This is going to give Girls Go Wild a whole new meaning.”

Dyson being tortured in Lost Girl episode 11In a dank basement room, Dyson’s hands are chained high above his head. He is shirtless, pants low on his hips, Adonis belt on display, and painted with blue light. Splash-splashsplashsplashsplashsplash.  Oh hell, just dump the whole bowl over my head. Vex and Silas the bartender are leering behind him while The Morrigan gets up close and personal to the wolf boy. Despite his precarious position, he’s still seriously pissed. “I don’t know what you think I’m going to tell you, I don’t remember anything!” The Morrigan: “Honestly, I don’t really care, lovie.” Ba’al was a psycho who needed to be put down. “What I really want to know is all the juicy gossip about your succubus girlfriend.” Puzzled, Dyson wonders why she doesn’t just ask Vex since he claims to know where Bo came from. Vex confesses happily that he lied. Dyson, wary now, tells The Morrigan that she knows everything Bo knows. The Morrigan, darkly: “But not as much as you do.” By the look on Dyson’s face, he beginning to get that he’s in serious trouble. She laughs. “You don’t have much of a poker face, Wolfie.” He growls at her, deep in his throat. She confidently tells him that it might take some time, but they’ll get it out of him eventually. Silas the bartender looks quite uneasy about all this. Vex: “And what entertainment it will be getting it out of you.” He lifts a hot poker from a nearby brazier and shoves it on Dyson’s back while Silas the bartender looks away and The Morrigan giggles. OK, I’m officially not amused anymore.

Bo and Kenzi gingerly descend the same stone staircase and open the same door Dyson saw Vex closing earlier. Inside the room, Portia’s  arms and legs are tied to some kind of medieval torture chair. The women rush in, assuring her that they’re going to get her out. Portia protests, “I’m OK!” Bo: “I take it OK means something different in your world.” Portia claims that “he” wouldn’t let them hurt her. Bo notices her bracelet and grabs her arm, demanding to know where she got it. Kenzi fills in the Silas the bartender info, “she said he takes care of her. Why?” Bo recognizes the symbols: “Dyson says it’s the secret language of the wolf shifters,” and we get a nice grayscale flashback to Bo tracing Dyson’s tattoo. “I think we just found out who killed Ba’al.”

Back in the torture chamber, Dyson is heaving with pain and effort. “Just finish it,” he demands. “This is boring,” The Morrigan tsks. “I have a feeling you’re going to disappoint me.” Dyson snarls, “Believe it!” and she gives Vex the order to finish it. As Dyson growls and braces himself for Vex’s next assault, the women arrive. Bo shoves Vex aside, snatching the hot poker and holding it up against The Morrigan’s face. “Everybody stay calm,” she cautions. Dyson orders her to get out. “We’re going together,” she tells him and orders Kenzi to cut him loose. The Morrigan snarks that they can’t possible think they’re going to get away with this. Nothing like a good cliché line to keep the genre pumping!  “He’s a marked man and you will be too.” Not if Bo can prove Dyson didn’t kill Ba’al. Kenzi releases the chain and Dyson collapses to the floor. Vex dances forward, incredulous that Bo’s going to play that tune again, but he gets a little too close to Dyson, who growls—splash!—and grabs Vex by the throat.

Bo asks Silas the bartender to tell them who did it. Silas the bartender breaks for the door, but Vex, still with his throat in Dyson’s grip, power zaps Silas the bartender in his tracks. Bo explains that Silas the bartender cooked up the drinks for the club, including the ones Ba’al used to wipes the girls’ memories after he finished renting them out. The Morrigan mocks this theory, “why would Silas (the bartender) kill Ba’al?” The same reason most people do things, Bo explains. She and Dyson lock gazes. “For love,” she finishes. Silas knew Portia was next on the list to be killed by Ba’al and Kenzi breaks it all down for them as we flashback to Dyson questioning Silas the bartender the night before about the missing pink lady Ba’al killed. Silas the bartender knew Dyson would go medieval on Ba’al when he found out, so he took his chance to get rid of Ba’al and blame Dyson for it. After Dyson and Ba’al tangled in the club, Silas the bartender waited outside for Dyson, knocked him out, and dragged him into the alley. When Ba’al left the club an hour later, Silas the bartender killed him and left him at Dyson’s feet.

