Mar 2 2012 9:35am

Just Add Water: Titanic is the New Downton Abbey

Why tamper with a good thing? Titanic, the new series by Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes is a four-part miniseries about its sinking and, The Guardian UK reports, is just like Downton Abbey, only with ships. And enormous icebergs.

The series will air in the United States on ABC beginning April 14th. The ship itself sunk on April 15, 1912.

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Cristina P
1. krissapl
Not the same thing. We all know what happens in Titanic, unlike for Downton. I need my HEA and I'm def not getting one in this. So, I'm not watching it, especially since I'll be upset by the end.
Now Downton Abbey, that I love!
2. Kwits
I'm kind of Titanic obsessed as well as Fellowes obsessed, so my only fear is that I'll spontaneously combust before it airs. I do notice that the old "they locked the gates so third class couldn't get onto the deck" trope seems to be rehashed here -- this does not seem to be historically accurate. It seems no one bothered to warn the third class passengers, which makes for an equally horrible but less instantly dramatic fate.
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