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Fresh Meat: J.R. Ward’s Lover Reborn (March 27, 2012)

Lover Reborn by J.R. WardJ.R. Ward 
Lover Reborn
NAL, $27.95/digital $14.99, Mar. 27, 2012

Ever since the death of his shellan, Tohrment has been unrecognizable from the vampire leader he once was. Physically emaciated and heartbroken beyond despair, he has been brought back to the Brotherhood by a self-serving fallen angel. Now, fighting once again with ruthless vengeance, he is unprepared to face a new kind of tragedy.

When Tohr begins to see his beloved in his dreams—trapped in a cold, isolated netherworld far from the peace and tranquillity of the Fade—he turns to the angel in hopes of saving the one he has lost. But because Lassiter tells him he must learn to love another to free his former mate, Tohr knows they are all doomed....

Except then a female with a shadowed history begins to get through to him. Against the backdrop of the raging war with the lessers, and with a new clan of vampires vying for the Blind King’s throne, Tohr struggles between the buried past and a very hot, passion-filled future…but can his heart let go and set all of them free?

It’s finally that time—you’re all probably sitting comfortably with a copy of Lover Reborn today, ready to discover Tohr’s story. But what you do need to have handy in addition to the book is one jumbo box of Kleenex. I admit to crying more then once while reading; at one point I had to put the book down and compose myself. Seriously, be warned and get that box of tissues ready!

Lover Reborn is Tohr’s story and we finally get to find out what’s next for poor Tohr after the death of his shellan, Wellsie. Let me tell you, from start to finish the tenth book in J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood Series is one hell of an emotional journey.

“I miss you….” He stroked the indentation of the gown where her waist would have been—-should have been. “I miss you so much.”

Wellsie was killed by Lessers when she was pregnant, and Tohr basically checked right out of life in the aftermath of her death. He takes off for parts unknown for awhile, and eventually returns to the Brotherhood, but he is not much better—time has passed, but it hasn’t healed Tohr nor John Matthew. Both are still grieving Wellsie as if she died yesterday and you can feel it. Seriously. Feel. It. John Matthew has the added stress of watching Tohr come undone without being able to do anything for his father figure and missing the only woman he thought of as a mother.

Lover Reborn doesn’t just focus on the emotion of Wellsie’s death; we have so many other emotional wrecks around the Brotherhood Mansion. They really need a live-in psychiatrist in that house!

Xhex is having issues with her marriage to John Matthew, and honestly those two just needed to sit their asses down and talk like normal people. You would think they were teenagers by the way they deal with their romance issues. Xhex also is dealing with the return of her mother, No’One, and how to go about having a relationship with her. She feels that he mother looks at her as an abomination and hardens herself just in case.

“Tragedy, like love, makes people blind.”

Speaking of No’One, she has so many emotional issues it’s really sad. Xhex was conceived during a rape and she hasn’t really put that behind her. She also doesn’t know how to go about cultivating a relationship with Xhex, the product of the rape. On top of all that, she wants to figure out how to help Tohr with his emotions surrounding Wellsie, as well as regain the friendship she once had with him. Honestly, she has so many issues you just want to hug her.

“I’m doing the best I can,” he said to them. “Just hold on….fucking hell, just hold on.”

We also have the “issue” between Qhuinn and Blay, two best friends with a whole heap of sexual tension between them. My heart just about jumped out of my chest the few times Blay and Qhuinn interacted with each other.

“So you’ve taken out your piercings,” Blay said.

“Not all of them.”

“Why? I mean... they were always, like, you, you know?”

“Guess I don’t want to be defined that way anymore.”

As Blay’s brows popped, Qhuinn’s kind of wanted to do the same. He’d expected something else to come out of his piehole. 

Lover Reborn is emotion rich, it will have you crying as you remember Wellsie and laughing when Lassiter snarks. But most of all, it will have you wishing it was March 2013 already, because that was one hell of an ending, wasn’t it?


Natasha Carty reviews Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy on her website Wicked Little Pixie and lives in Toronto, Canada, with her cat, Seamus.

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1. SoozA
Holy Smokes!! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!!
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
My copy downloaded last night, and I am SO ANXIOUS to get to it. It sounds as though Ward puts Tohr through the wringer.
Marquetta Whitmore
4. lovetoreadforfun
Aargh! Still on the fence with this one. I have a lot of catching up to do first. After Phury's book, I quit the BDB. *ducks* I know, I know. Still trying to decide if I want to return.
Megan Frampton
5. MFrampton
@WickedLilPixie--I have to be at work! I can't just stop and read--um, can I? Nope. Should not. Plus, have to finish reading current book anyway before I can get to new stuff.
6. dawn8226
Can't wait to get done with work so I can pick up a copy. I wasn't all that excited about reading this one after the last book, but your review definitely makes me excited and want the book now. I hope there are a whole lot less verilys this time. :-D
Natasha Carty
7. WickedLilPixie
@Megan - Oh come on, no excuses!
@Marq - DO IT! Seriously, it's better then the last 2 books!
@Dawn - Hardly any verily's but "worth" is overused this time around.
Catwoman Felisamorata
8. Catwoman
"...crying as you remember Wellsie..." Yep. Keep your tissues handy. The beginning of this one is a gut-wrencher...