Back in the torture basement, The Morrigan drawls that the girl saw the murder as Portia herself whimpers into the room. Kenzi duhs that Silas made up the story and got Portia to lie. I’m entertained watching The Morrigan keep track of where Bo is waving that burning hot poker. Vex informs them that even if that story is true, they can’t really think he and The Morrigan are going to let them just walk out and Bo snits they’ve already called it in to Hale. That’s some reception they get in the torture chamber. Can you hear me now? “So if all of you want to be party to what Ba’al did to the light fae girl, be my guest.” The Morrigan groans: “Ugh, this night did not turn out the way I planned.”

Kenzi insists that Portia has to come with them, but the girl will not leave Silas behind. “There’s nothing we can do,” Bo informs her, not without compassion.  It’s interesting that she’s willing to sacrifice Silas for her own people, but to be fair he did commit the murder and frame Dyson for it. Have at ‘em then!

With one last growl, Dyson tosses Vex aside. “Oh well,” Vex snarks. “This evening won’t be a total loss.” Bo throws the poker away and as Kenzi pulls Portia out the door, Dyson leans on Bo and, with their arms around each other, they follow the girls. The scene ends with Vex advancing on Silas the bartender with gleeful menace.

At The Dal (drink!), The Ash is spinning for Dyson. “Detective. I want you to know how happy I am at the outcome of the investigation.” Dyson looks like he couldn’t give two shits about The Ash’s happiness. “The dark have completely dropped their action against you,” he says, and adds that it appears they found the true culprit themselves. Dyson grins at Bo and she chuckles and preens. “Well, they do some good work sometimes,” he says, proudly. Personally, The Ash is glad it all turned out OK. Bo: “Well, personally, I think somebody is ruining a perfectly good celebration.”

The Ash turns his attention to Trick. He finds this entire affair instructive. “I sense we are headed towards a more substantial disagreement.” Trick raises an amused brow. “Was there ever any doubt?” Dyson glances between them, these two power players who both hold his fealty. I think the question of who he really takes orders from here on in has been answered conclusively. Exit The Ash.

Dyson leans on the bar with a warm smile and with a full dunking, my bowl is finally empty. “I never thanked you, my friend,” he says to Trick, holding out his hand. “You put it all on the line for me.” Trick: “Just promise not to make it a regular event.” Dyson holds up his wrist, backward. “On my honor.” They bump wrists companionably and it’s all poignant with meaning. I’m such a sucka for male bonding and friendship. Makes me feel all warm and squishy.

At Hilton Hovel (drink!), Portia is getting ready to leave as Kenzi wonders where she’s going to go. Portia (oh please) tells her she got a job at a pizza joint and an advance to get herself set up somewhere. Portia: “Can I call you?” Me: “Do you have to?” Kenzi and Portia hug it out and exit Portia. Finally.

Holding hands (awww), Bo and Dyson are walking through The Dal. “You’re the only one I haven’t thanked yet,” Dyson observes. Bo poo poohs the need to thank her, but Dyson insists. “You were always so sure of me,” he marvels as they stop to embrace. “Well, it turns out I didn’t have to ask all those questions after all. I know you,” Bo claims with emphasis. “Yeah,” he drawls, studying her sweetly, “I think I know you too.” They kiss and it’s loverly and adorable and I am convinced more than ever that they are totally doomed but in the meantime, I am enjoying the hell out of them finally–finally!–being happy together.

End Credits.

