Mar 26 2012 8:24am

H&H Book Club: April’s Book is Karen Marie Moning’s Beyond The Highland Mist

Thanks to everyone for weighing in on the choice for the first book club! For Lord Ian fans, we will eventually circle back and choose a book where the hero has a serious illness, and he’ll be back in the running for that.

Meanwhile, the first book of the H&H Book Club is Karen Marie Moning’s Beyond the Highland Mist. Not sure if everyone can get it by this Sunday, so we’ll delay discussion of it until April 11.

We’ll start talking about the first third of the book then, and continue until we’ve finished talking, going a third at a time. In the next couple of weeks we’ll start discussing the next book to choose.

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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
I just put a hold on a copy of this at the library. Hopefully I'll have it in hand soon.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
Me, too! There appear to be about 15 people ahead of me, so I might not get it...I'll have to buy it if I don't get it by April 8 or so.
3. evie73
yay, i actually own all of the series....look forward to discussing the book
4. Lege Artis
Loking forward to first H&H book club discussion!
5. wsl0612
I'm psyched, I have this in the TBR pile but haven't read it yet, so this will be fun :-)
6. Rose In RoseBear
Will hit up Halfprice this weekend!

I'm psyched about this, too --- this is all pretty much strange and new to me: unfamiliar author, not my favorite subgenre, and I've never done a book club before.

Can't wait!
7. tanyak
Yay! I have this entire series, so I don't have to worry about buying it in time :) Can't wait to reread and discuss!
8. Chelle
Yay! Can't wait to read this one! ?
Pamela Webb-Elliott
9. Spaz
Ooooooh, I REALLY enjoyed this book and series! Exciting!
10. Kim Conner
The Highlander books are some of my favs. I like these much more than Karen Marie Moning's Fever series... I've read this one, but I'll buy a copy this weekend anyway. Worth the re-read.
Kiersten Hallie Krum
11. Kiersten
Haven't actually read any of KMM's books so this'll be a first for me. Guess I'd better go pay that library fine...
Tracy Rosenfeld
12. jedibarrister
It will be weeks before I can pull this through inter-library loan from a neighboring county...
14. slfoster01
i have everything kmm has written; since i read this series years ago, i'll have to wade into my book closet (a literal 15x2 closet!) to find my copy.
15. Mleone5
I've read the series loved them!
Katie Buresh
16. kahneks
I have had this on my TBR list for quite some time...can't wait to dig in and discuss it!
Carol L
17. Carol L
KMM's Highander series is the first Highlander books I read and LOVED everyone of them. Looking forward to this discussion. :)
Carol L.
18. Suz-C59100
Hi, I've never been a member of a book club, How does this work? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
19. MeganF
Oh! Oh! Oh! I own this one! I LOVE her books! :)
Denise Garofalo
20. denise99
I love this series! Great choice..have to re-read this weekend....
Robbie Thornton
21. Button
Awesome book, awesome series. This is the series my best friend and I use to compare other books to. We have yet to find better, but we'll say: "Well, it's not the Highlander series, but it's close". I've been thinking it's time for a reread. No time like the present.
Gloria McCoy
22. gloria3688
I have never read any by this author - really looking forward to something new
Caitlyn Wilson
23. armywife
This is a really good series, loved all of them. Button, if you like highlander series, you should look into Monica McCarty if you haven't already, really good series
ann ivey
24. annie
I've never read anything by KMM but I'll give it a try.
Robbie Thornton
25. Button
@armywife: Thanks for the tip. I have not read Monica McCarty. I've bookmarked her website and will definitely check her work out.
Vanessa Ouadi
26. Lafka
OK, book read, I'm looking forward the discussion :)
27. Perez
I love this series, good book for the first discusion. Can't wait to discuss the book. ;)
28. Bluetiger16
I can't wait. I'm so excited about this book club. I haven't read this book in a long time
Tina Jones
29. TinaJones
Can't wait to start discussion have everyone of Karen's books and love them all
30. comfort
I read this so long ago, will have to go back and re-read- what a good excuss
Stacy Scudder
31. chameleon68
I love this series! I have them all on audio and the narrator, Phil Gigante, has such an incredibly sexy voice.
Elizabeth Halliday
32. Ibbitts
Oh, goody! I already have this one too! So happy I'll be able to participate!
Katie Buresh
34. kahneks
Is there a link to the discussion? Or, what do we do when we have read 1/3?
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