Mar 17 2012 11:30am

Irish Corned Beefcake, Vol. 2: Colin Farrell, Kenneth Branagh, Michael Fassbender, and More Irish Hotties

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In our second annual edition of Irish Corned Beefcake, have we got a treat for you. By popular demand (okay, last year’s comments and some personal favorites), we present you with delicious eye candy thanks to Irish hotties—or at least hotties of possible Irish descent—Colin Farrell (with bonus Matthew Davis!), Gabriel Byrne, Kenneth Branagh, Michael Fassbender, Daniel Day-Lewis, Chris O’Dowd, and Aidan Quinn, Ryan Reynolds, Jamie Bamber, and Chris Evans.

Enjoy, and do let us know who we left out!

Colin Farrell and Matthew Davis

Gabriel Byrne

Kenneth Branagh

Michael Fassbender

Daniel Day-Lewis

Chris O’Dowd

Aidan Quinn

Ryan Reynolds

Jamie Bamber

Chris Evans

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Rachel Stewart
1. rcstewa
You left off my favorite Irishman....Jamie Dornan!
Liz Fielding
2. Liz Fielding
And the lovely Richard Harris. :)
Liz Fielding
3. Lege Artis
Ok, not that I'm complaining...but isn't Ryan Reynolds one of the best things that Canada ever had to offer to the world?
And where is Johnatan Rhys Meyers? He has that mad blue eyes...::sigh::
Stuart Townsend?
Heather Waters
4. HeatherWaters
@rcstewa @Liz Fielding -- Now we have a start to next year's list, thanks! :)

@Lege Artis -- RR is indeed Canadian but apparently has some Irish ancestry in there somewhere. What can I say, we wanted the excuse to use him! Jonathan Rhys Meyers was featured at the top of last year's list, and I tried not to repeat that one (I cheated and added in Jamie Bamber because I could, though, I admit). Stuart Townsend was on the list but I couldn't find the right picture! Any suggestions?
Liz Fielding
5. Grace S
How about Sean Brosnan, son of the equally delicious elder statesman Pierce Brosnan?
Lege Artis
6. LegeArtis
@_redline Ok, that is perfectly understandable reason to put Ryan in hot Irish Stew! :) I can't thank you enough for Jamie Bamber :)
I like Stuart with longish hair, so any Lestat or Dorian Gray pic is good enough for me.
Vanessa Ouadi
9. Lafka
Thank you so much Team H&H, delightful moment!

I'm particularly fond of Fassbender and Day Lewis. Add Liam Neeson and we have my own personnal Irish dream trio! ;-)

I do like Stuart townsend too, for instance on that picture :
Jessica O'Brien
10. JLOBrien
I have never been so happy to click on something...I have a major jones for Ryan Reynolds. Yum yum.

And the rest of them aren't too shabby either!
Elizabeth Halliday
12. Ibbitts
Gabriel Byrne and Aidan Quinn have been long-time favorites of mine. And this year I've added Jason O'Mara to my list.
Liz Fielding
14. Teri C
Why that was the best Hump Day mancandy ever.
Liz Fielding
15. Milly01
Mmmm yeah Ryan Reynolds just has those sexy bedroom eyes all the way. *drool*
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