Dyson in Faetal Justice New Fae Terms:

Red Caps: n. Murderous dark fae rank and file who dye their signature hats in the blood of their victims. Particularly target travelers. Short tempers. Overall, not too bright.

Origin: England

Kyrian: n. A memory fae. Can be either light or dark. Able to dig through a person’s mind and retrieve lost memories, but may remove other ones in process. Plan to back up memory before meeting.

Origin: Unknown, but if in need of one check your local homeless shelter first.

Sanctuary: n. A sacred place, like a Way Station, where fugitives can be accorded a place to hide unmolested until they chose to depart either exonerated or to face their crimes. Not exclusive to the fae, the practice of sanctuary extends to the human world as well.  Starting in the 4th century, English law recognized sanctuary for nearly thirteen hundred years.

Best Quotes of the Night:

Vex: I can make you do some very bad things to yourself and no one would fault me.

Kenzi: We’re probably gonna get our asses kicked, aren’t we?

Trick: Oh, you’re all this circus needs right now.

Bo: Just as I think you’re as creepy as you can be, there you go getting creepier.

Kenzi: It’s Friday night! Where better to be than a deadly, dark fae dance club.

Bo: Jeffrey Dahmer could plead self defense with these guys.

The Morrigan: So noble. Such a heroic call to arms. So adorably goofy.

The Morrigan: But when all the games are played out, I’ll have Dyson’s head for my wall.

Vex: Tell your boyfriend to take responsibility for his own crimes. I rack up enough of mine on my own.

Kenzi: I can’t imagine anybody making Dyson do anything. Except for you. You could probably make him jump off a building.

Trick: You should be very certain of your own grasp on power before you start attacking others

Tennabrae: Sad now. But we shall meet again in the eternal void!

Trick: Yes, I called you a coward. There should be a chicken on your clan crest!

Kenzi: You look like you just lost a fight with Freddy Kruger!

Vex: I just love to see justice done. Don’t you?

Kenzi: This is going to give Girls Go Wild a whole new meaning.


Next week: Episode 12 (Dis)Membership

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
As a Dyson fan, this episode sounds amaaaazing. Thanks for recapping all the deliciousness, Kiersten!
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
What I don't get is how Dyson and Bo were taking a break, and now they're all up with each other again? Is it just 'cause Dyson knows Bo's off the Lauren train? How would Bo feel about Dyson being so quick to be all smoochy with her again? It feels like the series is showing episodes out of sequence. Or maybe I just missed some stuff?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
3. Kiersten
Entirely my pleasure @redline_ . Can't wait to hear your thoughts post viewing. I like that we get one or two episodes a season that bring some of the other characters to the forefront while advancing the relationship stories. And you know I can never get enough of the wolf boy. ;-)

Excellent screen grabs, BTW. Can't believe you found one of Dyson in mid leap!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
4. Kiersten
@MFrampton - yeah, they took a mega step all right. I think it was Fae Day. Remember, at the end of Vexxed, he admits to caring, finally putting himself out there to here, and too, that's after Doctor Lauren's betrayal, so right as Bo is at her lowest, Dyson steps in and admits to caring. Then they have that moment in the car in Fae Day, and then, at the end, he steps up to be her claymore at the agallamh and there was tons of charged, emotional subtext going on there. I think they definitely jump forward from that in Faetal Justice, but factor in the holy crap trouble he's in and their history of leaping on and for each other pretty quickly, and I'm OK with it. Also, whatever. :-)
Carmen Pinzon
5. bungluna
Great recap. I finally got to watch an episode on time. I'm already dreading what's coming for Bo and Dysons, since it does seem to be a tenet of tv writing that hea are not allowed.

I liked Vex in this one very much.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
6. Kiersten
Yay @bungluna !! Thanks! Glad you're up to speed this week. And I saw somebody got a direct response tweet from KH-R!!

Vex is great in this ep, crazy and scary and funny. He gives me a strong Spike vibe, but I'm coming to like him more that Spike with every episode. Think it's the lack of angst. Hope there's more of him in episodes to come.

