Mar 30 2012 8:23am

Julian Fellowes’s Titanic Preview Clip

Julian Fellowes’s Titanic miniseries airs in the United States April 14 and 15; it’s already begun to air in the United Kingdom, to mixed reviews.

In the superficial hottie area, Titanic doesn’t seem to offer much; the excellent actor, Toby Jones, appears in it, but he’s hardly delicious eye candy (no offense, Toby). ABC, which is showing it in America, is of course hoping for Downton Abbey-style success.

Unlike Downton Abbey, however, everyone knows how it ends—will you be watching?

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Lynne Connolly
1. Lynne Connolly
It's already got its nickname, thanks to a Twitter hashtag. #Drownton
Nina McKellan
2. in2thewest
It all looks so familiar...

No, I probably won't watch it, or at least won't plan on watching it.
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