@lovetoreadforfun: You definitely want to come back (you KNOW you do) - as sure as the sun rises in the east. True that.
Nicole Neal
9. icecharm
I wonder what I can do to entice my husband to let me buy this when I get home from work. Hmmm.......
Natasha Carty
10. WickedLilPixie
@Cat - The ending was so emotional, I had to put the book down for a bit!
@Ice - DO IT!
11. Rose In RoseBear
See, I liked the last two books! Just fininshed Reborn ... lordy! I cried twice!

Now, I have to digest, and reread, probably Thursday.

@Dawn: Lots of "lunging."
Catwoman Felisamorata
12. Catwoman
@WickedLilPixie - I completely lost it during the Fade Ceremony in a major way (I'm talking sloppy sobbing here) and had the sniffles big time during the dismantling of the house and its contents.

@Rose In RoseBear: Me too. Gonna have to digest for a couple of days and then reread. I'll still keep the tissues close...
Natasha Carty
13. WickedLilPixie
@Rose - Happy re-reading ;)
@Cat - That is when I started sobbing!!
14. Darynda
OH, I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!! I am dying to read this, but I'm on deadline. GAH! Soon, Tohr. Very soon.
Nicole Leapheart
15. BoxyFrown
I devoured this book and I think I am going right back in for a reread. Every character that showed up in this book had some sort of juicy tidbit going on - and I love meeting new people, too ;) Ward does it again....cant wait for the next one!!
Natasha Carty
16. WickedLilPixie
@BoxyFrown (love you name) - The ending damn near killed me! Need it to be 2013 already!
17. ASfandancer
I love this series and really looking forward to this new one, but Xhex is one of my least favorite characters as is John Matthew so was not that into Lover Mine. Sorry to see them again so prominent in the new book. I am really looking forward to Tohr's new story. I also love Qhuinn's and Blay's story.
18. habrewer
I am loving this book and yes so far I've already and some sad moments for Tohr - the dress about did me in. Great summary - i can't wait to finish.
19. jenmitch00
The series had kind of lost me up to now, but holy crap on a cracker this book was AWESOME!!!! I could not put it down. This is the first book in a loooonnnggg time to make me cry multiple times!!!
20. Rose In RoseBear
I guess it must be Thursday ... I've started my re-read.

My admiration of Mary has reached new heights, because any woman who could love a male who would do such a thing --- in public --- is a SAINT.

Succession ... oh, my!

@Asfandancer: I was so impressed with JM and Xhex ... they've both grown so very much!

Previously on H&H, the argument was made that Lover Enshrined, the book many people (raising hand) dislike, was more Urban Fantasy than Paranormal Romance because the world-building dominated the romance. I think that, in Lover Reborn, Ward has figured out to build both the world and the romance without either suffering.

Well done, Ward!
21. Regroc
Lover Reborn wrecked me! I agree whole heartedlly with your review. I can't help but hope the bastards join the brothers. One question I have though is has the Scribe Virgin deserted the brothers for good? Oh, and why oh why didn't Rhage go dragon shit crazy on the BoB? Just saying.... Love me some dragon. Bravo Warden!!
22. Liz S
Finished the book yesterday. It was incredible! I think it is the best book yet! Very interested in seeing how she develops the BoB characters. I also needed Kleenix to finish the story. Can't wait for the next one!
23. Tiesha
Loved the book but OMG so many dam cliffhangers Quinn and Blay? The gun?
I just finish and I feel like now what!!! I want to re read but I will just make
Myself more frustrated.
24. Mur
Gah! I preordered it back in January and I don't have mine yet, and I want it NOW!!! ahem. I'm better now. NOT! lol!
Lili Booth
25. lmb68
I loved it start to finish. Cried A LOT. Thought my heart was going to stop when what was happening hit Lassiter and he REALLY stepped up to fix things. Proud of him. The problem with these books is simply that I never want them to end.
26. Lynne C
Read it, OMG what a book. So many storylines coming together and the JM and Xhex stuff tears!!! Lassiter was great in this book equal parts bad ass and comdien. I cried buckets, laughed loads especially Rhage as always and was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Layla that poor Chosen, she has major things happen to her in this book. She is one trusting female. Qhuinn showed exactly what we know about him tortured, brave, funny, miserible what a male of worth!!! Tohr I was struggling to keep reading at points I needed more tissues. No'one was a strong character by the end of the book and loved her development. I'm still hooked and all the rubbish about not as much romance in this book as previous, they lie its just real life, romance with teeth! God I love the brothers!!! WARDen keep writing and guarenteed we will keep reading!!!
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