Just once, I want a couple like Bo and Dyson to get together and stay together and explore how that relationship evolves and adapts to their crap. One of the reasons J.D. Robb's Eve and Roarke relationship is so engaging is because their marriage and relationship grows and changes and some of the thorny things they get into and find out about one another makes them have to recommit to loving each other and change b/c of that love. It's fascinating and doesn't require constantly manufacturing reasons for them to break up and, two or three books later, get back together again. I'd love to see that philosophy applied to Bo and Dyson's relationship, but have faint hope of it happening.
7. ChelseaMueller
@MFrampton - I thought the same thing. I wondered if I missed something in the last episode, because just because she was off the Lauren train didn't mean her and Dyson were a real couple suddenly. I like them together, so I let it go but still odd.

Also, I'm going to admit my complete lack of shame in reveling in just how low Dyson's jeans rested while he was chained up. I was fully watching his hips and the cut lines instead of looking at Vex or the Morrigan.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
8. Kiersten
@ChelseaMueller - I also think part of the issue is that they were dealing with only 13 episodes and knew they had to move things forward quickly. Episode 8, Vexxed, was actually the original pilot episode, and after that, I think they had an original order for another 7 episodes, which preceded Vexxed, and then got the back end pick up for another 5 episodes, so we wound up with a little relationship short hand to bring things to a good concluding season ender.
I'm going to admit my complete lack of shame in reveling in just how low Dyson's jeans rested while he was chained up. I was fully watching his hips and the cut lines instead of looking at Vex or the Morrigan.
You were absolutely, 100% not alone in that. Strewth.
Lege Artis
9. Lege Artis
First pic...maybe I had dreams about Dyson in that position:)
Great recap, Kiersten!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
10. Kiersten
@Lege Artis - Maybe?! I've been watching this episode off and on for nearly a week now, and man, have my resulting dreams been...entertaining. ;-)

Thanks for the kudos! Glad you're enjoying the recaps!
Laurie Rivera
11. leb
@Kiersten: Another snarkily (is that a word?) wonderful recap. You really have a gift.

Wow. The Dyson. Shirtless and wolfing out. Wow. Can I say it again? Just -- Wow.

AS and KH-R have such great chemistry and it was front and center in this episode (YAY!). It would be a welcome and refreshing change from the usual “they are in love therefore they are doomed” plot if the writers would keep them together and explore how they make it work, but we all know that’s not likely *heavy sigh*.

Anyone notice this? Dyson told Vex at the beginning of the episode that he couldn’t control an animal. So how was Vex able to power zap (or whatever) Dyson into the clutches of the Morrigan’s butt boys?

Hmmm. I wonder how many fans ask KH-R to see his tatoo? *snicker*
Lege Artis
12. julie@my5monkeys
Loved the recap and I agree about seeing Dyson shirtless and low hung pants. My dh wonders why I watch this show LOL

Loved learning more about fae poltics and trick with all of his tricks :) I love that they have a connection and she wants to learn more about dyson. Loved the tattoos tooo
Kiersten Hallie Krum
13. Kiersten
@leb - thanks much! it's always so great to hear that you guys enjoy the recaps.

Total wow factor, indeed.

The AS/KH-R chemistry is a beautiful thing to behold, I agree. Such a hard thing to find between actors too and I think shows can suffer from its lack between leads. Fortunately, we don't have that problem. I read an article yesterday where AS said when KH-R flung her around during screen test audition together, which was the first time they'd met and when they were using the opening scene of Vexed as the audition material, they dove into it with such immediate trust & committment, they actually put a dent in the wall.

Vex's power doesn't work on animals. Ergo, he cannot control Dyson when he is in complete wolf form, like he was only once before in this show in Episode 3: Oh Kappa, My Kappa, which predates these recaps, so I don't have a link for you. When Dyson says "I'd have your throat out before your first thought"to Vex, that's what he's referring to.

However, if Dyson only partially wolfs out with the teeth and the golden eyes but still keeps general human form, as is usually the case, Vex is still able to work his mojo on the wolf boy. Got it?

Judging by the Lost Girl twitter feed, KH-R gets that question about his tattoo pretty regularly. Today, I saw a tweet where he admitted the writers didn't ask him before writing his tat into the show, but apparently, it was never an issue. I think it's pretty cool that they took something so prominent on his form, especially since Dyson's (gloriously) half naked a lot, and wove it into the mythos of the show. Also, KH-R won't divulge the tats true meaning, and as that's clearly quite personal for him, I can't really blame him for it. It's beautiful work though, isn't it? I'm not a tattoo person, in general, but find this one - quite arresting. ;-)
Carmen Pinzon
14. bungluna
@Kiersten - I too enjoy the relationship between Eve and Roarke, for the reasons you stated. TV writers seem incapable of doing what some series writers manage to do: a good relationship examined through a long period of time. I just plan on enjoying the Dyson-Bo chemestry while I can.

I have to say I think the actress portraying Bo does a great job and has oodles of chemestry with most everybody she's played against so far in this series.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
15. Kiersten
@julie@my5monkeys - thanks so much! I enjoyed the fae politics too. So great to get all those extra layers added to the show. With Bo as our entre into the fae world, we usually only learn what she does, so to finally see some of the power manuevers going on behind the scenes fascinates me. These fae characters are so old, I sometimes think they need people like Bo and Kenzi to remind them of their lack of humanity, even as they scorn it. And Trick was in fine and rare form through it all!

So much good stuff in this ep!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
16. Kiersten
@bungluna - plus, she's freaking gorgeous. AS is doing a stupendous job, and scuttlebutt is that she's a genuine sweetheart IRL too, which is always rewarding to hear. I hate it when I love/invest in a character only to soon discover that the portrayer is an asshat. Apparently, though, the cast of Lost Girl is one of those rare, genuine groups that are as good as they appear on screen and off. That, or their PR people are amazing. Or both.
Laurie Rivera
17. leb
@Kiersten: Got it - I was wondering about that. No worries about the link to episode 3. I did see that one, although Kenzi seems to be the only one who got a glimpse of the wolf junk :-).

Interesting info about the tatoo - it is really beautiful work.

I don't usually hang out on Twitter, but I might have to make an exception for the Lost Girl feed!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
18. Kiersten
@leb - Well, Bo's seen - and more - the wolf junk plenty herself, but I get what you mean.

The Lost Girl twitter feed is a good one, , but a tad confusing with Canada finishing S2 and looking at a long hiatus till S3 in September as here in the U.S., we're wrapping up S1 and carreening right into S2 in April. So be warned: there are LOTS of spoilers on Sunday nights when the new Canadian episodes air. The community is rich and giving, tho, and nearly all the main cast (exception Ksenia Solo) are on twitter and active and respond as best they can to direct tweets, which is a trip.
Laurie Rivera
19. leb
@Kiersten: Ooops. I'm glad you realized what I meant. I should have said that Kenzi was the one who saw the wolf junk when D. shifted in that episode. Bo has definitely seen that and then some. Heh.
Michele Plum
20. plumco
@kiersten- loved your recap!!! In particular all the splashing... lots of splashing being done Lol.

I actually need to rewatch the ' shirtless chained to the ceiling' scene because, while I was aware that hipbones were a prominent feature, I must have missed Just.How.Low those jeans were ...uhh .. slung.

There was lots of growling in this episode and is it wrong that Dyson having blood all over his face was really hot? (Sammy / SPN always looks good when he was covered in blood too.... maybe this is a 'me' thing.)

I know we traditionally bypass plot holes (hey, they happen) but a friend of mine asked 'if he turns into a wolf, wouldn't the handcuffs fall off his paws?, and now I keep thinking about it! Someone give me something to rationalize that - Stat! Lol

Are the screen caps done by redline_? Whoever caught our boy in midleap needs some major praise. That's just awesome.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
21. Kiersten
@plumco - woman, where you been?!

It was a moist episode, I won't lie...

The jeans, they were low. And there was much rejoicing.
Is it wrong that Dyson having blood all over his face was really hot?
If it's wrong, then I'm oh so wrong with you.

The growling gets me good. Same when Alcide growls on True Blood. That just pushes all kinds of buttons for me. It's so primal. Splash.

Not cuffs, chains. And the chains would only fall off if the wolf paws were smaller round the wrist than his hands, and I don't think they would be. If they're same size and/or larger, than the shackles would stay. KH-R said in an interview that Dyson is more a shifter than a werewolf - Dyson controls his change, not the moon. That might factor in too. How's that for rationalizing?

@redline_ compiles all the lovely pictures. They're sourced either to the SyFy channel Lost Girl site, and/or a great tumblr we found called lostgirlcaps that has beaucoup gifs & jpgs for our show. If I can, I try to send what I find in the 'verse to redline_ with my recap.

That leaping shot is fantastic!! I loved when he put his foot on the wall and launched himself at Vex. KH-R's impressive physically is such a huge part of his portrayal of Dyson - and he's done that deliberately - it's simply intoxicating.
Michele Plum
22. plumco
@kiersten - I know right???? I missed you guys too. ;) By the time I got to review last weeks recap, you had hashed everything out! Fyi, awesome job on that recap too.

Rewatched the scene discussed... Those pants are beautifully low..sigh. Did you see those cuts and curves!!!!! I know, I know....I'm late to the party :)

Whew- great job on the rationalization ... totally acceptable. Sometimes a girl just has to have a way to make it work, ya know? (It was like the 'vexed' haircut, makeup thing.... I could have shot my friend for bringing this little glitch up!)

SPEAKING OF VEX!! Wooowww. I'm liking him! I completely agree with your Spike comparison. Absolutely. He is just so cheerful and such a happy maniac. He makes you smile. :-D

@redline_ - thank you for compiling the great screen caps! I love that just a quick glance at the pic while I giggle over kierstens recap and I'm right back in the show..... its great.

My theory on why Vex can zap Dyson back and keep Silas under control even though they are both 'animals' (you go baby) is that he's not making them do anything like -say- stab themselves .... he's just keeping them in check. I'm going to throw in that Dyson's emotional state and Silas's fear make it easier for Vex
to grab hold..... see I can rationalize too LOL
Michele Plum
23. plumco
Oh! And as for Dyson waking up in his jeans after theoretically wolfing out..... he's lost a chunk of time so he could have wolfed out, destroyed Ba'al, shrugged those hips back into his jeans (sigh....... those hips) and then passed out. I mean, that's all he appears to have on right?..no shoes (that I saw?) .

This particular theory would be even better served if the top button on his jeans was undone (are you listening Lost Girls Directors!?!!??!!) And maybe the seam was tore up a bit (no seriously...are you listening?)

Damn, I'm thinking Dyson might look just as good half naked, clothes torn up and bloody (just so so wrong ...in the best way) as he does just straight up shirtless .... that is a really close race.
Carmen Pinzon
24. bungluna
For a sci-fi show about a succubus, they sure are generous with the mancandy!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
25. Kiersten
@bungluna - it may be a show about a succubus, but they sure do know their target audience! Thankfully, the show is rating very well in the female 18-25 (Surprise!) and has 1.1 million viewers this week, compared to the Canadian 350,000 amount. Very healthy numbers.

@plumco - those jeans are already so low, if the top button was undone, they'd fall right of- oh, yeah, I see what you mean.
M Plum
26. MPlum
@Kiersten - just took a sec for the visual to kick in eh? I understand. So many other visuals competing - got it.

@bungluna - I'm incredibly happy that Lost Girl is playing on SyFy because the "bigger" networks never let a show find its feet before yanking it because it's not rockin' 17 million people (FireFly anyone).

I sincerely hope that we're not going to have to wait until Canada sees season 3 before we get to. First of all - YouTube is really bad with spoiler warnings (come on people - do NOT put a key plot point in the title of the video!!!). Secondly - I just don't want to go that long.

BTW, anyone else notice that the DVD release date was changed? I keep seeing April 22 (which conveniently falls after the season one finale in the states).... are we going to be so lucky as to have it released at the same time in both locales???
M Plum
27. MPlum
sorry! that @bungluna should have been @bungluna & @Kiersten
Kiersten Hallie Krum
28. Kiersten
Time for the infodump!

The DVD release date was pushed back to April 24th, reportedly so as not to spoil the remainder of season 1 in the U.S. Still, as I'd preordered it, I was pissed. Also, my DVD is whimpering at another month storing all the existing epsiodes until the DVDs arrive.

The season 2 finale airs this Sunday night in Canada. Reportedly, filming on season 3 is to begin on April 11th (they are already in pre-production).

Season 2 is scheduled to begin on SyFy channel in the U.S. on April 17th immediately following the finale of Season 1 on April 10th (Yay!), and run all 22 episodes straight through into the summer. Likely, season 2 will then release on DVD sometime in August.

By September 2012, when Season 3 is supposed to begin in Canada, both U.S. and Canadian show schedules should be aligned, and are expected to run concurrently from there.

Basically, 2012 is the year of the succubus on SyFy channel as we power watch our way through the entire Lost Girl series to catch up and then we'll go into the long dark of withdrawl until September 2013 when (hopefully) a fourth season will begin.
M Plum
29. MPlum
@Kiersten - because HEAVEN KNOWS having the DVD released 2 weeks before the season one finale in the states is what is going to "spoil it" for everyone :-D (those guys must not think we can use the internet or something)

That IS a bummer. I was looking forward to getting it ordered as well. Although i was REALLY hoping they were going to just release it in the states too (so much easier for me).

We are definitely going to be happy pigs with the seasons being shown back to back right through season 3.... unfortunately being THAT spoiled is going to SCREW US UP when we have to wait for Season 4. Thank goodness for DVD commentaries and behind the scenes featurettes right????
Asha Ellison
30. SYFYChick
Oh man. I really have to watch this ep. It sounds epic.
Asha Ellison
31. SYFYChick
@Kiersten. Great re-cap. You have me over here fanning and biting my fist. Dyson. Jeans. SLung Low. Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
33. Kiersten
@Ashaae - I highly recommend it, but you may have already caught on to that. ;-) Come back here afterwards and tell us what you think about the ep!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
34. Kiersten
Thanks @SYFYchick!! Our boy is a wonder to behold to be sure!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
35. Kiersten
FYI - if you're on twitter and want to follow the cast members, I have a list and can make it available. Also, Ksenia Solo just joined twitter, like, 5 minutes ago. Clearly some PR person finally got to her... ;-)
Kiersten Hallie Krum
37. Kiersten
Here ya go!
Laurie Rivera
38. leb
@Kiersten: Thanks for the info dump. Where did you pre-order the Season 1 DVD's from?
Kiersten Hallie Krum
39. Kiersten
@leb - you can go to the amazon canada web site www.amazon.ca and do a search for Lost Girl. You'll have to set up a new account (or at least I did) but then it all works the same. There are no regional difficulties with the DVD technical aspects (as there are between the U.S. and the UK) and it converts into dollars before you finish your order. Also, I took the shipping option that was one step up from donkey train, and it was maybe a dollar plus extra & save 2 weeks - once the damn thing is released, that is.
Lege Artis
40. whiskeywhite
Glad to see actor Cle Bennett getting some love. Gorgeous man with gorgeous voice. You should see his chest and abs! Not that I have in person, but there's this picture with a swordfish ....splash!
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